Vinton County Ohio - County Death Records


Special Comments for Volume 2:
All data was copied from the LDS microfilm of the Vinton County Ohio Death Records. All data has been entered here as near as possible to what was written on the original record. No attempt has been made to change spelling or apparently incorrect data. Of course, there is sometimes a question about the interpretation of the 19th century style handwriting.

I have added a comment line or lines after each person where there was some discrepancy within the record or interpretation of handwriting. The person's name and page number are repeated on the comment lines for sorting purposes.

There are no page numbers in Volume 2. The records are alphabetical by the first letter of the surname, so you need to go to the section of the book based on the first letter of the surname, then search through that letter section. The page number given here was made up by me. It is the first letter of the surname followed by the relative page within that letter's section of the record book. For instance if there were three pages worth of records in the 'A' section, they would be called pages A1, A2 and A3. The "M" and "Mc" surnames have separate sections in the record book, but many Mc's are also in the "M" section, so I have just combined the two sections into one "M" section when assigning page numbers.

Also be aware that there is a section of records that are not in alphabetical order between the "W" and "Y" surnames. I have called this section "X" for purposes of providing it with page numbers. There are no real surnames beginning with "X".

seq  	Vol-	                     	           	M	
num  	Page	Last, First Middle   	Death Date 	C	Age      	Place of Residence
-----	----	---------------------	-----------	-	---------	--------------------
1073a	2-X6	     (no name infant)	1900 Jan 28	-	-        	Vinton Tp.?         	
0024a	2-A1	Ackley, Daniel       	1891 Jul 26	M	60y1m28d 	Cox, Vinton Co.     	
0025a	2-A1	Ackley, Hiram Lewis  	1892 Feb 12	S	18y6m4d  	Cox, Vinton Co.     	
0026a	2-A1	Ackley, Mary Maranda 	1891 Oct 06	S	2y4m6d   	Cox, Vinton Co.     	
0008a	2-A1	Ackley, Nancy        	1889 Feb 18	S	18y8m23d 	Harrison Tp.        	
0012a	2-A1	Ackley, Nancy        	1889 Feb 18	S	18y8m26d 	Harrison Tp.        	
0027a	2-A1	Ackley, P. Dallis?   	1891 Oct 06	S	stillborn	Cox, Vinton Co.     	
0056a	2-A2	Adams, Jane          	1898 Mar 02	M	72y10m29d	Arbaugh, O.         	
0005a	2-A1	Addis, Almira        	1887 Jul 03	S	1m29d    	Knox Tp.            	
0005b	2-A1	Addis, Almira        	COMMENT: parents- Jasper Addis and Maggie Jones
0032a	2-A1	Addis, John R.       	1892 Jun 28	M	73y3m3d  	Knox Tp.            	
0031a	2-A1	Akins, Frank S.      	1892 Apr 18	S	22y4m3d  	Richland Tp.        	
0011a	2-A1	Albaugh, Stella May  	1889 Dec 28	S	8y2m5d   	Zaleski             	
1061a	2-X6	Allen, Owen Traver?  	1899 Aug 22	S	3m16d    	Vinton Tp.          	
0004a	2-A1	Allison, Sievella    	1888 Mar 07	S	17y6m9d  	Jackson Tp.         	
0004b	2-A1	Allison, Sievella    	COMMENT: parents- W. A. Allison and no mother listed
0009a	2-A1	Allison, W. H.       	1889 Dec 14	M	61y7m7d  	Jackson Tp.         	
0039a	2-A2	Allison, William     	1895 Jan 15	W	62y7m16d 	Knox Tp.            	
0014a	2-A1	Ambrose, Nellie      	1890 Oct 10	S	1y6m13d  	Vinton, Gallia Co.  	
0037a	2-A2	Amerine, George W.   	1895 Jan 07	M	63y2m1d  	Washington Tp., Hocking Co.	
0054a	2-A2	Anderson, Bessie     	1897 Jun 10	S	21d      	Oreton, O.          	
0044a	2-A2	Anderson, Bessie J.  	1896 Aug 09	S	20d      	Oreton, O.          	
0055a	2-A2	Anderson, Christina  	1898 Jan 20	M	42y      	Oreton, O.          	
0035a	2-A1	Anderson, Dora       	1894 Feb 07	M	23y9m22d 	Elk Tp.             	
0057a	2-A2	Anderson, John       	1899 Mar 29	M	55y      	Harrison Tp.        	
0046a	2-A2	Anderson, Ruth A.    	1896 Nov 29	S	3y8m18d  	Vinton Sta.         	
0051a	2-A2	Andrews, David       	1898 Mar 20	M	79y4m    	Elk Tp.             	
0052a	2-A2	Andrews, Maggie      	1897 Apr 19	S	4y       	Elk Tp.             	
0048a	2-A2	Angle, Levi B.       	1897 Feb 11	S	21y11m27d	(died Guernsey Co.) 	
0029a	2-A1	Ankrom, Della May    	1892 Apr 26	S	21d      	infirmary           	
0015a	2-A1	Ankrom, Elizabeth J. 	1890 Nov 21	M	49y11m   	Jackson Tp.         	
0002a	2-A1	Ankrom, Jemima       	1887 Jul 06	M	47y      	McArthur            	
0059a	2-A2	Ankrom, Ruth E.      	1898 Nov 06	S	1y       	Eagle Tp.           	
0016a	2-A1	Ansel, Davis         	1891 Mar 04	M	71y1m7d  	Swan Tp.            	
0061a	2-A2	Ansel, Mamie         	1898 Dec 05	S	4y       	Mt. Pleasant        	
0021a	2-A1	Ansel, Rose          	1892 Jan 11	M	84y9m17d 	Swan Tp.            	
0020a	2-A1	Ansel?, Leonard      	1892 Jan 12	M	86y3m6d  	Swan Tp.            	
0028a	2-A1	Anthony, Sarah       	1891 May 16	W	76y7m6d  	Harrison Tp.        	
0010a	2-A1	Appleman, E. Belle   	1889 Aug 20	M	21y6m3d  	Jackson Tp.         	
0053a	2-A2	Appleman, Linna L.   	1897 Mar 17	M	38y3m24d 	Jackson Tp.         	
0050a	2-A2	Arbaugh, Frances M.  	1897 May 25	S	2m25d    	Arbaugh             	
0047a	2-A2	Arbaugh, Guy         	1896 Oct 11	-	2y9m29d  	Arbaugh             	
0007a	2-A1	Arbaugh, Jackson     	1888 May 11	M	37y4m16d 	Eagle Tp.           	
0023a	2-A1	Arbaugh, James C.    	1891 May 26	S	1y4m13d  	Vinton Tp.          	
0018a	2-A1	Arbaugh, Leonard Sr. 	1890 Sep 25	W	69y      	Vinton Tp.          	
0033a	2-A1	Arbaugh, Milton      	1892 Sep 11	M	49y      	Vinton Tp.          	
0060a	2-A2	Arbaugh, Milton      	1899 Mar 19	S	9m7d     	Vinton Tp.          	
0060b	2-A2	Arbaugh, Milton      	COMMENT: parents- Pinckney Arbaugh and Eugene Brown
0045a	2-A2	Arbaugh, Minerva     	1896 Oct 05	S	10y8m19d 	Arbaugh             	
0034a	2-A1	Arbaugh, Sadie       	1892 Nov 11	S	7m12d    	(died Vinton Tp.)   	
0013a	2-A1	Arganbright, Elizabe+	1890 Jan 26	M	37y4m3d  	Harrison Tp.        	
0058a	2-A2	Arganbright, Sam'l P.	1898 Jun 30	S	17y      	Harrison Tp.        	
0949a	2-X2	Arledge, Eva Ethel   	1899 Aug 27	S	2y7m28d  	Eagle Tp.           	
0003a	2-A1	Arledge, Mary Alice  	1887 Dec 13	-	4m27d    	-                   	
0022a	2-A1	Armstrong, Alpheus   	1891 Oct 31	W	78y7m3d  	Swan Tp.            	
0019a	2-A1	Arnel, Jerry         	1891 Dec 26	S	60y      	Hawks, W.Va         	
0042a	2-A2	Arnett, John A.      	1895 Oct 21	W	69y1m26d 	Clinton Tp.         	
1021a	2-X4	Arnold, John         	1899 Jun 13	M	56y3m    	Zaleski             	
0041a	2-A2	Arnold, Lydia A.     	1895 Feb 15	S	19y5m11d 	McArthur            	
0062a	2-A2	Arrick, Magdalena F. 	1898 Nov 09	S	3y       	Creola              	
0006a	2-A1	Arrington, Dinah     	1887 Nov 29	S	-        	Wilkesville         	
0006b	2-A1	Arrington, Dinah     	COMMENT: parents- E. S. Arrington and Mary Gillin
0006c	2-A1	Arrington, Dinah     	COMMENT: the 'colored' column is checked
0001a	2-A1	Athey, John          	1888 Feb 10	S	36y      	Elk Tp.             	
1043a	2-X5	Atkinson, Caroline E.	1899 Nov 16	S	2y7m4d   	Richland Tp.        	
0038a	2-A2	Atkinson, Claudie    	1894 Sep 06	S	4m       	Madison Tp.         	
0049a	2-A2	Atkinson, George     	1897 Jan 29	M	56y6m20d 	Zaleski             	
0049b	2-A2	Atkinson, George     	COMMENT: parents- James Atkinson and no mother listed
0030a	2-A1	Atkinson, Margaret A.	1892 Jun 12	M	72y11m24d	Madison Tp.         	
0040a	2-A2	Atkinson, Rachel A.  	1895 Mar 13	M	57y9m25d 	McArthur            	
0043a	2-A2	Austin, Areta?       	1896 Jan?14	M	25y20d   	(died Wellston, O.) 	
0017a	2-A1	Axtel, Sarah         	1891 Jan 31	W	72y7m    	Vinton Tp.          	
0036a	2-A1	Ayers, Mary          	1893 Dec 19	M	79y4m20d 	Eagle Tp.           	
0220a	2-B4	Babel, Martha Ann    	1899 Jan 09	M	55y      	Zaleski, O.         	
0132a	2-B2	Bachas, Mary Elizabe+	1893 Jan 30	S	1y4m     	Brown Tp.           	
0091a	2-B1	Bagley, Samuel       	1889 Jan 31	M	77y8m14d 	Brown Tp.           	
1064a	2-X6	Bails, Laura Myrtle  	1899 Nov 23	M	8y6m5d   	Vinton Tp.          	
0148a	2-B3	Bails, R. W.         	1893 Dec 01	M	80y11m13d	Arbaugh P.O.        	
0210a	2-B4	Baker, Carter H.     	1898 Nov 20	S	4y       	Harrison Tp.        	
0098a	2-B1	Baker, John H.       	1889 Nov12?	S	14y5m4d  	Jackson Tp.         	
0212a	2-B4	Baker, John S.       	1898 Nov 19	M	65y      	Jackson Tp.         	
0214a	2-B4	Baker, Nancy A.      	1899 Mar 03	M	18y      	Vinton Co.          	
0086a	2-B1	Bane, Lindora        	1888 Nov 05	M	-        	Elk Tp.             	
0171a	2-B3	Barber?,             	1895 Oct 15	-	miscarrge	(died Vinton Tp.)   	
0171b	2-B3	Barber?,             	COMMENT: parents- Asher Barber and Mattie Allman?
0171c	2-B3	Barber?,             	COMMENT: the infant's name looks like Burber, could be bad writing
0182a	2-B3	Barnes,              	1896 Dec 04	-	stillborn	Arbaugh             	
0182b	2-B3	Barnes,              	COMMENT: parents- Jehile? (or Jehih) Barnes and Mary Arbaugh
0170a	2-B3	Barnes, Amanda       	1896 Mar - 	S	40y      	McArthur            	
0185a	2-B3	Barnes, Betsy        	1896 Mar 04	W	74y      	McArthur            	
0115a	2-B2	Barnes, Charles Tayl+	1890 Jul 11	S	3m26d    	Wilkesville Tp.     	
0085a	2-B1	Barnes, Clifford E.  	1888 Aug 20	S	10m27d   	Eagle Tp.           	
0141a	2-B2	Barnes, Cordelia J.  	1892 Oct 23	W	36y1m13d 	Jackson Tp.         	
0143a	2-B2	Barnes, James        	1892 Dec 22	M	68y      	Vinton Tp.          	
0149a	2-B3	Barnes, James        	1893 Dec 16	S	25y11m29d	Arbaugh P.O.        	
