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Morrow Cemetery, Warren County, Ohio
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Morrow Cemetery
Salem Township, Warren County, Ohio

Index to Available Tombstone Photos
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If we have a photo, the name will be a "clickable" link.
[To add your photos email them in jpg format to  Arne H Trelvik with specifics]

Sec Lot Grave Name Died Veteran
D     Hagemann, Roland Leroy 1989 Korea
C     Haggard, Barbara Lee 1976  
C     Haggard, Eugene M. 1985  
D     Haggard, Florence M. 2000  
C     Haggard, Jeff Webb 1986  
C     Haggard, Russell 1948  
C     Haggard, Tempa L. (nee Bradley) 2001  
C     Haggard, Wanda M. (Williams) 1985  
B     Haines, Eva [Eva W. Nichols on stone; Eva Haines on Death Certificate] 1941  
D     Haines, Mary Frances 1994  
D     Haines, William R. 2003  
A-1     Hale, James L. 1926  
A-1     Hale, James L. 1958  
C     Hale, John D. 1979  
C     Hale, Mary J. 1991  
C     Hale, Mina A. 1977  
C     Hale, Morris A. reserved  
C     Hale, Nancy A. 1999  
C     Hale, Norman E. reserved  
A-1     Hale, Pauline 1982  
C     Hales, Audrea L. Hodgson 2000  
C     Hales, Terry Jr. 1998  
B     Hall, Charles M. 1936 World War I
C     Hall, Doris Dumford 1933  
D     Hall, Edgar Ray 2008  
C     Hall, Evelyn 2002  
C     Hall, Gary 1935  
B     Hall, Gary 1936  
C     Hall, Hubert reserved  
B     Hall, John William 1927  
C     Hall, Marcella Howard 1962  
B     Hall, Margaret Gustin 1966  
C     Hall, Morton 1983  
C     Hall, Nora 1971  
D     Hall, Peggy Faye reserved  
D     Hall, Vernon J. 2006  
C     Hall, William 1954  
      Hall, William 2017 US Army
D     Hamblin, Estill J. 1988 World War II
D     Hamblin, Lucreacy M. 2011  
C     Hamel, Ralph Allen 1976  
C     Hamilton, Beverly C. 2005  
C     Hamilton, Charles H. 1998 World War II
C     Hamilton, Helen G. 1977  
C     Hamilton, Kathleen M. 1976  
C     Hamilton, Mary M. 1991  
C     Hamilton, Robert G. (Dr.) 2003  
C     Hamlin, Susan E. 1945  
C     Hamlin, Thomas A. 1947  
B     Hammiel, Frank C. 1917  
C     Hammiel, George S. 1946  
C     Hammiel, Rose E. 1949  
C     Hammon, Edna Boyd 1959  
A     Hammon, Ida M. 1931  
A     Hammon, James H. 1903  
C     Hammond, Donnamae 1951  
C     Hammond, Frank C. 1962  
A     Hammond, James [no dates] Civil War
A     Haney, Adolphus D. 1942  
C     Haney, Bessie T. 1968  
C     Haney, Clifford V. 1952  
C     Haney, Clyde H. 1932  
C     Haney, Dora W. 1966  
A     Haney, Edna 1887  
A     Haney, James G. 1901  
A     Haney, Laura Frances 1932  
A     Haney, Martha 1887  
A     Harcum, Jennie 1927  
A     Harcum, Joseph A. 1941  
A     Harcum, Mary A. 1924  
A     Harcum, William 1939  
A     Harding, John 1954  
A     Harding, Millie L. 1936  
C     Hardwick, Ben S. 1984 World War II
C     Hardwick, Bessie M. 1941  
C     Hardwick, David B. 1970  
C     Hardwick, Jimmy Dale 1979  
C     Hardwick, Margeret A. 1970  
C     Hardwick, Ruby reserved  
C     Hardwick, Shirley I. reserved  
C     Hardwick, William T. 1945  
C     Hardwick, William T. 1977 World War II
C     Hardy, Albert John 1965  
C     Hardy, Andrew 1967  
C     Hardy, Carrie M. Wass 1939  
C     Hardy, Clyde 1959 World War I
A     Harford, Charles H. 1892  
A     Harford, John 1888  
A     Harford, Margeret 1894  
A     Harford, Margeret Morey 1885  
A     Harford, Oscar T. 1879  
A     Harford, William J. 1882  
A     Harford, William Perry 1910 Civil War
B     Harner, Bess 1925  
B     Harner, Clinton 1948  
B     Harner, Cynthia 1898  
B     Harner, Elizabeth L. 1944  
B     Harner, George 1913  
B     Harner, Hester A. 1852  
B     Harner, Jennie 1946  
B     Harner, John 1865  
B     Harner, Laura Z. 1866  
B     Harner, Marinda W. 1916  
B     Harner, Nancy 1871  
B     Harner, P. P. 1879  
B     Harner, Sarah L. 1869  
C     Harper, Albert 1999  
C     Harper, Aleta M. 1955  
C     Harper, Anna K. 1970  
C     Harper, Barbara K. reserved  
A     Harper, Chester A. 1946  
C     Harper, Donald W. Jr. 1997 World War II
C     Harper, Donald W. Sr. 1965  
B     Harper, Eliza A. 1918  
C     Harper, Elva I. 1980  
A     Harper, Emerson 1942  
B     Harper, Eugene 1943  
C     Harper, George E. 1991  
B     Harper, George G. 1891  
      Harper, Gracie Petrey 1984  
A 162 1 Harper, Harry N. 1933 World War I
B     Harper, James M. 1982  
C     Harper, John Frederick 1961 World War II & Korea
C     Harper, Josephine Trees 1979  
B     Harper, Julia V. 2009  
C     Harper, Loretta M. 1973  
C     Harper, Marna L. 1942  
A     Harper, Mary J. 1947  
C     Harper, Mildred J. reserved  
C     Harper, N. Annette reserved  
B     Harper, Perry E. 1925  
A     Harper, Sallie N 1945  
B     Harper, Susie 1967  
B     Harper, Ulysses 1965  
C     Harper, William Emerson 1993 World War II
A     Harper, William F 1948  
C     Harper, William K. reserved Vietnam
B   Harrell, Adaline 1911  
B     Harrell, Bertha 1914  
B     Harrell, Cyrenus [no dates] Civil War
B     Harrell, Elmira 1865  
B     Harrell, Emerson T. 1979 World War I
B     Harrell, Frank E. 1926  
B     Harrell, George 1888  
B     Harrell, George J. 1955  
B     Harrell, infant [no dates]  
B     Harrell, Jessie 1955  
B     Harrell, Joe 1880  
B     Harrell, Lucinda 1866  
B     Harrell, Nathan 1911 Civil War
B     Harrell, Rachel 1887  
B     Harrell, Sarah 1884  
B     Harrell, Stella R. 1944  


