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The War Record, Deerfield Twp from Beers History of Warren County, Ohio
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The History of Warren County, Ohio

The War Record



Transcription contributed by Martie Callihan 14 March 2005


The History of Warren County Ohio
Part IV Township Histories
Deerfield Township by Louis F. Coleman
(Chicago, IL: W. H. Beers Co, 1882; reprint, Mt. Vernon, IN: Windmill Publications, 1992)


The citizens of Deerfield Township have every reason to be proud of their patriotic soldiery, both in the war of 1812 and in the great struggle of 1861 to 1865. At both times our men were in readiness to answer the call of the Government, and, during the years of the contests all her demands were responded to cheerfully and willingly. How much was done by the people of the township can never be known. Tradition is the only source of information as to the soldiers of 1812. We are told that Mason Seward and John Patton were among the first to enlist in our county. Others who followed were Philip Seward, George Cline, Maj. Mason, Caliph Leonard, John Cline, Capt Spencer, Brazilla Clark, James Striker, Richard Cox, Robert Doan, Dick Compton, James Johnson, Patrick Shaw, Byron Williams, John Parkhill, Jedediah Tingle, Sam Harris, James Seward, Joe Coddington, Isaac Coddington, Freeman Coddington, David Briney, Fred Briney, Nicholas Rynearson and several others whose names we are unable to get. Seward, Mason and Spencer held important offices while serving in the war.



The following is a list of the members of Company A, Sixty-ninth Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry, volunteering from Deerfield Township:

1. Joe Brigham, Captain. 52. Clark Thompson
2. R. H. Cunningham 53. A. J. Bennett
3. Frank Sweny 54. J. H. Perrine
4. Henry Patterson 55. Ormand Paulding
5. John S. Scott 56. David Tetrick
6. William H. Benedict 57. John Shay
7. Joseph M. Roberts 58. Joseph Cressey
8. Emery White 59. Allen Baysore
9. H. T. Arlington 60. Frank Miller
10. Thomas Slayback 61. A. J. Taylor
11. Lucellus Duvall [served in the 83rd OVI till diabled - not the 69th] 62. Mike Byrne
12. William Coulson 63. Gaines Walker
13. Vermillion Voorhis 64. William Condin
14. Ellison Voorhis 65. John Scofield
15. Ben Slayback 66. William Scofield
16. Harmon Myers 67. Sylvander Scofield
17. Jackson Nixon 68. John Chapman
18. Abram Nixon 69. William Jen
19. John Baker 70. Mike O'Neal
20. L L. Dodds 71. Moses Graham
21. Thomas Groover 72. William Bishop
22. Aaron Thompson 73. Stanton Gustin
23. Emanuel Thompson 74. William McClellan
24. Thomas Thompson 75. Robert Clendenin
25. John Cox 76. William Irwin
26. Richard Cox 77. Monroe Witham [same as James M. Witham]
27. John Quinn 78. J. G. Connell
28. Clark Baker 79. James Tubbs
29. Robert Merchant 80. William Blake
30. George Shellhouse 81. William H. Witham
31. Henry Collins 82. Lawrence Gallaher
32. William Clendenin 83. James Chatman
33. Reuben Harrison 84. James Ludlum
34. James Dolan 85. William Dolan
35. George A. Newcomb 86. Charles Cathrow
36. Marcus Wescott 87. Ira Benedict
37. David Woodruff 88. Harvey Mahan.
38. George Ballard 89. Lewis Mahan
39. Joseph Tullis 90. George Fox
40. Shotwell Cox 91. Stephen Crosby
41. Ebenezer Burch 92. William D. Mulford
42. Joseph Bragg 93. Michael Rhineer
43. William Moore 94. Joe Moore
44. Thomas Stair 95. Isaac Myers
45. Joshua Gallagher 96. Joe Patterson
46. T. J. Culberson [perhaps David J. Culbertson] 97. Milt. Rogers
47. John Simpson 98. James Saulsberry
48. Jesse Price 99. George Willis
49. Peter French 100. Andrew J. Ross
50. Thomas J. Cox 101. James Ballard
51. George W. Morgan 102. Frank Tully

Those who were in the other regiments are :

1. A. J. Cox 13. William Cochran
2. George M. White 14. Servetus Dawson
3. J. B. Paulding 15. A. J. Kendall
4. William H. H. Hay 16. Sylvester Witham
5. Eli Bowyer 17. James Felter
6. Lecester Torbett 18. Manning Voorhis
7. Robert Willoughby 19. A. B. Gooch
8. Charles Canton 20. Thomas Patterson
9. John Edinfleld 21. J. C. Atkinson
10. David Bishop 22. B. D. Welton
11. B. H. Taylor 23. J. G. Meighan
12. John Tompkins 24. H. C. Pray

25 Andrew Crawford 68 Bone Fox
26 John Pray 69 F. J. Witham
27 Robert Canton 70 David A. Williams
28 John Galenor 71 Alonzo Savage
29 William Burns 72 James W. Hinkle
30 Lot Parker 73 James Argendine
31 George Parker 74 Elmore Argendine
32 Jacob Cline 75 Francis Lewis
33 Henry Bercaw 76 Lewis Vandine
34 Alex. Read 77 Martin L. Williams
35 Josiah Lowes 78 John A. Davis
36 William W. Lowes 79 J. G. Morrow
37 William K. Van Horn 80 George E. Morrow
38 J. W. Ross 81 Thomas E. Morrow
39 John Allen 82 J. T. Morrow
40 Andrew Hestler [aka Andrew J. Hetzler?] 83 Philip Wentzell
41 David O'Neal 84 Joseph Paull
42 Joe Bates 85 Thomas Hunter
43 Thomas Bundy 86 Joseph Blackburn
44 A. B. Lowes 87 I. Murray
45 J. L. Lowes 88 James Travilla
46 Craig Patterson 89 Thomas Gladdish
47 John Hunter 90 Peter Fox
48 Charles Apgar 91 Isaac N. Lamb
49 B. K. Halter 92 L. R. Marshall
50 Samuel Nickell 93 T. Clements
51 Samuel L. Adams 94 Job Owens
52 Jesse C. Adams 95 Cornelius P. Coulson
53 Peter Cortelyou 96 Mike Tooey
54 Isaac Merchant 97 John Zeigler
55 J. K. Gaston 98 Joe Foster
56 W. H. Wheely 99 D. McF. Lamb
57 John L. Dickson [perhaps same as Joseph L. Dickson] 100 William Foster
58 Ben Hebble 101 A. F. Peterson
59 Josiah Barden 102 Felix Doran
60 George Rebold 103 John Ballard
61 G. W. Jones 104 Oscar Dodds [aka William Oscar Dodds]
62 A. D. Coulson 105 Frank Hill
63 Polk Wikoff 106 Dave Hindman
64 Abram D. Lowe 107 William Hildebrant
65 Levi Willoughby 108 P. Winslow
66 Ben Roberts 109 J. Lanegan
67 John Sage 110 J. Davis

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