0149b	2-B3	Barnes, James        	COMMENT: parents- James Barnes and Mary Huston
0221a	2-B4	Barnes, L. Ruth      	1899 Feb 28	S	1y       	Vinton Tp.          	
0167a	2-B3	Barnett, Jacob       	1896 Aug 26	M	-        	Richland Tp.        	
0167b	2-B3	Barnett, Jacob       	COMMENT: parents- Valentine Barnett and _____ Smith
0146a	2-B2	Barnhill, Martha     	1894 Mar 10	-	54y6m9d  	Richland Tp.        	
0140a	2-B2	Barnhill, Mary       	1892 May 21	M	56y1m6d  	Jackson Tp.         	
1009a	2-X4	Barnhill, R. S.      	1899 Jul 19	W	67y10m26d	Jackson Tp.         	
0119a	2-B2	Barns, Mary Arminda  	1891 Aug 25	S	2y9m3d   	Clinton Tp.         	
0155a	2-B3	Barns, Maud M.       	1893 May 16	S	7y       	Jackson Tp.         	
0181a	2-B3	Barrat, Henson       	1896 Oct 25	M	75y11m10d	Richland Tp.        	
0172a	2-B3	Barrett, Phoebe      	1895 Nov 25	M	85y3m14d 	Harrison Tp.        	
0188a	2-B4	Barsock, Elmy?       	1897 Apr 07	S	4m3d     	Inghams             	
0108a	2-B2	Bartlett, Hattie J.  	1891 Feb 09	S	24y5m2d  	Brown Tp.           	
0156a	2-B3	Bartlett, Mary A.    	1894 Apr 21	M	47y6m1d  	New Plymouth, O.    	
0208a	2-B4	Bay, David           	1899 Mar 04	M	81y      	McArthur            	
0090a	2-B1	Bay, Eliza           	1889 Mar 31	S	74y10m19d	Hamden Jct.         	
0090b	2-B1	Bay, Eliza           	COMMENT: parents- Robt. Bay and Pheba Lindley
0106a	2-B1	Bay, Thomas M.       	1889 Apr 22	M	68y9m17d 	Clinton Tp.         	
0084a	2-B1	Beasly, Mary         	1888 Dec 16	M	72y7m18d 	Eagle Tp.           	
0092a	2-B1	Beatty, Rebecca      	1890 Feb 05	M	61y      	Infirmary           	
0186a	2-B3	Beckley, E. Margaret 	1896 Aug 07	M	47y10m27d	McArthur            	
0226a	2-B4	Beckley, Lucinda     	1898 Dec 06	W	76y      	Knox Tp.            	
0159a	2-B3	Belcher, Henrietta   	1894 Jul 16	S	6y11m17d 	Oreton, O.          	
0160a	2-B3	Belcher, Henrietta   	1894 Jul 16	S	12y7d    	Oreton, O.          	
0984a	2-X3	Belcher, Malin W.    	1900 Jan 15	W	80y      	Infirmary           	
0154a	2-B3	Belcher, Margaret    	1894 Jan 14	M	65y4m11d 	Harrison Tp.        	
0076a	2-B1	Belcher, Mary        	1887 Jul 19	S	7y       	Hawks               	
0076b	2-B1	Belcher, Mary        	COMMENT: parents- Jacob Harpe and Harriett Belcher
1062a	2-X6	Belcher, Samuel      	1899 Jul 03	S	19y10m27d	Vinton Tp.          	
0145a	2-B2	Bell,                	1893 Jun 02	-	stillborn	Hope Sta., O.       	
0145b	2-B2	Bell,                	COMMENT: parents- Marion Bell and Sinthy J. Pinny
0145c	2-B2	Bell,                	COMMENT: Female is noted beside the name
0176a	2-B3	Bell, George L.      	1895 Jul 22	M	35y      	Knox Tp.            	
0071a	2-B1	Bell, Sarah          	1887 Nov 25	M	64y10m3d 	Allensville         	
0144a	2-B2	Bell?, James W.      	1893 May 16	M	65y9m12d 	New Plymouth, O.    	
0072a	2-B1	Bellew, Samuel       	1887 Jul 11	M	63y1m12d 	Swan Tp.            	
0138a	2-B2	Benneman, August     	1892 Apr 19	M	56y11m29d	Zaleski, O.         	
0105a	2-B1	Bennett,             	1889 Jun 10	S	stillborn	Eagle Tp.           	
0105b	2-B1	Bennett,             	COMMENT: parents- Wm. H. Bennett and Hulda Francis
0136a	2-B2	Bennett, Edna Alice  	1892 Apr 14	S	13y4m18d 	Eagle Tp.           	
0217a	2-B4	Bennett, Mary Jane   	1898 Aug 10	S	16y      	Eagle Tp.           	
0195a	2-B4	Berry, Nannie        	1897 Jul 13	S	9y       	Greenbrier Co. WVa  	
0195b	2-B4	Berry, Nannie        	COMMENT: the 'colored' column is checked
0168a	2-B3	Berry, Susan         	1895 Nov 04	M	33y23d   	Eagle Mills         	
0194a	2-B4	Bertholf, Emily      	1897 Aug 07	S	72y      	Wilkesville         	
0082a	2-B1	Bethel, Clara        	1889 Feb 08	S	stillborn	Harrison Tp.        	
0083a	2-B1	Bethel, Gilbert      	1888 Jun 12	S	2m18d    	Harrison Tp.        	
0216a	2-B4	Bethel, Hamilton R.  	1899 Feb 18	M	67y      	Eagle Tp.           	
0117a	2-B2	Bethel, Henry        	1891 Nov 27	M	56y4m4d  	Brown Tp.           	
0081a	2-B1	Bethel, Mary         	1889 Feb 19	M	33y9m    	Harrison Tp.        	
0130a	2-B2	Bethel, Mary C.      	1891 Nov 19	M	41y      	Harrison Tp.        	
0130b	2-B2	Bethel, Mary C.      	COMMENT: all info to the right of occupation is written on wrong line (next lower line)
0078a	2-B1	Biggins, Lucinda     	1889 Feb 08	S	2y3d     	Wilkesville         	
0078b	2-B1	Biggins, Lucinda     	COMMENT: parents- John Biggins and no mother listed
0078c	2-B1	Biggins, Lucinda     	COMMENT: the 'colored' column is checked
0177a	2-B3	Biggins, William     	1895 Nov 02	S	24y4m    	Wilkesville         	
0177b	2-B3	Biggins, William     	COMMENT: the 'colored' column is checked
0219a	2-B4	Bighouse,            	1898 Dec 05	S	stillborn	Zaleski, O.         	
0219b	2-B4	Bighouse,            	COMMENT: parents- Frank Bighouse and Mary? Sauerbrey???
0070a	2-B1	Birchfield, Wm.      	1887 Sep - 	M	44y2m7d  	Zaleski             	
0070b	2-B1	Birchfield, Wm.      	COMMENT: parents- Wm. Birchfield and Marg't Assger? (Apger?)
1051a	2-X5	Bishop, David        	1899 Jun 02	M	24y11m28d	Swan Tp.            	
0202a	2-B4	Bishop, Hiram H.     	1897 Sep 18	M	79y4m17d 	Wilkesville, O.     	
1052a	2-X5	Bishop, Leota Bernice	1900 Mar 18	S	7m27d    	Swan Tp.            	
0112a	2-B2	Bishop, Ollie        	1891 Mar 02	M	19y4m27d 	Jackson Tp.         	
0215a	2-B4	Bishop, Sarah Ann    	1898 Apr 03	M	74y      	Hawk                	
0079a	2-B1	Bishop, Stanley G.   	1889 Mar 12	-	5m7d     	Wilkesville Tp.     	
0068a	2-B1	Black, Sallie        	1888 Feb 12	W	74y      	Knox Tp.            	
0068b	2-B1	Black, Sallie        	COMMENT: parents- no father listed and Sarah Blane
0068c	2-B1	Black, Sallie        	COMMENT: the 'colored' column is checked
0227a	2-B4	Black, Sarah         	1899 Jan 26	W	78y      	(died Knox Tp.)     	
0205a	2-B4	Blair, R. A.         	1897 Sep 11	-	4m29d    	New Plymouth        	
0205b	2-B4	Blair, R. A.         	COMMENT: parents- R. A. Blair and Margaret Vaughn
0116a	2-B2	Blakely, George J.   	1890 Jul 18	S	26y2m2d  	Wilkesville Tp.     	
0088a	2-B1	Bletzacker, Lineta   	1888 Aug 21	-	10m      	McArthur            	
0161a	2-B3	Bobbit, Mary         	1894 Nov 22	M	78y5m20d 	Harrison Tp.        	
0069a	2-B1	Bobo, Henry          	1887 Apr 20	M	65y4m24d 	Zaleski             	
0069b	2-B1	Bobo, Henry          	COMMENT: parents- Isreal Bobo and Marg't Graham
0129a	2-B2	Bobo, Levina         	1891 Sep 07	S	79y      	Knox Tp.            	
0129b	2-B2	Bobo, Levina         	COMMENT: all info to the right of occupation is written on wrong line (next lower line)
0169a	2-B3	Bobo, Margret        	1896 Dec 01	W	83y2m26d 	Jackson Tp.         	
0120a	2-B2	Bobo, Thomas Wm.?    	1892 Jan 22	M	51y5m22d 	McArthur            	
0120b	2-B2	Bobo, Thomas Wm.?    	COMMENT: middle name might be Wren?
0120c	2-B2	Bobo, Thomas Wm.?    	COMMENT: all info to the right of occupation is written on wrong line (next lower line)
0111a	2-B2	Bodkins, Jane        	1890 Sep - 	W	77y      	Co. Infirmary       	
0104a	2-B1	Boice, John          	1889 Nov 09	M	71y      	Wilkesville Tp.     	
1044a	2-X5	Bolar, Carrie R.     	1899 Oct 18	S	9y2m3d   	Richland Tp.        	
0224a	2-B4	Bolar, Margaret      	1899 Feb 23	-	75y      	Richland Tp.        	
0162a	2-B3	Bolen, Ann           	1895 Mar 09	W	78y      	Knox Tp.            	
0118a	2-B2	Bolen, Elizabeth     	1892 Feb 06	W	84y2m9d  	New Plymouth        	
0128a	2-B2	Bolen, Samuel        	1891 Dec 06	W	16y6m16d 	Knox Tp.            	
0128b	2-B2	Bolen, Samuel        	COMMENT: all info to the right of occupation is written on wrong line (next lower line)
0064a	2-B1	Boler, James         	1888 Mar 24	W	76y      	Elk Tp.             	
0187a	2-B3	Boling, Hazel        	1896 Oct 03	S	2y5m     	Radcliff            	
0174a	2-B3	Bolton,              	1895 Jun 28	S	5d       	(died Madison Tp.)  	
0174b	2-B3	Bolton,              	COMMENT: parents- Monroe Bolton and Mary Easom
0193a	2-B4	Bolton, Mary         	1898 Mar 04	M	33y      	Knox Tp.            	
0165a	2-B3	Bond, George C.      	1894 Nov 22	M	35y      	Zaleski, O.         	
0201a	2-B4	Bone,                	1898 Feb 22	S	2d       	Richland Tp.        	
0201b	2-B4	Bone,                	COMMENT: parents- George U.? Bone and Duddie Henderson
0973a	2-X2	Bone, Lena May       	1900 Mar 28	S	2d       	Vinton Station      	
0100a	2-B1	Bone, Samuel         	1889 Oct 17	M	47y1m26d 	Jackson Tp.         	
0099a	2-B1	Bone, Sarah S.       	1889 Dec 13	W	47y2m10d 	Jackson Tp.         	
0095a	2-B1	Book, Alice A.       	1889 Dec 13	M	43y7m25d 	Zaleski, O.         	
0147a	2-B3	Booth, Ada Susan     	1893 Oct 05	S	12y11m27d	Radcliff            	
0147b	2-B3	Booth, Ada Susan     	COMMENT: parents- Wm. Booth and Syntha Bealy
0152a	2-B3	Booth, David Hull    	1894 Jan 14	M	83y10m29d	Wilkesville Tp.     	
0142a	2-B2	Booth, John          	1892 Jun 15	M	88y4m24d 	Vinton Tp.          	
0073a	2-B1	Booth, Lizzie        	1887 Oct 29	S	18y2m10d 	Vinton Tp.          	
