Warren County, Ohio Local History by Dallas Bogan
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Warren County Local History by Dallas Bogan

Dallas Bogan is a native of Harveysburg in Warren County who now is living in LaFollette, Tennessee. Dallas married Opal Fontella Miller from LaFollette, Tennessee in 1953. Opal and Dallas are the parents of: Edward Dallas, Karen Lynn, Kevin Ray and Elizabeth Mae.

Dallas studied and researched Warren County history for many years while still living in the County and has written numerous local history articles. Many of these arrticles were published in the Western Star newspaper from 1993 thru 1999. He is also the author of five books:

He also wrote for the LaFollette Press and the Volunteer Times in Campbell County, Tennessee. Many of the Tennessee local history articles are available on the Campbell County TNGenWeb site. Between Warren County and Campbell County, Dallas has over 500 articles to his credit.

Various Articles by Dallas Bogan

  Ice Manufacturing on the Little Miami River
  Thirty Fifth Ohio Volunteer Infantry
  Seventy Ninth Ohio Volunteer Infantry
  Early Warren County Mills
  James Hart Made His Mark In Early Warren County
  Franklin-Area Chautauqua Was Cultural, Civic Marvel
  Colonel Thomas Paxton
  Franklin's Bridge History
  Warren County Citizens World War II Efforts At Home
  Pioneer Happenings
  The Statutes Of Ohio
  Another Time In Ohio
  Forest Game In The Early Miami Country
  Franklin's Admiral James Findlay Schenck
  Morrow's Major James D. Wallace
  Shakers And The War
  Civil War Area Military Camps
  The Miami-Erie Canal
  Description Of The Packet And Line Canal Boats
  Importance Of The Ferry In The Building Of Ohio
  Captain William Rion Hoel
  Assorted Mills On The Little Miami River
  Turtlecreek Twp. Participants In The Civil War 1861-1865
  Early Ohio And Local Bridges
  Indian Cornfields
  Indian Farming
  Early Indian Foods
  1903 Warren County Atlas Reveals Happening In County
  The Wyandottes Last March Through Ohio
  County Tidbits - Native American Incidents
  Early Roads In Ohio
  Droving Days In Another Time
  Early Stagecoaches And Their Routes
  Issue Of Western Star Recalls Past
  Early Military Forts In Ohio
  Ohio Taverns Of Note
  Miscellaneous Ohio Tavern Names
  The Passenger Pigeon And Its Demise
  Some Bygone Trades
  Backwoods Life In Early Turtlecreek Township
  Lebanon In 1818
  Pioneer Hunters And Their Adventures
  Warren County Roads And Their Name Changes
  Emigrants Trials In The Ohio Valley
  Carriage Making As Told By The Western Star
  Droving Days In Early Ohio
  Christian Waldschmidt's Paper Mill
  Miscellaneous Wayne Township Items
  Postal Systems And The Postage Stamp
  More Lebanon Tidbits
  The Indian's Horses
  Emigrant's Adventures
  The Great Miami River
  More On The Great Miami River
  Reminiscence Of The Old Stone Burr Grist And Saw Mills On The Banks Of The Little Miami River.
  Little Corwin's Battle Over Their Own Post Office
  Quakers 100 Anniversary Of Miami Monthly Meeting In 1903
  Early Counties In Ohio Looked Different In Those Days
  The Farmer Was Once Another Paper Printed In Lebanon
  A Brief History Of The 1890 Explosion At Kings Mills
  The Little Miami Railway Was Important In County History
  Pioneer Village Holds Old Time Food And Music Festival
  Albert Brant And His Experiences During The Civil War
  Major Collin Ford And His Experience During The Civil War
  Franklin Twp. Participants In The Civil War
  Wayne Twp. Participants In The Civil War
  Clear Creek Twp.Participants In The Civil War
  William H. Clement: One Of Morrow's Founders
  Meat Brought To Market On The Hoof In Early Days
  Captain William H. Hamilton - Early Warren Countian
  Rhoda Whitacre Hollingsworth - Early Warren Countian
  Flour Milling In The Miami Valley
  American Indian Culture Has Changed Ways Of The World
  Indian Summer Has American Origins That Date To Revolutionary War Times
  A Look At Warren County In 1809
  Mason Gas Well Discovery At The Turn Of The Century
  Old Time Games Are Recalled
  Telegraph Lines Abounded Along Little Miami River
  Local Civil War Vet Remembered
  Microfilm Sings Tune Of Some Early Warren County Bands
  Thriving Warren County Shaker Sect Dwindled To Final Number Of 16
  Microfilm Of 1889 Article Provides Insights To Early Lebanon
  Colonel Hopkins Said To Be Fine 'Gentleman Of The Old School'
  A Visit To Klingling's Prescription Book
  The Intemperance And Profanity Of General St. Clair's Army
  Historic Oldtown Hosted Tecumseh, Daniel Boone
  Morrow Resident Worthington Got W.T. Sherman's Attention
  Warren County Streams, Woodlands Attracted Early Quakers
  Native Americans Cleared Much Of Ohio For First Farmers
  Ohio And Local Taverns And Their Names
  More Tavern Names And Places
