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Justices of the Peace, Harlan Twp from Beers History of Warren County, Ohio
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The History of Warren County, Ohio

Justices of the Peace



Transcription contributed by Arne H Trelvik 5 June, 2003


The History of Warren County Ohio
Part IV Township Histories
Harlan Township by J. A. Runyan
(Chicago, IL: W. H. Beers Co, 1882; reprint, Mt. Vernon, IN: Windmill Publications, 1992)


The following is a list of the Justices of the Peace who resided in the territory forming Harlan Township before its separate organization:

James Hill, August 23, 1813; Abraham Bowman, November 18, 1813, to October 1, 1819; Benjamin Baldwin, August 22, 1822 to February 27, 1834, when he was commissioned Associate Justice, from Warren County, for seven years; William Crosson, July 28, 1828; he served nine consecutive terms, or twenty- seven years; Archibald Clinton, July 25, 1831, to August 1837; William McFerren, June 10, 1848 to 1860; B. B. Getzendanner, July 22, 1851 to 1860; George Nixon, 1855, three years; Hiram St. John, 1856 to 1862.


The following are the Justices of the Peace in the township since its organization, with the dates of their commissions:
James Ferguson, January 17, 1860; Henry Runyan, December 9, 1862; James Ferguson, December 9, 1862; Amos B. Foote, April 8, 1864; James Ferguson, December 6, 1865; Thornton Thompson, December 6, 1865; William H. Constable, November 25, 1867; Henry Runyan, November 25, 1868; William Clevenger, November 25, 1868; Henry Runyan, November 21, 1871; William Clevenger, November 21, 1871; William H. Constable, April 8, 1870; A. M. Fox, April 10, 1873; J. A. Runyan, December 3, 1874; William Clevenger, December 8, 1874; A. M. Fox, April 10, 1876; Thornton Thompson, October 19, 1876; Israel Lundy, December 4, 1877; Hiram Constable, April 10, 1879; Thornton Thompson, October 21, 1879; Israel Lundy, December 1, 1880.

The following is a list of the township officers from the separate organization of Harlan Township.

The first township election was held April 31, 1860, at which 342 votes were cast, and the following officers elected.
[NOTE: The material in the following tables is presented in paragraph format on pages 684 & 685 in the Beers History]

1860 Thomas Jones Harvilla Bailey William McFerren
1860 William McFerren Thomas Jones Edward Smith
1862 William McFerren Thomas Jones Edward Smith
1863 William McFerren Thomas Jones Edward Smith
1864 William McFerren Thomas Jones Edward Smith
1865 Thomas Jones Edward Smith James Hicks
1866 James Hicks William H. Constable Andrew Fryberger
1867 Benjamin Benn Milton Mounts D. G. Apgar
1868 Benjamin Benn D. G. Apgar N. W. Moore
1869 Jacob Diebold Samuel Sharp M. V. Hill
1870 Jacob Diebold Samuel Sharp Thomas Lyons
1871 Jacob Diebold Samuel Sharp T. J. Lyons
1872 E. A. Hill William I. Smith

Lafayette Baldwin

1873 William I. Smith M. L. Scott E. A. Hill
1874 E. A. Hill Thomas J. Patterson James Skinner
1875 James Hicks T. J. Patterson Jacob Diebold
1876 Jacob Diebold T. J. Patterson Israel Lundy
1877 J. R. Ross J. Diebold M. V. Baldwin
1878 M. V. Baldwin John R. Ross T. Donnell
1879 M. V. Baldwin Charles Worley Benjamin Benn
1880 John Armstrong Charles Worley Thomas Patterson
1881 M. R. Hill Frank Hicks William Noscar

1860 Henry Runyan Nelson G. Ingersoll Robert McMullen Henry Long
1861 James H. Runyan Nelson G. Ingersoll John L. Ely Henry Long
1862 R. H. Williason Nelson G. Ingersoll L. W. Ludlum H. C. Starkey
1863 John R. Hitesman Nelson G. Ingersoll R. H. Williason Jacob Long
1864 Joel Blackstone Nelson G. Ingersoll R. H. Williason P. A. Snyder
1865 P. A. Snyder P. S. Templin William Crosson Archie Runyan
1866 H. W. Price Thomas Hicks L. W. Ludlum Jacob Long
1867 B. F. Ludlum P. A. Snyder P. Bishop Henry Long
1868 B. F. Ludlum P. A. Snyder P. Bishop D. Roll
1869 H. W. Price E. L. Runyan L. W. Ludlum D. Roll
1870 H. W. Price E. L. Runyan George Crosson D. Roll
1871 H. W. Price Thomas Hicks George Crosson Henry T. Spurling
1872 H. W. Price Thomas HIcks George Crosson

Jehu Brown

1873 E. A. St. John Thomas Hicks Jehu Brown Jehu Brown
1874 S. P. Shafer Thomas Hicks Jehu Brown Jacob Long
1875 A. Jones Thomas Hicks Jehu Brown Jacob Long
1876 A. Jones J. S. Slade T. Thompson Jacob Long
1877 Eilhu Snyder Charles Worley John Hill J. Long
1878 Albert Snell D. S. Bird D. Roll J. Long
1879 E. Snyder D. S. Bird D. Roll S. L. Jackson
1880 Sydney Crosson D. S. Bird D. Roll D. Roll
1881 Frank Roll D. S. Bird D. Roll D. Roll

The foregoing history is prepared from such materials as were at command, and from necessity is brief, and in some instances, expecially in regard to the early pioneers, from want of reliable data, is perhaps incomplete. But is has been the endeavor to use such matters and facts only as might be safely relied on as authentic, and in the main it is hoped and believed that they may be found substantially correct.

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