0073b	2-B1	Booth, Lizzie        	COMMENT: parents- Wm. Booth and no mother listed
0153a	2-B3	Booth, Polly Strong  	1893 Sep 21	M	83y3m9d  	Wilkesville Tp.     	
0121a	2-B2	Boring,              	1892 Mar 01	S	-        	Vinton Tp.          	
0121b	2-B2	Boring,              	COMMENT: parents- Joseph Boring and Nancy Bowen
0121c	2-B2	Boring,              	COMMENT: all info to the right of occupation is written on wrong line (next lower line)
1065a	2-X6	Boring, Nancy J.     	1899 Apr 20	M	50y7m21d 	Vinton Tp.          	
0198a	2-B4	Bowen, Eva S.        	1897 Apr 22	M	53y      	McArthur            	
0135a	2-B2	Bowen, Hannah        	1893 Mar 02	S	37y      	Infirmary           	
0199a	2-B4	Bowen, Jerome W.     	1897 Jul 04	M	60y      	McArthur            	
0097a	2-B1	Bowen, Lyddia        	1889 Jun 07	S	25y10m15d	Vales Mills         	
0196a	2-B4	Bowen, Margurite K.  	1897 Dec 11	S	31y2m5d  	Wilkesville         	
0114a	2-B2	Bowen, Milan Ackley  	1890 Dec 27	S	8m       	Vinton Tp.          	
0134a	2-B2	Bowers, Lewis        	1893 Feb 25	S	26y      	Madison Tp.         	
0225a	2-B4	Bowman, Jno. A.      	1898 Dec 17	S	23y      	Knox Tp.            	
0123a	2-B2	Bowman, Lucinda      	1891 Sep 18	M	60y3m23d 	Madison Tp.         	
0123b	2-B2	Bowman, Lucinda      	COMMENT: all info to the right of occupation is written on wrong line (next lower line)
0204a	2-B4	Bowman, M. H.        	1897 Apr 06	M	67y11m5d 	Knox                	
0127a	2-B2	Boyce, Elmer         	1891 Aug 08	-	6y       	Wilkesville Tp.     	
0127b	2-B2	Boyce, Elmer         	COMMENT: all info to the right of occupation is written on wrong line (next lower line)
0163a	2-B3	Boyce, James         	1894 Apr 05	-	7m19d    	Hawks, O.           	
0163b	2-B3	Boyce, James         	COMMENT: parents- Peter Boyce and S. J. Thacker
0179a	2-B3	Boyce, Joseph C.     	1896 Jul 11	S	7m7d     	Hawk                	
0077a	2-B1	Boyce, Lawrence      	1887 Jul 17	W	64y      	Minerton            	
0190a	2-B4	Boyce, Sarah J.      	1896 Oct 27	M	44y4m5d  	Hawk                	
0074a	2-B1	Boyer, Ida Arminda   	1887 Apr 26	M	19y6m    	Vinton Tp.          	
0096a	2-B1	Boyer, Lettia        	1890 Mar 31	W	81y7m14d 	Madison Tp.         	
0075a	2-B1	Bradley,             	1887 Nov 22	-	stillborn	Wilkesville         	
0075b	2-B1	Bradley,             	COMMENT: parents- E. H. Bradley and Siss Gray
0203a	2-B4	Branch?, Harry       	1898 Mar 30	W	90y3m20d 	Wilkesville         	
0087a	2-B1	Bratton, E. A.       	1888 Oct 18	M	69y10m10d	McArthur            	
0101a	2-B1	Bray, Icy May        	1889 Sep 14	S	1y2m2d   	Jackson Tp.         	
0207a	2-B4	Bray, John           	1898 Feb 23	M	77y7m23d 	(died Swan Tp.)     	
1050a	2-X5	Bray, Joseph         	1899 Nov 28	S	4y1m27d  	Swan Tp.            	
0113a	2-B2	Bray, Nancy          	1890 Jun 26	W	56y5m7d  	Swan Tp.            	
0122a	2-B2	Brewer, Rebecca      	1891 Aug 20	W	81y7m7d  	Madison Tp.         	
0122b	2-B2	Brewer, Rebecca      	COMMENT: all info to the right of occupation is written on wrong line (next lower line)
0107a	2-B2	Briggs, James        	1890 Jun 30	M	73y3m19d 	Brown Tp.           	
0157a	2-B3	Brine, Jonathan      	1894 Sep 29	M	50y10m15d	Clinton Tp.         	
0131a	2-B2	Brofford, Jacob      	1891 Oct 17	M	73y      	Harrison Tp.        	
0131b	2-B2	Brofford, Jacob      	COMMENT: all info to the right of occupation is written on wrong line (next lower line)
0066a	2-B1	Brooks, Harry F.     	1887 Jun 18	-	61y1m7d  	Eagle Tp.           	
0183a	2-B3	Brooks, John D.      	1896 May 09	M	25y      	Byer                	
0192a	2-B4	Brooks, Lucy         	1897 Sep 29	M	67y11m5d 	Knox Tp.            	
1017a	2-X4	Brooks, Martha       	1899 Oct 24	M	38y2m19d 	Knox Tp.            	
0950a	2-X2	Brooks, Nancy        	1899 Nov 13	W	74y10m16d	Eagle Tp.           	
0063a	2-B1	Brooks, Richard C.   	1888 Jan 08	S	7m26d    	Elk Tp.             	
0094a	2-B1	Brown,               	1890 Jan 21	S	3d       	Hue                 	
0094b	2-B1	Brown,               	COMMENT: parents- Thomas W. Brown and Eliza May Herl
0211a	2-B4	Brown, D. E.         	1898 Dec 23	S	24y      	Jackson Tp.         	
0213a	2-B4	Brown, E. B.         	1899 Mar 14	S	14y      	Vinton Co.          	
0110a	2-B2	Brown, Edna          	1890 Aug - 	S	3m4d     	McArthur            	
0110b	2-B2	Brown, Edna          	COMMENT: parents- W. G. (no last name) and Eliza Brown
0209a	2-B4	Brown, Effie         	1898 May 02	M	19y5m14d 	Elk Tp.             	
0093a	2-B1	Brown, Eliza Mary    	1890 Feb 06	M	18y9m    	Hue                 	
0200a	2-B4	Brown, Elizah        	1897 Nov 05	S	86y      	Infirmary           	
0124a	2-B2	Brown, Emma Allice   	1891 Jul 03	M	23y3m4d  	Cox                 	
0124b	2-B2	Brown, Emma Allice   	COMMENT: all info to the right of occupation is written on wrong line (next lower line)
0133a	2-B2	Brown, Floyd A.      	1892 May 12	S	-        	Infirmary           	
0178a	2-B3	Brown, George E.     	1895 May 14	S	11m      	Harrison Tp.        	
1063a	2-X6	Brown, Jerry D.      	1899 Aug 27	S	14y2m28d 	Vinton Tp.          	
1008a	2-X4	Brown, Joshua        	1900 Jul 24	W	82y      	Jackson Tp.         	
0173a	2-B3	Brown, Maggie A.     	1895 Jul 27	M	33y      	Harrison Tp.        	
0137a	2-B2	Brown, Ocy           	1892 Aug 31	S	18d      	Eagle Tp.           	
0222a	2-B4	Brown, Sarah J.      	1898 Aug 12	M	18y      	Vinton Tp.          	
0067a	2-B1	Brown, Wilbert       	1888 Feb 17	-	2y5m19d  	Eagle Tp.           	
0067b	2-B1	Brown, Wilbert       	COMMENT: parents- Bryant Brown and Sofula Walton
0158a	2-B3	Bryson, Louissa      	1894 Aug 02	S	59y5m4d  	(died Madison Tp.)  	
0166a	2-B3	Buchanan, Edward     	1894 Oct 25	S	9m9d     	Infirmary           	
0164a	2-B3	Buck, August         	1894 May 23	W	63y2m17d 	Harrison Tp.        	
0080a	2-B1	Buck, Sarah          	1888 Apr 22	S	38y15d   	Wilkesville Tp.     	
0175a	2-B3	Buck, William        	1895 Sep 12	M	78y      	Minerton            	
0180a	2-B3	Buckingham, Oren     	1897 Mar 10	M	61y11m22d	Brown Tp.           	
0189a	2-B4	Burke, Kate          	1897 Jan 26	S	31y1m    	Moonville           	
0191a	2-B4	Burnes, Grace L.     	1898 May 16	S	11y11m28d	Clinton Tp.         	
0103a	2-B1	Burns, Harry         	1889 Oct 28	-	-        	Wilkesville Tp.     	
0103b	2-B1	Burns, Harry         	COMMENT: the 'colored' column is checked
0218a	2-B4	Burns, John          	1899 Mar 15	M	41y      	New Plymouth        	
0102a	2-B1	Burns, John J.       	1889 Nov 10	W	76y      	Wilkesville, O.     	
0102b	2-B1	Burns, John J.       	COMMENT: the 'colored' column is checked
0223a	2-B4	Burr, Oscar M.       	1898 Sep 14	S	1y       	Richland Tp.        	
0151a	2-B3	Burr, Sarah          	1893 Dec 16	W	82y11m   	Elk Tp.             	
0139a	2-B2	Burr?, David         	1893 Feb 25	M	73y22d   	Richland Tp.        	
0150a	2-B3	Burt, Hamilton       	1894 Mar 07	M	75y4m6d  	Clinton Tp.         	
0206a	2-B4	Burtenshaw, William  	1898 Mar 26	M	69y14d   	Clinton Tp.         	
0126a	2-B2	Bussard, Mariah      	1891 Apr 10	W	77y3m6d  	Richland Tp.        	
0126b	2-B2	Bussard, Mariah      	COMMENT: all info to the right of occupation is written on wrong line (next lower line)
0197a	2-B4	Bust, Virginia J.    	1898 Feb - 	-	50y7m11d 	Vinton              	
1022a	2-X4	Button, John         	1899 Aug 13	S	3y11m    	Zaleski             	
0184a	2-B3	Button, Lillie B.    	1897 Feb 03	M	18y4m    	Zaleski             	
0125a	2-B2	Byers, Annie May     	1891 May 06	S	10y11m6d 	Cox                 	
0125b	2-B2	Byers, Annie May     	COMMENT: all info to the right of occupation is written on wrong line (next lower line)
0089a	2-B1	Byers, Chas. H.      	1888 Dec 30	S	1y4m     	Dundas, O.          	
0089b	2-B1	Byers, Chas. H.      	COMMENT: parents- Isaac Byers and Viola Leach
0065a	2-B1	Byers, Dellie        	1887 Dec 11	-	10m      	Eagle Tp.           	
0065b	2-B1	Byers, Dellie        	COMMENT: parents- John Byers and _____ Cottrill
0109a	2-B2	Byers, Ora           	1891 Jan 27	S	1y1m28d  	Eagle Tp.           	
0244a	2-C1	Cabeen?,             	1889 Feb 09	-	-        	Knox Tp.            	
0244b	2-C1	Cabeen?,             	COMMENT: parents- Chas. Cabeer? and Rhoda Hooper
0271a	2-C1	Cable, Alvin S.      	1890 Oct 08	M	38y      	Elk Tp.             	
0320a	2-C3	Caldwell, Ann        	1894 Apr 07	W	84y1m11d 	Wilkesville Tp.     	
0320b	2-C3	Caldwell, Ann        	COMMENT: parents- E. L. L. Crawford and Elizabeth Gray
0374a	2-C4	Caldwell, David W.   	1898 Dec 23	M	33y      	Vinton Tp.          	
0324a	2-C3	Caldwell, Mary       	1894 Aug 05	S	1y4m4d   	Radcliff, O.        	
0347a	2-C3	Calvin, John         	1897 Mar 25	M	86y6m9d  	Vales Mills, O.     	
0252a	2-C1	Calvin, Ray Burr     	1888 Aug 01	S	21d      	Vinton Tp.          	
0233a	2-C1	Calvin, Roy Burr     	1887 Aug 16	-	1m12d    	Vinton Tp.          	
0289a	2-C2	Cameron, Mary Ellen  	1891 Apr 18	S	11y      	Wilkesville, O.     	
0378a	2-C4	Camink, John         	1898 Jun 04	-	60y      	Hamden Jct., O.     	
0365a	2-C4	Camink, Maggie       	1897 Dec 05	S	11y8m24d 	Clinton Tp.         	
0341a	2-C3	Camp, Anna           	1896 Nov 13	M	66y6m    	Richland Tp.        	
