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Military, Washington Twp from Beers History of Warren County, Ohio
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Transcription contributed by Martie Callihan 2 May 2005


The History of Warren County Ohio
Part IV Township Histories
Washington Township by Samuel Harris
(Chicago, IL: W. H. Beers Co, 1882; reprint, Mt. Vernon, IN: Windmill Publications, 1992)


Among the early settlers of this township, a goodly number of Revolutionary soldiers, and those who served in the war of 1812, appear. They have been named as far as possible, though doubtless some have escaped my inquiries. No soldiers of the war of 1812 are known to be living in the township.

An attempt was made, at the beginning of the Mexican war, to re-organize the militia in this township, but the effort met with ridicule, and, of course. was a failure. David B. Glasscock and James D. Wallace were the only two from this township known to be in that struggle.

In the war of the rebellion, the following list comprises the volunteers from 1861 to the close of the war, as correctly as can be ascertained:

John J. Harris, Henry Riley, Alonzo Hidey,
William S. Wilkerson, Jeremiah Cochran, George Hardesty,
Charles A. Harris, Henry Morrow, Cornelius B. Eno,
John Allen, John Hampton, John Hughes,
George H. Wilkerson, A. J. Kephart, William Hughes,
Harrison Williams, George Morrow, Jacob Bowser,
Paul Williams, Milton Cree, Samuel Bowser,
Charles Osborne. George Vandorin, Elwood Bowser,
Samuel A. Thompson, Samuel Morrow, Frank O'Harra,
William Emery, William Kelsay, Patrick Gallaher,
William McKinney  [or perhaps William H. McKinney] Theodore Smith, Michael Lynch,
Eli McKinney, Bryant Curl, Elijah Chance,
George Hams, Simeon Williams, Richard Brown,
William Flack, John C. Williams, Daniel Lee,
James Price, Delt Worley, David Ayers,
Francis Mills, Amos Ward, Ezekiel Crowell,
Robert Mills, Wilson Dunn, John Ragen,
Nathaniel Strong, Henry Osborn, George Harner,
Elias Barbee, Frank Cunningham, Henry Riley,
George Barbee, Alfred Williams, William B. Strout,
Joseph Reader, Amos Williams, Hiram Foster,
Nathaniel Thompson, Clay Edwards, Harrison Kirk,
John W. Barkley, John Homan, Asa Brackney,
James Weeks, William Kirkham, Isaiah Brackney,
Archibald T. Jobe, Samuel Terry, Thomas McCray,
Andrew Jobe, George Hidey, Jack Penquite,
John O. Smith, Robert Conner, James F. Penquite,
James Thompson, Wm. Andrew Hathaway, Christy McCray,
Francis J. Sherwood, Patrick Clark Hathaway, Samuel J. McCray,
Baylis Settlemire, Martin J. Ely, William Glascock,
Samuel Sherwood, Andrew Wilson, J. D. Howe,
J. D. M. Smith. Benjamin Cummins, James Howe,
Thomas Sherwood, Cornelius J. D. M. S. Hathaway, Joseph Lister,
Joseph Murray, Joseph H. Murray, Milton Brewer,
D. W. Terry, Joseph Milner, Joseph Whitaker,
George Cummins,   W. D. Dakin,
George W. Thomas, William L. Paris, William Kelsay,
Shannon Hunt, James F. Thompson, Marcus Underwood,
Edward Shannon, John Dale, Charles Ratchins,
George King, John Millakin, John B. Read.


David B. Glascock, Charles Urton, E. T. M. Williams,
Patrick McGwinn, Alfred Cowden, George H. Wilkerson,
Thomas Urton, John W. Cowden, Thomas S. Wilkerson,
Joseph Penquite, John H. Graham, Lucius G. Wilkerson,
Barclay Vandoren, Alfred Vandoren, Samuel Williams,
Mart Clark, Morris Morrow, William Loucks.
Oliver Howe, Alfred Humphrey,  

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