    Harris, Ed reserved  
D     Harris, Elden Jr. "Ralph" 2010  
D     Harris, Patricia J. 2012  
A     Hart, Cydney A. 1896  
A     Hart, Emma Couden 1940  
A     Hart, Hazel 1951  
A     Hart, James Coulson 1927  
A     Hart, Tilford 1891  
B     Hartfelter, Harry 1965 World War I
B     Hartfelter, Otto 1970 World War I
B     Hartfelter, Wm. 1913 Civil War
B     Haskett, Charles A. 1945  
B     Haskett, Ruth C. 1967  
C     Hasting, Charles R. 1977  
C     Hasting, Eunice A. 1999  
C     Hasting, James N. 1934  
C     Hasting, Minnie B. 1950  
C     Hasty, Carter 1985  
C     Hasty, Johneva 1981  
C     Hatfield, Edna M. reserved  
C     Hatfield, Walker H. 1982  
C     Hatton, Patricia (Williams) 2009  
C     Hauck, Belle J. [no dates]  
C     Hauck, Edward F. 1973  
C     Haughey, Virgil A. 1953  
B     Hause, Baby    
B     Hause, Catharine 1923  
B     Hause, Edith L.    
B     Hause, Ella 1944  
B     Hause, George W. 1914 Civil War
B     Hause, Lester G. 1963  
D     Hause, Lynda A. 1999  
B     Hause, Mattie 1924  
D     Hause, Thomas L. 2000  
B     Hause, William A. 1939  
D     Haverland, Rose Marie 2007  
C     Hawthorne, Carcinnia W. 1950  
C     Hawthorne, Forest E. 1980  
B     Hayner, Anna 1856  
B     Hayner, Emily 1912  
B     Hayner, George 1867 Civil War
B     Hayner, Henry 1884  
B     Hayner, Wm. 1939  
B     Hazen, Jemima 1863  
B     Hazen, Septimus 1867  
B     Heakin, Charles A. 1939  
A     Hechler, Michael 1889  
C     Heery, Chester R. 1989 World War II
C     Heery, Margeret M. 2009  
B     Heffner, Carrie I. 1944  
D     Helton, Brian K. 2002  
B     Helton, Bridget Renee 1976  
C     Helton, Catherine 1975  
D     Helton, Charlotte 1997  
C     Helton, Christine 'Chrissie' reserved  
C     Helton, Daniel 1960  
D     Helton, Evelyn F. (Gilkison) reserved  
D     Helton, Felcie reserved  
D     Helton, Gardner 2003 World War II
C     Helton, Hubert 1978 World War II
D     Helton, Jason "Tater" 2001  
D     Helton, Larry reserved  
D     Helton, Lawson 1996  
D     Helton, Lester 1995  
D     Helton, Mabel I. 2008  
D     Helton, Mason 2016 Korea
C     Helton, Millard 'Jack' 1988 World War II


