Morrow Cemetery, Warren County, Ohio
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Morrow Cemetery
Salem Township, Warren County, Ohio
T Surnames

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Sec Lot Grave Name Died Veteran
C     Taulbee, Alex H. 1958 World War II
C     Taulbee, Frances J. 1967  
C     Taulbee, Luther J. 1967  

Taylor, B. F.

[no dates] Civil War
C     Taylor, Barbara Lee 2000  
C     Taylor, Daniel F. 1959  
C     Taylor, George E. 2011 World War II
A     Taylor, Howland [no dates] Civil War
C     Taylor, James Robert 1982 World War II
C     Taylor, Jennie Frances 1971  
C     Taylor, Miriam M. 1982  
C     Taylor, Ruth A. 2007  
A-1     Taylor, W. C. [no dates] Civil War
D     Taylor, William H. III 1999  
B     Templin, Alice 1990  
B     Templin, Edward J. 1933  
A     Templin, Lloyd    
A     Templin, Margeret 1888  
B     Templin, Mary W. 1896  
B     Templin, Peter S. 1896  
B     Templin, Sarepta M. 1944  
B     Templin, Vance 1922  
C     Thomas, Alisa Kaye 1964  
D     Thomas, Cedric Earl 1987 Vietnam
D     Thomas, Daniel Cleveland 2016 US Army
C     Thomas, Frank D. 1987  
D     Thomas, Janet L. 1999  
D     Thomas, Rae Jean reserved  
C     Thomas, Raymond 2003  
C     Thomas, Raymond Jr. 1959  
D     Thomas, Ruby I. reserved  
C     Thomas, Virginia 2000  
C     Thompson, Addie 1937  
A     Thompson, Alice 1944  
A     Thompson, Emerson 1936  
C     Thompson, Harold L. 1952 World War I
A     Thompson, Helena Varner 1891  
D     Thompson, Horace D. 1998  
C     Thompson, Lottie F. 1964  
D     Thompson, Mildred L.    
D     Thompson, Paul V. Sr. 1989  
D     Thompson, Pearl I. 1985  
D     Thompson, Robert E. 2003  
A     Thompson, Sarah E. 1942  
A     Thompson, Thomas 1889  
C     Thompson, Walter B. 1949 World War I
D     Thompson, Wanda L. 2008  

Thorndell, Leslie W.

2007 US Marine Corps
B     Thornton, Cora M 1955  
B     Thornton, Leroy 1951  
B     Thornton, Olive 1902  
B     Tibbals, Claudia Benn 1915  
C     Tilford, Mabel W. 1966  
C     Tilford, William H. 1945  
D     Tincher, L. Carol 1991  
D     Tishue, Jean F. 1988  
D     Tishue, Robert D. reserved  
A     Titus, Catherine 1911  
    Titus, Lida 1935  
A     Titus, Samantha 1918  
A     Titus, Timothy 1912 Civil War
A     Titus, William 1929  
B     Todd, Rodger Dale 1971  
C     Tolliver, Albert 'Bus' 1990 World War II
C     Tolliver, Marjorie 2005  
B     Tomlinson, Rhonda J. 1966  
D     Tomlinson, Ruby Lee 1994  
C     Toney, Hazel B. 1980  
C     Toney, Ishmael B. 1985  
B     Trainer, Bessie N. 1964  
B     Trainer, Charles M. 1980  
B     Trainer, Charles M. Jr. 2006  
B     Trainer, Charles T. 1928  
B     Trainer, Delma 1943  
B     Trainer, Estalene A. 1974  
B     Trainer, John J. 1923  
B     Trainer, Katherine D. 1976  
B     Trainer, Paul Edmund 1921  
A-1     Trapp, Florance 1854  
A-1     Trapp, Johann 1859  
C     Trapp, Luella 1947  
C     Traylor, Alverda H.    
C     Traylor, Ella reserved  
C     Traylor, George 1981  
C     Traylor, William F. 1976  
B     Tribbey, Anna 1944  
B     Tribbey, Anna E. 1898  
B     Tribbey, Jennie J. 1946  
B     Tribbey, Lewis J. 1893  
B     Tribbey, Mary Virginia 1893  
B     Tribbey, Wm J. 1900  
B     Trisler, James F. 1926  
B     Trisler, Mary E. 1944  
B     Trisler, Wylie G. 1970  
C     Trovillo, Clifford 1977  
B     Trovillo, John C. 1923 Civil War
B     Trovillo, Mae 1914  
B     Trovillo, Ruth 1925  
D     Tucker, Adam J. 2011  
D     Tucker, Danny 1993  
D     Tucker, John 1989  
C     Turner, Carl V. 1941  
C     Turner, Donald A. reserved  
C     Turner, Jo Ann C. reserved  
C     Turner, Luella M.    
C     Turner, Paul M. 1960  
C     Turner, Rowena    
D     Tussey, Elsie reserved  
D     Tussey, Lige Jr. 2005 World War II
C     Tye, Inez Oren Clifford 2006  

Index to Available Tombstone Photos
A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W XYZ [no surname] [Morrow Cemetery Home page]
If we have a photo, the name will be a "clickable" link.
[To add your photos email them in jpg format to  Arne H Trelvik with specifics]

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