  More Tavern Names And Places
  Old Miami Trail Has Traversed The Ages
  William Smalley - Indian Captive, Woodsman, Guide And Pioneer On Todd's Fork
  Abel Janney
  The First Of The Armies of White Men That Ever Marched Through Warren County, Ohio
  Gen. Josiah Harmar
  A Great Commander - Gen. George Rogers Clark Leads Armies Through County.
  Thomas Corwin And His Part In The Civil War
  Miss Amanda Stokes - Civil War Heroine
  Joseph W. O'Neall - Civil War Prisoner
  The Warren County Canal
  Early Warren Countians Improved Standard of Living
  Early Americans Ate Well, Fast In Taverns And Households
  Lebanon's Greatest Flood Occurred In July, 1882
  Colonol Louis Drake Ranks With Boone And Kenton
  Massie, Salem, And Harlan, Township Participants In The Civil War
  Washington And Union Township Participants In The Civil War
  Civil War Letters Written From Soldiers Residing In Warren County
  A Short History Of The First And Second Ohio Volunteer Infantry
  Warren County Towns And Settlement Histories
  Early Warren County Land Owners And The Prices They Paid
  Early History Of Lebanon
  The Origin Of Modern Roads
  Early Railways Of The Warren County Area
  A Brief Sketch Of Warren County's Early Educational System
  Waynesville's First 200 Years In New History Book
  Early Days Of The Steddom Family
  Deerfield Township's Early Planners Emigrated From Pennsylvania Lands
  Fossil Collecting Was Popular Hobby After Civil War
  Potpourri Of Lebanon History
  Mansfield Was True Jack-Of-All-Trades
  Local Water Ways Reveal History In Warren County
  Warren County Inventors
  Early Medical Profession In Warren County
  Massie Township Is Small In Size, But Big In Reward
  The Mannerisms And Traits Of The Native Americans In Ohio
  The Harner Family Misfortune In Lebanon
  Dunlevy: The First Judge Of Warren County
  The Great Miami River And Its Travelers
  The People And Sites Of Red Lion
  The Invention And Extinction Of Plank Roads
  History Of The Warren County Infirmary Building
  No Orange Barrels, But Ohio Travelers Had Their Own Hazards And Hassles Navigating The Roads
  Early Ohio Postal Systems And Post-Riders
  Remembering Lebanon's Jesse Durbin Ward
  Frontier Men As Hunters In The Ohio Territory
  Robert Way Made A Great Impact As A Teacher, Scholar, Friend
  The Small Town Of Middleboro Symbolic Of Life In Early Warren County
  History Of The Miami Valley's First Blockhouse
  Kanawha Trail Passed Through Warren County
  William Venable Left Legacy Of Writings, Teachings
  Harveysburg Settlers Whistled A New Tune
  Corwin And The Use Of "O.K."
  Fatal Tragedy At Mathers Mill Bridge
  Native Americans' Acts And Paths Of Defense
  Story Of Early Successful Merchant
  A Short History Of The Community Of Roachester
  Sledding Major Event In Early Winters
  History Of The Unique, Simple Lives Of The Shakers
  Life Of A Warren Co. Abolitionist
  History Of Abolitionist Clement Vallandigham
  The History Of The Society Of Friends In Colonial America
  The History Of Washington Township Schools
  Early Post Offices And Post Masters In Warren County, Ohio
  Frontier Hunters
  An Old Sugar Camp
  Old Time Swamps Of Miami Valley
  History Of Twelfth Ohio Volunteer Infantry
  History Of Seventeenth Ohio Volunteer Infantry
  History Of Fourth Ohio Volunteer Cavalry
  History Of Thirteenth Ohio Volunteer Cavalry
  Monfort Family In County Has A Distinguished Past
  Lebanon Academy's Educational Tradition Began In 1835
  History Of The Shaker Movement
  Boulders At Rock School House And At Other Ohio Locations
  Match Maker William Ballard Shone Bright In County
  Franklin/Carlisle's Barkalow Family One Of Ohio's First
  Warren County Roads And Their Histories
  Cincinnati's Railway Tunnel Goes Through Many Changes
  The Story Of Richard McNemar, An Eloquent Pioneer Preacher
  Brief History Of The Military Career Of Francis Dunlavy
  Early Settlers And The Customs They Adopted
  Gov. Morrow's Old Mill
  Traction War
  The Proposed Xenia-Lebanon Line
  First Railroad Trip Over Little Miami
  First Turnpikes Through Warren County
  Miscellaneous Railroads Through Warren County
  Lebanon Was Home To National Normal University
  Sellers (Zellers) Family Had Its Roots In Germany
  Ichabod Halsey Was Early Warren County Settler
  Washington School Was Early Rural Seat Of Learning
  Fellowship Church Celebrating 170 Years In County
  Surveying Was Important Profession In Early Days
  Cumberland Presbyterian One Of Early Churches
  Jonathan Sherwood's General Store In Oregonia
  First Elections In The Northwest Territory
  Maineville Academy Once Area School Of Higher Learning
  Warren County's First Fair Was Held In 1850
  Goode Family Prominent In Wayne Township
  Bogan Family
  Warren County And Its Beginning
  The Building Begins
