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Morrow Cemetery, Warren County, Ohio
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Morrow Cemetery
Salem Township, Warren County, Ohio

Index to Available Tombstone Photos
A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W XYZ [no surname] [Morrow Cemetery Home page]
If we have a photo, the name will be a "clickable" link.
[To add your photos email them in jpg format to  Arne H Trelvik with specifics]

Sec Lot Grave Name Died Veteran
B     Wager, George C 1932  
B     Wager, Hamilton 1898  
B     Wager, Harry E 1939  
B     Wager, Jane 1912  
B     Wager, Lavina C 1908  
C     Wainscott, Arthur 1969  
B     Wait, Martha 1938  
B     Wait, Michael 1908  
C     Walker, Charles 1963  
B     Walker, Heber Marion 1985 World War II
C     Walker, Isabel 1992  
C     Walker, Jesse L. 1967  
B     Walker, Maxine 1983  
C     Walker, Nellie G. 1968  
C     Wallace, Arthur W. 1987  
C     Wallace, Ella resrved  
A     Wallace, George W. 1860  
A     Wallace, J. D. [no dates] War with Mexico
Civil War
A     Wallace, John E. 1866  
A     Wallace, Mary Jane 1855  
C     Wallace, Ruby Marie 1985  
D     Wallingford, Margaret S. reserved  
D     Wallingford, Roy F. 1988  
A-2     Walsh, Ernest John 1951 World War II
A-2     Walsh, Gwendolyn 1975  
C     Walsh, Hazel G. 2001  
A-2     Walsh, James 1927  
C     Walsh, James A. 1969  
C     Walsh, Patricia 2009  
A-2     Walsh, Rebecca 1951  
C     Walsh, Richard reserved  
A-2     Walsh, William Ernest 1943  
C     Walton, Velma M. 1858  
C     Ward, Candy 1962  
B Ward Lot   Ward, Catherine S. 1989  
B Ward Lot   Ward, Charlie 1915  
B Ward Lot   Ward, Clint 1928  
D     Ward, Cora reserved  
C     Ward, Dennis R. reserved  
B Ward Lot   Ward, Dolores K. 1977  
C     Ward, Dorothy F. 2001  
D     Ward, Earine 1996  
A     Ward, Edward F. 1917  
A     Ward, Ella 1923  
A     Ward, Ella May 1896  
A     Ward, Ellie S. 1881  
A     Ward, Emma F. 1944  
A     Ward, George M. 1880  
B Ward Lot   Ward, Helen 1934  
B Ward Lot   Ward, Ida May 1949  
D     Ward, J. B. 2008  
A     Ward, Margaret F. 1905  
B Ward Lot   Ward, Melvin D. 1919  
B Ward Lot   Ward, Mildred 1928  
B Ward Lot   Ward, Paul H. 1989  
      Ward, Ralph Hamel 2016 World War II
C     Ward, Ronald Walter 1978 World War II
B     Ward, Troy Wayne 1974  
C     Wardlow [no dates]  
C     Wardlow, Barbara A. 2009  
C     Wardlow, Blanche 1992  
C     Wardlow, Frank 1966  
C     Wardlow, Vernie 1982  
C     Ware, Jesse 1983 World War II
C     Ware, Margaret 1984  
D     Warman, Edward L. 2017 US Army
D     Warman, Ruth 1993  
A     Warwick, Mary E. 1898  
B     Wass, Edmund N. 1951  
B     Wass, Francis M. 1958 World War I
B     Wass, Harriett B. 1928  
B     Wass, Harry T. 1958 World War I
B     Watkins, Alfred G. 1964  
C     Watkins, Althe Worley 1936  
B     Watkins, Arthur John 1968  
C     Watkins, Callie M. 1976  
B     Watkins, Catherine Pearson 1905  
C     Watkins, Chris J. 1945  
C     Watkins, Clinton D. K. 1934  
B     Watkins, Edith Trischler 1992  
C     Watkins, George J. reserved  
B     Watkins, Harriet Minerva 1954  
B     Watkins, J. Wesley 1921  
B     Watkins, Joseph Sr. 1882  
C     Watkins, Mary C. 1980  
B     Watkins, Smith F. 1942  
B     Watkins, Susan J. 1879  
B   Webb, Addie 1879  
B     Webb, Alvie 1914  
B     Webb, Earl 1890  
B     Webb, George W. 1888  
B     Webb, Harrell 1919  
B     Webb, Harry 1869  
B     Webb, Harwood 1886  
A     Webb, Laura 1927  
B     Webb, Marion 1887  
B     Webb, Mary 1869  
B     Webb, Mary A. 1922  
B     Webb, Sarah 1887  
B     Webb, Walter 1874  
B     Webb, William D. 1877 Civil War
C     Weber, D. H. (Pete) 1975  
C     Weber, Mary F. 2000  
C     Wegenhart, Randall B. reserved  
C     Wegenhart, Randall J. 2003  
C     Wegenhart, Ruth E. 2005  
C     Weingartner, John C. "Red" 1998  
C     Weingartner, John P 1977  
C     Weingartner, Julia M.


