Morrow Cemetery, Warren County, Ohio
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Morrow Cemetery
Salem Township, Warren County, Ohio

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Sec Lot Grave Name Died Veteran
C     Dahlstrom, Gustav 1979  
C     Dahlstrom, Loretta 1986  
C     Dallas, Flora S. 1963  
C     Dallas, Francis W. 1956  
C     Dalton, Augusta B. 1972  
B     Dalton, Elmer E. 1976 World War I
A     Darby, Frank H. (Dr.) 1921  
A     Darby, Margaret A. 1903  
A     Darby, Sarah E. 1912  
B     Dare, Alma I. 1967  
B     Dare, Enoch F. 1848  
C     Dare, Evelyn reserved  
B     Dare, Jeannette 1911  
C     Dare, John R. 2001 World War II
C     Dare, John W. 1981  
B     Dare, Joseph M. 1849  
B     Dare, Josie 1887  
C     Dare, Mamie B. 1955  
C     Dare, Mary J. 1981  
B     Dare, Matilda 1860  
C     Dare, William 2013 World War II
C     Dare, William E. 1955  
B     Dare, William M. 1925  
A     Daumgartner, Florence 1946  
A     Daumgartner, Peter A. 1953  
C     Davenport, Barbara A. reserved  
C     Davenport, William F. 2007  
C     Davidson, Carlo 1959 World War II
B     Davis, Alexander 1856  
B     Davis, Charles 1862  
C     Davis, Clint 1974  
B     Davis, Clyde E. 1883  
B     Davis, Frances 1967  
C     Davis, Ida H. 1994  
B     Davis, Isaac C. 1873  
B     Davis, Isabel 1876  
C     Davis, Joy Kathleen 1945  
C     Davis, Lewis T. 1984 World War II
D     David, Lloyd 1996  
C     Davis, Mary B. 1998  
B     Davis, Melvina Letts 1915  
D     Davis, Stanley C. 1984  
C     Davis, Stanley W. 1967 World War II
C     Davis, Vernon E. 1981  
C     Dawson, Herbert C. 1960  
A     Day, Allie 1932  
C     Day, Charles F. Jr. 2007 Vietnam
B     Day, Clinton K. 1941  
B     Day, Dennis LeRoy 1948  
B     Day, Esther F. 1933  
A     Day, George E. 1913  
D     Day, Jeri Lou (Weingartner) 1984  
B     Day, Mabel D. 1980  
C     Day, Michael Lee 1970  
A     Day, Nellie 1904  
B     Day, Percival C. 1928  
B     Day, Percival S. 1937  
C     Dean, Johnny 1962  
B     DeBoard, Andrew J. 1934  
C     DeBoard, Clive Jr. 2004 Korea
B     DeBoard, Howard R. 1934  
C     DeBoard, Marlene R. reserved  
B     DeBoard, Mary J. 1920  
B     DeBoard, Willard 1910  
C     Debold, Alf C. 1967  
A     Debold, Bessie A. 1933  
B     Debold, Elizabeth 1926  
A     Debold, Emma S. 1940  
B Ludlum Lot   DeBold, Florence 1908  
A     Debold, Frank P. 1965 World War II
A     Debold, George 1911  
A     Debold, Hazel 1925  
B     Debold, Jacob 1923  
A     Debold, John A. 1909  
B Ludlum Lot   DeBold, Katie 1895  
C     Debold, Lulu V. 1968  
C     Debold, Rosella C. 1918  
A     Debold, Smith 1900  
C     Debold, William B. 1906  
B     Deck, Mary F. 1923  
C     Deemer, Effie C. 1958  
C     Demitt, Charles Robert 2000 Korea
C     Demitt, Clarence E. 1968  
C     Demitt, Clyde E. 1974 Korea
C     Demitt, Joyce Bowling reserved  
C     Demitt, Kate B. 1948  
C     Demoret, Robert 2009  
C     Demoret, Ruth Ann reserved  
C     Dewhirst, Grace V. 1982  
C     Dewhirst, Joseph Edward 2002 World War II
D 5 10 Dick, Carrol Curtis 2001 Korea
C     Dickson, Jerry W. 1947  
C     Dickson, Leola 1976  
B     Diebold, Florence 1909  
B     Diebold, Katie 1895  
A     Dilatush, T. B. 1918  
C     Dillinger, Carla 1980  
C     Dillinger, Clifford 1983  
C     Dinwiddie, Bonnie L. 2000  
C     Dinwiddie, Leroy S. 1971  
B     Ditmars, Anna 1945  
B     Ditmars, Deliverance 1870  
A     Ditmars, Emma 1943  
B     Ditmars, Grant 1943  
B     Ditmars, Harley 1940  
B     Ditmars, John 1940  
B     Ditmars, Lillie May 1897  
B     Ditmars, Mary N. Snyder 1917  
B     Ditmars, Pearl 1952  
B     Ditmars, Robert S. 1917 Civil War
B     Ditmars, Sarah E. Davis 1910  
A     Ditmars, Scott 1943  
B     Dixon, Arrena reserved  
B     Dixon, Charles 2007  
B     Dixon, Daisy G. 1969  
B     Dixon, Etta Whitacre 1925  
B     Dixon, Harry A. 1971  
B     Dixon, Lester P. 1993  
D     Doan, Fred L. 1988  
D     Doan, Vivian F. reserved  
C     Doller, August M. Jr. 1970 World War II
C     Doller, August M. Sr. 1975 World War I
C     Doller, Jerry August 2007  
C     Doller, Lavone M. 2005  
C     Doller, Louise S. 1980  
A     Donnally, Augustus 1883  
A     Donnally, Augustus Jr. 1876  
A     Donnally, children of Mary & Lewis 1900-1907  
A     Donnally, Edward A. 1907  
A     Donnally, Elizabeth Evans 1903  
A     Donnally, Emma 1873  
A     Donnally, Joseph D. 1935  
A     Donnally, Lewis 1941  
A     Donnally, Mary P Cadwalader 1964  
A     Doucette, Lillian M. 1937  
A     Doucette, T. J. 1920  
B     Doughman, Anna H. 1943  
C     Doughman, Arlo A. 1983  
C     Doughman, Eunice G. 2003  
C     Doughman, Eva L. reserved  
C     Doughman, George W. 1980 World War II
B     Doughman, Mary Etta 1954  
B     Doughman, Oscar W. reserved  
B     Doughman, Valentine 1927 Civil War
B     Doughman, Wm. S. 1948  
C     Downing, Charles H. 1959  
C     Downing, Charles William "Bill" 1996  
C     Downing, Elmer L. reserved  
C     Downing, Jennie M. 1963  
C     Downing, Marjorie K. 1986  
C     Downing, Theresa M. 1970  
C     Downing, William Marvin 1984 World War II
C     Doyle, Larry L. 2000  
B     Drake, Andrew J. 1933  
B     Drake, Anna 1938  
C     Drake, Anna E. 1950  
B     Drake, Clarence H. 1951 World War I
C     Drake, Eugene C. 1971  
C     Drake, Gerald E. 1982 World War II
B     Drake, Grandma [no dates]  
B     Drake, Jno. 1897 Civil War
B     Drake, John W. 1954  
B     Drake, Leo [no dates]  
B     Drake, Leonard C. 1938  
C     Drake, Leslie W. 1966  
C     Drake, Leslie W. Jr. 1960 US Army
B     Drake, Lida B. 1944  
B     Drake, Louie B. 1935  
B     Drake, Noah 1997  
B     Drake, P. Fred 1923  
C     Drake, Reba    
C     Drake, Russell L.    
C     Drake, Virginia G. 1967  
B     Drake, Warren 1907  
D     Driscoll, Elizabeth C. 2002  
C     Driscoll, Minnie Bell 1973  
D     Driscoll, Raymond R. 1986  
C     Driscoll, Wm. Earl 1977  
C     Driscoll Cheesman, Dave reserved  
C     Driscoll Cheesman, Don Wayne reserved  

