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Deerfield Cemetery, Union Twp, Warren County, Ohio
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Deerfield Cemetery
Union Township, Warren County, Ohio

Index to Available Tombstone Photos
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[to add your photos email them in jpg format to Arne H. Trelvik]

Sec Lot Grave Name Death Vet
G 117 C Fadden, Shea Lyn 2011  
C 59 F Fairchild, James 1923  
C 59 D Fairchild, Viola 1937  
E 13 E Falch, Charles 1980 World War II
E 13 F Falch, Retha H. 1997  
old     Farley, Rebecca 1841  
L 167   Faulkner, Sheila K. 2016  
G 175 F Favaron, Kay Sawyer 1982  
D 48 C Fields, Beulauh [Beulah Lynch Carter on stone; Beulauh Fields in Cemetery Report] 2000  
H 135   Fields, Brown 2004 World War II
H 142   Fields, Casey Renee 2008  
H 471   Fields, Ella 'Tootsie' reserved  
H 134   Fields, Gracie 2008  
H 140   Fields, Johnny Brown 2010  
H 113   Fields, Norman Lee 1995 US Navy
H 470   Fields, Willis 'Feke' 2013  
D 117 E Fisher, Caitlin Marie 1991  
E 7   Fisher, Corrine S. reserved  
G 80 H Fisher, David Lee 1973  
E 7 A Fisher, William Ronald 2004  
G 276 E Fite, Donna Lynn "Taulbee" 2017  
G 276   Fite, Tony Ray reserved  
G 160 B Flinders, Alvie B. 1973  
G 159 B Flinders, Clinton 2011  
G 159   Flinders, Dana reserved  
G 160 A Flinders, Delores 1998  
G 159 A Flinders, Raymond J. 1975  
I 169   Flores, Genaro "Henry" Jr. [no dates]  
B 24 D Foltz, Henry C. 1958  
B 24 F Foltz, Kathryn C. 1938  
A 70 A Ford, H. H. (Dr.) 1903  
old     Ford, Mary 1840  
A 70 B Ford, Rose Martha [Rose Martha in Vol. 3; Rose Maria in Cemetery Records] 1900  
C 73 D Forkner, Andrew J. [no dates] Spanish American War
D 114 A Forman, Amelia B. 1965  
D 114 C Forman, Gilbert H. 1954  
F 117 D Fowler, June 2015  
D 46 E Fox, Artha Lynch 1979  
F 44   Fox, Christopher 1959  
F 44 D Fox, Dale [Finley Dale Fox in Cemetery Record; Dale Fox on gravestone] 2009  
J 511   Fox, Earl reserved  
J 510   Fox, Effie 2003  
F 44 D Fox, Finley Dale [Finley Dale Fox in Cemetery Record; Dale Fox on gravestone] 2009  
F 44 E Fox, Finley Ray 1988 World War II
J 510   Fox, Harper Leigh   2009  
F 44 F Fox, Imogene 2014  
J 456   Fox, Luther 2014  
H 52   Francis, Bufford Jay 1993  
I     Francis, Cynthia Lee reserved  
G 246 E Francis, Helen 1998  
K 16   Francis, Henry 1999  
D 108 F Francis, Joyce Ann 2000  
I 209   Francis, Junior Ray 1997  
G 246 F Francis, Oliver 1977  
G 246 C Francis, Paul B. 1983 Vietnam
K 17   Francis, Pauline E. reserved  
J 32   Frazier, Bennie 2011  
J 31   Frazier, Nina P. 2007  
F 146 D Frederick, Arthur H. "Casey" 2016 National Guard
F 146 C Frederick, Herbert E. 1987  
F 146 A Frederick, Louis Elvyn 1998 World War II
F 146 E Frederick, Lucy 1992  
F 146 E Frederick, Patricia 2012  
C 21 A Freeze, Anna M. 1920  
C 21 C Freeze, Hawley 1927  
C 6 E French, Beatrice 1907  
B 54 C French, Eliza Meeks Worley 1880  
C 5 E French, Joseph B. 1913  
C 5 C French, Julia H. 1927  
C 16 B French, Samuel S. 1917  
C 15 F French, Sarah A. 1913  
J 760   Frost, Arber 1995 World War II
G 227 C Frost, Arvil 1988 World War II
F 49 F Frost, Bibienne M. 1981  
J 771   Frost, Cenora reserved  
F 149 D Frost, Claude 1974  
G 118 A Frost, Donald Raymond 2004  
F 149 B Frost, Earl Conley    
J 772   Frost, Elmo reserved  
F 49 E Frost, Euel 1978 World War I & World War II
G 118   Frost, Geneva (Baker) reserved  
C 38 D Frost, Hannah 1923  
K 26   Frost, Harlan 1988  
C 38 F Frost, Jacob 1942  
K 27   Frost, Jessie B. 2008  
J 761   Frost, Martha 2011  
G 227 B Frost, Martha 2010  
G 118 A

Frost, Ronnie L.

F 149 F Frost, Sophia L. 1969  
E 83 D Frye, Albert 1999  
E 83 E Frye, Bernice E. 1984  
D 93 E Frye, Henry L. 1952  
D 93 ? Frye, Jane 1957  
I 180   Frye, Richard 2016  
E 83 F Frye, Walter E. 1942  
G 96 B Fueston, Charles J. 1976 Korea
E 58?   Fueston, Duane Charles 1964  
E 58A C Fueston, Henry I. 1998 World War II
E 58A   Fueston, Henry I. Jr. reserved  
D 89 A Fueston, Herchel E. 2003  
E 58A E Fueston, Kathy J. 2012  
D 89   Fueston, Virginia V. "Ginny" reserved  
E 58A B Fueston, Willa L. 1992  
G 211 F Fugate, Andrew 1991  
G 210 E Fugate, Billie Lee 1990  
F 90 B Fugate, Callie 1973  
F 90 C Fugate, Joseph 1967 World War I
      Fugate, Lorene 2011  
F 90 F Fugate, Ralph B. 1973  
F 90 D

Fugate, Sharon Lourene

G 30 D Fugett, Cynthia Marie 2008  
G 339   Fultz, Dollie reserved  
G 339 D Fultz, George 1969  

Index to Available Tombstone Photos
A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W XYZ [no surname] [Deerfield Cemetery Home page]
if we have a photo, the name wil be a "clickable" link
[to add your photos email them in jpg format to Arne H. Trelvik]

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