C     Weingartner, Louis 1951  
C     Weingartner, Nellie 1945  
A     Welch, Isaiah Fallis 1907  
A     Welch, Leah Cadwallader 1911  
A     Welch, Martha 1964  
A     Welch, Thomas C. 1942  
C     Wells, Alice E. 1998  
C     Wells, Dorsey F. 1986  
C     Wells, Lillie 1983  
C     Wells, Russell C. 1978 World War I
C     Wheeler, Ronnie L. 1974  
C     Wheeler, Rose Anna reserved  
D     Whisman, Irene T. 1997  
D     Whisman, Margaret I. reserved  
D     Whisman, Ron W. 1984  
D     Whisman, Roy L. 1997 World War II
C     Whitacre, Agnes 1983  
A     Whitacre, Alfred 1957  
C     Whitacre, Alwilda 1979  
A     Whitacre, Aquilla H. 1878  
B     Whitacre, B. F. [no dates] Civil War
C     Whitacre, Blanche 1977  
C     Whitacre, Bobbie M. 2008  
C     Whitacre, C. Raymond 1937  
A-1     Whitacre, Catherine 1914  
B     Whitacre, Charles G. 1907  
A     Whitacre, Chas. J. 1916  
C     Whitacre, Chester L. 1955  
B     Whitacre, Clayton 1927  
C     Whitacre, Clemma Lea 1974  
C     Whitacre, Clover M. 1969  
C     Whitacre, Cora Belle 2002  
C     Whitacre, Clyde 1955  
A     Whitacre, Dora C. 1936  
A     Whitacre, Earl R. 1914  
C     Whitacre, Edith L. 1956  
C     Whitacre, Edna 1973  
B     Whitacre, Edwin 1889  
C     Whitacre, Eldon 1950  
A     Whitacre, Eleanor W. 1935  
B     Whitacre, Eliza 1878  
A     Whitacre, Eliza S. 1923  
C     Whitacre, Elizabeth 1936  
A     Whitacre, Elizabeth L. 1936  
A     Whitacre, Elmer E. 1943  
C     Whitacre, Emma M. 1963  
C     Whitacre, Eugene R. 2003  
C     Whitacre, Fannie 1929  
B     Whitacre, Flavilla 1937  
A     Whitacre, Floy Hancock 1991  
C     Whitacre, Frances C. 1986  
C     Whitacre, Frank E. 1952  
B     Whitacre, Franklin T. 1932  
C     Whitacre, Georgia G. reserved  
C     Whitacre, Glenna S. 1939  
C     Whitacre, Gordon E. 1989 World War II
C     Whitacre, Grace Soteldo 1930  
B     Whitacre, Grayce [no dates]  
A     Whitacre, Grover M. 1921  
C     Whitacre, Harlan 1930  
C     Whitacre, Harry L. 1985 World War II
C     Whitacre, Harvey C. 1972  
C     Whitacre, Hattie E. 1944  
C     Whitacre, Hazel D. 1997  
A     Whitacre, Hazel M. 1936  
C     Whitacre, Herbert C. 1965  
B     Whitacre, Hiram 1836  
C     Whitacre, Howard T. 1982  
A     Whitacre, Infant 1901  
A     Whitacre, Infant Son 1951  
C     Whitacre, Irene G. 1998  
A     Whitacre, J. Milton 1895  
C     Whitacre, Janet reserved  
A     Whitacre, Jesse [no dates] Civil War
A     Whitacre, John R. 1877  
A     Whitacre, John W. 1936  
B     Whitacre, Lena L.    
