Morrow Cemetery, Warren County, Ohio
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Morrow Cemetery
Salem Township, Warren County, Ohio

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Sec Lot Grave Name Died Veteran
D     Badertscher, Eldon G. reserved  
D     Badertscher, Ruth E. reserved  
B     Badertscher, Ruth Emma 2005  
B     Badertscher, Sidney 1996  
      Bailey, Alma L. 1983  
B     Bailey, Abraham [no dates] Civil War
B     Bailey, And'w. J. [no dates] Civil War
B     Bailey, Ben 1965  
C     Bailey, Bronson 1975  
B     Bailey, Byrd G. 1919  
B     Bailey, Clara reserved  
B     Bailey, Clem [no dates] Spanish American
C     Bailey, Effie 1963  
B     Bailey, George B. 1861  
B     Bailey, Ida M. C. 1865  
B     Bailey, Irvin 1966  
B     Bailey, James E. 1919  
B     Bailey, Jas. M. 1924 Civil War
C     Bailey, John 1986 World War II
B     Bailey, Jemima 1901  
C     Bailey, Marie    
C     Bailey, Morrow 1964  
B     Bailey, Scott [no dates] Civil War
B     Bailey, Sylvester [no dates] Civil War
B     Bailey, Thomas J. [no dates] Civil War
B     Bailey, William H. 1911  
C     Bain, Hervey L. 1977 World War I
C     Baire, Danny R. 2009  
C     Baire, Ruth 1997  
C     Baker, Belle H. 1952  
C     Baker, Charles L. 1963 World War I
C     Baker, Charles S. 1973  
B     Baker, Elizabeth 1854  
C     Baker, Fairy E. 1958  
C     Baker, Florence M. 1968  
C     Baker, Fred 1965 World War I
C     Baker, Hazel 1985  
C     Baker, Walter S. 1943  
B     Baldwin, Bathsheba 1926  
B     Baldwin, John H. 1916 Civil War
A     Baldwin, William H. 1905  
C     Ballard, Carl Wayne 1993 US Army
C     Ballard, James A. 1967  
C     Ballard, Millie C. 1992  
C     Baltrush, Sarah M. 1999  
D 5 7 Barker, Clarence E. 1986 World War II
C     Barnes, Loraine 2007  
C     Barnes, Millard S. Sr. 1959 World War II
D     Barnett, Barrett 1987  
D     Barnett, Donald 2006  
C     Barnett, Dorothy Leckie 2002  
D     Barnett, Edith Pope 2004  
C     Barnett, Frank 1966  
D     Barnett, Helen L. 1998  
C     Barnett, Kathryn 1947  
C     Barnett, Leslie Berkow, M.D. 1983  
C     Barrett, Bonnie E. Gray 2001  
D     Barrett, Ilean 2007  
D     Barrett, Owen 1988  
C     Barton, Ethel 1981  
C     Barton, Lloyd    
D     Bathori, Julius 2011  
D     Bathori, Maria K. (Dr.) reserved  
C     Battaglia, Joseph R. 2008  
C     Battaglia, Norma R. reserved  
C     Bauers, Donna Faye 1950  
C     Bauers, Homer 1974  
C     Bauers, Phyllis 2001  
C     Bayer, Callie A. 1998  
C     Bayer, Rudolph L. 1947  
B     Beaty, George 1883  
B     Beaty, George M. 1884  
C     Beck, Bessie 1946  
C     Beck, Emma 1941  
A     Beck, Ora R. 1961 Spanish America n War
C     Beck, Victor    
C     Beck, William H. 1939  
B     Beckett, Clara [no dates]  
B     Beckett, Jule [no dates]  
A     Beeler, Charles Henry 1871  
A     Beeler, Christian 1912  
A     Beeler, Florence Amanda 1861  
A     Beeler, H. Flora 1897  
A     Beeler, Zillah Ada 1863  
C     Begley, Claude E. 1987  
C     Begley, Elizabeth A. 1987  
C     Begley, Floyd A. 1976 World War II
      Begley, George 1988  
      Begley, Lois reserved  
C     Begley, Stella 1989  
B     Bell, Caroline 1889  
C     Bell, James Maurice 1969 World War I
C     Bell, Mary Louise 1982  
D     Bell, Violet Lee (Davis) Dick 2002  
B     Beltz, Arthur 1954  
