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Vinton County Mailing List

There is now a mailing list for Vinton County. This is a great place to ask those questions like: "Where do I find such-and-such source" or "Does anyone know the history of such-and-such place" as well as asking about families. These general questions are difficult to ask in queries on this web site.

You may subscribe to the mailing list by sending only the word "subscribe" (without the quote marks) in the body of the message. Click HERE to send your subscription request. You should turn off any signature attachment before sending. There is no cost to "subscribe" to an internet mailing list. Be sure to keep the welcome message that you will receive. It contains valuable info for unsubscribing or changing the mode of your subscription. If you want to change your address, you will have to unsubscribe from your old address and then subscribe from your new address, or send a message to [email protected] asking the list administrator to do it.

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