Morrow Cemetery, Warren County, Ohio
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Morrow Cemetery
Salem Township, Warren County, Ohio

Index to Available Tombstone Photos
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Sec Lot Grave Name Died Veteran
D     Packenius, Hubert J. "Pete" 2009  
D     Packenius, Irma reserved  
B     Paine, Elizabeth 1934  
D     Pandorf, Christopher S. 1993  
B     Parker, Albert M. 1957  
A     Parker, Charles 1942  
C     Parker, Earl Wayne 1947  
B     Parker, Eva J. 1960  
B     Parker, George T. 1907  
A 181 5 Parker, Henry C. [no dates] Civil War
C     Parker, Karl George 1947  
A     Parker, Mary Tigar 1899  
A     Parker, Maud Brown 1906  
C     Parker Reed, Mildred 1996  
B     Parker, Pearl M. 1954  
      Parker, Robert Earl 2011 Korea
A     Parker, W. H. Jr. 1914  
A     Parker, Willard C. 1919  
A     Parker, William H. 1892 Civil War
      Parrett, Amster "Shorty" 2013 US Army
C     Parrett, Henry 1980  
C     Parrett, Lucy 1990  
C     Patrick, Boyd 1975  
D     Patrick, Joyce A. reserved  
C     Patrick, Kathryn Noblit 1994  
D     Patrick, Ned N. 2009  
B     Patterson, Douglas 1904  
B     Patterson, Rhoda 1908  
B     Patterson, Richard 1913  
C     Pauley, Ella B. (Butterbaugh) 2000  
B     Payne, Carrie M. 1947  
B     Payne, Charles J. 1939  
A     Payne, Edna Irene 1911  
B     Payne, George R. 1911 Civil War
B     Payne, G. M. [no dates] Civil War
C     Payne, Jack V. 1950  
C     Payne, Jeanette    
C     Payne, Joseph R. 1957  
C     Payne, Laura B. 1968  
B     Payne, Lavina 1905  
C     Payne, Leslie Arthur 1968 World War I
B     Payne, Lucy V. 1950  
B     Payne, Relman W. 1938  
B     Payne, Sydney 1913  
B     Payne, Thomas J. 1884  
C     Payne, William R. 1966 World War II
B     Pelikan, Donna C. Wilson reserved  
B     Pelikan, Wolfgang B. reserved  
B     Penders, Catharine 1904  
B     Penders, Elizabeth    
B     Penders, Geneveive 1919  
B     Penders, Hannah 1913  
B     Penders, Jacqueline 1890  
B     Penders, Mary A. 1913  
B     Penders, Thomas 1928  
B     Penders, Thomas 1929  
B     Penders, Veronica 1888  
D     Pennix, Charles Edward reserved  
D     Pennix, Janice Ruth (Spencer) reserved  
A     Penquite, Frank 1915 Civil War
A     Penquite, Rosannah J. 1927  
D     Perkins, Mary M. 1993  
C     Perrine, Anna M. 1941  
C     Perrine, Clinton L. 1949  
C     Perrine, Eldon J. 1968  
C     Perrine, Emmerree 1968  
C     Perrine, Richard I. Sr. 1981  
C     Perry Lankford C. reserved  
D     Perry, Leonard R. 1994  
D     Perry, Mary A. 2010  
C     Perry, Okla 1999 World War II
C     Perry, Rosetta S. 2007  
C     Perry, Ruth Ann reserved  
C     Peters, Annarie Stegemeyer 1969  
C     Peters, Eric W. 1988  
C     Peters, Dorisanna Cumber 1991  
B     Peters, Helen A. 2006  
B     Peters, Stanley A. 1988 World War II
C     Peters, Walter F. (Rev) 1964  
C     Petrey, Donald Lee 1971 World War II
?     Petrey, Emma Faye 1982  
?     Petrey, Eugene H. 1985  
C     Petrey, Grace 1984  
C     Petrey, Lonnie H. 1976  