0255a	2-C1	Camp, Carl E.        	1889 Apr 26	S	1y8m15d  	Clinton Tp.         	
0291a	2-C2	Camp, Hilda          	1892 Sep 08	S	1y24d    	Clinton Tp.         	
0307a	2-C2	Camp, Isaac          	1893 Dec 22	S	-        	Clinton Tp.         	
0307b	2-C2	Camp, Isaac          	COMMENT: parents- Thos. Camp and Martha Frazee
0928a	2-X1	Camp, Pansy          	1899 Dec 02	S	1y5m28d  	Oreton, O.          	
0375a	2-C4	Campbell, Teddy      	1898 Nov 02	S	9y       	Vinton Tp.          	
0356a	2-C4	Campbell, William C. 	1897 Dec 16	S	5m4d     	Radcliff            	
0356b	2-C4	Campbell, William C. 	COMMENT: it has what looks like a "W" in the Colored column
0355a	2-C4	Campbell, William H. 	1897 May 06	S	11y10m4d 	Radcliff            	
0355b	2-C4	Campbell, William H. 	COMMENT: it has what looks like a "W" in the Colored column
0306a	2-C2	Canny, Dewitt J.     	1894 Feb 03	M	65y22d   	Rue                 	
0283a	2-C2	Canode, David        	1891 Feb 25	M	30y6m17d 	Vinton Tp.          	
0301a	2-C2	Canter, Nettie       	1893 Mar 14	M	24y      	Vinton Tp.          	
0228a	2-C1	Canty?, Patrick      	1887 Jun 29	M	78y      	McArthur            	
0257a	2-C1	Cardwell, William S. 	1890 Feb 16	-	9m       	Wilkesville Tp.     	
0339a	2-C3	Carey, Elizabeth     	1897 Jan 22	M	53y10m16d	Vinton Co.          	
0370a	2-C4	Carnes, William      	1898 Jul 19	M	71y      	Jackson Tp.         	
0321a	2-C3	Carr, Catharine      	1894 May 24	W	88y10m20d	Wilkesville, O.     	
0280a	2-C2	Carr, Emma           	1891 Jun 08	M	23y      	Vinton Co.          	
0372a	2-C4	Carr, Harriet        	1899 Jan 16	M	77y      	Wilkesville         	
0927a	2-X1	Carr, John           	1900 Apr 05	M	64y3m11d 	Hamden              	
0272a	2-C2	Case, Harriet        	1891 Mar 10	W	84y6m7d  	Elk Tp.             	
0275a	2-C2	Cassill, Charles L.  	1891 Mar 12	S	20y8m5d  	Richland Tp.        	
0245a	2-C1	Casteel, John        	1889 Feb 28	M	62y11m9d 	Madison Tp.         	
0314a	2-C3	Cecil, Benjamin      	1893 Sep 05	M	-        	Harrison Tp.        	
0998a	2-X3	Cecil, Charlotte     	1900 Mar 26	W	83y1m10d 	Harrison Tp.        	
0259a	2-C1	Cecil, Radie Belle   	1889 Aug 12	-	1y13d    	Creola              	
0232a	2-C1	Chaffin, F. M.       	1887 Apr 26	M	58y6m23d 	Madison             	
0232b	2-C1	Chaffin, F. M.       	COMMENT: parents- Phineas Chaffin and Almira Wheeler
0315a	2-C3	Chaffin, James W.    	1894 Feb 10	S	1y7m     	Zaleski, O.         	
0333a	2-C3	Chamber, Charles     	1895 Jun 06	-	2y1m1d   	Vinton Tp.          	
0270a	2-C1	Chamberlain, William 	1890 Apr 02	S	77y3m3d  	Co. Infirmary       	
0334a	2-C3	Chambers,            	1896 Mar 05	-	1d       	Vinton Tp.          	
0334b	2-C3	Chambers,            	COMMENT: parents- M. B. Chambers and Florence Beatty
0278a	2-C2	Chambers, Carl       	1890 Jun 26	S	1y2m     	Vinton Tp.          	
0256a	2-C1	Champlin, Catherine  	1889 Jul 14	S	54y27d   	Clinton Tp.         	
0310a	2-C2	Champlin, Nora       	1894 Mar 03	S	3d       	Clinton Tp.         	
0310b	2-C2	Champlin, Nora       	COMMENT: parents- Jeff Champlin and Ella Jones
0240a	2-C1	Chapman, Chas. H.    	1888 Sep 29	-	4m25d    	McArthur            	
0239a	2-C1	Chapman, Harriet J.  	1888 Sep 04	M	33y9m24d 	McArthur            	
0340a	2-C3	Chidester, Emeline   	1897 Mar 29	W	76y1m25d 	Brown Tp.           	
0351a	2-C3	Churts, Benjamin     	1896 Jun 27	M	77y4m3d  	Wilkesville         	
0326a	2-C3	Clark,               	1895 Sep 14	S	1m20d    	Harrison Tp.        	
0326b	2-C3	Clark,               	COMMENT: parents- Albert Clark and Cynthia Arganbright
0354a	2-C4	Clark, Andrew        	1896 Apr 04	M	60y4m28d 	Vinton Co.          	
0296a	2-C2	Clark, Edna C.       	1893 Jan 30	S	3y8m19d  	Harrison Tp.        	
0261a	2-C1	Clark, Eunice E.     	1889 May 04	S	2y3m3d   	Harrison Tp.        	
0319a	2-C3	Clark, George A.     	1894 Aug 13	S	1y3d     	Harrison Tp.        	
0362a	2-C4	Clark, Gladis R.     	1897 Oct 21	S	2y6m23d  	Vinton Co.          	
0274a	2-C2	Clark, Henry         	1890 Apr 11	M	63y6m12d 	Richland Tp.        	
0273a	2-C2	Clark, Homer         	1890 Sep 20	S	1y15d    	Richland Tp.        	
1023a	2-X4	Clark, Margaret Ann  	1899 Dec 11	W	71y8m9d  	Zaleski             	
0360a	2-C4	Clark, Martha E.     	1897 Oct 28	S	14y3m21d 	Vinton Co.          	
0332a	2-C3	Clark, Minnie        	1895 Jul 18	S	30y11m   	McArthur            	
0361a	2-C4	Clark, Sadie E.      	1897 Nov 02	S	5y10d    	Vinton Co.          	
0346a	2-C3	Clark, Wayne A.      	1896 Aug 21	S	6m       	Ego, O.             	
0997a	2-X3	Clark, William       	1899 Nov 03	M	75y11m23d	Harrison Tp.        	
0951a	2-X2	Clary, Elizabeth     	1899 Jun 03	M	38y11m   	Eagle Tp.           	
0229a	2-C1	Clay, Annie          	1887 May 19	M	37y8m3d  	Eagle Tp.           	
0293a	2-C2	Clay, Mary Louisa    	1892 Nov 19	S	7y2m10d  	Eagle Tp.           	
0316a	2-C3	Clay, Rhoda F.       	1893 Jun 16	S	20y3m10d 	Eagle Tp.           	
0264a	2-C1	Claypool, Eliza J.   	1889 Nov 14	M	41y1m4d  	Richland Tp.        	
0282a	2-C2	Clements,            	1892 Feb 17	S	-        	Jackson Tp.         	
1010a	2-X4	Clements, Ella       	1899 Oct 01	M	29y      	Jackson Tp.         	
0359a	2-C4	Clements, Frances    	1897 May 18	-	60y      	McArthur            	
0284a	2-C2	Climer, Harry        	1892 Feb 22	S	2m5d     	Madison Tp.         	
0277a	2-C2	Cline, Joseph Archib+	1890 Jul 18	S	5y6m     	Vinton Tp.          	
0352a	2-C3	Cline, W. C.         	1897 Mar 04	M	71y8m    	Wilkesville         	
0299a	2-C2	Clunk, Verny M.      	1892 Oct 28	S	2d       	Wilkesville Tp.     	
0336a	2-C3	Coe, Mrs. Emeline    	1895 Nov 05	W	77y5d    	Rue                 	
0923a	2-X1	Coe, W. C.           	1899 Apr 28	M	54y9m28d 	Rue, O.             	
0279a	2-C2	Colgan, John         	1891 Feb 28	M	71y2m15d 	Wilkesville Tp.     	
0260a	2-C1	Collens,             	1890 Feb 08	-	14d      	Creola              	
0260b	2-C1	Collens,             	COMMENT: parents- Charles F. Collins and Arminda Thomas
0285a	2-C2	Collins, Hiland      	1891 Jun 02	M	26y      	Richland Tp.        	
0286a	2-C2	Collins, Hiram A.    	1891 Jun 02	M	25y10m21d	Richland Tp.        	
0230a	2-C1	Collins, Homer       	1887 Jul 27	S	4m7d     	Harrison Tp.        	
0230b	2-C1	Collins, Homer       	COMMENT: parents- Wm. Collins and no mother listed
0363a	2-C4	Collins, Lovina A.   	1898 Mar 17	M	47y11m18d	Richland            	
0305a	2-C2	Collins, Ora May     	1893 Sep 08	-	1y3m4d   	(died Knox Tp.)     	
0305b	2-C2	Collins, Ora May     	COMMENT: parents- J. W. Collins and C. A. Iles
0373a	2-C4	Conaway, Alice       	1899 Apr 02	W	41y      	Eagle Tp.           	
0241a	2-C1	Conaway, Bessie      	1888 Sep 06	S	1y1m14d  	Eagle Tp.           	
0337a	2-C3	Conaway, Jerry       	1896 May 19	M	44y6m1d  	Eagle Tp.           	
0338a	2-C3	Conaway, John        	1896 Oct 20	W	69y1m6d  	Eagle Tp.           	
0952a	2-X2	Conaway, Mary Alice  	1899 Apr 02	W	42y7m16d 	Eagle Tp.           	
0953a	2-X2	Coniway, Howard James	1899 Jul 28	S	1y10m28d 	Eagle Tp.           	
0376a	2-C4	Conner?,             	1899 Mar 21	S	1d       	Orland              	
0376b	2-C4	Conner?,             	COMMENT: parents- R. A. Canner? and Edna Pruett
0268a	2-C1	Cooney, John C.      	1890 Apr 10	M	51y9m9d  	Elk Tp.             	
0247a	2-C1	Cooper, David        	1889 Jan 13	M	78y6m7d  	Richland Tp.        	
0364a	2-C4	Cooper, J. L.        	1897 Dec 03	-	1y6m     	Knox                	
0364b	2-C4	Cooper, J. L.        	COMMENT: parents- John Cooper and Ella Cooper
0342a	2-C3	Cooper, Lela Minerva 	1897 Jan 03	S	2y6m21d  	Arbaugh             	
0294a	2-C2	Cooper, Mary Jane    	1892 Feb 03	W	76y8m5d  	Richland Tp.        	
0234a	2-C1	Cope, Wade F.        	1888 Jan 30	S	2y       	Hawks               	
0234b	2-C1	Cope, Wade F.        	COMMENT: parents- Geo. Cope and Frances Thacker
0379a	2-C4	Copeland, Emerson    	1898 May 08	S	14y      	Hamden Jct., O.     	
0269a	2-C1	Corick, Elizabeth    	1890 May 06	M	50y2m10d 	Co. Infirmary       	
0263a	2-C1	Corrick, Levi        	1889 Apr 14	M	66y      	Infirmary           	
0287a	2-C2	Cottrill, (twin)     	1891 Oct 23	S	11d      	Wilkesville, O.     	
0287b	2-C2	Cottrill, (twin)     	COMMENT: parents- Edwin W. Pyle and Hortensia Cottrill
0288a	2-C2	Cottrill, (twin)     	1891 Oct 28	S	16d      	Wilkesville, O.     	
0288b	2-C2	Cottrill, (twin)     	COMMENT: parents- Edwin W. Pyle and Hortensia Cottrill
0254a	2-C1	Cottrill, L. D.      	1889 Feb 01	M	40y4d    	Wilkesville Tp.     	
0254b	2-C1	Cottrill, L. D.      	COMMENT: parents- Henry Cottrill and Eliza J. Daily
0317a	2-C3	Cottrill, Leslie Edw+	1895 Mar 15	S	1y11m15d 	Vinton Tp.          	
0258a	2-C1	Cottrill, Mary       	1890 Feb 16	-	70y2m16d 	Vinton Tp.          	
0367a	2-C4	Cottrill, Willard    	1899 Feb 21	S	67y      	Infirmary           	
0328a	2-C3	Coulter, John        	1895 Mar 31	M	93y2m    	Zaleski, O.         	