  Early Travels Through Warren County And Ohio
  Modes Of Travel In Early Days Of Pioneers
  Early Roads And The Laws Governing Them.
  Early Canal Travel And Statistics
  Maxwell And Kell Franklin Twp. Participants In Civil War
  Letter From The 35th Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry
  Early Clearings On The Miamis
  The Pioneer's Food
  Dunlevy Papers
  Olden Times Miscellany
  A Monument And An Autograph.
  William Wood's Mill
  Symmes's Purchase
  Pre-Emption Rights
  Revolutionary War Soldiers Buried In Warren County
  What Was It Like In The County 150 Years Ago?
  Popular Meat And Fruit Dishes During The 1800s
  Early County Land Owners And The Prices They Paid
  Early History Of Lebanon
  Travels Of The Early Pioneers
  Naming Of Caesar's Creek Is Still A Mystery
  Miscellaneous World War II Participants From Warren County
  Business Circles Of Lebanon About 1835
  Forests That Pioneers Found In The County
  Amanda Stokes Served As Civil War Nurse
  A Short History Of The Wilkerson Family In Warren County
  Printing Trials In Early Warren County
  Underground Railroad System Was Active In Southern Ohio
  Moving From The Horse To The Automobile In Ohio
  Warren County Museum Is One Of The Best In The Country
  History Of Lebanon's First Lighting Facilities
  Constitution Of The Horse Rangers Of Turtlecreek Township
  Early Preachers Received Little Pay For Their Services
  Journey From New Jersey To Lebanon In 1807
  For A Time, County Was Connected To World By Canal
  Yesterday's Professionals Lived In A Different World
  Extinct Trades That Were Popular In The 19th Century
  Varied Tidbits Of Lebanon History
  Nearby Village Of Blue Ball Has Changed Completely
  Important Items In Lives Of Early Pioneers
  Buffalo Trails Led The Way For Pioneers
  Interesting Facts And Tidbits About Lebanon's Unique Heritage
  History Of The Warren County Genealogical Society
  Blacksmithing Important Trade In Early History Of County
  The Old Jenning's Mill In Waynesville
  Various Mills In Warren County
  Little Miami Railroad Routes And Times
  The Early Tavern, Its Laws And Requirements
  The Historic Ladies Of Lebanon
  Native Americans' Acts And Paths Of Defense
  Fort Ancient Site Of Sham Battle In 1912
  Tribulations Of Backwoods Life In Early Turtlecreek Township
  Covered Bridges Flourished In Early Ohio, Now Protected
  Every Day Living In The New Country Was Challenging And Strenuous
  Emigrants Came To Ohio Valley For Resources, Opportunities
  Warren County School News In The Year 1929
  The Sites And People Of Lebanon In The 1800's
  Crossroads Open Door To Mainville's History
  The Life Of Dr. Washington Lafayette Schenck
  Early Transportation Methods On The River
  An Early Trial
  Our Corn Canneries
  Presidents In Lebanon
  Dewitt Clinton's Tour Of Ohio in 1825 and His Enthusiastic Reception by the People
  The Lincoln Family
  An Astronomer's Boyhood
  Oldest Medical Society
  The Life And Times Of Pioneer Timothy Bennet
  Early Physicians Of Warren County and the Miami Valley
  Vicious Paper Money Flooded Warren County And The Miami Valley Early in the Last Century
  Judge John McLean
  Two Governors
  An Old Document - A Regimental Court of Enquiry at Deerfield 90 Years Ago
  Warren County, Miscellany - War Of 1812
  First Town Lot Sales In Lebanon were Made More Than Two Years After the Town Was Platted
  First Things In Lebanon
  Industries In Lebanon Eighty Four Years Ago, Some of Which No Longer Exist in the Town
  Lebanon Old Time Mails
  History Of The Lebanon Post Office
  Beginnings Of Ridgeville
  Loveland's Early History
  The Oldest Town In Warren County Is South Lebanon; Formerly Called Deerfield
  The Town Of Maineville
  Warren County Towns And Villages
  General William C. Schenck
  Shaker History
  Shakers' Trials And Tribulations at Union Village in Their Early History
  Shaker Annals
  How Ohio Was Named
  A Much Disputed Date - When Was the State of Ohio Admitted Into the Union?
  Cotton Spinning On The Little Miami In Warren County In 1816.
  Miscellaneous Warren County Regiments In The Civil War
  Construction Of The Log Cabin
  Native American Incidents
  Beedle's Station As Told By Josiah Morrow
  Indian's Eating Habits
  Bellbrook, Ohio: Settled ca. 1797
  A Civil War Letter
  The Orgegonia United Brethren In Christ Church
  Tax Values Of Warren County Railroads With Mileage As Of September, 1903
  Early Migration Into The Ohio Country
  Original Ohio Land Surveys
  History Of The Little Miami Railroad
  Andersonville Prison As Experienced And Written By Joseph W. O'Neall
  "The Descendants of Benjamin Bogan" - 3 generation report
  "The Descendants of Andrew Bogan" - 3 generation report
  Roster of Squirrel Hunters from Warren County
  "Descendants of Abraham Campbell"

