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Morrow Cemetery, Warren County, Ohio
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Morrow Cemetery
Salem Township, Warren County, Ohio

Index to Available Tombstone Photos
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[To add your photos email them in jpg format to  Arne H Trelvik with specifics]

Sec Lot Grave Name Died Veteran
A     Jack, Allie 1924  
A     Jack, Almira 1919  
C     Jack, Arthur M. 1927  
A     Jack, Carrie L. 1957  
A     Jack, Charles 1889  
A     Jack, DeWitt C. 1921  
B     Jack, Elizabeth 1850  
B     Jack, George W. 1926  

Jack, J. M.

A     Jack, John 1952  
B     Jack, Linnie Parker 1923  
C     Jack, Lloyd R. 1968  
C     Jack, Mary C. 1959  
B     Jack, Mary E. 1873  
A     Jack, Susanna 1894  
B     Jack, Wm L. 1868  
C     Jackson, Donald Lee 1957  
C     Jackson, Florence 1986  
C     Jackson, George K. 1971  
C     James, Minnie A. 1958  
C     James, Olive W. 1984  
C     James, Otis M. 1965  
C     James, Robert H. 1953  
D     Janson, India Fame 1984  
D     Janson, Willis W. reserved  
D     Jarvis, Edward B. 2004 World War II
D     Jarvis, S. Hester reserved  
A     Jefferis, Baby    
A     Jefferis, Emma 1921  
A     Jefferis, Ethel M. 2008  
A     Jefferis, I. J. 1950  
A     Jefferis, Isaac 1906  
A     Jefferis, J. Maynard 1974  
A     Jefferis, Laura S. 1938  
A     Jefferis, Norma S. 1998  
A     Jefferis, Ruth E. 2005  
B     Jeffery, Olive Irene 1877  
A     Jeffrey, James H. 1909  
A     Jeffrey, Lillian 1930  
D     Jeffery, Maurice 2002  
A     Jeffrey, Sarah 1918  
D     Jeffery, Thanna 2003  
B     Jeffries, Cynthia McGuire 1885  
B     Jeffries, George 1875 War of 1812
B     Jennings, Anna 1870  
B     Jennings, Francis M. 1870  
B     Jennings, George W. 1932  
B     Jennings, Hannah 1890  
B     Jennings, Hannah 1879  
B     Jennings, James 1870  
B     Jennings, Kate H. 1899  
B     Jennings, Keziah 1888  
A     Jennings, Lydia 1900  
B     Jennings, Mantha 1896  
B     Jennings, Stephen 1886  
B     Jennings, Zephaniah 1876  
A     Jessop, G. 1875  
A     Jessop, Willie 1864  
A-2     Johnson, Abba H. 1953  
C     Johnson, Barbara A. 1963  
D     Johnson, Carolyn Bisbee 1984  
D     Johnson, Carolyn M. (Brill) reserved  
B     Johnson, Cos. 1907  
B     Johnson, Earl 1912  
B     Johnson, Edgar 1918  
C     Johnson, Herbert Clinton 1985 Korea
A     Johnson, John T. 1890  
A     Johnson, Lafayette 1899 Civil War
B     Johnson, Lena 1940  
A-2     Johnson, Mildred 1942  
A     Johnson, Rebecca M. 1912  
B     Johnston, George S. Jr. 1967  
B     Johnston, Patricia Lois reserved  
B     Johnston, Virginia Urton 1999  
A     Jones, Alice B. NC  
A     Jones, Allison 1904  
A     Jones, Caroline 1892  
A     Jones, Caroline W. 1903  
C     Jones, Charles L. 2003  
A     Jones, Eck D. 1937  
A     Jones, Elizabeth 1915  
A     Jones, Elmer 1931  
A     Jones, Ethel Whitacre 1979  
C     Jones, Fred W. 1962  
A     Jones, George C. 1967  
A     Jones, George N. 1915 Civil War
C     Jones, Glenna Faye 1987  
C     Jones, Goldie 1997  
A     Jones, Gussie M. 1937  
A     Jones, Hattie R. 1941  
A-1     Jones, infant son 1909  
A     Jones, Ione 1937  
A     Jones, Isaac 1880  
C     Jones, L. Gene 1996 World War II
A-1     Jones, Mary E. 1854  
A     Jones, Mazie 1885  
A     Jones, Nelia H. 1957  
D     Jones, Patricia R. "Pat" 1983  
A     Jones, Ralph W. NC  
B     Jones, Stephanie Lynn 1980  
D     Jones, Teresa Marlene 1998  
A     Jones, Thomas    
A     Jones, Walter S. 1913  
D     Jones, William R. "Bill" 1992 Korea
C     Jordan, Jeffery D. 1975  
C     Jordan, Nettie 1944  
C     Julien, Edna L. reserved  
C     Julien, Stanley T. 1999 World War II
C     Justison, Donald E. 1993 World War II

Index to Available Tombstone Photos
A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W XYZ [no surname] [Morrow Cemetery Home page]
If we have a photo, the name will be a "clickable" link.
[To add your photos email them in jpg format to  Arne H Trelvik with specifics]

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