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Morrow Cemetery, Warren County, Ohio
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Morrow Cemetery
Salem Township, Warren County, Ohio

Index to Available Tombstone Photos
A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W XYZ [no surname] [Morrow Cemetery Home page]
If we have a photo, the name will be a "clickable" link.
[To add your photos email them in jpg format to  Arne H Trelvik with specifics]

Sec Lot Grave Name Died Veteran
C     Sacker, Charles S. 1947  
C     Sacker, Frederica 1955  
C     Sacker, George L. 1951  
A-1     Sallee, J. B. 1926  
D     Sams, Betty L. 1999  
D     Sams, Oscar C. 1997  
C     Sandlin-Haines, Thomas Lee 1988  
C     Sanford, Blanche reserved  
C     Sanford, Clair Watkins 1944  
C     Sanford, John Ford 1961  
C     Saunders, Bessie V. 1969  
A-1     Saunders, Carrie 1926  
C     Saunders, Clyde R. 1986  
C     Saunders, Elbert 1943  
C     Saunders, Melissa 1937  
C     Saunders, Nina M. 1999  
C     Saunders, Wm. 'E. P.' 1952  
B     Sawyer, Arthur 1895  
B     Sawyer, Donna Jeanet 1926  
B     Sawyer, Edward 1931  
B     Sawyer, George T. 1873  
B     Sawyer, Howard H. 1939  
B     Sawyer, Jeannetta P. 1972  
B     Sawyer, M. 1901  
B     Sawyer, Violetta 1897  
B     Sawyer, W. D. 1913  
B     Sawyer, Willie 1866  
D     Saylor, Evelyn 1995  
C     Saylor, Fannie M. 2001  
D     Saylor, Walter reserved  
C     Scheadler, Clara A. 1984  
C     Scheadler, Donald F. 1978  
A     Scheurer, Albert J. 1949  
A     Scheurer, Barbara 1917  
A     Scheurer, John 1911  
C     Schleehauf, Alberta May 1931  
C     Schleehauf, Barbara 1936  
C     Schleehauf, Donald L. 1975 Korea
C     Schleehauf, George C. 1956  
C     Schleehauf, Helen & Infant 1939  
C     Schleehauf, John W. 1958  
C     Schleehauf, Marna reserved  
C     Schleehauf, W. G. 'Bud' 1990  
A     Schneider, George 1953  
A     Schnell, Ada G. 1958  
A     Schnell, Albert 1919  
A     Schnell, Alvan 1901  
A     Schnell, Emma 1905  
A     Schnell, Harry E. 1977  
A     Schnell, Hattie 1912  
A     Schnell, John 1942  
A     Schnell, Mary E. 1902  
A     Schnell, Mattie Smith 1928  
C 131 3 Schofstoll, John P. 1989 World War II
D     Schulz, Clifford H. reserved  
C     Schulz, Clifford W. 1982  
C     Schulz, Isabelle M. 1977  
D     Schulz, Norma M. 2012  
C     Schumacher, George Jr. 2003 US Air Force
C     Schumacher, Judith May 1996  
C     Schwartz, Frederick C. 1984  
C     Schwartz, Thelma R. 1997  
C     Scott, Mary E. 1978  
B     Seaman, Allie 1927  
B     Seaman, Anna 1928  
B     Seaman, John J. 1888  
B     Seamon, James 1884 Civil War
A     Sears, Ella H. 1942  
A-1     Sears, Katie 1898  
A     Sellers, Alfred H. 1965  
C     Sellers, Frank A. 1947  
C     Sellers, Hattie L. (Burger) 2000  
C     Sellers, Hattie M. 1996  
C     J. Frank Sellers 1992 World War II
C     Sellers, Leslie F. 1971  
A     Sellers, Maud R. 1966  