"Descendants of Samuel McCormick"

  "Descendants of William Gray"
  "Descendants of Christopher Stoops"
  "Descendants of Tobias Casperson"
  "Descendants of William Bogan"

Warren County, Ohio and Beyond by Dallas Bogan

This book by Dallas Bogan was published in 1997 by Heritage Books, Inc. of Bowie Maryland (ISBN 0-884-0678-7). The book contained a selection of articles originally written for the Western Star newspaper beginning in January, 1993, that are arranged into 9 Chapters. Dallas Bogan has graciously provided the following articles from the book for posting on the Warren County OHGenWeb site.

Chapter I
Warren County

Page Article
1 Historian Recounts 18th Century Warren County Events For Readers

Underground Railroad Moved Efficiently, Silently Through County

10 America's Cowboy Hat Had Beginnings In Waynesville
13 A Short History Of Old Deerfield Township
15 Christian Null Homestead Is A Springboro Landmark
19 Lebanon Once Battled Morrow In Bid For Warren County Seat
22 Early County Settlements And The Swamps
24 Corn Canning Was Once A Top County Industry
26 The Spirit Miller That Inhabited The Old Welch Mill
29 March Marks 80th Anniversary Of Warren County Under Water
33 Harveysburg Suffered Devastating Fire In 1939
35 Historian Cleans Out His Files With Various Tidbits On County
41 More Bits And Pieces Of Warren County History
43 Pioneer Village Holds Old Time Food And Music Festival
47 Historian Takes A Look At The Local News Of 1909
50 A Glimpse At Warren County School News In 1930
54 Historic School Began In Harveysburg
56 Boxwell Law Gave Farm Youths Chance To Continue Education
58 Some Of Warren County's Horse Racing Legends
61 Warren County Long Known For Wonderful Trotters
65 Warren County Took Butler Land, And Gave Back To Clinton County
70 Settlers Couldn't Have "Settled In" Without Local Inns

Chapter II
Towns and Villages

Page Article
77 Warren County Towns And Their Name Changes
82 Remembering The 'Forgotten' Local Town Of Cozaddale

Recalling The History Of The Little Village Of Oregonia

90 Fire Took One Of County's Landmarks In 1909
93 Harveysburg - "Town By The Lake" Originated With Col. Buford

Historic Lytle Off The Beaten Path

107 Historic Little Mount Holly Nestled In Wayne Township

Carlisle Was Part Of Warren County's 'Westward Expansion'


Utica Once A Thriving Hamlet

120 History Of Kings Mills Dates Back To 1799
125 From Palmyra To Kirkwood - The Early Progress Of Mason
130 Springman's History Of Mason Valuable Resource
135 The Tiny County Village Of Foster Is Recalled
140 South Lebanon Is The Oldest Town In Warren County