0975a	2-X2	Coultrap, Millie M.  	1899 Sep 18	M	42y7m6d  	McArthur            	
0243a	2-C1	Cowden, Robt. G.     	1888 Nov 05	M	62y11m14d	?                   	
0325a	2-C3	Cowgill, Lidora      	1895 Mar 20	S	24y1m27d 	McArthur, O.        	
0249a	2-C1	Cox,                 	1889 May 10	-	stillborn	Richland Tp.        	
0249b	2-C1	Cox,                 	COMMENT: parents- W. J. Cox and Sallie A. Johnson
0302a	2-C2	Cox, Charlotte       	1892 Jul 30	M	40y      	Swan Tp.            	
0295a	2-C2	Cox, Cora B.         	1892 Jul 29	S	20y1m5d  	Richland Tp.        	
0331a	2-C3	Cox, Dora            	1896 Mar 26	S	16y27d   	Vinton Sta.         	
0265a	2-C1	Cox, James G.        	1889 Jul 13	M	67y11m22d	Richland Tp.        	
0329a	2-C3	Cox, Joseph          	1895 Nov 13	W	80y9m19d 	(died Swan P.O.)    	
0335a	2-C3	Cox, Mary J.         	1896 Jan 07	S	46y4m15d 	Hamden Jct.         	
0248a	2-C1	Cox, Sallie A.       	1889 Mar 22	M	46y11m2d 	Richland Tp.        	
0248b	2-C1	Cox, Sallie A.       	COMMENT: parents- Abraham Johnson and Matilda Pewter
0303a	2-C2	Cox, Sarah L.        	1892 May 02	M	64y      	Swan Tp.            	
0344a	2-C3	Coy, Mary            	1896 Nov 02	S	15y      	Ray, O.             	
0246a	2-C1	Cozad, Abraham N.    	1889 Feb 26	M	62y23d   	Allensville         	
0246b	2-C1	Cozad, Abraham N.    	COMMENT: parents- Henry Cozad and Margt. Clark
0231a	2-C1	Cozad, Bertha        	1888 Mar 15	S	5m       	Harrison Tp.        	
0231b	2-C1	Cozad, Bertha        	COMMENT: parents- Thos. Cozad and no mother listed
0290a	2-C2	Cozad, Chairity J.   	1891 Jun 20	S	2y10m23d 	Harrison Tp.        	
0242a	2-C1	Cozad, Daniel        	1888 May 17	M	69y      	Eagle Tp.           	
0323a	2-C3	Cozad, Elma O.       	1894 Jan 28	S	11m18d   	Allensville, O.     	
0353a	2-C4	Cozad, Samuel E.     	1896 May 06	S	2y6m26d  	Jackson Tp.         	
0250a	2-C1	Cradlebaugh, Frederi+	1888 Oct 13	M	69y7m9d  	Orland?             	
0345a	2-C3	Crago, Myrtie        	1897 Jan 26	S	4y4m16d  	Ray, O.             	
0322a	2-C3	Crago, Orpha J.      	1894 Aug 17	M	18y2m20d 	Harrison Tp.        	
0318a	2-C3	Craig, Hugh          	1894 Sep 11	W	82y1m3d  	Harrison Tp.        	
0309a	2-C2	Craig, Leonard       	1894 Feb 21	S	15y5d    	Clinton Tp.         	
0309b	2-C2	Craig, Leonard       	COMMENT: parents- Thos. Craig and Margaret Warner
0366a	2-C4	Craig, Marry S.      	1897 Jul 20	W	88y1m18d 	Clinton Tp.         	
0380a	2-C4	Craig, Mary          	1899 Apr 12	M	69y      	Clinton Tp.         	
0292a	2-C2	Craig, Thomas        	1892 Sep 14	M	89y5m29d 	Clinton Tp.         	
0974a	2-X2	Cram, Mary           	1899 Sep 14	M	80y3m29d 	Elk Tp.             	
0281a	2-C2	Cramer, Grace M.     	1892 Nov 01	S	19y9m19d 	Hamden Jct.         	
0266a	2-C1	Crane?,              	1891 Mar 13	S	stillborn	Elk Tp.             	
0266b	2-C1	Crane?,              	COMMENT: parents- Stephen Crane? (or Cram?) and Alvira Holdren
0266c	2-C1	Crane?,              	COMMENT: Female is noted beside the name
0368a	2-C4	Crimmins, Mary       	1898 Nov 02	W	76y      	(died McArthur)     	
0327a	2-C3	Cross, Esther        	1896 Jan 11	M	59y8m6d  	Knox                	
0330a	2-C3	Crow, Amercill A.    	1895 May 25	-	27y11m5d 	Elk Tp.             	
0304a	2-C2	Crow, David E.       	1893 Oct 01	-	6m4d     	(died Knox Tp.)     	
0304b	2-C2	Crow, David E.       	COMMENT: parents- Wm. Crow and Eva Turner
0357a	2-C4	Crow, Jacob          	1897 Apr 28	W	84y      	Elk Tp.             	
0251a	2-C1	Crow, Jacob W.       	1888 Apr 16	S	17y9m27d 	Creola              	
0276a	2-C2	Crow, Martha         	1891 Feb 08	W	66y3m4d  	Swan Tp.            	
0262a	2-C1	Crow, Mary           	1889 Sep 26	M	74y      	Elk Tp.             	
0267a	2-C1	Crow, Mary           	1890 Sep - 	M	74y11m   	Elk Tp.             	
0235a	2-C1	Crow, Nancy          	1888 Jan 01	M	52y      	Hawks               	
0235b	2-C1	Crow, Nancy          	COMMENT: parents- Jas. Graham and Mary Brown
0237a	2-C1	Crow, Sarah F.       	1887 Nov 11	M	35y3m2d  	Dundas              	
0237b	2-C1	Crow, Sarah F.       	COMMENT: parents- A. H. Turvey and no mother listed
0300a	2-C2	Crowell, Benjamin A. 	1893 Feb 22	M	81y1m13d 	Wilkesville Tp.     	
0313a	2-C3	Crowell, Martha Moore	1893 Apr 23	W	-        	Wilkesville, O.     	
0349a	2-C3	Cruise, Benj.        	1896 May 03	M	53y4m11d 	Brown Tp.           	
0348a	2-C3	Cummings, John G.    	1896 Nov 07	M	64y4m22d 	Vales Mills, O.     	
0343a	2-C3	Cummings, Mary A.    	1896 Sep 03	W	81y1m18d 	Vales Mills         	
0377a	2-C4	Cummins, Sarah       	1898 Nov 24	-	86y      	Swan Tp.            	
0929a	2-X1	Cunningham, Ida J.   	1899 Sep 10	M	33y4m1d  	Wellston            	
0350a	2-C3	Curan, William       	1897 Mar 27	S	80y      	Minerton            	
0298a	2-C2	Curry, Andrew        	1892 Oct 22	M	85y      	Jackson Tp.         	
0369a	2-C4	Curry, John S.       	1899 Mar 10	S	63y      	Jackson Tp.         	
0371a	2-C4	Curry, Julia A.      	1898 Dec 14	M	53y      	Wilkesville         	
0253a	2-C1	Curry, Mary          	1889 Feb 09	W	84y5d    	Wilkesville Tp.     	
0297a	2-C2	Curry, S. S.         	1892 Sep 22	M	43y8m16d 	Jackson Tp.         	
0311a	2-C2	Cusic, Ellen         	1894 Mar 03	S	-        	Clinton Tp.         	
0311b	2-C2	Cusic, Ellen         	COMMENT: parents- Michael Cusic and Margaret Miniter
0358a	2-C4	Cusic, John R.       	1897 Jul 19	S	1y3m     	McArthur            	
0312a	2-C3	Cusic, Josephine     	1894 Mar 10	S	-        	Clinton Tp.         	
0312b	2-C3	Cusic, Josephine     	COMMENT: parents- Michael Cusic and Margaret Miniter
0236a	2-C1	Cusic, Maggie        	1888 Mar 01	S	19y7m13d 	Hamden Jct.         	
0236b	2-C1	Cusic, Maggie        	COMMENT: parents- Mike Cusic and no mother listed
0308a	2-C2	Cusic, Thomas        	1893 Dec 22	S	-        	Clinton Tp.         	
0308b	2-C2	Cusic, Thomas        	COMMENT: parents- Michael Cusic and Margaret Minton
0238a	2-C1	Cusick, Margaret     	1888 Jan 10	M	48y      	Hamden Jct.         	
0238b	2-C1	Cusick, Margaret     	COMMENT: parents- Patk. (Patrick?) Minerty and Johanna Zinn?
0383a	2-D1	Daft, Emma           	1888 Feb 24	S	16y8m22d 	Madison Tp.         	
0383b	2-D1	Daft, Emma           	COMMENT: parents- Jno. Daft and Ellen Bowman
0455a	2-D2	Daily, Leo           	1895 Sep 05	S	4m       	Hamden, O.          	
0442a	2-D2	Daley, Mary          	1894 Nov 29	S	20y5m5d  	(died Columbus, O.) 	
1033a	2-X5	Darby, Samuel R.     	1899 Jul 09	M	78y16d   	Richland Tp.        	
0449a	2-D2	Daugherty, Arthur    	1894 Jul 15	S	3y11m3d  	Athens County       	
0432a	2-D2	Daugherty, George    	1894 Feb 26	M	66y      	Radcliff            	
1091a	2-X7	Daughterty, John     	1900 Mar 28	W	85y      	Minerton            	
0413a	2-D1	Davis E. P.          	1891 Nov 23	M	77y8m9d  	Vinton Tp.          	
0458a	2-D2	Davis, Ada M.        	1896 Feb 23	S	1y2m29d  	Jackson Tp.         	
0419a	2-D1	Davis, Amanda Bell   	1892 Jan 22	M	47y22d   	Wilkesville         	
0386a	2-D1	Davis, Ann Maria     	1887 Jan 05	M	30y2m29d 	Vinton Tp.          	
0422a	2-D2	Davis, Eliza Jane    	1893 Apr 19	M	62y11m6d 	Richland Tp.        	
0482a	2-D3	Davis, Ella          	1897 Apr 15	S	25y      	McArthur            	
0436a	2-D2	Davis, Jane          	1893 Oct 15	M	35y6m15d 	Harrison Tp.        	
1045a	2-X5	Davis, Lemuel        	1900 Jan 18	M	57y8m29d 	Richland Tp.        	
0440a	2-D2	Davis, Maria B.      	1894 Feb 26	W	58y4m2d  	McArthur, O.        	
0484a	2-D3	Davis, Milton L. C.  	1897 Aug 05	S	23y      	McArthur            	
0451a	2-D2	Davis, Quincy Adams  	1896 Feb 25	M	67y8m21d 	Wilkesville         	
0494a	2-D3	Davis, Ray C.        	1898 Dec 25	S	14y      	Wilkesville         	
0399a	2-D1	Davis, Thomas B.     	1889 Dec 17	M	70y10m15d	McArthur            	
0441a	2-D2	Davisson, Claire     	1894 Dec 23	S	3y9m     	Hamden, O.          	
0441b	2-D2	Davisson, Claire     	COMMENT: parents- R. M. Davisson and Mary Petter
0488a	2-D3	Dayton, James        	1898 Feb 23	-	8y10m23d 	Vinton              	
0431a	2-D2	Dean, Charles E.     	1893 Jun 15	S	22y6m12d 	Richland Tp.        	
0462a	2-D3	Dean, Eliza J.       	1896 Mar 14	S	16y3m2d  	Richland            	
0475a	2-D3	Dean, Eliza J.       	1896 Apr 13	S	16y3m2d  	Vinton Co.          	
0954a	2-X2	Dearron, Bessie Ellen	1900 Jan 30	S	2y10m22d 	Eagle Tp.           	
0955a	2-X2	Dearron, Della Mariah	1900 Jan 21	S	1y9m8d   	Eagle Tp.           	
0473a	2-D3	Dearth, Bertha       	1897 Jan 05	S	3m       	Ego, O.             	
0391a	2-D1	Dearth, George       	1888 Jan 24	M	32y11m21d	Harrison Tp.        	
0429a	2-D2	Dearth, J. R.        	1893 Sep 18	M	-        	(died Athens, O.)   	
0429b	2-D2	Dearth, J. R.        	COMMENT: parents- Wm. Dearth and Nancy Murphy
0445a	2-D2	Dearth, Margaret     	1894 Sep 03	W	82y4m14d 	Harrison Tp.        	