C     Sellers, Myrtle (Knuckles) reserved  
C     Sellers, Rex 1976 World War II
D     Sempsrott, Albert L. 2005  
D     Sempsrott, Margaret L. 2004  
A     Shafer, Lucy G. 1922  
A     Shank, John W. 1932  
A     Shank, Nan R. 1950  
D     Sharik, Anna reserved  
D     Sharik, Michael 1999 World War II
D     Sharpe, Casa Loma Barnett 2011  
B     Shawhan, Alice 1943  
A     Shawhan, Blanche 1906  
A     Shawhan, Carrie    
A     Shawhan, Cora S 1877  
B     Shawhan, Edward 1928  
A     Shawhan, Elbert H. 1917  
A-1     Shawhan, Elizabeth A. 1847  
A     Shawhan, George    
A     Shawhan, James T. 1883  
A     Shawhan, Joseph W. 1921 Civil War
B Ward Lot   Shawhan, Lida Ward 1958  
B     Shawhan, Madeline C. 1983  
A     Shawhan, Margeret C. 1907  
A     Shawhan, Nannie T. 1888  
B     Shawhan, Perry C. 1943  
B 3 67A Shawhan, Ralph P. 1974 US Army
C     Sheely, Edna V. Kibbey 1990  
C     Shelly, Clara L. 1936  
C     Shelly, John M. 1959  
C     Shepherd, Bonnie L. 1981  
C     Shepherd, Melvin C. 1982  
C     Shields, Henry 1947  
B     Shinkle, Mary J. 1909  
B     Shinn, Deborah 1900  
B     Shoemaker, Daniel 1876  
B     Shoemaker, John W. 1876  
B     Shoemaker, Mary Oldenburg 1974  
B     Shoemaker, Nancy Worley 1881  
C     Short, Buford B. 1988  
C     Short, D. Lou 1997  
C     Short, Edith reserved  
C     Short, Grady L. 1994  
C     Short, Harold R. 1974  
C     Short, Jackie Kilburn 1999  
C     Short, Joanne 2005  
C     Short, Martha reserved  
C     Short, Myrtle Henry 1988  
C     Short, Robert C. 1975  
C     Short, Roy V. 1987  
C     Short, Teresa A. reserved  
B     Shotwell, Clyde [no dates]  
B     Shotwell, John 1921 Civil War
B     Shotwell, Louisa 1894  
B     Shotwell, Lucy L. 1868  
B     Shotwell, Thos. C. 1913 Civil War
A     Shoup, Jacob 1923  
A     Shoup, Louise C. 1928  
A     Shoupe, Irene C.    
A     Shoupe, Stanley B. 1953  
C     Shouse, Stella M. 1989  
B     Shrack, Alberta 1988  
B     Shrack, Deborah 1948  
B     Shrack, Earl G. 1970 World War II
B     Shuff, Luella 1927  
B     Shuff, Walter 1935  
C     Shumaker, Anna M. 1947  
C     Shumaker, Elizabeth 1944  
C     Shumaker, John 1954  
C     Shumaker, Joseph 1962  
C     Siebert, Alice C. 1955  
C     Siebert, Bernard E. 1956  
C     Siebert, Carl W. 1960  
C     Siebert, Chris J. 1994 World War II
C     Siebert, Emma reserved  
C     Siebert, Margeret A. 1972  
C     Siebert, Mildred C. 1982  
D     Siebert, Nellie reserved  
D     Siebert, Peter R. 2001 World War II
D     Siebert, Wayne R. reserved  
A     Simonton, John 1908 Civil War
A     Simonton, John A. 1876  
A     Simonton, Libbie 1918  
A     Simonton, Martha A. 1876  
A     Simonton, Thomas 1881  
A     Simonton, Wilson 1902  
A     Simpson, Alice C. 1970  
A-1     Simpson, Anna 1819  
C     Simpson, Bernice V. 1936  
C     Simpson, Bertha 1983  
C     Simpson, Corene reserved  
A-1     Simpson, David 1849  
C     Simpson, Edward 1962  