    Helton, Nannie 1993  
D     Helton, Wayne reserved  
D     Henderer, Bernice 2004  
C     Henderer, Charlotte 1993  
D     Henderer, Harvey F. reserved  
D     Henderer, Richard W. 2007  
D     Henderer, Sandra W. reserved  
C     Henderer, William G. 1970  
C     Henderson, Elizabeth Parker 1981  
C     Henderson, John 1947  
C     Henderson, Mary 1947  
C     Henderson, Patricia Kay 1970  
C     Hendren, A. Matilda 1969  
A     Hendren, Louise 1937  
C     Hendren, Mabel E. 1972  
C     Hendren, Mary L. 1985  
A     Hendren, William E. 1900  
C     Hendren, William T. 1959  
D     Henry, Mark Dwain 2007  
D     Henry, Mary Ellen 2012  
B     Hensley, Herbert Allen 1982  
A     Herman, Addie 1957  
A     Herman, Walter S. 1939  
D     Hermanny, Heinrich 1997  
D     Hermanny, Frieda 1996  
A-1     Hester, Jacob   Civil War
C     Hickey, Catherine [Catherine Zugg Hickey Yovich on 2nd stone] 1992  
C     Hickey, Evan E. 1970  
A     Hicks, Albert C. 1911  
C     Hicks, Clifford D. 1962  
A     Hicks, Eliza A. 1891  
A-1     Hicks, Elizabeth 1834  
A     Hicks, Elizabeth 1904  
C     Hicks, Frank B. 1972  
A     Hicks, J. Frank 1915  
A     Hicks, Lettie 1887  
A-1     Hicks, Lettitia    
A     Hicks, Mary 1889  
A-1     Hicks, May    
A     Hicks, Nannie B. 1931  
A     Hicks, Ned 1931  
A     Hicks, Rachel 1882  
A     Hicks, Ralph B. 1910  
A     Hicks, S. 1899  
A-1     Hicks, Samuel    
A     Hicks, Victor K. Sr. 1989  
A     Higdon, Margeret 1949  
D     Higgins, David R. reserved  
C     Higgins, George Barry 1974  
D     Higgins, Norene F. 1997  
B     Hiles, Charles 1926  
B     Hiles, Claribel 1936  
C     Hiles, Clinton D. 'Pete' 2002 World War II
C     Hiles, Kate 1966  
B     Hiles, Lavega 1923  
B     Hiles, Louisa 1934  
C     Hiles, Martha 1980  
B     Hiles, Mayme 1908  
C     Hiles, Pearlena 1999  

Hiles, Richard G.

2009 Vietnam
C     Hiles, Robert C. 1965 Vietnam
C     Hiles, Wm. 1964  
C     Hiles, Woodrow 1990  
C     Hill, Annebell 1969  
A     Hill, Evaline R. 1895  
C     Hill, Harry Thomas 2005 World War II
C     Hill, Howard 1966  
A     Hill, James G.    
D     Hill, Richard Lee 2008 Korea
C     Hill, Viola L. reserved  
C     Hillard, Anna B. 1990  
D     Hillard, Bradley T. 1997 US Army
C     Hillard, Fred 1956  
C     Hillard, Fred T. 1985 US Navy
D     Hilton, Anna F. 2011  
D     Hilton, Elijah Henry Jr. 1986 World War II
B     Hindman, Gaurah 1914  
B     Hindman, Samuel 1905 Civil War
B     Hindman, Sarah M. 1908  
B     Hines, Ann Sheets 1903  
B     Hines, Clint 1937  
B     Hines, Cora E. 1879  
B     Hines, Edward H. 1928  
B     Hines, Emmett W. 1918 World War I
B     Hines, Frank 1927  
B     Hines, Fred 1916  
B     Hines, George 1914 Civil War
B     Hines, Grace 1914  
B     Hines, Henrietta 1939  
B     Hines, Jeannetta 1940  
B     Hines, Jennie B. 1873  
B     Hines, John