B     Beltz, Jennie 1949  
B     Benn, Anna E. 1923  
B     Benn, Harriet G. 1952  
B     Benn, Loren 1918 Civil War
D     Benner, Tom L. 1997  
D     Benner, Virginia M. reserved  
A     Bennett, Ainsley L. 1901  
A     Bennett, Alice 1892  
A     Bennett, Anna 2006  
A     Bennett, Arlen Henry 1946  
C     Bennett, Audrey M. reserved  
A     Bennett, Clark J. 1956  
C     Bennett, Donald K. 1972  
A     Bennett, Everett 1978  
A     Bennett, Glenna Mae 1916  
A     Bennett, Grace Marie 1946  
A     Bennett, Grace Marie 1964  
A     Bennett, Jennie P. 1922  
C     Bennett, Joan Clare    
A     Bennett, Miner L. 1916  
A     Bennett, Permelia 1937  
A     Bennett, Raymond L. 1908  
C     Bennett, Richard Kerwin 1980 Korea
A     Bennett, Robert Lee 1965  
A     Bennett, Stanley 1900  
A     Benthien, Bertha 2000  
A     Benthien, Bertha E. 1950  
A     Benthien, Harry 1956  
A     Benthien, Henry F. J. 1900  
A     Benthien, Marie 1924  
A     Benthien, Nellie C. 1937  
C     Benton, Clyde L. 1984  
D     Benton, Donald R. 2014 World War II
C     Benton, Doris J. reserved  
D     Benton, Edna Marie reserved  
C     Benton, Mary Sue 1977  
C     Benton, Robert O. 1979  
C     Berger, Alma J. 1994  
D     Berger, Betty Rae (Dennis) reserved  
C     Berger, Carl J. 2003  
D     Berger, Richard Dale reserved  
C     Bergholt, Alice P. 1976  
C     Bergholt, E. Sanford 1973  
C     Bernhard, Berletta M. 2005  
C     Bernhard, Robert James 2004 World War II
C     Beson, Katie Mae 1936  
B     Bettis, Harold V. 1941  
A     Beyer, Barney 1900  
A     Beyer, Edward    
A     Beyer, John 1884  
A     Beyer, Minnie 1906  
D     Bias, Sylvia S. reserved  
B     Bird, Daniel S. 1896 Civil War
B     Bird, Ella C. 1879  
B     Bird, Frank C. 1947  
B     Bird, Irene U.    
B     Bird, Iva M. 1914  
B     Bird, Lutitia C. 1926  
B     Bird, Milton M. 1940  
B     Bird, Paul D. 1922  
B     Bird, Ralph A. 1918  
B     Bird, Rose W. 1949  
B     Bishop, Anna Penders 1960  
C     Bishop, John Keith 1997  
C     Bishop, John Tyler 1985  
C     Bittenbender, Fredrick H. 1959 World War II
C     Black, Carl E. 1997  
C     Black, Clarence W. 1972  
C     Black, Katherine D. 1971  
C     Black, Ruby E. 1986  
C     Blade, Jasper 1957  
C     Blade, Mabel    
C     Blair, Timothy P. 2000 US Air Force
C     Blair, Virginia S. reserved  
C     Blangy, Lula Belle 1960  
D     Blanton, Alma Mae 1991  
C     Blanton, Arguster 1995 US Army
C     Blanton, Billy Ray 2010 US Army
D     Blanton, Bonnie reserved  
C     Blanton, Clara M. reserved  
C     Blanton, Cora Louise reserved  
D     Blanton, Dianna Belle 1987  
C     Blanton, Fonzie 1980 US Air Force
D     Blanton, Gorman Tye reserved  
C     Blanton, Jayne 1992  
C     Blanton, Judy reserved  
D     Blanton, Robert 1999  
C     Blanton, Void reserved  
C     Blevins, Helen M. 1976  
D     Bloomberg, Thomas M. Sr. 1997 Vietnam
C     Blount, Conway 1968  
D     Blount, Joanne reserved  
D     Blount, John Leonard Sr. 2006 Korea
C     Blount, Mary A. 1963  
C     Blunk, Jerome D. 1970  
C     Bodley, Alfred S. 1987  
C     Bodley, Janette W. 1993  
C     Bogan, Amber (Bess) 1964  
C     Bogan, Bonnie (Pretty) 1992  
B     Bolin, Buell J. Jr. 1978  
C     Bolling, Melvin F. 1942  
C     Bolling, Stella M.    
C     Booher, Charles R. 2006  
C     Booher, Judith A.    
