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Franklin Twp. Participants In The Civil War
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Warren County Local History by Dallas Bogan

Franklin Twp. Participants In The Civil War

Dallas Bogan on 12 August 2004
original article by Dallas Bogan
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ARTHUR D. BARKALOW, son of William and Ann Barkalow, was born in Lemon Twp, Butler Co., Ohio, May 2, 1846.
On Sept. 12, 1861, he accepted the call of his country and enlisted in Company K, 35th O.V.I. He served in the Army of the Cumberland under General Thomas, and participated in the following battles: Perryville, Chickamauga and Missionary Ridge. He reenlisted September, 1864, at the expiration of his first term of service, this time in Company K, 1st Regiment of Veterans of Hancock's Corps. He was involved in the execution of the alleged plotters of the assassination of President Lincoln. He received his honorable discharge Feb. 7, 1866.

He married, Oct. 19, 1871, Miss Laura, daughter Henry and Phoebe Garrison.

ELIAS L. BONE was born March 26, 1841 near Lebanon, Ohio. He was the son of Adam and Susan (Lefever) Bone. When our subject was six years of age, his parents moved to Carroll Co., Ind., where they bought 160 acres of land and upon this land Elias was reared. At the breaking out of the war, he enlisted in August, 1861, in Co. K., 9th Ind. V.I., and served three years. He was in a number of prominent battles, namely, Greenbrier, W. Va., battle at Pittsburgh Landing, siege at Corinth, battle of Murfreesboro and through the Eastern Tennessee campaign under Gen. Rosecrans. Mr. Bone was wounded at the first day's fight at Chickamauga. He was mustered out at Indianapolis and returned to Lebanon.

In December, 1871, after studying the dentistry trade, Dr. Bone opened an office in Franklin, Ohio.

JAMES C. BROWN was the son of Joseph A. and Margaret Brown. He was born in Franklin Twp. June 7, 1840. His father was one of the early pioneers in this county, having come here in 1800. On April 16, 1861, our subject enlisted in Company F, 1st O.V.I., under Capt. John Kell and served three months; then reenlisted in Company C, 69th O.V.I., under Captain George Elliott in which he served for three more years. He was mustered out at Camp Dennison.

Mr. Brown was married to Katie, daughter of George and Abbie Lawyer, February 28, 1868, in Franklin, Ohio.

JOHN M. DACHTLER was born in Miamisburg, Ohio. January 22, 1841. He was the son of Michael and Josephine Dachtler.
Mr. Dachtler enlisted in the army at Miamisburg, Ohio, in April, 1861, in Company C, 1st O.V.I. He served for three months, returned home and reenlisted in Company E., 1st O.V.I., under Capt. George Pomeroy, and was in a number of prominent battles, among which were Pittsburgh Landing (Shiloh), Murfreesboro, Chickamauga, Missionary Ridge, Chattanooga, and a number of other skirmishes. At the end of three years, he was mustered out at Camp Chase in Columbus, Ohio. Our subject reenlisted for one more year, or till the close of the war. This enlistment was in the 188th O.V.I. under Captain Smith. John M. was commissioned First Lieutenant. This time he was mustered out at Nashville, Tenn.

He married, in Franklin, Ohio, in 1868, to Sarah Woodward, daughter of Joseph and Mary Woodward. Sarah was born in Franklin.

PERRY H. DEARDOFF was born Feb. 25, 1844, the son of David and Margaret Deardoff. The Deardoff family in the United States sprang, in a large part, if not wholly, from Anthony Dierdorff, a German Baptist, or "Tunker" from Manheim, Germany. This family sailed for America July 7, 1779, and landed in Philadelphia, Sept. 15, 1779. Perry H. enlisted Sept. 17, 1861, in Company F, 75th O.V.I. He fought in the battles of Franklin, McDowell, Cross Keys and Cedar Mountain, where he took sick. After his recovery, he was assigned a place in Company D, of the Veterans Reserve Corps of the 13th U.S.I. He was First Sergeant of his company and led the first company through Boston after the famous Boston Riot. He was discharged Sept. 17, 1865.

He married Anna V. Tibbles, Oct. 11, 1866, daughter of Seymour S. and Sarah A. Tibbles, who was born in Franklin Township, Sept. 14, 1848.