0437a	2-D2	Dearth, Noah H.      	1893 Sep 27	S	1y2m16d  	Harrison Tp.        	
0437b	2-D2	Dearth, Noah H.      	COMMENT: parents- Noah Dearth and L. Shelton
0420a	2-D1	Dearth, Singleton V. 	1891 Nov 20	M	24y8m3d  	Knox Tp.            	
0385a	2-D1	Defigh, Elizabeth    	1887 Aug 29	W	79y4m20d 	Creola              	
0459a	2-D2	DeFigh, James J.     	1895 Apr 10	W	58y8m8d  	(died Creola, P.O.) 	
0470a	2-D3	DeLong,              	1897 Jan 15	S	8d       	Vinton Sta.         	
0470b	2-D3	DeLong,              	COMMENT: parents- Daniel DeLong and Rebecca Reed
0498a	2-D3	Dempsey, Andrew J.   	1898 Jul 05	-	50y      	Hamden Jct., O.     	
0405a	2-D1	Denehew, Hazel       	1891 Feb 15	S	3m24d    	Eagle Tp.           	
0407a	2-D1	Dennee?,             	1891 Jan 02	S	20d      	Elk Tp.             	
0407b	2-D1	Dennee?,             	COMMENT: parents- John Denee and Frances Horton
0407c	2-D1	Dennee?,             	COMMENT: Male is noted beside the name
0387a	2-D1	Denny, James M.      	1887 Nov 08	M	81y11m4d 	Wilkesville         	
0435a	2-D2	Denny, Mary Jane     	1893 Nov 23	W	66y6m20d 	Wilkesville, O.     	
1024a	2-X4	Desilivy, Hazel      	1899 Aug 08	S	2m10d    	Zaleski             	
0409a	2-D1	Desilvey, T. M.      	1890 Aug 11	M	70y1m    	Madison Tp.         	
0409b	2-D1	Desilvey, T. M.      	COMMENT: Male is noted beside the name
0495a	2-D3	Detty, Bryant Earl   	1899 Mar 10	S	-        	Eagle Tp.           	
0400a	2-D1	Detty, David W.      	1890 Feb 08	S	4d       	Harrison Tp.        	
0448a	2-D2	Devault, Clarence    	1894 Nov 14	-	stillborn	Wilkesville Tp.     	
0448b	2-D2	Devault, Clarence    	COMMENT: parents- U. S. Devault and Nora M. Reed
1080a	2-X6	Devault, Cyrus       	1899 Oct 19	M	-        	Wilkesville Tp.     	
0483a	2-D3	Devore, Ester        	1898 Mar 03	W	87y8d    	Brown Tp.           	
0476a	2-D3	Dexter, Maggie       	1896 Aug 29	S	4y11m1d  	Inghams             	
0476b	2-D3	Dexter, Maggie       	COMMENT: the 'colored' column is checked
0499a	2-D3	Dickey, John P. A.   	1899 Feb 05	M	70y      	Hamden Jct., O.     	
0389a	2-D1	Dickinson, Della     	1889 Feb 26	S	9m22d    	Vinton Tp.          	
0479a	2-D3	Dickson, Armintha    	1896 Nov 18	M	22y1m    	Knox                	
0460a	2-D3	Dickson, Emma May    	1895 Sep 01	S	2m15d    	(died Vinton Sta.)  	
0489a	2-D3	Dickson, Goldie M.   	1898 Dec 15	S	1m1d     	(died McArthur)     	
0439a	2-D2	Dickson, Mary R.     	1894 Jun 12	M	49y6m5d  	McArthur, O.        	
0421a	2-D2	Diggs, Marilla?      	1893 Feb 20	M	89y5m29d 	Clinton Tp.         	
0487a	2-D3	Dill, Bryan          	1898 Feb 13	S	1y8m1d   	Zaleski             	
0487b	2-D3	Dill, Bryan          	COMMENT: parents- H. C. Dill and Flora Shipley
0433a	2-D2	Dill, John           	1894 Apr 28	M	69y9m    	Hamden Jct., O.     	
0416a	2-D1	Dillon, Sarah        	1891 Feb 12	W	83y11m19d	Richland Tp.        	
0396a	2-D1	Dircks, August       	1888 Jul 30	M	47y8m6d  	Hamden Jct.         	
0396b	2-D1	Dircks, August       	COMMENT: parents- no father listed and Sophie Martin
0424a	2-D2	Dixon,               	1892 Apr 17	S	2m9d     	Harrison Tp.        	
0424b	2-D2	Dixon,               	COMMENT: parents- Elisha Dixon and Rilla Groves
0446a	2-D2	Dixon, Cora L.       	1894 Jul 02	S	17y8m    	Knox Tp.            	
0465a	2-D3	Dixon, Emmet         	1896 Jun 21	S	15y8m25d 	Vales Mills         	
0471a	2-D3	Dixon, Ethel         	1896 Nov 16	S	4y9m8d   	McArthur            	
0382a	2-D1	Dixon, John          	1888 Feb 18	S	66y      	Elk Tp.             	
0395a	2-D1	Dixon, John          	1888 Feb 12	-	66y10m   	Infirmary           	
0468a	2-D3	Dixon, John          	1897 Feb 07	W	68y2m7d  	Ray, O.             	
0401a	2-D1	Dixon, Lovina        	1890 Jan 22	S	21y3m26d 	Harrison Tp.        	
0452a	2-D2	Dixon, Miles         	1895 Aug 04	S	24y      	Knox Tp.            	
0496a	2-D3	Dixon, Ora Bell      	1898 Aug 14	S	10m      	Richland Tp.        	
0456a	2-D2	Dixon, Sherman W.    	1895 Aug 16	S	6m26d    	Eagle Mills         	
0443a	2-D2	Dixon, Susie         	1895 Jan 23	M	39y9m4d  	Eagle Tp.           	
0447a	2-D2	Dodson, Wm.          	1894 Dec 19	M	31y      	(died Byre)         	
0415a	2-D1	Doles, Agnes M.      	1891 Nov 30	S	3d       	Byer, O.            	
0467a	2-D3	Doles, Arthur        	1896 Jun 04	S	4m2d     	Byer, O.            	
0393a	2-D1	Doles, Calla         	1888 Dec 15	S	28d      	Harrison Tp.        	
0430a	2-D2	Doles, Clarence S.   	1893 Aug 11	S	4m5d     	Richland Tp.        	
0999a	2-X3	Doles, Clifford      	1899 Nov 30	S	9d       	Harrison Tp.        	
0481a	2-D3	Doles, Eliza C.      	1897 Aug 26	S	13y6m3d  	Vinton              	
0428a	2-D2	Doles, James P.      	1894 Mar 26	M	66y4m26d 	(died Knox Tp.)     	
0466a	2-D3	Doles, Louis R.      	1896 Aug 07	S	1y1m2d   	(died Richland Tp.) 	
0384a	2-D1	Doles, Melvin        	1887 Oct 16	S	1y7m29d  	Richland Tp.        	
0384b	2-D1	Doles, Melvin        	COMMENT: parents- Thos. Doles and Harriet Rinehart
0491a	2-D3	Domeny, John         	1899 Mar 29	M	79y      	Harrison Tp.        	
0493a	2-D3	Donahoe, Charles H.? 	1898 Sep 25	S	1m       	Minerton            	
0403a	2-D1	Donahoe, Michael     	1890 Mar 20	W	62y      	Wilkesville Tp.     	
0480a	2-D3	Dorton, Bessie M.    	1897 May 17	-	1y2m8d   	Vinton              	
0497a	2-D3	Doss, Mollie         	1898 May 22	S	17y      	Knox Tp.            	
0397a	2-D1	Douglas, Frances E.  	1890 Mar 11	M	childbrth	Richland Tp.        	
0412a	2-D1	Douglas, James       	1892 Jan 04	M	58y11m   	McArthur, O.        	
0406a	2-D1	Dowd, Eliza          	1890 Apr 07	M	66y2m13d 	Elk Tp.             	
0398a	2-D1	Dowd, Henry L.       	1889 Aug 20	M	29y2m29d 	McArthur            	
0457a	2-D2	Dowd, Lida           	1896 Feb 25	M	36y      	Eagle Mills         	
0381a	2-D1	Dowd, Mary A.        	1887 Dec 20	M	42y8m20d 	McArthur            	
0485a	2-D3	Dowd, Owen E.        	1897 Jul 23	S	33y      	McArthur            	
0453a	2-D2	Downard, Arminda     	1895 Dec 12	M	55y4m12d 	Knox Tp.            	
0930a	2-X1	Downard, Ella M.     	1899 Aug 23	S	9y7m16d  	Hamden, O.          	
0402a	2-D1	Downard, Ester       	1889 Jul 03	M	40y11m11d	Radcliff            	
0392a	2-D1	Dozer, John          	1888 Mar 22	M	79y8d    	Harrison Tp.        	
0486a	2-D3	Dozier, William      	1897 Oct 03	S	13d      	Vinton Co.          	
0469a	2-D3	Drake, Jesse         	1896 May 27	S	6m       	Cox, O.             	
0423a	2-D2	Drake, John          	1893 Apr 16	M	69y      	Harrison Tp.        	
0461a	2-D3	Dudleson, William    	1896 Feb 26	M	28y11m23d	Jackson Tp.         	
0414a	2-D1	Dudley, John T.      	1891 Sep 25	S	30y1m3d  	Zaleski, O.         	
0410a	2-D1	Duffey, James        	1891 Mar 31	M	83y4m    	Wilkesville Tp.     	
0463a	2-D3	Duffy, John          	1896 Oct 17	S	2y9m6d   	Hawk                	
0477a	2-D3	Duffy, Mary          	1896 Oct 13	S	8y7m13d  	Hawk                	
0464a	2-D3	Dungan, Hugh         	1896 Nov 16	M	80y6m14d 	Dundas, O.          	
0394a	2-D1	Dunkle, Elizabeth H. 	1888 Dec 28	M	35y4m2d  	McArthur            	
0408a	2-D1	Dunkle, M. L.        	1890 Jul 20	M	62y3m24d 	Jackson Tp.         	
0408b	2-D1	Dunkle, M. L.        	COMMENT: Male is noted beside the name
0427a	2-D2	Dunkle, Mary E.      	1892 Aug 09	S	3m       	Swan Tp.            	
0472a	2-D3	Dunkle, Sarah        	1897 Jan 10	W	53y11m   	McArthur, O.        	
0478a	2-D3	Dunkle, Sarah? E.    	1897 Jan 10	W	52y4m10d 	Jackson Tp.         	
0390a	2-D1	Dunlap, Drussilla    	1888 Sep 30	M	62y9m17d 	Creola              	
0474a	2-D3	Dunlap, Mary         	1896 Jul 16	M	30y      	Ego, O.             	
0490a	2-D3	Dunlap, W. S.        	1898 Nov 16	W	35y      	Vinton Co.          	
0404a	2-D1	Dunn, Bridget        	1889 Dec 19	W	35y6m10d 	Hope Furnace        	
0454a	2-D2	Dunn, John           	1896 Mar 23	M	78y      	Minerton            	
0417a	2-D1	Dunn, Margaret       	1891 Dec 21	-	69y      	Wilkesville         	
0418a	2-D1	Dunn, Margaret       	1892 Jan 01	-	28y      	Wilkesville         	
0444a	2-D2	Dunn, Mary           	1894 Jun 13	W	87y      	Hope Furnace, O.    	
0411a	2-D1	Dunn, Mary J.        	1890 Jun 22	S	9m23d    	Wilkesville Tp.     	
0426a	2-D2	Duprey, John C.      	1892 Sep 05	M	86y5m11d 	Jackson Tp.         	
0492a	2-D3	Dutcher, Ernest R.   	1899 Mar 02	S	1y       	Jackson Tp.         	
0438a	2-D2	Dutcher, Mary A.     	1894 Mar 14	W	78y2m    	(died in Ural)      	
0425a	2-D2	Dutro, Pearly O.     	1892 Dec 24	M	35y8m29d 	Jackson Tp.         	
0388a	2-D1	Dye, Ida M.          	1887 Apr 20	S	22y10m26d	(died Clinton Tp.)  	
0388b	2-D1	Dye, Ida M.          	COMMENT: parents- D. B. Dye and no mother listed
0450a	2-D2	Dye, John W.         	1894 Jul 19	M	59y2m10d 	Harrison Tp.        	
0434a	2-D2	Dye, Sarah           	1894 Mar 06	W	84y7m3d  	Vinton Tp.          	
