Murdoch (or Murdock) Cemetery
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Murdoch Cemetery, Hamilton Twp
(sometimes spelled Murdock)
South side of driveway looking east to the back of the cemetery North side of driveway looking east to the back of the cemtery

The name of the cemetery comes from a Professor James Murdoch who was a well-to-do actor who owned land in the vicinity. The crossroads to the north of the cemetery was the location of a store, the Bethel Presbyterian Church and the Murdoch Post Office.

The cemetery is somtimes referred to as the Murdoch Presbyterian Church Cemetery but as far as I know, there was no connection between the church and cemetery other than location. The church was originally known as the Bethel Presbyterian Church but is now known as the Bethel Murdoch Presbyterian Church in honor of the contributions that Professor Murdoch made to the church.

From Beers History of Warren County,
Page 614 says "The first interment at Bethel Graveyard was that of Annie Spence, in the year 1806."
Page 625 says that the church was formed on the 9th day of September, 1814 and for several years had no house of worship, but held their
meetings, in the winter season, in a log schoolhouse near the present Bethel Graveyard, and in the summer season in the groves.

Today, it seems that the name is spelled both "Murdoch" and "Murdock" although the church, the road sign and the 2002 Warren County Highway Map use the Murdoch spelling. I believe the cemetery is now operated by Hamilton Township and is still active.

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  • East side of Murdoch-Goshen Rd (CR 313) south of Murdoch between house numbers 10160 and 10210 just north of Grog Run Road
  • "Ohio Cemeteries 1803-2003" by the Ohio Genealogical Society , Cemetery #12243 [Murdock Cemetery]
  • Coordinates: 39° 16' 53"N, 84° 11' 55"W
  • Virginia Military Survey #4248
Variant Names:  
  • Murdoch is often spelled Murdoch
  • Murdoch Presbyterian Church Cemetery
  • Bethel Graveyard

Murdock Cemetery #68, WPA Veteran Grave Registratrion Project, Plat #28
Sec Lot Grave War Name
1 61 1 World War Cole, Edgar
1 53 1   Franz, Harry F.
1 21 1 Civil War Harrison, Jos. B.
1 68 3 Civil War Huffman, Wm.
1 96 1 Civil War Lee, Salathiel
1 103 2 Civil War Merrill, Wm. R.
1 75 2 Civil War Walker, Thomas [thought to be wrong - see Thomas Walker (c1835-1900)]
2 13 2 Civil War Atkinson, John
2 13 1 Civil War Atkinson, Wm.
2 15 10 Civil War Roat, Henry
2 11 15 War of 1812 Walker, Samuel B.
2 3 10 War of 1812 Williamson, David C.
Arne H Trelvik
7 Apr 2012

In memory of
George M. _____________

[nothing else visible on the stone]

Cheryl Jordan
16 Oct 2004
Edith By
Cheryl Jordan
19 Oct 2004
Mac By
Cheryl Jordan
19 Oct 2004
Sept. 6 - 11, 1931
Cheryl Jordan
20 Oct 2004

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