A     Simpson, Eva Baldwin 1933  
A     Simpson, Frank 1951 World War I
C     Simpson, Frank 1960  
A     Simpson, Fred S. 1937  
C     Simpson, Gertrude G. 1994  
C     Simpson, Mabel 1958  
B     Simpson, Mary S. 1938  
C     Simpson, Thomas V. 1963 World War II
C     Simpson, Walter F. 1982  
D     Skaggs, Merilene reserved  
D     Skaggs, Ollie reserved  
C     Skinner, Estelle C. 1944  
B     Skinner, Frank 1939  
C     Skinner, Harrell R. reserved  
B     Skinner, Laura 1931  
B     Skinner, Laura B. 1948  
B     Slack, Gus 1964  
B     Slack, Mae 1984  
A-1     Slushmiller, Augustus [no dates] Civil War
C     Smith, (infant twins) 1966  
D     Smith, Adam L. 1997 US Marine Corps
A     Smith , Almira 1900  
A     Smith, Alfred C. 1897  
C     Smith, Alfred P. (Rev.) 1960  
C     Smith, Anna C. 1965  
B     Smith, Anna E. 1936  
D     Smith, Arthur Newton 2005 Vietnam
A     Smith, Carrie Scheurer 1954  
D     Smith, Clifford 2002 US Army
A     Smith, Cyrenius 1887  
A     Smith, Daniel 1898  
B     Smith, David 1916  
B     Smith, Dorothy 1999  
C     Smith, Edna M. 1975  
A     Smith, Edward 1874  
A     Smith, Edwin H. 1931  
B     Smith, Eleanor B. 1915  
A     Smith, Eliza 1915  
A-1     Smith, Elizabeth 1831  
A     Smith, Elizabeth A. 1937  
B     Smith, Eugene C. 1944  
B     Smith, Fannie C. 1955  
C     Smith, Farris S. 1979  
D     Smith, Florencie 2000  
D     Smith, General reserved  
B     Smith, George B. 1943  
C     Smith, Grace R. reserved  
A-1     Smith, Hannah 1828  
B     Smith, Hazel W. 1982  
D     Smith, Helen 2009  
C     Smith, Henry N. 1942  
A-1     Smith, James 1843  
C     Smith, James 1928  
B     Smith, James G. 1991  
C     Smith, Jean Carol 1980  
B     Smith, Jennie J. 1931  
D     Smith, Joan reserved  
C     Smith, Joseph R. 1968 World War II
A     Smith, Kennedy 1906  
B     Smith, Keturah 1954  
A     Smith, Lawrence W. 1954  
D     Smith, Lester A. 2002  
C     Smith, Leona S. 1999  
B     Smith, Leota Evelyn 1929  
D     Smith, Lillian 1993  
C     Smith, Linda 1982  
A     Smith, Lola    
B     Smith, Lucy M. reserved  
C     Smith, M. Louise Tarkington 1999  
C     Smith, M. W. 1956  
B     Smith, Marion A. 1938  
A     Smith, Mary A. 1888  
C     Smith, Mary S. (Whitacre) reserved  
A     Smith, Matilda    
C     Smith, Michael Stephen 1953  
A-1     Smith, Nancy 1822  
A     Smith, Olive J. 1926  
D     Smith, Orlin Due 2015 World War II
C     Smith, Ray Garrison 1993  
B     Smith, Stanley A. 1977 World War I
C     Smith, Stephen A. 1984 US Navy
C     Smith, Stephen Dale 1981 Korea
B     Smith, Thomas 1925  
A     Smith, Virginia Craig 1980  
B     Smith, Wilber 1944  
A     Smith, William I. 1907  
C     Smitty, Clarence E. 1964 World War II
A     Smoot, Jas. M. 1902 Civil War
A     Smoot, Sarah E. 1888  
C     Smysor, Abbagail Martha (Dunn) 1969  
C     Smysor, Merrill Lucille 1994  
C     Smyth, Juanita E. 1993  