0519a	2-E1	Eads, Alphus         	1892 May 05	S	16y6m11d 	Jackson Tp.         	
0510a	2-E1	Eads, Harvey E.      	1889 Apr 17	S	17y2m4d  	Jackson Tp.         	
0515a	2-E1	Eads, Marion F.      	1890 Jul 09	S	9m10d    	Jackson Tp.         	
0517a	2-E1	Eads, Thomas         	1891 Aug 31	M	83y      	Eagle Tp.           	
0504a	2-E1	Eagan, Sarah E.      	1889 Feb 08	S	1m       	Richland Tp.        	
0504b	2-E1	Eagan, Sarah E.      	COMMENT: parents- S. F. Eagan and Ibi Gardner
0503a	2-E1	Eal, Mary            	1889 Feb 26	W	62y      	Zaleski             	
0505a	2-E1	Earnhart, Malinda    	1888 Sep 10	W	75y5m9d  	Creola              	
0521a	2-E1	Earnheart, Boyd C.   	1892 May 11	S	1d       	Swan Tp.            	
0520a	2-E1	Earnheart, Henry L.  	1892 Aug 14	M	36y      	Swan Tp.            	
0522a	2-E1	Earnheart, Jacob B.  	1893 Jan 12	S	8y       	Swan Tp.            	
0507a	2-E1	Eberts, Ida          	1890 Feb 02	-	-        	Clinton Tp.         	
0506a	2-E1	Eby, Andrew D.       	1888 Oct 01	M	19y17d   	Vinton Tp.          	
0506b	2-E1	Eby, Andrew D.       	COMMENT: parents- McDonald Eby and Hanna J. Foose
0516a	2-E1	Eby, Willie A.       	1890 Jun 12	S	1y8m     	Vinton Tp.          	
0532a	2-E1	Eckelberry, Geo.     	1897 Jul 16	M	69y1m3d  	(died Madison Tp.)  	
0532b	2-E1	Eckelberry, Geo.     	COMMENT: parents- Martin Eckelberry and no mother listed
0500a	2-E1	Eckleberry,          	1887 -   - 	-	stillborn	Elk Tp.             	
0500b	2-E1	Eckleberry,          	COMMENT: parents- A. Eckleberry and Rosa Ansel
0501a	2-E1	Eckleberry, Harriet  	1887 Nov 03	M	46y22d   	Elk Tp.             	
0530a	2-E1	Egelberry, Sarah A.  	1896 Nov 15	W	78y6m14d 	McArthur            	
0514a	2-E1	Eggleston, Clarence +	1891 Feb 06	S	3y3m26d  	Brown Tp.           	
0513a	2-E1	Eggleston, Cromwell C	1890 Sep 19	M	72y6m11d 	Brown Tp.           	
0537a	2-E2	Eggleston, Emely     	1898 Apr 17	W	60y9m27d 	Brown Tp.           	
0527a	2-E1	Eggleston, Jane F.   	1896 Mar 03	W	84y      	New Plymouth        	
0528a	2-E1	Eggleston, Jane F.   	1896 Mar 03	W	83y9m3d  	Columbus            	
0531a	2-E1	Eggleston, S. C.     	1896 Jan 27	M	81y3m27d 	New Plymouth        	
0526a	2-E1	Eggleston, Seth C.   	1896 Jan 27	M	81y3m27d 	New Plymouth        	
1081a	2-X6	Elaxander, John      	1900 Mar 10	M	-        	Wilkesville Tp.     	
1081b	2-X6	Elaxander, John      	COMMENT: perhaps this should be Alexander?
0523a	2-E1	Elliott, Joseph B.   	1893 Apr 08	S	2m7d     	Elk Tp.             	
0511a	2-E1	England, Frederick   	1890 Feb 01	M	73y      	Elk Tp.             	
0509a	2-E1	Ervin, Clara B.      	1889 Oct 05	-	7m6d     	Clinton Tp.         	
0508a	2-E1	Ervin, Ellen         	1889 Dec 15	M	33y6m2d  	Clinton Tp.         	
0529a	2-E1	Ervin, Ellen         	1897 Feb 27	M	49y9m27d 	Clinton Tp.         	
0502a	2-E1	Ervin, Elmer A.      	1888 Jan 22	S	11y      	Knox                	
0502b	2-E1	Ervin, Elmer A.      	COMMENT: parents- Latham Ervin and Angeline Sheline
0512a	2-E1	Ervin, Homer?        	1889 May 12	-	9m       	(died Children's Home)	
0524a	2-E1	Ervin, John          	1894 Dec 11	S	10y8m12d 	(died Knox Tp.)     	
0534a	2-E1	Erwin, Edward        	1898 Jan 10	W	82y      	McArthur            	
0535a	2-E2	Erwin, Francis       	1899 Feb 06	M	79y      	Hawk                	
0536a	2-E2	Erwin, Rosa          	1899 Feb 14	S	1d       	Minerton            	
1000a	2-X3	Essex, Harvey W.     	1899 Jul 09	S	22y11m24d	Harrison Tp.        	
1046a	2-X5	Evans, Ella          	1900 Jan 17	S	32y2m8d  	Richland Tp.        	
0533a	2-E1	Evans, Mariah Jane   	1898 Jan 24	M	72y3m8d  	Richland Tp.        	
0518a	2-E1	Ewing,               	1892 Mar 11	S	1d       	Wilkesville, O.     	
0518b	2-E1	Ewing,               	COMMENT: parents- John A. Ewing and Emma Miller? Ewing
0525a	2-E1	Ewing, John A.       	1894 Jun 21	-	30y11m13d	Wilkesville         	
0593a	2-F2	Farabee, Charlotte   	1898 Oct 23	W	77y      	Knox Tp.            	
0590m	2-F2	Farley surname       	COMMENT: see Furley for possible matches
0564a	2-F1	Farrell, Rebecca     	1893 Feb 10	W	86y7m    	Madison Tp.         	
0540a	2-F1	Faulkner, Elizabeth  	1887 Apr 24	W	63y11m11d	Creola              	
0580a	2-F2	Faulkner, William    	1895 Nov 12	S	17y5m5d  	(died New Plymouth) 	
0562a	2-F1	Fee, Elizabeth       	1893 Feb 18	W	76y4m20d 	McArthur            	
0545a	2-F1	Felty, Mary E.       	1888 Jul 19	-	44y6d    	Dundas, O.          	
0545b	2-F1	Felty, Mary E.       	COMMENT: parents- John A. Robinson and Caroline Warner
0550a	2-F1	Fennell, Mary        	1890 Dec 14	S	7m       	Madison Tp.         	
0577a	2-F1	Findley, Hazel M.    	1894 Sep 01	S	2m20d    	Wilkesville Tp.     	
0570a	2-F1	Finegan, Ella C.     	1893 May 03	S	20y10m3d 	Zaleski, O.         	
0573a	2-F1	Finney, William R.   	1895 Jan 17	S	19y5m17d 	New Plymouth, O.    	
0558a	2-F1	Finney?, George D.   	1893 Jan 07	M	47y11m26d	(died Brown Tp.)    	
0558b	2-F1	Finney?, George D.   	COMMENT: the surname looks like it could be Finerey?, hard to read
0575a	2-F1	Fischer, Mollie      	1894 Oct 03	S	16y6m    	(died Zaleski, O.)  	
0572a	2-F1	Fitsgerald, Enga A.  	1894 Mar 02	S	25y4m18d 	Eagle Tp.           	
0563a	2-F1	Fitzgerald, Loretta M	1892 Oct 09	S	20y2m    	Eagle Tp.           	
0549a	2-F1	Fitzgerald, Nancy M. 	1890 Oct 15	S	20y3m2d  	Eagle Tp.           	
0566a	2-F1	Fitzpatrick, John L. 	1893 Jan 05	M	43y9m19d 	Vinton Tp.          	
0556c	2-F1	Flack,               	COMMENT: previous (#556) person's age is written in wrong columns,
0556d	2-F1	Flack,               	COMMENT: and the 1m7d might go with this person?
0557a	2-F1	Flack,               	1892 Jan 26	S	-        	Harrison Tp.        	
0557b	2-F1	Flack,               	COMMENT: parents- Samuel Flack and Martha Flack
0542a	2-F1	Flahive, Daniel      	1888 Nov 08	M	70y      	Richland Tp.        	
0552a	2-F1	Fletcher, Edward     	1891 Jan 06	M	64y11m16d	Wilkesville         	
0556a	2-F1	Fletcher, Eliza      	1892 Jan 10	S	70y1m7d  	Wilkesville, O.     	
0556b	2-F1	Fletcher, Eliza      	COMMENT: age is written in wrong columns, age could just be 70y
0556c	2-F1	Fletcher, Eliza      	COMMENT: and the 1m7d might go with the person (#557) on the next line?
0571a	2-F1	Fletcher, George     	1893 Apr 27	M	30y11m15d	Wilkesville, O.     	
0541a	2-F1	Fletcher, Ray        	1889 Jan 06	S	4y4m27d  	Wilkesville         	
0541b	2-F1	Fletcher, Ray        	COMMENT: parents- Elmer Fletcher and Sarah Ewing
0585a	2-F2	Foreaker, Susan      	1896 Oct 19	-	65y11d   	Jackson Tp.         	
0544a	2-F1	Foreman, Cynthia A.  	1888 Aug 06	M	38y7m    	McArthur            	
0561a	2-F1	Foreman, Jennie      	1892 Nov 24	M	32y7m19d 	McArthur            	
0568a	2-F1	Foster, Harriett     	1893 May 21	W	76y8m10d 	Clinton Tp.         	
0986a	2-X3	Foster, William A.   	1900 Mar 10	M	41y8m10d 	McArthur            	
0569a	2-F1	Fount?, Christina    	1894 Jan 03	M	36y5m24d 	Harrison Tp.        	
0569b	2-F1	Fount?, Christina    	COMMENT: parents- Wm. Short and no mother listed
0591a	2-F2	Fout,                	1898 Feb 17	S	21d      	Vinton              	
0591b	2-F2	Fout,                	COMMENT: parents- C. A. Fout and Florence Niekelt?
0565a	2-F1	Fout, Eliza Jane     	1892 Jul 18	W	65y3m1d  	Harrison Tp.        	
0546a	2-F1	Fowler, Celia        	1889 Dec 01	S	1y3m14d  	Zaleski, O.         	
0555a	2-F1	Frake, Ida           	1891 Oct 14	-	6y4m     	Wilkesville Tp.     	
0588a	2-F2	Frampton, E. A.      	1897 Sep 14	M	58y11m21d	New Plymouth        	
0553a	2-F1	Frampton, Isaac H.   	1891 Nov 05	W	80y3m23d 	New Plymouth        	
0579a	2-F2	Francis, David       	1894 Jul 19	S	4y       	Eagle Tp.           	
0543a	2-F1	Francis, Henry       	1888 Mar 03	S	-        	Richland Tp.        	
0543b	2-F1	Francis, Henry       	COMMENT: parents- Patrick Francis and no mother listed
0539a	2-F1	Francis, Mary        	1887 Nov 13	M	55y      	Richland Tp.        	
0576a	2-F1	Francis, Mary D.     	1894 Jul 18	S	4y       	Eagle Tp.           	
0559a	2-F1	Frantz, Alfred       	1892 May 18	M	67y7m1d  	(died Brown Tp.)    	
0547a	2-F1	Frantz, Mary         	1890 Jun 08	W	82y9m24d 	Brown Tp.           	
1049m	2-X5	Fraphagen?, Charles  	1900 Mar 17	M	80y1m6d  	Richland Tp.        	
1049n	2-X5	Fraphagen?, Charles  	COMMENT: surname could be Traphagen?, hard to distinguish
0567a	2-F1	Frazee, John         	1893 Aug 20	M	-        	Clinton Tp.         	
0560a	2-F1	Frazee, Lucinda      	1892 Dec 10	M	54y6m3d  	Clinton Tp.         	
0554a	2-F1	Frazy, Murray        	1892 Mar 26	S	22y16d   	Clinton Tp.         	
0583a	2-F2	Freeman,             	1896 Oct 09	S	23d      	Richland Tp.        	