D     Petrey, Randall C. Jr. 1989  
C     Petrey, Rosa Lee reserved  
C     Peyton, Josephine 1997  
C     Peyton, Roy Denvil 1991 World War II
A     Philhower, Ada May 1912  
A     Philhower, Eva P. 1951  
A     Philhower, Jacob R. 1948  
A     Philhower, Vergon 1918  
A 160 1 Philhower, Vernon 1918 World War I
B     Phillips, Carrie Sutton 1922  
B     Phillips, Jas. 1913 Civil War
C     Phillips, Mary Lou reserved  
C     Phillips, Mary M. 1973  
C     Phillips, Paul R. 2003 Korea
C     Phillips, William 1984  
A     Pierce, Alice M. 1989  
D     Pierce, Brenda Joyce reserved  
C     Pierce, Carroll F. 1968  
D     Pierce, Earl Franklin 2000  
A     Pierce, Kenneth H. 1978  
C     Pierce, Mildred M. 2010  
B     Pierson, Clara 1935  
B     Pierson, Jane K. 1920  
B     Pierson, John S. 1917  
B     Pierson, Lillie 1942  
B     Pierson, Martha 1921  
A     Pierson, Matilda 1884  
D     Plessinger, Belinda Kay "Benda" reserved  
D     Plessinger, Michael Lee "Mick" 2002  
A     Plunkett, Laverne E. 1990  
A     Plunkett, Philip U. 1980  
D     Poe, Pauline G. 1998  
D     Poe, William G. 2010  
C     Pond, Elvira 1991  
C     Pond, Harold N. 2006  
D     Poole, Cornelia Mary 1999  
D     Poole, Francis P. "Red" 1997 World War II
C     Poppe, Alta 1961  
C     Poppe, Amanda O. 1973  
C     Poppe, Charles A. 1965  
B     Poppe, Edward 1879  
B     Poppe, Father 1915 [Gustav Poppe - Civil War]
B     Poppe, Frank 1865  
B     Poppe, Helena 1867  
B     Poppe, Josephine 1968  
B     Poppe, Louie 1879  
C     Poppe, Louis 1953  
B     Poppe, Mary D. 1940  
C     Poppe, Mildred 1996  
C     Poppe, Mildred G. 1996  
B     Poppe, Mother 1937 [Martha Jane Poppe]
C     Poppe, Pamela A. reserved  
C     Poppe, Raleigh L. Jr. 1964  
C     Poppe, Raleigh L. Sr. 1980  
C     Poppe, Ralph 1980  
C     Poppe, Richard W. 1999 Vietnam
C     Poppe, Ruth C. 1981  
B     Poppe, Warren 1934  
C     Potter, Elmon Grady 1969 World War I
C     Potter, Marvin V. reserved  
      Potter, Oscar 2004 World War II
C     Potter, Polly Ann 1980  
C     Potter, Verna Mae reserved  
B     Potts, Ida Corrigan 1986  
C     Prater, Joy D. Tolliver 1998  
C     Prater, Roy Lee 1985  
D     Price, Arthur F. 2000 World War II
C     Price, Earl R. 1943  
A     Price, Elizabeth Debold 1913  
A     Price, Frank H. 1910  
A     Price, Juanita 1897  
D     Judith L. "Judy" reserved  
C     Price, Richard F. 1950  
B     Purdin, Carl E. 1984  
B     Purdin, Linda L. 1973  
A     Pyle, (Mother) 1902  
C     Pyle, Brook 1975 World War II
C     Pyle, Celia 1962  
A     Pyle, Clara 1954  
A     Pyle, Dwight 1957  
C     Pyle, Frank 1964  
A     Pyle, Harry 1888  
A     Pyle, Irene 1900  
A     Pyle, Jehu Evan 1923  
A     Pyle, John 1920 World War 1
A     Pyle, Robert 1898  

Index to Available Tombstone Photos
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If we have a photo, the name will be a "clickable" link.
[To add your photos email them in jpg format to  Arne H Trelvik with specifics]

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