Lebanon Cemetery, Warren County, Ohio
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Lebanon Cemetery
Lebanon, Warren County, Ohio

Surnames Beginning with

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Name Interment # Veteran Section Lot
Uhrig, Cora Ralston 9449   Old Section 154-9
Uhrig, Marguerite Not found in the Register of Interments   Old Section 154
Ullum, Albert Rufus 6877 World War I H 133-11
Ullum, Daisy K. 10158   I 43-5
Ullum, Helen M. 7716   H 133-13
Ullum, Richard A. 9864   I 52-5
Ullum, Robert Lloyd   Vietnam    
Ulm, Elizabeth 209   Old Section 231-3
Ulrich, Samuel Irvin 7813   B 95-1
Umbach, George 7626   Southeast Addition 28-3
Unglesbe, Adie 1050   Old Section 420
Unglesbe, Eva 1062 [Unglesbe on stone; Unglesbee in Register of Interments]   Old Section 420
Unglesbe, John W. 1266   Old Section 420
Unglesbe, Margaret 996   Old Section 149 [later moved to lot 420]
Unglesbe, Sarah 1060 [Unglesbe on stone; Unglesbee in Register of Interments]   Old Section 420
Unglesbe, stillborn infant 1847   Old Section 103-3
Unglesbe, William 1143   Old Section 420
Unglesby, Bertha 2891   Old Section 420
Unglesby, Carrie Hazel 3517   G 80-6
Unglesby, Carrie M. 8030   H 57-11
Unglesby, Evaline J. 5458   G 80-10
Unglesby, Harry 4767   H 57-4
Unglesby, Horace 3458   Old Section 420
Unglesby, Jane Merritt 3093   G 80-5
Unglesby, Leaoren 2463   G 80-1
Unglesby, Marcus D. 4164   G 80-8
Unglesby, Margaret M. 3845   H 57-2
Unglesby, Oakley Robert 7865   H 57-10
Unglesby, Rosella 5345   G 23-4
Unglesby, Sarah J. 3704   G 19-2
Unglesby, Thomas 3512   G 19-1
Unglesby, Wilson 4281   G 23-3
Updyke, Charles V. 10001   Southeast Addition 26-1
Updyke, Mary Sue 7656   Southeast Addition 26-3
Updyke, Pauline H. 9388   Southeast Addition 26-2
Urton, Alta M. 9096   B 98-8
Urton, Birdie J. 10291   F 75-4
Urton, Earl W. 8573   F 75-2
Urton, Lester 8490 World War I B 98-7
Urton, Sallie B. 4355   C 14-5
Urton, Warren 5770   C 14-7
Urwick, Christopher 6924 [no lot number listed in the Register of Interments]   Corwin Addition [Corwin Masoleum Lot]
Urwick, Marianna Pauly 7461   Corwin Addition 571 [stone in Corwin Masoleum Lot]

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