C     Boothe, Billy R. 1955 US Air Force
C     Boothe, William E. 1958 World War II
C     Bosley, Helen M. 1985  
C     Bosley, Marlin L. [Martin L. Bosley on military marker] 2002 World War II
A     Boswell, Ella P. 1946  
A     Boswell, George W. 1923  
C     Bowles, Ernest 1985  
C     Bowles, Lonnie & Donnie 1959  
C     Bowles, Madesta 1958  
C     Bowles, Marvella B. reserved  
C     Bowles, Merida 1981 World War II
C     Bowles, Ricky Lee 1979 US Army
C     Bowles, Rodney "Jr." 1994  
C     Bowles, Rosa J. 1985  
C     Bowles, Roy Earl 1957  
C     Bowles, William R. 1970  
C     Bowling, Gladys G. 2000  
C     Bowling, Woodard D. 1976  
A     Bowman, Adele Kruse 1962  
A     Bowman, Alfred C. 1955  
A     Bowman, Alva C. 1895  
C     Bowman, Clara B. 1970  
C     Bowman, Clarence Oliver 1987 World War II
C     Bowman, Eleanor L. 1997  
B     Bowman, Elizabeth 1887  
C     Bowman, Ellsworth W. 1991  
C     Bowman, George J. 1948  
A     Bowman, Maddah C. 1965  
A     Bowman, Nannie Hicks 1933  
C     Bowman, Pearl E. 1957  
C     Bowman, Robert G. 1965 World War II
C     Bowman, Sharon L. 1998  
A     Bowman, Varner 1894  
A     Bowman, Victor 1988  
C     Boyd, David Isaac 1966 World War II
C     Boyd, Mary 1933  
A     Boyden, Harry W. 1931  
A-2     Boyer, Maria 1929  
A     Bradley, Clifford 1978  
D     Bradley, Emma E. reserved  
D     Bradley, Gardis "Brad" 2000 Korea
      Bradley, John 1894 Civil War
A     Bradley, Stella 1970  
A     Bradley, Viola 1954  
A     Bradley, Warren 1922  
D     Brady, John Patrick "Pat" 2000  
D     Brady, John "Tom" reserved  
D     Brady, Lois J. 2009  
C     Brandenburg, Chester 1986  
      Brandenburg, Gary Robert 2012 US Army
C     Brandenburg, Mary Conner 1966  
D     Brandenburg, Ralph Charles 1992  
C     Brandenburg, Ralph W. 1997 World War II
C     Brandenburg, Roy C. 1985  
C     Brandenburg, Wilma F. 1986  
C     Brandenstein, Betty J. 1995  
C     Brandon, Edward Arthur 1979  
A     Branicin, Edmond 1901  
A     Branicin, Lillian 1897  
B     Brant, Abraham 1872  
B     Brant, Betty W. 1984  
B     Brant, Clyde 1927  
B     Brant, Elizabeth E. 1929  
B     Brant, Elizabeth J. 1918  
B     Brant, Francis M. 1880 Civil War
B     Brant, George W. 1924 Civil War
B     Brant, H. Maynard 1912  
B     Brant, Hal C. 1934  
B     Brant, Harold Donnelly 1984 World War II
B     Brant, Hester 1872  
B     Brant, Hester 1895  
B     Brant, Jane M. 1967  
B     Brant, John T. 1927  
B     Brant, Levi [no dates] Civil War
B     Brant, Margeret 1917  
B     Brant, Margeret E. 1916  
B     Brant, Myrtle G. 1987  
B     Brant, Robert 1948  
B     Brant, Roy 1950  
A-3     Brant, Samuel [no dates] Civil War
B     Brant, Sarah J. 1905  
B     Brant, Sarah L. 1972  
B 132   Brant, Squire [aka Squire Bryant] 1892 Civil War
B     Brant, Stephen H. 1879 Civil War
C     Braverman, Myrtha S. 1997  
C     Breeze, Francis T. 1982  
C     Breeze, Mildred reserved  
C     Breeze, Pearl C. 1974  
C     Breeze, Wayne T. 2005  
C     Brems, Clara E. reserved  
C     Brems, Eugene J. 1965  
C     Bretz, Sandra J. 1978  
C     Brewer, Fred W. 1969  
C     Brill, Bernard L. 1964 World War II
C     Brill, Dean 1965  
C     Brill, Lowell O. 1943 World War I
C     Brill, Margeret S. 1990  
D     Brill, Max L. 1996 World War II
D     Britton, Ejulia H. "Judy" 1997  
C     Britton , Gladys T. 1979  
C     Britton, Leonard 1964 World War II
D     Britton, Ralph 1996  
D     Britton, Wilfred A. "Chop" 2011

Vietnam & US Army

C     Brock, Beverly N. 1968  
D     Brock, Charles 2004  
D     Brock, Ethel Marie 1988  
B     Brock, Linda Michelle 1968  
B     Brown, Adam Ross 1990  
C     Brown, Alice L. 1998  
B     Brown, Alyce M. 1918  
D     Brown, Anna Mae 2008  
A     Brown, Blanche 1882  
C     Brown, Blanche W. 1976  
A     Brown, Catherine B. 1904  
C     Brown, Clarence H. 1952  
A     Brown, Cora B. 1974  
B     Brown, Cynthia A. 1927  
A     Brown, Elizabeth 1940  
A     Brown, John L. 1898 Mexican American War
A     Brown, Johnie 1879  
C     Brown, Lester A.    