C     Smyth, William J. 1962 World War II
C     Snell, Karl E. 1983  
C     Snell, Ruby E. 1983  
C     Snider, Bernard 1951  
C     Snider, Edith 1967  
C     Snider, Elmer 1968  
C     Snider, Glen B. 1977 World War II
B     Snider, Henry 1896  
B     Snider, Jacob 1887 Civil War
B     Snider, Julia F. 1938  
B     Snider, Martha E. 1920  
C     Snider, Mary Whitacre 2002  
B     Snider, Phebe 1894  
C     Snowden, Charles C. 1967  
C     Snowden, John R. 1989 World War II
C     Snowden, Polly Ann 1960  
C     Snowden, Shelby B. 1985  
D     Snyder, Calvin E. 2002  
C     Snyder, Howard T. 1970 US Army
D     Solsman, Carolyn S. Carson 2004  
D     Sorrell, Georgia Mae reserved  
D 187 NEC Sorrell, Harden Rodell 1998 US Army
A     Soth, Elizabeth 1879  
A     Soth, Jacob 1908  
A     Soth, Justina 1922  
C     South, Albert Ross 1966  
C     South, Flora H "Shankie" 2003  
C     South, Francis 1968  
C     South, Jack Nelson 1975 US Army
B     South, Jonathan N. 1964  
C     South, Liddie J. 1988  
C     South, Viola Adeline 1989  
C     South, Wesley W. "Red" 1955  
C     Southerland, Earl 1982  
B     Southgate, Charles F. 1925  
B     Southgate, Esther Welch 1950  
D     Sowder, William Ray 1992  
A-1     Sparks, Estle W. 1961  
A-1     Sparks, Randy Lee 1961  
A     Spence, Angeline 1925  
A     Spence, Quincy C. 1899  
A     Spence, Willie 1879  
C     Spencer, Calista M. 1992  
A     Spencer, Everett L. 1937  
A     Spencer, Gerald F. 2002 Korea
C     Spencer, Gerald F. II 1999  
C     Spencer, Gerald F. III 1995 US Marine Corps
A     Spencer, Lou Ann (Hetzel) NC  
C     Spencer, Robert C. 1970  
C     Spradlin, Jacqueline G. reserved  
C     Spradlin, Lawrence 2004  
A     Spray, Edith L. 1985  
A     Spray, William Noah 1953 World War II
B     St. John, Colston P. 1881  
C     Stafford, Margaret Kenney 1983  
C     Stafford, John Robert 1982  
C     Stangby, Doris May 2010  
C     Stangby, Norman L. 1998 World War II
A     Starkey, Addie 1925  
A     Starkey, Albert 1926  
B     Starkey, Clifton T. 1927  
A     Starkey, Father 1887  
A     Starkey, Florence 1933  
A     Starkey, Ione 1887  
A     Starkey, Mother 1898  
A     Starkey, Oscar F. 1872  
B     Stauffer, Elic 1918  
B     Stayton, Charles R. 1948  
B     Stayton, Leslie 1910  
B     Stayton, Shirley C. 1950  
B Frieberg Lot   Stearns, Rose Marie Rider 2006  
B     Stegemoller, Albert F. 1973  
C     Stegemoller, Albert 1970  
C     Stegemoller, Clarence 1986 World War II
C     Stegemoller, David 1995  
B     Stegemoller, Edith H. 1990  
C     Stegemoller, Edward H. 1978 World War II
C     Stegemoller, Eleanor M. 1952  
C     Stegemoller, Ernest L. 1981 World War II
C     Stegemoller, Florence reserved  
D     Stegemoller, Karol Lynn 2002  
C     Stegemoller, Wm. Dickinson 1952  
C     Stephens, Ernest C. 1976  
C     Stephens, Estel C. 1949 World War I
C     Stephens, Mary Esther 2004  
C     Stephens, Timothy C. 2005  