C     Whitacre, Lennie 1946  
B     Whitacre, Letetia B. 1912  
B     Whitacre, Loraine E. 2000  
C     Whitacre, Lucretia reserved  
C     Whitacre, M. Ione 1954  
C     Whitacre, Mabel 1988  
A     Whitacre, Mabel C. 1967  
A     Whitacre, Margaret 1946  
A     Whitacre, Margaret W. 1906  
C     Whitacre, Marietta 1961  
C     Whitacre, Marion, MD 1938 World War I
A     Whitacre, Mary 1889  
C     Whitacre, Mary E. reserved  
C     Whitacre, Mary M. 1945  
C     Whitacre, Mary Rosalyn Wilson 2006  
B     Whitacre, Maud Anderson 1961  
A     Whitacre, Mirza 1893  
C     Whitacre, Paul C. 1980 World War II
B     Whitacre, Pheba (Greely) 1915  
C     Whitacre, Philip 1928  
C     Whitacre, R. Burdette 1997 World War I
A     Whitacre, Rachel Smith 1940  
A     Whitacre, Rachel Starbuck 1875  
C     Whitacre, Ralph E. 1981  
C     Whitacre, Ralph N. 1998 World War II
C     Whitacre, Raymond 1992  
B     Whitacre, Rebecca L. 1911  
C     Whitacre, Richard Soteldo 1966 World War II
C     Whitacre, Robert A. 1968  
B     Whitacre, Robert B. 1989 World War II
A-1     Whitacre, Robert N.
Civil War
A     Whitacre, Robert S. 1895  
C     Whitacre, Ruth 2006  
C     Whitacre, Ruth P. reserved  
A     Whitacre, Ruthanna 1910  
A     Whitacre, Samuel V. 1899  
A     Whitacre, Sarah B. 1905  
C     Whitacre, Stanley 1988  
C     Whitacre, Stephen D. 1931 Civil War
B     Whitacre, Thomas 1831  
A     Whitacre, Thomas H. 1926  
C     Whitacre, Thomas J. 1975  
C     Whitacre, Thomas J. (Mrs.) 1941  
C     Whitacre, Vernon 1968  
C     Whitacre, Viola D. 1960  
C     Whitacre, Virginia Helen 1964  
B     Whitacre, Walter L. 1938  
C     Whitacre, Walter R. 1990  
B     Whitacre, Walter S. 1921  
W     Whitacre, Wesley 2008  
B     Whitacre, William B. 1932  
A     Whitacre, William E. 1947  
C     Whitacre, William H. 1936  
A     Whitacre, William M. 1926  
B     Whitacre, William T. 1907 Civil War
B     Whitacre, Wm. G. 1900  
C     Whitacre, Woodrow 1952  
C     Whitaker, Charlie 1992 World War II
C     Whitaker, Edna Williams Demitt 2003  
A     Whitaker, Emerson 1926  
A     Whitaker, Otis T. 1929  
C     White, Beulah H. 1966  
C     White, Effie Taulbee 1977  
C     White, Frank Stuart 1984  
C     White, Harry D. 1955  
C     Whitney, Byrdie L. 1948  
C     Whitney, George E. 1948  
D     Whittington, Alfred L. 2008  
D     Whittington, Phyllis J. reserved  
C     Whittington, Virginia Lee 1957  
C     Wiebell, Clifford J. 1989  
C     Wiebell, Clifford J. Jr. 1976 World War II
C     Wiebell, Opal M. 2006  
C     Wiebell, Virginia E. 1988  
C     Wilders, Clyde 1955  
C     Wilders, Edna 1973  
C     Wilders, George Alvin 1994 World War II
C     Wilders, Mary Frances 1988  
C     Wilders, Phyllis Ann reserved  
A     Wilkerson, Abiah Stubbs 1901  
A     Wilkerson, Albert A. 1892 Civil War
A     Wilkerson, Catharina Holzlin 1932  
A     Wilkerson, Emma 1940  
B     Wilkerson, Eather E. 1930 Civil War
A     Wilkerson, George A. 1900  
A     Wilkerson, James S. 1877  
A     Wilkerson, Jasper N. 1891 Civil War
A     Wilkerson, Jennie 1880  
A     Wilkerson, Jennie 1880  
A     Wilkerson, Lydia E. 1931  
A     Wilkerson, Mary S. 1917  
A     Wilkerson, Monroe 1883  
A     Wilkerson, Mother 1897  
B     Wilkerson, Nancy J. 1927  
A     Wilkerson, Nellie 1877  
A     Wilkerson, Oscar A. 1878  
A     Wilkerson, Thomas W. 1890 Civil War
A     Wilkerson, William 1901  
B     Willard, Grace Robinson 1933  
B     Willenburg, Augusta 1918  
B     Willenburg, Father 1876  
B     Willenburg, Frank 1868  
B     Willenburg, John C. 1907  
B     Willenburg, Mother 1889  
A     Williams, Ann G. 1869  
C     Williams, Arville W. 1996 World War II
C 131 NW Williams, Auty Harold 1988 World War II
A     Williams, Benj. F. 1954  
A     Williams, Bertha M. 1951  
A-1     Williams, Catherine E. 1902  