Chapter III

Page Article
145 Local Settlers Demanded Roads Throughout Warren County
149 Early Canal System Plans Began In Little Miami Valley
152 Do You Remember The D. L. & C. Railroad?
157 Traction Line Once Linked All Corners Of Warren County
162 Flatboats Brought Early Settlers Down River To Ohio Valley
166 The Cincinnati, Wilmington, And Zanesville Railroad
170 Historian Details Early Canal Construction

Chapter IV
American Civil War

Page Article
176 Civil War: The First Days In The County
180 A History Of The Thirty-Fifth Ohio Volunteer Infantry
185 Warren Countian McLean Led Civil War Ohio Brigade
188 Ohio's Squirrel Hunters Defended Cincinnati
190 Local Civil War Vet Remembered
194 General R.C. Schenck Early Military Hero

Chapter V
Biographical Sketches

Page Article
198 Eaton First County Resident
202 Rev. James Smith Has Many Descendants In County
207 Abolitionist Butterworth Helped Shape Warren County
209 Jeremiah Morrow Should Be Called The Father Of Ohio
213 John Morrow Instrumental In Warren County
216 William Harmon Legacy Lives Throughout Lebanon And Beyond
220 Historical Figure Evans Had Roots In Waynesville Area
224 Hon. John Mclean Founded The Western Star
229 General William Cortenus Schenck Was Franklin Founder
233 Historian Finds Gustin A Familiar Warren County Name
235 Melva Beatrice Wilson
237 Lt. Charles L. Earnhart: Lebanon's War Ace
239 Sergeant Ralph P. Snook Died In World War I
242 Glendower Was Home To J. Milton Williams
245 Historian Tells Story Of Waynesville Resident Allen Brown
249 Union Township's Wilson Family Known Across U.S.
252 Moses Miller Early Lebanon Resident Of Note
254 Dey Ventured To Lebanon From Jersey, Met Jackson, Clay
256 William H. Clement: One Of Morrow's Founders
259 Lebanon Resident Lincoln Beachy Was Aviation Pioneer
261 Cephas Holloway A Prominent Shaker Leader
263 James E. Murdoch Was Celebrated Actor And Public Reader
266 Cincinnati's Crosley Family Had Close Ties To Warren County
271 Hollingsworth And Hamilton Early Warren Countians
275 General O. Mitchel Was A True Raider

Chapter VI
Native Americans

Page Article

Warren County Once Home To Two Other "Ancient Forts"

281 Carlisle Fort Existed About 2,000 Years Ago
284 The Mounds Of Observation In Southwest Ohio
287 Ohio Mound Builders Not As Advanced As Historians Thought
290 Bow And Arrow Greatest Laborsaving Invention For Flint-Users
295 Historic Oldtown Hosted Tecumseh, Daniel Boone
297 Warren County Had Its Own Serpent Mound


Chapter VII
Religious Denominations

Page Article

The First Baptists In Ohio And Warren County

307 Jonathan Tichenor: A Presbyterian Pioneer
310 Maineville Church Celebrates Interesting History On 150th Birthday
313 Shakers Made Their Impact On Warren County Almost 200 Years Ago
316 Shakers Faced Setbacks While In County
319 The Passing Through Of The Pilgrims


Chapter VIII
Lebanon, Ohio



323 Taking A Peek At Lebanon In The 19th Century
327 Lebanon Almost Had Its Own "Redskins"
330 Lebanon's First Grist Mill On Turtle Creek
332 Barring Out The Schoolmaster Was A Favorite Prank Of Pupils
335 The Building Of The First Schoolhouse In Turtlecreek Township
340 Lebanon's Opera House Was A Cultural Landmark
345 Mary Haven Home Has Long History Of Caring For Warren County Children In Need
348 The Obstacles Faced As Lebanon Tried To Lure A Railroad
351 The First Banks Of Ohio And The City Of Lebanon
355 Lebanon Market Houses Of Years Ago
359 Women Of Distinction Amongst Multitude
363 'Storm Of Century' Rocked Lebanon Area More Than 100 Years Ago

Chapter IX
Miscellaneous Articles



366 Abraham Lincoln Visits Southwestern Ohio
372 Little Miami Was Once Ohio's Most Important Mill Stream
374 Printing Presses Came Early To Ohio Frontier
378 Electric Mule Could Propel A Canal Boat System
382 Treaty Of Greenville Expanded The Early United States
384 Southwestern Ohio Tobacco Growers Saw Some Tough Times
387 Automobiles Of Yesteryear Still Intrigue
389 Harry E. Pence: Local Automotive Pioneer
392 Historian Discusses Several History Tidbits
398 Bullskin Trace Existed Through Warren County


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