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Morrow Cemetery, Warren County, Ohio
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Morrow Cemetery
Salem Township, Warren County, Ohio

Index to Available Tombstone Photos
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Sec Lot Grave Name Died Veteran
C     Lakes, Johnnie 1977  
C     Lakes, Mary A. 1998  
B     Lambert, Francis 1868  

Landacre, Infant

C     Landacre, Arthur L. 1952 Korea
C     Landacre, Dorsey E. 1956  
C     Landacre, Maude A. 1976  
C     Landacre, Robert E., I 2006 World War II
B     Lanigan, Kelly 1972  
D     LaSeur, Norabelle Burkhart 1993  
C     LaSure, Roland 1955 World War I
A-1     Latham, Samuel Robert 1934  
C     Lay, Myron S. 1972  
C     Lay, Sylvia L. 1952  
C     Laymon, Elmer Leroy 1951 Korea
C     Laymon, Gayle, M.D. 1944 World War II
C     Laymon, Harry Dale 1959  
C     Laymon, Margaret Whitacre 1986  
C     Laymon, Ralph G. Sr. 1970  
C     Laymon, Wreatha J. 1971  
C     Leaf, Charles 1943  
C     Leaf, Jennie L. 1940  
C     Leak, Marjorie E. (Romohr) 1998  
B     Lee, Daniel [no dates] Civil War
D     Leever, Chester H. 1999  
D     Leever, Mabel Ward reserved  
B     Lefever, Belle G. 1942  
B     LeFevre, Belle Nixon 1923  
C     Lehman, Evelyn 1989  
C     Lehman, Forest Delbert 2000 World War II
C     Lehman, Myrtle B. 1974  

Lehman, Tamzie

C     Lehman, Ward 1962  
C     Lehman, Ward J. 1993 World War II
B     Leonard, Ebenezer Davis 1911 Civil War
B     Leonard, Edgar C. 1921  
C     Leonard, Estel 'Pete' 1970  
C     Leonard, Hazel A. 1994  
B     Leonard, Ida M. 1953  
B     Leonard, Julia Ann Hudson 1901  
B     Leonard, Myrtie E. 1907  
C     Leonard, Richard Lynn 1944  
C     Leonard, Walter C. 1954  
B     Lewis, Alma D. 1982  
C     Lewis, Artie Mae 1974  
C     Lewis, Carl O. 1989  
C     Lewis, Clara V. 1978  
C     Lewis, Clem R 1970  
C     Lewis, Clifford 1982  
D     Lewis, Delmar 1994  
D     Lewis, Dennis James 1986  
B     Lewis, Emma C. reserved  
      Lewis, Everett L. 2012 National Guard
C     Lewis, Clifford 1982  
B     Lewis, George 1956  
D     Lewis, Glenna J. reserved  
C     Lewis, Guy 1968 World War I
C     Lewis, H. Donald 1986  
C     Lewis, Hazel 1971  
B     Lewis, John C. 1894  
B     Lewis, John M. 1947  
C     Lewis, Laura E. 1994  
B     Lewis , Laurance 1935  
C     Lewis, Margaret L. reserved  
B     Lewis, Mary Elizabeth 1955  
B     Lewis, Maude 1975  
C     Lewis, Milton 1994 World War II
B     Lewis, R. Ronnie 2002  
C     Lewis, Robert 1990  
C     Lewis, Roxie 1981  
B     Lewis, Sue E. 1941  
B     Lewis, William H. 1950  
A-1     Lilley, Anna 1954  
C     Lilley, Bettie 1992  
C     Lilley, Christopher R. 2003 Vietnam
C     Lilley, G. Randall 1991  
C     Lilley, James E. 1969  
A-1     Lilley, James H. 1927  
A-1     Lilley, Leslie 1923  
C     Lilley, Marion G. 1997  
C     Lilley, Melvin 1999  
A     Limecie, Ida    
D     Liming, Gary reserved  
D     Liming, Sue "Q" 2007  
C     Lind, Eldridge 1963  
C     Lind, James B. 1937  
C     Lind, Minnie A. 1938  
C     Lindsey, Bette 2000  
C     Lindsey, Charles D. 2004 Korea
C     Lindsey, Floyd 2000 World War II
A     Lindsey, Ira C. 1948  
C     Lindsey, Lila 1994  
C     Lindsey, Rockey Vernon 1938  
A     Little, Elizabeth Milner 1913  
B     Loechel, Joseph C. 1959  
B     Loechel, Mary T. 1971  
C     Lofland, David 1975  
C     Lofland, Delores 2011  
C     Logsdon, Flora M. 1988  
C     Logsdon, Fred G. 1973  
C     Longenbrunner, H. Elizabeth 1990  
D     Louallen, B. Ondalee 1997  
D     Louallen, Bruce D. reserved  
C     Lovely, Betty Jean (Crank) 2012  
C     Lovely, Fred 2009 World War II
B     Lownes, Anna B. 1887  
B     Lownes, Josiah B. 1870  
A     Lownes, Mary E. Wilson 1911  
B     Lownes, Miriam 1911  
B     Lownes, William S. 1897  
C     Lowry, Robert Lee 1974  
B     Luce, Edward 1943  
B     Luckett, Nannie C. 1888  
B     Luckett, Willie M. 1888  
A     Ludlum, Alice C. 1929  
A     Ludlum, Charles A. 1924  
B     Ludlum, Charlie [no dates]  
B     Ludlum, Edgar A. 1957  
B     Ludlum, Ida 1897  
A     Ludlum, Jos L.   Civil War
B     Ludlum, Josephine 1895  
B     Ludlum, Leon T. [no dates]  
B     Ludlum, Lillian H. 1938  
A     Ludlum, Maria 1909  
B     Ludlum, Marshal 1892  
B     Ludlum, Martha I. 1927  
B     Ludlum, Morrow 1922  
B     Ludlum, Norma Worley 1949  
B     Ludlum, Oscar T. 1921 Civil War
B     Ludlum, Rachel 1928  
A     Ludlum, Richard 1892  
B     Ludlum, Roberta 1901  
B     Ludlum, Walden A. 1894  
C     Luncan, Rosemary J. 2010  
D     Lurz, Hazel Margaret 1996  
D     Lurz, Robert A. Sr. 1990 World War II
D     Lurz, Thomas Joseph 1995  
C     Lykins, Anna Marie 1997  
D     Lykins, Billie reserved  
B     Lykins, Davy 1971  
C     Lykins, Edward M. 1984  
D     Lykins, J. C. 1986  
C     Lykins, John R. 1999  
C     Lykins, Maxie 1984  
C     Lykins, Robert 1981  
C     Lynch, Edward 1944  
C     Lynch, Hubert 2004 World War II
C     Lynch, Jo Ann Short reserved  
C     Lynch, Margaret I. 1964  
C     Lyons, Marjorie R. 2003  
C     Lyons, Michael Paul 1971  
C     Lyons, Paul M. 1995 World War II
B     Lytle, Harriet E. 1989  

Index to Available Tombstone Photos
A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W XYZ [no surname] [Morrow Cemetery Home page]
If we have a photo, the name will be a "clickable" link.
[To add your photos email them in jpg format to  Arne H Trelvik with specifics]

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