CAPTAIN JOHN F. GALLAGHER was raised near Red Lion, Warren County, Ohio, and came to Franklin while a young man. He worked as a carpenter.
Joining O.C. Maxwell at Camp Dennison, he enlisted as a Second Lieutenant in the Second Ohio, Company B. He served with gallantry, but was captured with many others and was consigned to the Southern prisons, ending up at the noted Libby Prison. At Libby, he, with others, made their escape by tunneling under the street. Captain Gallagher was the planner and the first to pass through the tunnel, and was also one of the few to reach home. He served with his regiment until the close of the war.

WILLIAM GREEN was born in Lincolnshire, England, July 24, 1845. His parents were David and Elizabeth Green, who immigrated to America in 1853 and settled in Tippecanoe, Miami Co., Ohio. In August, 1862, he enlisted in Co. D, 94th O.V.I. Mr. Green served in the Army of the Cumberland, and participated in the following engagements; Perryville, Lookout Mountain, Stone River, Missionary Ridge, Kenesaw Mt., Chickamauga, Atlanta, Savannah, Goldsboro, Chattanooga, Peach Tree Creek and a number of minor engagements; promoting to Corporal and then to First Lieutenant. In June, 1865, he was discharged.

On May 20, 1870, he married Miss Diana Smith who departed this life Aug. 9, 1879, leaving Laura E., a small daughter, Mr. Green married a second time, Oct. 12, 1881, to Mattie E. Hendrickson, daughter of William Hendrickson.

LIEUTENANT WILLIAM KELL was the son of Colonel John Kell, served with his father from the beginning of the war until the death of his father; he remained in his regiment until it was mustered out, when he located at Lebanon as a tailor. Numerous friends of his father made some efforts in his behalf, which resulted in his appointment to a Lieutenancy in the regular army.

CHARLES L'HOMMDEIEU LONG was born in Franklin, Ohio, in 1827. His parents moved to Cincinnati when he was ten years of age, and in which city he grew to manhood. He attended the Woodward High School in Cincinnati, though not a graduate. He learned the printer's trade in the Cincinnati Gazette office.
He was in the First Ohio Regiment during the Mexican War. During the Civil War, he responded to the call of President Lincoln and organized a company and was elected Captain. His company was assigned to the Fifth Ohio. He was elected Major of the regiment, which afterward he received a Lieutenant's Colonel's commission and assigned to the 35th O.V.I. He was identified with the Thirty-fifth for two years, a good part of the time in command. In July, 1863, Col. Long resigned and returned to Cincinnati. He died in 1890.

JOHN W. MILTENBERGER was the son of William and Mary A. Zehring Miltenberger, who were married Feb. 9, 1837. Mary A. was the daughter of Christian and Magdalena Zehring. Our subject's grandparents were John and Elizabeth Miltenberger, natives of Rockingham Co., Va.
John W. enlisted in the army August__, 1862, in Co. D, 93rd O.V.I., and served until June 23, 1864; when at the battle of Kennesaw Mt., he received wounds from which he died July 13, 1864.

FREDERICK MOREY was born in Switzerland in 1847. He was the son of Frederick Morey Sr. Our subject came to this country in 1860, and settled in Wooster, Wayne Co., Ohio. He was a butcher by trade. In July, 1861, he enlisted in the service and served until June 17, 1866. He served in a great number of battles and was wounded in South Carolina. He was married to Margaret, daughter of James McFlinn, in Franklin, in 1877.
[Note:  Name is spelled Moery in most other sources]

WILLIAM M. ROBISON was the son of Robert and Elizabeth Robison. He was born in Franklin Township Feb. 2, 1843. William enlisted in Co. B, 146th O.N.G., May 2, 1864. He served his time and was released with his Regiment September of the same year.

Our subject married Miss Callie Sweny, daughter of Eli and Lucy Sweny, on May 21, 1868. He was instrumental in raising Poland-China hogs and was a holder in the Ohio Poland-China Record Association.

NER ROTHROCK was born in Adams Co., Ohio, July 23, 1845; was the son of Joseph and Sarah McKinney Rothrock.
He enlisted July 16, 1863, in Adams County, in Co. B, 2nd O.V.H.A. Volunteers, under his brother, Capt. Phillip Rothrock, who was killed at the battle of Cleveland, Tenn., by the premature explosion of a shell. Our subject served twenty-six months; was disabled by typhoid fever, and was discharged at Camp Chase, Columbus, Ohio.

