Morrow Cemetery, Warren County, Ohio
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Morrow Cemetery
Salem Township, Warren County, Ohio

Index to Available Tombstone Photos
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Sec Lot Grave Name Died Veteran
C     Kairn, Anna F. 2001  
C     Kairn, Hugh C. 1986  
C     Kairn, Joe 1964  
C     Kairn, Josephine 1981  
C     Kairn, Joyce Carol 1949  
C     Kairn, Stella Marie 1951  
B     Kamps, Clarence 1990  
B     Kamps, Daisy E. (Bauer) 1975  
B     Kamps, Donald R. 2005  
B     Kamps, Fred 1934  
B     Kamps, Martha L. reserved  
B     Kamps, Patricia J. (Murray) 2008  
B     Kamps, Robert L. 1992  
B     Kamps, Sarah F. 1929  
B     Karr, Mary L. 1957  
B     Karr, Roberta 1916  
C     Kautz, Emma 1972  
C     Kautz, Ray 1966  
C     Keesley, Melwood 1950  
B     Keever, D. W. C. 1877 Civil War
B     Keever, Joseph 1873  
B     Keever, Mary A. 1891  
B     Keever, Mary E. 1875  
B     Keever, Tylee G. 1867 Civil War
C 324   Keffer, Alfred E. 1991 World War II Korea Vietnam
C     Keffer, Betty J. reserved  
D     Keith, Terry Michael 2012  
C     Kelhoffer, Alexander 1964  
A     Keller, Catherine C. 1890  
A     Keller, Charles 1954  
A     Keller, Charlotte 1947  
A     Keller, Dorothy 1946  
A     Keller, Edna 1987  
A     Keller, Edward 1972  
A     Keller, John A. 1899  
A     Keller, John A. 1938  
A     Keller, Lucy 1957  
A     Keller, Matilda W. 1951  
A     Keller, Matthias 1921  
A     Keller, Matthias 1969  
D     Keller, Phyllis H. 2010 World War II
D     Keller, Ralph E. 2005  
C     Keller, Roberta J. reserved  
A     Keller, Wallburke 1916  
C     Keller, William H. 1992 US Army
C     Kelley, Charles F 1976  
C     Kelley, Crystal Dawn 1980  
D     Kelley, Dorothy (Gray) reserved  
C     Kelley, Nora H.    
D     Kelley, Rolley 2012 US Army
B     Kelly, A. Werner 1955  
A     Kelly, Adah 1971  
A     Kelly, Albert 1895  
B     Kelly, Angeline 1907  
C     Kelly, Benjamin 1999 World War II
C     Kelly, Benjamin C 1969  
B     Kelly, Carl Ellery 1954  
C     Kelly, Carol Frances 1942  
B     Kelly, Charles 1925  
B     Kelly, Charles E. 1940  
C     Kelly, Charles F. 1976  
C     Kelly, Clara 1969  
A     Kelly, Clarkson C. 1917 Civil War
C     Kelly, Claude M. 1947  
A     Kelly, Clinton 1956  
C     Kelly, Crystal Dawn 1980  
B     Kelly, Edward 1883  
B     Kelly, Elizabeth 1930  
B     Kelly, Ellery M. 1886  
C     Kelly, George W.    
A     Kelly, Grace 1918  
D     Kelly, Grace B. (Hofer) 2006  
B     Kelly, Harvey S. 1893 Civil War
C     Kelly, Infant son 1939  
B     Kelly, Josephine 1929  
C     Kelly, Lavone 1979  
B     Kelly, Mabel S. 2001  
B     Kelly, Malcolm Eugene 1964 World War II
B     Kelly, Margeret 1930  
C     Kelly, Marion 1986  
B     Kelly, Maude M. 1896  
B     Kelly, Miriam 1900  
B     Kelly, Nancy 1894  
C     Kelly, Nancy H. 1941  
C     Kelly, Nora H. 2002  
B     Kelly, Norma C. 1991  
B     Kelly, Olivia 1945  
C     Kelly, Rachel 1936  
B     Kelly, Rachel M. 1928  
A     Kelly, Rachel S. 1902  
C     Kelly, Ramona    
C     Kelly, Rhoda 2005  
C     Kelly, Roy 1961  
C     Kelly, Sandra Jean 1937  
C     Kelly, Sara 1996  
B     Kelly, Sarah E . 1891  
B     Kelly, Susanne 1925  
C     Kelly, Thelma Jean 2007  
B     Kelly, Thomas J. 1909  
C     Kelly, Tom 1986  
B     Kelly, William 1866  
C     Kelly, William 1961  
D     Kelly, WM. McKinley "Mack" 2006  
C     Kelsey, Eugene F. 1959 World War II
C     Kelsey, Harry 1962  
C     Kelsey, Ida Mae 1989  
C     Kelsey, Lottie R. 1989  
C     Kemp, Alice Ann 1956  
C     Kemp, Henry G. 1990  
C     Kemp, Myrtle M. 1987  
B     Kemp, Richard Brent 1965  
C     Kendall, Catherine 1971  
C     Kendall, Ernest 1966  