C     Stephens, Josephine 1948  
C     Stephenson, Carl L. 1973  
A-1     Stephenson, J. M. [no dates] Civil War
C     Stephenson, Lulu E. 1941  
C     Stevens, Alfred E. 1970  
D     Stevens, Brenda Kay 2004  
C     Stevens, Florence E. 1988  
C     Stevens, George A. 1974  
C     Stevens, Leonard Leroy 1959  
C     Stevens, Marion J. 1958  
C     Stevens, Mary A. 1973  
C     Stevens, Mary L. 1968  
C     Stevens, Pearlie J. 1951  
C     Stevens, Robert Eugene 1961  
C     Stevens, William H. 1999  
D     Stewart, James E. 2010  
C 109 1 Stewart, Jasper Marion 1988 World War I
C     Stewart, John Michael 1991  
C     Stewart, Judith Ann reserved  
D     Stewart, Kathleen reserved  
C     Stewart, Ruth L. 1979  
A     Stibbs, Henry 1890  
A     Stibbs, Sydney 1901  
C     Stiles, Orville 1982  
A-1     Stites, James 1824  
C     Stivers, Carcinda Marie 1965  
C     Stivers, Frank L. 1993  
C     Stivers, Joan L. 2007  
B     Stoddard, Emmett N. 1917  
C     Stokley, Edgar L. 1984  
D     Storer, Todd Kimball 1996  
C     Stringfellow, Ida M. 1961  
C     Stringfellow, Lillian B. 1985  
A     Stringfellow, R. [no dates] Civil War
C     Stringfellow, Thomas R. 1946  
C     Stringfellow, Walter R. 1972  
B     Strong, Deborah 1926  
C     Strout, Mary A. 1948  
A     Stubbs, Charles F 1924  
A     Stubbs, Clifford Jonas 1943  
A     Stubbs, Elizabeth 1922  
A     Stubbs, Ernest W. 1890  
A     Stubbs, Gabriella Robb 1928  
A     Stubbs, Harvey 1891  
A     Stubbs, Horace C. 1899  
A     Stubbs, Jonas W. 1903 Civil War
A     Stubbs, Lucy F. 1889  
A     Stubbs, Samuel 1875  
C     Sunnycalb, Ersel 1950  
A     Surface, Effie Anderson 1955  
C     Suss, Amber 1994  
C     Suss, Eileen Minnick 1947  
C     Suss, Irving Harold 1998  
C     Suss, Susan Eileen reserved  
C     Sutherland, Bessie 1983  
C     Sutherland, Samuel S. 1975  
A     Sutter, Iva M. 1991  
A     Sutter, Michael G. 1981  
B     Sutton, Alexander 1913 Civil War
B     Sutton, Fred 1914  
B     Sutton, Marie 1903  
B     Sutton, Sarah E. 1932  
D     Swanson, Kenneth A. 2010  
D     Swarts, Ronald Paul 2006  
D     Swarts, Shirley Adair reserved  
A-1     Swift, Olive C. 1851  
A     Swift, Olive G. 1850  
A     Swift, W. 1853  
A-1     Swift, William 1853  
C     Swigert, Lavone 1987  
C     Swigert, Ray 1956  
C     Swindell, Dorothy 1985  
C     Swindell, George 1973  
C     Switzer, Cletus A. 1985  
  252 2 Switzer, Donald Richard 1983 Vietnam
C     Switzer, Maudie 2000  
A     Symons, Eddie 1903  
A     Symons, Father 1930  
A     Symons, Lucy G. 1937  
A     Symons, Mother 1924  
A     Symons, Robert 1959  

Index to Available Tombstone Photos
A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W XYZ [no surname] [Morrow Cemetery Home page]
If we have a photo, the name will be a "clickable" link.
[To add your photos email them in jpg format to  Arne H Trelvik with specifics]

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