D     Williams, Charles J. 2007  
A     Williams, Chas E. 1879  
D     Williams, Chuck J. "Punch" 2007  
C     Williams, Enola P. 2005  
C     Williams, Eva May 1997  
A     Williams, Francis C. 1967  
A     Williams, Grace M. 1976  
C     Williams, Hazel L. 1996  
A     Williams, Helen M. 1886  
C     Williams, Howard M. 1970 World War I
D     Williams, James D. 1997 Korea
A     Williams, Kenneth C. 1973  
C     Williams, Lester H. 1997  
A     Williams, Louis W. 1861  
D     Williams, Martha J. 2002  
C     Williams, Mavis M. reserved  
A     Williams, Milton S. 1864  
C     Williams, Seth Horton 1980  
C     Williams, Shirley E. 1992  
C     Williams, Teresa Lynn 2005  
B     Williams, Thomas M. 1976  
C     Williams, Vonie 1990 World War II
A     Wilson, Alice 1879  
B     Wilson, B. F. 1897 Civil War
A     Wilson, Clara 1883  
A     Wilson, Dillon B. 1918  
B     Wilson, Dorothy reserved  
D     Wilson, Elsie 2000  
D     Wilson, Evelyn 1999  
A     Wilson, John Lafayette 1889 Civil War
D     Wilson, Lennie "Sir" 205  
D     Wilson, Leonard 1993  
B     Wilson, Louis 1990  
D     Wilson, Mark 2009  
B 3-72   Wilson, Marion L. 1990 World War II
A     Wilson, Mary Ellen Brooke 1906  
A     Wilson, Melva B. [no dates]  
D     Wilson, Nancy 1999  
B     Wilson, Naomi 1922  
A     Wilson, Ora 1899  
C     Wilson, Oscar 1941  
A     Wilson, Wallace 1889  
C     Winchester, Mary E. 1962  
C     Winchester, William R. 1951  
A     Winfield, Clyde A. 1918  
A     Winfield, Emily A. 1957  
B     Winfield, Frank 1872  
A     Winfield, George W. 1945  
B     Winfield, Hampton 1873  
A     Winfield, Harley F. 1957 World War I
B     Winfield, Jessie A. 1901  
A     Winfield, Lilian N. 1892  
B     Winfield, Lydia A. 1923  
B     Winfield, Michael H. 1904  
A     Winfield, Raymond G. 1899  
A     Winfield, Reba L. 1989  
B     Winfield, Sarah C. 1880  
B     Winkler, Jessie 1932  
A     Winner, Mollie 1947  
A     Winstel, Emma 1937  
A     Winstel, Ethel F. 1978  
A     Winstel, Jacob 1914  
B     Winstel, John 1919 Civil War
B     Winstel, Matilda C. 1915  
A     Winstel, Orville 1918  
A     Winstel, Sophia H. 1974  
A     Winstel, William H. 1950  
C     Winters, Betty D. 1965 World War II
C     Witham, C. Donald 1970  
C     Witham, Florence 1992  
D     Witt, Arnold E. reserved Korea
D     Witt, Janet J. 1992  
C     Wittrock, Mary Maude 1994  
B     Wittrock, Michelle Ann 1978  
C     Wittrock, William Francis 1980 World War II
B     Wolf, Benj. F. 1915 Civil War
C     Wolfcomer, Goldie 1980  
C     Wolfe, Harold E. reserved  
D     Wolfe, Harold E. 2012  
C     Wolfe, Perry J. 1971 World War II
C     Wolfe, Ruby A. 2002  
D     Wolfe, Samantha reserved  
A     Woodbury, Charles B. 1903  
A     Woodbury, Elizabeth D. 1925  
C     Woodford, Ethel C. 1970  
C     Woodford, Ruth 1983  
D     Woodruff, Grace (Meadors) reserved  
D     Woodruff, Robert G. 2007 World War II
B     Woodward, Katherine M. 1924  
B     Woodward, Mary B. 1953  
B     Woodward, Samuel 1914  
C 323 NE Worley, Charles M. 1969 US Navy
B     Worley, Della Van Riper 1931  
C     Worley, Hazel L. 1996  
C     Worley, Helen S. 1980  
B     Worley, Jane Stubbs 1913  
B     Worley, John 1915  
C     Worley, S. Glen 1956  
B     Worley, Zimri O. 1954  
      Wright, Delbert G. 2014 Veteran
C     Wright, Frank S. 1969  
C     Wright, James D. 2002  
D     Wright, Leonard R. 1985 World War II
C     Wright, Olive L. 1942  
B     Wund, Mary Eva 1956  
A-1     Wundt, John H. 1894  

Index to Available Tombstone Photos
A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W XYZ [no surname] [Morrow Cemetery Home page]
If we have a photo, the name will be a "clickable" link.
[To add your photos email them in jpg format to  Arne H Trelvik with specifics]

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