Union Church and Burial Ground. Washington Twp, Warren County, Ohio
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Union Church and Burial Ground

Washington Twp, Warren County, Ohio

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The Union Church graveyard is one of the pioneer cemeteries of Warren County. The 1st log church was built at the location by the Baptists in 1811. It was later replaced by a frame structure completed in 1842 by the Methodists and finally the current structure which was built in 1883. Various denominations have used the church and graveyard through the years with the last congregation disbanding about 2007. The grounds are now maintained by volunteers, Bill Van Doren & Bob Hackman.
Beginning in 2012, Bob Hackman with help from his daughter, Maryruth Cupp, has done a tremendous amount of work to clean the gravestones, straighten leaning stones, reset fallen stones, repair broken stones and unearth buried stones. Thanks to their efforts the gravestones for 393 of the 405 known burials, dating from 1816 to 1997, have been located along with an additional 47 footstones. Many of these had not been found during previous readings of the cemetery. A re-dedication of the cemetery was held on Memorial Day in 2012. We know of at least 26 veterans who are buried here - 5 served during the War of 1812, 1 during the War with Mexico and the remainder during the Civil War.

  • 2193 Gum Grove Road southeast of US Route 22/3 at the junction of Fordyce Road.
  • "Ohio Cemeteries 1803-2003" by the Ohio Genealogical Society , Cemetery #12324 [Union Cemetery]
  • Coordinates: 39°23'23"N, 084°01'19"W
  • Virginia Military District: Survey 1525
Variant Names:  
  • Union Cemetery

Veterans Buried at Union Church Graveyard

Plat and list from the WPA Veteran Grave Registration Project, Sheet 45, Union Cemetery No. 103

Row Grave # War
(link to Service Information)
(link to gravestone)
14 10 19 Civil War Kiphart, Andrew J. [Albert J. Kiphart on stone]
7 32 19 Civil War McCray, John T. [John F. McCray on stone]
16 10 19 Civil War Shomaker, Simon [Simon Shumaker on stone]
18 2 19 Civil War Walker, George H.
15 1 19 Civil War Collier, Jas.
2 2 19 Civil War Cree, Milton
5 35 19 Civil War Hampton, John
7 36 16 War with Mexico Keenan, John
7 15 19 Civil War McCray, Samuel A.
7 35 19 Civil War McCray, Theo.
4 26 19 Civil War Mills, Robert [R. R. Mills on stone]
19 6 19 Civil War Morrow, Henry
19 5 19 Civil War Morrow, Samuel I.
19 3 10 War of 1812 Morrow, William
2 23 19 Civil War Skinner, John J.
1 7 19 Civil War Smith, John
18 21 19 Civil War Strout, William H.
14 22 19 Civil War Dill, George B.
Veterans who were not included in the WPA listing
      War of 1812 Bowman, Samuel
      War of 1812 Guttery, William
      Revolutionary War Kelsey/Kelsay, David Sr.
      Civil War McCray, Christy
      War of 1812 Nickleson, William
      Revolutionary War Urton, Thomas
      Civil War Vandoren, Alfred
      Civil War Vandoren, Barkley
      War of 1812 Vandoren, John A.
      Civil War Williams, Simeon

west side of yard looking south 10 March 2010

looking north from southeast end of yard 10 March 2010
east side looking northwest
10 March 2010
looking southwest
10 March 2010

looking southwest
10 March 2010


Index to Available Gravestone Photos
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