He was married in Adams Co., Ohio, to Laura B., daughter of Alfred and Mary E. Young. Mr. Rothrock was a butcher in Franklin; the firm of Miller and Rothrock.

LIEUTENANT A.D. SCHENCK was born near Franklin in 1843. When the war broke out, Schenck, at the young age of seventeen, joined the Franklin Greys. He reenlisted, after the three months service, in Captain Maxwell's Company B, Second Ohio Volunteer Infantry. He served with so much gallantry that he surrendered his Sergeant's position and accepted a position at the military academy at West Point, being admitted without an examination. He graduated with honor and was appointed as First Lieutenant of artillery. He was stationed at various points, being for some time on detached duty at Iowa University as teacher of history and military tactics.

GARRETT ALEXANDER SCHENCK was born near Franklin, Ohio, April 14, 1842. At the breaking out of the war, he enlisted as a private in Company F, 1st O.V.I. for three months service. He served until it was mustered out August, 1861. He was engaged in the battle of 1st Bull Run. In the same month and year, he enlisted in Company B, (Captain Maxwell) 2nd O.V.I., for three years and served with this regiment through all of its campaigns in the Army of the Ohio and Army of the Cumberland until it was mustered out of service in 1864, when he again enlisted as a veteran volunteer, and served until the close of the war. He was with General Sherman in his March to the Sea.

ROBERT CUMMINGS SCHENCK (c1845-1902 - not to be confused with General Robert Cummings Schenck) was born in Franklin, Ohio. Mr. Schenck attended schools in the Franklin school system. Our subject served on a gunboat during the Kirby Smith raid, and also served in the militia during the John Morgan raid. In May, 1864, he enlisted in the 146th Ohio National Guard and served in the mountains of Western Virginia.

His achievements were many, among them, with a number of other men, established the American Telegraph Company, which erected the first telephones in Dayton.
In 1868, he married Miss Julia Crane Davies, a daughter of Edward W. Davies of Dayton. Through this union four children were born.

DR. WASHINGTON LAFAYETTE SCHENCK was born at Franklin, Ohio, Feb. 14, 1825. When fifteen years of age, he was sent to Cary's Academy, at Pleasant Hill, Ohio, where he prepared for college. He entered Miami University in 1842 and continued until the second session of his senior year, when, because of a smallpox epidemic, he left the college and commenced reading medicine. He attended several different medical colleges. He made his home in Franklin, Ohio, until the War of the Rebellion, when he moved to Kansas, his home being Osage City, that State. When the war began, he was commissioned surgeon of the 17th O.V.I. In 1862, he was in charge of the general hospital near Corinth Miss., then of hospitals No. 10 and 13, Louisville, Ky., and then assigned to duty upon the staff of Major-General Schuyler Hamilton. In December, 1862, he was compelled to resign his commission because of ill health. He returned to his home in Franklin, but as soon as his health was fully restored, he was made surgeon of the board of enrollment for the Third Ohio District, where he served until after the close of the war.

Dr. Schenck married January 17, 1849, Julia Bliss. Julia died in Franklin, Ohio, in 1870. He married the second time in Osage City, Kansas to Lizzie Dodds, the latter being born in Carrolton, Ohio. This marriage was January 16, 1873.

LLOYD STOCKMAN was born in Frederick County, Md., August 25, 1839. He was the son of George and Mary A. Stockman. They moved to Montgomery County in 1850. Upon serving his apprenticeship in blacksmithing for three years, he enlisted as a soldier, June 10, 1861 in Company G, 12th O.V.I. and served in the Army of West Virginia until August, 1862, when he joined the Army of the Potomac. He served in that army until October the same year. At this time he returned to his former division in which he participated in the following battles: Carnifax Ferry, Second Bull Run, South Mountain, Antietam, Cloyd Mt., and a number of other minor engagements. He was honorably discharged July 14, 1864. He then returned to Carlisle Station and resumed his trade of blacksmithing.

Mr. Stockman was married Oct. 5, 1865, to Mary B. Hendrickson, daughter of W.C. and Ellen Hendrickson. Mr. Stockman again married Feb. 8, 1872 to Mary E., daughter of Hezekiah and Elizabeth Chamberlain. The first Mrs. Stockman died June 11, 1870. Three children were born of this marriage. One child was born of the second marriage.

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