Driscoll Cheesman, Hazel

D     Dryden, Barbara A. reserved  
D     Dryden, Donnie D. 1988  
C     Duffey, Chris [no dates]  
C     Duffey, Emma [no dates]  
C     Duffey, Henry 1939  
B     Dugan, Farmer D. 1851  
B     Dugan, Ferdinand F. 1863  
B     Dugan, James W. 1869  
B     Dugan, Joseph M. 1883  
B     Dugan, Keziah T. 1896  
B     Dugan, Robert C. 1896  
B     Dugan, Sarah J. 1874  
C     Dumford, Jesse L. 1944  
C     Dumford, Nora E. 1963  
A     Dunham, Carrie 1927  
A     Dunham, Emma 1891  
A     Dunham, Eugene C 1935  
A     Dunham, Lee S. 1922  
A     Dunham, Lyle 1897  
A     Dunham, Marrietta C. 1917  
A     Dunham, Ruth 1905  
A     Dunn, Amos P. 1894  
A     Dunn, Eleanor Hitesman 1945  
A     Dunn, Harley H. 1952  
A     Dunn, John 1890 Civil War
C     Durig, Alma Kelly    
C     Durig, Charles R. 1978  
C     Durig, Hazel 1978  
C     Durig, Rudolph J.    
C     Duvall, Cecil 1987  
C     Duvall, William C. 1949  
C     Dye, Ruth L. 1937  
C     Dykes, Guy R. 1991  
C     Dykes, Hobert W. 1978  
C     Dykes, Mildred reserved  
C     Dykes, Virginia E. 1981  
A     Dynes, Abbie 1895  
A     Dynes, Clara E 1881  
A     Dynes, Daisy May 1901  
A     Dynes, James C. 1889  
A     Dynes, James H. 1905  
A     Dynes, John M. 1867  
A     Dynes, Martha Ann 1925  
A     Dynes, Sarah Jane 1870  

Index to Available Tombstone Photos
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