C     Hines, Leon M. 1976  
B     Hines, Marion 1898  
B     Hines, Olive 1953  
C     Hines, Oscar F. 1948  
C     Hines, Rose M. 2006  
C     Hines, Stella M. 1941  
B     Hines, Wm. [no dates] Civil War
A-2     Hitesman, Carrie 1920  
B     Hitesman, Cecerella H. 1912  
A-2     Hitesman, James 1932  
B     Hitesman, James W. 1916  
A-2     Hitesman, Mamie 1919  
C     Hobson, Charles H. 1958  
C     Hobson, Ethel 1933  
C     Hobson, Gertrude Kathleen Whitacre 1980  
C     Hobson, Loretta F. 1999  
C     Hobson, Ralph H. 1982  
C     Hobson, Ray C. 1991  
C     Hobson, Richard Lynn 1944  
A     Hodgson, Clarence Thomas 1969  
C     Hodgson, Dale Eugene 1951  
A     Hodgson, Edward B. 1916  
C     Hodgson, Edward H. 1958  
C     Hodgson, Elta D. 1968  
C     Hodgson, Frieda Harper 1970  
C     Hodgson, John 2001  
C     Hodgson, Louise 2007  
A     Hodgson, Margeret Click 1967  
A     Hodgson, Neva B. 1946  
C     Hodgson, William H. 1944 World War I
B     Hoeken, Mary 1926  
B     Hoerter, Courtney S. 1994  
C     Hofer, Fred G. 1997 World War II
C     Hofer, Godfrey 1945  
C     Hofer, Harry L. 1963 World War II
C     Hofer, Helen (Hardwick) "Juanita" 1990  
C     Hofer, Ida A. reserved  
C     Hofer, Lora J. 1960  
C     Hofer, Lucille E. 2006  
C     Hogan, Helen L. 1963  
D     Holbert, Kenneth W. 1986  
D     Holbert, Robert G. 1995  
      Hodge, Danny Lee 2013 US Army
A     Holden, Alice W. 1934  
A     Holden, John E. 1951  
C     Holderfield, Eleanor M. 1971  
C     Holderfield, John E. 1975 World War I
C     Hollon, Beech C. 1901  
C     Hollon, Dora Rose 1953  
C     Hollon, Thomas C. 1931  
B     Holmes, Lenore 1909  
A     Holzlin, Catharina 1883  
A     Holzlin, Edith A. 1920  
A     Holzlin, George 1917  
C     Holzlin, George 1936  
A     Holzlin, Grace 1896  
A     Holzlin, Helena M. 1928  
A     Holzlin, James T. 1878  
C     Holzlin, Lucinda 1932  
A     Holzlin, Thomas 1938  
C     Hopkins, Alfred S. 1974  
C     Hopkins, Arthur Allen 1992 World War II
C     Hopkins, Elizabeth 2008  
A     Hopkins, Ellen T. 1901  
C     Hopkins, Ellen V. 1981  
      Hopkins, Eleanor E. 1912  
C     Hopkins, Eva Marie reserved  
A     Hopkins, Frank    
C     Hopkins, Imogene reserved  
C     Hopkins, James A. 1933  
C     Hopkins, Lucinda 1957  
C     Hopkins, Lum O. 1981 World War I
C     Hopkins, Mack J. reserved  
A     Hopkins, William G. 1885  
B     Hopping, Adaline 1889  
B     Hopping, Albert 1868 Civil War
B     Hopping, Gladys 1886  
A-1     Horner, Anna Lula 1928  
C     Horner, Matilda 1938  
C     Horner, Myrtle 1968  
C     Horner, Robert 1944  
C     Horner, William 1935  
      Horton, Beatrice reserved  
D     Horton, Douglas R. reserved  
C     Horton, James E 1978  
      Horton, James E. Jr. reserved  
C     Horton, Julia Cyrus 1971  
B     Horton, Laura Ann 1965  
D     Horton, Joan F. 2004  
C     Horton, Leoda 2007  
C     Hoskins, Clint 1945  
C     Hoskins, Marinda 1960  
      Hoskins, Taylor 1999  
B     Houk, Albert 1917  
A     Houk, Fredericka 1909  
A     Houk, Henry F. 1907  
A 179 1 Houk, John F. 1907 Civil War
B     Houk, Maria 1928  
C     Houston, Amanda C. 1963  
C     Houston, Belle W. 1993  
C     Houston, Betty Jo reserved  
C     Houston, Bonnie Cole 1968  
C     Houston, E. Roscoe 1991  
C     Houston, Edith B. 2006  
D     Houston, Ella Fay Curry reserved  
C     Houston, Glen Edward 1977 US Army
D     Houston, John Thomas reserved  
C     Houston, Lester F. 1979  
C     Houston, Marcus K. 1962 World War I
C     Houston, Margurite 1981  