A     Brown, Lewis H. 1942  
C     Brown, Lewis H. 1999  
C     Brown, Mabel M.    
D     Brown, Mary Louise 1994  
B     Brown, Naoma W. Poppe 1989  
C     Brown, Norman T. 2002  
C     Brown, Percy M 1965  
D 188 SEC Brown, Robert Lewis 1995 World War II & Korea
D     Brown, Russell Howard 2005 Vietnam
B     Brown, Sylvester 1934 World War I
D     Brown, Wanda C. reserved  
C     Brownell, Arthur    
C     Brumfield, Helen F. reserved  
C     Brumfield, Jack L. 2001  
C     Brunk, David 'Butch' 1995  
C     Brunk, Edna Mae 1976  
D     Brunk, Herbert D. 1987  
A-1     Brunk, Laura Marie 1947  
C     Brunner, Leona M. 1974  
A-2     Brunson, Rebecca 1929  
A-2     Brunson, Warren 1927  
A     Bryan, Ada Brookfield 1985  
A     Bryan, Elizabeth Wilson 1971  
A     Bryan, William James 1979  
      Bryant, Charles Frederick 1993  
D     Bryant, Dailey 1988 World War II ?
D     Bryant, David Wayne 2009  
D     Bryant, Lucy 2006  
B 132 1 Bryant, Squire [aka Squire Brant] 1892 Civil War
C     Bryant, Vickie Lynn 1965  
A-1     Buchanan, Daniel B. 1921  
A-1     Buchanan, Elizabeth 1923  
B     Buchanan, Father [thought to be John Buchanan, b. 16 Apr 1859 7 d. 28 Mar 1929] 1929  
B     Buchanan, George 1961 Spanish American War
B     Buchanan, Helen 1919  
B     Buchanan, Jacob 1912  
B     Buchanan, Kathryn G. 1961  
B     Buchanan, M. 1914  
B     Buchanan, Mary 1957  
B     Buchanan, Mother [thought to be Christena (Schaefer) Buchanan, b. 19 Nov 1871 d. 12 Feb 1934] 1934  
B     Buchanan, Norma 1912  
B     Buchanan, Willard J. 1934  
C     Buckler, Ronnie D. 1986 US Army
C     Bullock, Glenn E. 2004  
C     Bullock, Joyce A. reserved  
C     Burden, John Allen 1990 US Navy
C     Burge, Latha L. 1975  
C     Burge, Warren 1982  
C     Burger, Abner 1940  
C     Burger, Albert A. 1983  
C     Burger, Clara S. 1945  
C     Burger, Dorothy 1992  
C     Burger, Edna B. 1981  
D     Burger, Emma 2003  
D     Burger, Estel A. 1992 Korea
D     Burger, Frank 1999  
C     Burger, Gus 1985  
C     Burger, Infant dau 1957  
B     Burgoin, Stephen [no dates] Civil War
      Burleson, James 2016 US Navy
C     Burnett, M Pauline    
C     Burnett, Sylvenis    
C     Burns, Alonzo 1930  
D     Burns, Carl reserved  
D     Burns, Donna M. reserved  
C     Burns, Harriett M. 1930  
D     Burns, Jan "Bird" 1985  
A     Burroughs, A. J. 1865  
A     Burroughs, Charley [no dates]  
A     Burroughs, Marein H. 1873  
D     Burton, Charles F. "Toy" 1997 World War II
C     Burton, James M. 1962  
C     Burton, Martha H. 1959  
D     Burton, Virginia L. "Jenny" 1988  
C     Butler, Fred R. 1980 World War I & World War II
B     Butler, Josiah 1872  
C     Butterbaugh, Alice 1984  
C     Butterbaugh, Clifford W. 1982  
C     Butterbaugh, Edythe G. reserved  
C     Butterbaugh, George 1977  

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