Kendle, Beulah Blanche

C     Kerans, Mildred M. 1979  
A     Kibbey, Adda Belle 1856  
B     Kibbey, Catharine M. 1906  
C     Kibbey, E. Evelyn 2002  
C     Kibbey, Eddie 1902  
A     Kibbey, Eddie E. 1902  
C     Kibbey, Edward E. 1945  
A     Kibbey, Elizabeth 1907  
A     Kibbey, Ephraim 1883  
C     Kibbey, Harry S. 1960  
C     Kibbery, John E. 2002  
B     Kibbey, John R. 1879  
C     Kibbey, John R. 1978  
C     Kibbey, John R. reserved  
C     Kibbey, Julia Stine 1929  
C     Kibbey, Linda R. 1997  
C     Kibbey, Mark Timothy 1966  
A     Kibbey, Priscilla 1851  
A     Kibbey, Samuel H. 1910  
C     Kilburn, Charles W. 2004 Korea
C     Kilburn, Debra S. Redman 2008  
C     Kilburn, Freda M. 2011  
C     Kilburn, Jack E. 1975  
      Kilburn, John Martin 2016 Korea
C     Kilburn, Joy V. 2008  
C     Kilburn, Marilyn 1967  
C     Kilburn, Martelia 1983  
C     Kilburn, Mike reserved  
C     Kilburn, Richard 'Dick' 2010  
C     Kilburn, Roy 1988  
C     Kilburn, Sharylon 1967  
C     Kilburn, Wayne Gibson 2007 Korea
A-1     Kind, Belle 1936  
C     Kinder, Mamie 1942  
C     Kinder, William H. 1941  
C     King, Bedie 1974  
C     King, Bettie 1943  
D     King, Brian Michael 1995  
C     King, Dewey A. 1953  
D     King, Dorsey Sr. 1998  
C     King, Ed Jr. 1973  
C     King, Ed Sr. 1971  
C     King, Fannie 1966  
D     King, Frances L. reserved  
C     King, Frankie 1965  
C     King, Fred 1982  
C     King, Gertrude 1976  
C     King, Jessie B 1983  
C     King, Joe 1982  
C     King, Katherine reserved  
C     King, Malinda 2007  
C     King, Marjorie 1988  
C     King, Martha Jane 1962  
D     King, Michelle Renee 2005  
C     King, Nellie 1977  
C     King, Simon 1952  
C     King, Stephen 1944  
C     King, Thelma I. 1990  
C     King, Vernon 1990 World War II
C     King, W. J. 1963  
B     King, William 1870  
C     King, William 1973 World War II
C     King, William J. "Bill" 1984  
C     Kinner, Clyde W. 1989 World War II
C     Kinner, Dora E. 1999  
C     Kinner, Earl L. 1975  
C     Kinner, Flora M. 1955  
C     Kinner, John E. 1963  
C     Kinney, Howard "Pete" 1989 World War II
C     Kinney, Lillie 2003  
C     Kinney, Wilma Mae 1963  
B     Kipp, Charles 1953  
C     Kipp, Matt 1966  
B     Kipp, Nannie 1952  
C     Kipp, Sarah W. 1950  
C     Kirby, Ernest C. 1956  
C     Kirby, Mary F. 1972  
B     Kirk, Anna E. 1877  
      Kirk, Guy 1944 Veteran
B     Kirk, Harrison 1899 Civil War
A-1     Kirklin, John D. 19nc  
A-1     Kirklin, Lossie E. 1926  
B     Kleinhenz, Juanita Wass 1958  
C     Knapp, Carrie E. 1942  
C     Knapp, Charles 1951  
C     Knapp, Grover C. 1949  
B     Knapp, Jean E. 1936  
C     Knapp, Lawrence 1964  
C     Knapp, Verona J    
D     Knight, Kassie 1992  
A     Koebel, Barbara 1908  
B     Koebel, David 1923 Civil War
A     Koebel, George 1899  
B     Koebel, George 1918  
B     Koebel, Lola M 1932  
C     Koenig, Annemarie 1971  
A     Koenig, Barbara 1889  
B     Koenig, Nanita Leeann 1981  
B     Kohlmeyer, Clifford C. 1999 World War II
B     Kohlmeyer, Edward 1956  
B     Kohlmeyer, Helen 1967  
B     Kohlmeyer, Josephine F.    
B     Kohlmeyer, Louise 1943  
B     Kohlmeyer, Richard E. 1974  
D     Kranzmayr, Brenda K. reserved  
D     Kranzmayr, Deborah D. 1991  
D     Kranzmayr, James E. reserved  
D     Kranzmayr, Theresa L. 1965  
C     Kratzer, Edna Ross 1988  
      Kratzer, Robert Vance 2014 World War II
C     Kratzer, Robert Sr. 1941  
D     Krebbs, Patricia Ann "Pat" 2003  
D     Kreimer, Norman Joseph reserved  
D     Kreimer, Judy (Minton) reserved  
C     Krigbaum, Frances Lee 1999  
C     Krigbaum, James William 1999  
C     Krohn, Edna P. 1987  
B     Krohn, Lillian 1921  
C     Kuck, Evelyn E. reserved  
D     Kuhlman, Tara Marie 1985  
C     Kuhnell, Wilfred Wilson 1991 World War II
C     Kukuk, Herman William 1981 World War II
C     Kukuk, William P. 1979  
C     Kunker, Albert S. 1975 World War II
C     Kunker, Marjorie W. 1981  

Index to Available Tombstone Photos
A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W XYZ [no surname] [Morrow Cemetery Home page]
If we have a photo, the name will be a "clickable" link.
[To add your photos email them in jpg format to  Arne H Trelvik with specifics]

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