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This list of Van Wert County cemeteries and their locations was compiled from a list in Van Wert Cemetery Inscriptions, Vol. II and from one submitted by Mrs. Alice Jones of Lima, Ohio. Further information or corrections are welcome.

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Cemetery Township Section Location
Bethlehem Harrison   View interments
Convoy I.O.O.F. Tully 25 SR 30, 1-1/4 mi. NE of Convoy
* Cooper (Cooper, Reed) Tully 30 Werner Rd. 4 mi. W. of Convoy
* County Farm Cemetery Ridge 11 Reburied in Ridge Cemetery, Ridge Twp.
Dix (Pleasant Chapel) Pleasant 8 US 30, 2-1/2 mi. W. of Van Wert
Dunkard (German Baptist Hoaglin 15 Wetzel Rd., 5 mi. NE of Van Wert   View cemetery sign
East Wren
(Youngs Colored)
Willshire 9 1-3/4 mi. SE of Wren, on Cemetery Rd.
Fletcher Willshire 17 Clayton Rd., 3 mi. NE of Willshire Rd.
* Fox (Scheidt) Liberty 25 US127, 2-1/4 mi. SE of Ohio City
German Evangelical
(St. John's, Klein)
Harrison 2 2-1/2 mi. SW of Convoy on Wolfcale Rd.
German Reformed (Wittung) Liberty 5 7-1/4 mi. NW of Ohio City on Dull Robinson Rd.
* Giessler (Gehres, German) Harrison 36  
Glenn (Presbyterian) Harrison 14 4 mi. S of Convoy on Harrison Center & Rt. 49
Goodwin York 25 1 mi. NE of Elgin on Elgin-Converse Rd.
Granger (Rowland) York 7 Van Wert-Greenville Rd. 3-1/4 mi. NE of Ohio City
Greenbriar (Bethel) Willshire 13 3-1/2 mi. W. of Ohio City at junction Willshire-Ohio City Rd. and Glenmore Rd.
Hance Jennings 4 2-1/2/mi. SE of Converse on Rt. 117
Harrison Baptist Harrison 24 Bergner Rd., 5 mi. W. of Van Wert
Hileman (Smith) Willshire 35 SR 81, 3-1/2 mi. E of Willshire on OH R81
Horeb Jennings 8 2-1/4 mi NE of Venedocia on S side of Wren-Landeck Rd.
Kings (Bethlehem) Harrison 8 Kings Church Rd. S. of Wolfcale Rd.
Kings Washington 17 E. side of Middlepoint Rd. n. of Middlepoint, OH
* Knittle Ridge 14 Ringwald Rd., 6 mi. SE of Van Wert
Lauth/Fissel/Haver Jennings 4 2-1/4 mi. SE of Converse, Bockey Rd. off 117
Evangelical Protestant Harrison 36 German Rd., 5-1/2 mi. NW of Wren
* McClure (Dowler) Union 33 Liberty-Union Road
* McClure (Sheets) Harrison 8 Monmouth Rd., 6-1/2 mi. SW of Convoy
McNeal Tully 4 US30, 7 mi. NW of Convoy
* Memorial Park Pleasant 14 Van Wert (now a park on W. Main St.
Metzer Tully 28 Metzer Rd., 4 mi. NW of Convoy
Mohr (Grand Victory) Hoaglin 18 Hoaglin Rd., 5-1/2 mi. N. of Van Wert
Mt. Pleasant Hoaglin 15 5-1/2 mi. NE of Van Wert, N. of 224 on Slane Rd.
* Olive Branch Liberty 33 Was on SR118, 2 mi. S. of Ohio City
* Pancake
(Reidenbaugh, Richey)
Harrison 4 Wolfcale Rd., 4-1/4 mi. SW of Convoy
Pleasant Grove
(Plank, Winkler)
Willshire 34 US33, 2-1/2 mi. SE of Willshire on US31
* Putman York 31 Was on SR81, 3/4 mi e of US127
* Ramsey Harrison 16 Between 3236 & 3040 Monmouth Road, approx. 500ft So. of the roadway along a marked lane, 5 mi. N. of Wren.
Redeemer Lutheran
(St. Johns)
Harrison 2 Wolfcale Rd., 3 mi. SW of Convoy
Ridge/Slater/Liberty Liberty 30 6 mi. E. of Willshire at junction of Rt. 81 and Rhodes Mill Rd.
Ridge Ridge 12 5 mi. E. of Van Wert on Ridge Rd. (formerly US30)
Schumm (Zion Lutheran) Willshire 26 Schumm Rd., 3 mi. E of Willshire
Scott Union 2 1 mi. W. of Scott (Van Wert-Paulding Line)
(Pence, Pring 27 Mile)
Willshire 7 1-12 mi. SW of Wren on Ohio Rt. 49 (Private property)
Sugar Ridge Tully 24 US30, 2 mi. NE of Convoy
Taylor Union 24 3/4 mi. SE of Cavett
* Van Wert Mausoleum Pleasant 15 Remains buried in Woodland Cemetery
Venedocia York 12 NW of Venedocia on Rt. 116
West Side Washington 24 Delphos
Willshire Willshire 29 US33, SE corner of Willshire
Willshire Mausoleum Willshire 29 On grounds of Willshire Cemetery
Woodland Pleasant 15 W. of Van Wert at intersection of John Brown Rd. and Woodland Ave.
Woodlawn Liberty 15 3/4 mi. NW of Ohio City at junction of Woodlawn/Kessler Rd. and Liberty-Union Rd.
Wren Willshire 5 Wren, OH on Wren-Landeck Rd.
Wren Mausoleum Willshire 5 1/4 mi. N of Wren on Rt. 49
Wright Jennings 29 3 mi. NE of Elgin on Elgin-Converse Rd.
Tomlinson Union
Mercer Co.
32 Van Wert-Mercer County Line Rd.

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