Liddil & Newport, Lebanon Cemetery Old Section, Warren County, Ohio
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Lebanon Cemetery
Lebanon, Warren County, Ohio

Old Section Lot 58
Liddil & Newport

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Our Mother Our Father
Catharine Liddil
wife of James Liddil
born in Leb. O. June 22, 1807
died May 17, 1870
James Liddil
born in Virginia March 1, 1800
emigrated to Warren Co, O. in 1805
died in Leb. June 14, 1875
Interment #1113 in lot 58-2 on 24 May 1872
[removed from M. E. C. graveyard]
Interment #1302 in lot 58-3 on 17 Jun 1875
Arne H Trelvik

8 January 2006
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James M. Liddil Anna Rebecca Liddil
1849 - 1905  
Interment #3462 in Lot 58-9 thought to be Interment #4070 for Anna Rebecca Newport
in lot 58-11 on 1 Dec 1915


Arne H Trelvik

8 January 2006
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John M. Liddil Mary E. Liddil, his wife
1846 - 1907 1848 - 1894
Interment #3606 in Old Section lot 146 on 29 Apr 1907 [but stone in lot 86] Interment #2666 in lot 58-6 on 23 Jul 1894
[Civil War Veteran]  
Arne H Trelvik

8 January 2006

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