D     Houston, Opal L. 2001  
C     Houston, Ralph W. 1998 World War II
C     Houston, Robert B. 1991 World War II
C     Houston, S. Webster 1927 Spanish American War
D     Houston, William G. "Bill" 1997  
D     Howard, Allegra Fay (Dingus) reserved  
B     Howard, Amanda L. 1909  
C     Howard, Arnett 1980  
D     Howard, Audra Faye 1999  
B     Howard, Beecher 2008  
C     Howard, C. Elmore 1954 World War I
A-1     Howard, C. R.   Civil War
B     Howard, Clem 1918  
C     Howard, Corma reserved  
B     Howard, Della E. 1980  
B     Howard, Della Hiles 1966  
C     Howard, Dewhite 2006  
C     Howard, Donnal reserved  
C     Howard, Dorsie 2006  
D     Howard, Eddie 2003  
C     Howard, Ernest 2000  
D     Howard, Estie reserved  
B     Howard, Eva 1927  
C     Howard, Fairlena 1994  
B     Howard, Frank 1977  
C     Howard, Fred S. reserved  
C     Howard, Garnett S. Cook [no dates]  
C     Howard, George F. 1971  
D     Howard, Hager 2007 World War II
C     Howard, Ham Jr 1967  
D     Howard, Hamilton 1990  
C     Howard, Janet Brayton reserved  
C     Howard, Jason 1965  
D     Howard, Jerry Pete 2010 Vietnam
A-1     Howard, John 1856  
C     Howard, John Smith 2???  
C     Howard, Joseph E. 1953 World War I
D     Howard, Katie 1989  
C     Howard, Lida 1937  
C     Howard, Lola C. reserved  
C     Howard, Martha 2003  
C     Howard, Matilda 1974  
C     Howard, Maxie 1998  
C     Howard, Maxie May 1973  
C     Howard, Melvin 1955  
C     Howard, Myrtle 1974  
C     Howard, Pamela K. Harrison 2003  
C     Howard, Patricia Ann 1953  
C     Howard, Ralph Almon 1956 World War I
D     Howard, Roy 2003  
C     Howard, Ruth E. 1971  
C     Howard, Troy 1978  
D     Howard, Vera reserved  
C     Howard, Walter R. 1956  
B     Howard, Wesley "Bud" 1988  
D     Howard, William reserved  
B     Howard, William C. 1946  
C     Howard, William E. 1958  
C     Howard, Zona B. 1973  
A     Howe, David 1886  
A     Howe, Denver T. 1947  
A     Howe, Minnie 1908  
C     Huddleson, Edna M. 1998  
C     Huddleson, Firm H. Jr. 1980 World War II
C     Huddleson, Jackie Lee 2005 Vietnam
C     Huddleson, Janet 1994  
C 4 106 Huddleson, John Willard 1970 World War II
D     Huddleson, Millard Kenneth 1983 World War II
C     Huddleson, Reba Loraine reserved  
C     Huddleson, Stanley Ray 1978  
D     Huddleson, Virginia M. reserved  
C     Hughes, Evelyn E. 2001  
B     Hughes, Lois Benn 1957  
B     Hunt, Alberta H. 1931  
B     Hunt, Herbert W. 1926  
B     Hunter, Adarene A. 1977  
C     Hunter, Betty Ellen Whitacre 1986  
C     Hunter, David W. 2006  
C     Hunter, Debra Dare 1983  
C     Hunter, Dirk Whitacre 1979 Vietnam
B     Hunter, Effie 1977  
A     Hunter, infant son 1897  
B     Hunter, Leon G. 1978  
B     Hunter, Paul B. 1926  
B     Hunter, Thomas 1944  
C     Hunter, Virgil Armstrong 1983 World War II
C     Hurst, Alberta L. 2001  
C     Hurst, Ernest K. 1981  
C     Hupp, Cheyanne Brooke 1997  
A-1     Hupp, Nellie M. 1924  
C     Hutchens, Eulis C. 1966 US Army
A     Hutson, Metta Poynter 1920  
A     Hutton, C. W.    
A     Hutton, Harry Osgood 1874  
A     Hutton, J. M.    
A     Hutton, Mother    
A     Hutton, Sister    
A     Hutton, W. H.    
B     Hyser, Newton 1876  

Index to Available Tombstone Photos
A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W XYZ [no surname] [Morrow Cemetery Home page]
If we have a photo, the name will be a "clickable" link.
[To add your photos email them in jpg format to  Arne H Trelvik with specifics]

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