0583b	2-F2	Freeman,             	COMMENT: parents- W. L. Freeman and Lottie (L. or G.) Smith
0586a	2-F2	Freeman, Hester      	1897 Nov 18	M	53y1m3d  	Richland            	
0584a	2-F2	Freeman, Peachy A.   	1896 Aug 30	W	77y3d    	Minerton            	
0584b	2-F2	Freeman, Peachy A.   	COMMENT: the 'colored' column is checked
0582a	2-F2	French, John         	1897 Feb 26	S	12y8m27d 	Inghams             	
0548a	2-F1	Friend, Armintha     	1890 Jun 17	S	25y1m28d 	Brown Tp.           	
0581a	2-F2	Friend, Jacob        	1896 Mar 11	M	67y3m11d 	Hope Furnace        	
0574a	2-F1	Fry, Fred Ray        	1895 Jan 18	S	11y1m23d 	Hamden, O.          	
0574b	2-F1	Fry, Fred Ray        	COMMENT: parents- E. L. Fry and Bell Foster
1034a	2-X5	Fry, Hannah          	1900 Mar 21	W	72y23d   	Richland Tp.        	
0551a	2-F1	Fry, Samuel D.       	1890 Jul 03	M	58y11m13d	Richland Tp.        	
0538a	2-F1	Fuller, Joseph       	1887 Dec 08	S	24y4m24d 	Brown Tp.           	
0538b	2-F1	Fuller, Joseph       	COMMENT: parents- Lemuel Fuller and Manda Reasoner
0592a	2-F2	Fuller, Phoebe       	1899 Mar 29	W	77y      	New Plymouth        	
0578a	2-F2	Fuller, William      	1894 Dec 02	M	53y6m4d  	(died Knox)         	
0589a	2-F2	Furley, Earl         	1898 Jan 08	-	2m9d     	Knox                	
0589b	2-F2	Furley, Earl         	COMMENT: parents- Thos. Furley and Annie Hawk
0589c	2-F2	Furley, Earl         	COMMENT: the surname might be Farley?, hard to tell
0587a	2-F2	Furley, Geo. B.      	1897 Apr 11	M	49y      	McArthur            	
0587b	2-F2	Furley, Geo. B.      	COMMENT: the 'colored' column is checked
0590a	2-F2	Furley, Thurl        	1898 Feb 17	-	3m19d    	Knox                	
0590b	2-F2	Furley, Thurl        	COMMENT: parents- Thos. Furley and Annie Hawk
0590c	2-F2	Furley, Thurl        	COMMENT: the surname might be Farley?, hard to tell
0618a	2-G1	Gaffney, Daniel      	1891 Mar 25	M	84y7m15d 	Swan Tp.            	
0594a	2-G1	Galer,               	1888 Feb 01	-	stillborn	Elk Tp.             	
0594b	2-G1	Galer,               	COMMENT: parents- Abel Galer and Maggie Allman
0632a	2-G1	Gallery, John        	1893 Jul 25	M	57y6m    	Zaleski, O.         	
0642a	2-G2	Galliher, John       	1897 Mar 08	M	71y5m27d 	Jackson Tp.         	
0613a	2-G1	Gardner, Elisha      	1889 Sep 13	M	76y3d    	Richland Tp.        	
0637a	2-G2	Garrett, Stella May  	1894 Apr 07	-	1y2m7d   	Ratcliff, O.        	
0637b	2-G2	Garrett, Stella May  	COMMENT: the 'colored' column is checked
0607a	2-G1	Gaskill,             	1888 Apr 19	-	10d      	Zaleski             	
0607b	2-G1	Gaskill,             	COMMENT: parents- Wesley Gaskill and Rebecca Evans
0608a	2-G1	Gaskill,             	1889 Feb 25	-	25d      	Zaleski             	
0608b	2-G1	Gaskill,             	COMMENT: parents- Wesley Gaskill and Rebecca Evans
1025a	2-X4	Gaskill, Audra? May  	1899 Aug 09	S	12d      	Zaleski             	
1025b	2-X4	Gaskill, Audra? May  	COMMENT: first name might be Andra?, hard to distinguish
0644a	2-G2	Gaskill, Deborah     	1896 Nov 18	S	20y4m    	Zaleski             	
0644b	2-G2	Gaskill, Deborah     	COMMENT: parents- Jacob Gaskill and Jane Nicholas
0622a	2-G1	Gaskill, Dellie      	1892 Mar 15	S	2m3d     	Zaleski, O.         	
0623a	2-G1	Gaskill, William H.  	1893 Feb 07	M	28y10m7d 	North Dakota        	
0634a	2-G2	Gates, Alford        	1894 Jul 12	S	6m       	(died Madison Tp.)  	
0610a	2-G1	Gates?, A. S.        	1889 Jun 29	M	56y11m1d 	Clinton Tp.         	
0638a	2-G2	Gatewood,            	1895 Nov 03	-	6d       	Hawk                	
0638b	2-G2	Gatewood,            	COMMENT: parents- C. A. Gatewood and Emma Pallock
0649a	2-G2	Gatewood, William W. 	1898 Mar 22	-	14y1m19d 	Vinton              	
0635a	2-G2	Gaynor, Patrick      	1894 Nov 08	S	86y      	Brown Tp.           	
1092a	2-X7	Geer,                	1899 Jul 10	S	1d       	Alice               	
1092b	2-X7	Geer,                	COMMENT: parents- George Geer and Tena Churts
1093a	2-X7	Geer,                	1899 Jul 10	S	2d       	Alice               	
1093b	2-X7	Geer,                	COMMENT: parents- George Geer and Tena Churts
0628a	2-G1	Geer, George         	1892 May 01	S	1d       	Wilkesville Tp.     	
0611a	2-G1	Geer, Nancy          	1890 Mar 22	W	80y      	Wilkesville Tp.     	
0601a	2-G1	George, Harrison     	1887 Nov 16	S	42y7m16d 	Jackson Tp.         	
0601b	2-G1	George, Harrison     	COMMENT: parents- Isaac George and no mother listed
0614a	2-G1	Gibbons, Garrett S.  	1890 Apr 24	M	73y9m3d  	Brown Tp.           	
0648a	2-G2	Gibbs, Jno. Walter   	1897 Jun 30	S	3m19d    	Madison Tp.         	
0648b	2-G2	Gibbs, Jno. Walter   	COMMENT: parents- Jno. S. Gibbs and Mary Albaugh
0597a	2-G1	Gibson, Jennie       	1888 Mar 30	S	29y3m6d  	Eagle Tp.           	
0597b	2-G1	Gibson, Jennie       	COMMENT: parents- W. W. Gibson and no mother listed
0651a	2-G2	Gillogly, Ruth E.    	1897 Jun 22	W	70y1m1d  	Radcliff, O.        	
0631a	2-G1	Girty, Edward F.     	1894 Apr 24	S	4m23d    	Clinton Tp.         	
0631b	2-G1	Girty, Edward F.     	COMMENT: parents- Hubert Girty and M. Newman
0639a	2-G2	Girty, Timothy       	1895 Nov 01	S	23y3m1d  	Hamden, O.          	
0658a	2-G2	Glackin,             	1899 Feb 02	S	1d       	Minerton            	
0658b	2-G2	Glackin,             	COMMENT: parents- Don J. Glackin and Lizzie McClory
0620a	2-G1	Glackin, Alice E.    	1890 Dec 09	S	11m2d    	Wilkesville Tp.     	
0657a	2-G2	Glackin, Cornelius   	1898 Sep 26	M	69y      	Minerton            	
0619a	2-G1	Glackin, Lizzie M.   	1890 Oct 11	M	25y3m5d  	Wilkesville Tp.     	
0659a	2-G2	Glackin, Patrick     	1898 Jul 30	M	71y      	Minerton            	
0621a	2-G1	Glackin, William     	1890 Apr 24	S	18y1m5d  	Wilkesville Tp.     	
1053a	2-X5	Glandon, Martha Ann  	1899 Dec 17	S	3d       	Swan Tp.            	
0646a	2-G2	Goodrich, Martha     	1896 Dec 07	M	55y3m19d 	McArthur            	
0603a	2-G1	Gorman, Dora M.      	1888 Jul 15	-	-        	McArthur            	
0640a	2-G2	Gorsuch, Sophia E.   	1895 Dec 04	M	34y8m4d  	McArthur            	
0602a	2-G1	Gottschalk, Henrietta	1888 Dec 17	W	79y8m    	Hamden Jct.         	
0602b	2-G1	Gottschalk, Henrietta	COMMENT: parents- ____ Hahneman and no mother listed
0609a	2-G1	Gower?, Marion       	1889 Aug 05	S	3y7m4d   	Asbury Ridge        	
0612a	2-G1	Graham, Bertha       	1889 Jun 28	S	3y       	Infirmary           	
0643a	2-G2	Grandstaff, Chas. A. 	1896 Jul 27	S	22y11m15d	Jackson Tp.         	
1011a	2-X4	Grandstaff, Euphema  	1899 Oct 01	W	87y7m1d  	Jackson Tp.         	
0625a	2-G1	Graves,              	1893 Jan 06	S	stillborn	Richland Tp.        	
0625b	2-G1	Graves,              	COMMENT: parents- Eli Graves and Emma B. Graves
0636a	2-G2	Graves,              	1894 Dec 06	S	stillborn	Harrison Tp.        	
0636b	2-G2	Graves,              	COMMENT: parents- George Graves and Anna Heskett
0647a	2-G2	Graves,              	1897 Jul 05	S	stillborn	Vinton              	
0647b	2-G2	Graves,              	COMMENT: parents- John Graves and Anna Hill
0598a	2-G1	Graves, A. J.        	1887 Nov 12	M	56y11m21d	Eagle Tp.           	
0598b	2-G1	Graves, A. J.        	COMMENT: parents- Jesse Graves and Ruth Ratcliff
0654a	2-G2	Graves, Carrie E. J. 	1897 Sep 08	S	6y10m8d  	Jackson Tp.         	
0633a	2-G1	Graves, Celina       	1893 Dec 05	W	58y4m24d 	Eagle Tp.           	
0616a	2-G1	Graves, Eli          	1891 Feb 27	W	75y6d    	Richland Tp.        	
0660a	2-G2	Graves, Elizabeth    	1898 Apr 26	S	18y7m14d 	Eagle Tp.           	
0665a	2-G2	Graves, Goldie B.    	1898 Aug 01	S	2y       	Richland Tp.        	
0626a	2-G1	Graves, Iva Alice    	1892 Aug 25	S	5y5m21d  	Richland Tp.        	
1001a	2-X3	Graves, James        	1899 Oct 30	M	58y9m    	Harrison Tp.        	
0617a	2-G1	Graves, Mary Jane    	1890 Jun 21	M	40y7m    	Richland Tp.        	
0641a	2-G2	Graves, Millie       	1897 Mar 02	M	53y1m26d 	Eagle Tp.           	
0956a	2-X2	Graves, Milton       	1900 Feb 08	M	65y7m17d 	Eagle Tp.           	
0599a	2-G1	Graves, Minnie?      	1887 Dec 06	S	3m       	Harrison Tp.        	
0599b	2-G1	Graves, Minnie?      	COMMENT: parents- Wm. Graves and no mother listed
0655a	2-G2	Graves, Nancy        	1897 May 09	W	77y1m    	Vinton              	
0624a	2-G1	Graves, Ruth         	1892 Nov 14	W	84y9m7d  	Eagle Tp.           	
0627a	2-G1	Graves, Samuel       	1892 Apr 20	M	45y2m12d 	Harrison Tp.        	
0600a	2-G1	Graves, Troy E.      	1888 Jan 12	S	2y1m     	Harrison Tp.        	
0600b	2-G1	Graves, Troy E.      	COMMENT: parents- Wm. Graves and no mother listed
0606a	2-G1	Graves, William      	1888 Jun 28	M	74y1m5d  	Harrison Tp.        	
0656a	2-G2	Graves, William H.   	1899 Feb 12	S	8m       	Harrison Tp.        	
0645a	2-G2	Gray, Druzella       	1897 Jan 28	W	87y5m3d  	Wilkesville         	
0652a	2-G2	Gregory, Alta        	1898 Mar 12	S	9d       	(died Radcliff, O.) 	
0630a	2-G1	Gregory, Bertha      	1893 Oct 12	S	19y5m8d  	Arbaugh, O.         	
0630b	2-G1	Gregory, Bertha      	COMMENT: parents- Calvin Gregory and Ann Boynes
0653a	2-G2	Gregory, Clara       	1898 Jan 12	S	9m4d     	Vales Mills         	
0663a	2-G2	Gregory, Cloie       	1898 Sep 09	S	3y       	Vinton Tp.          	
0661a	2-G2	Gregory, J. R.       	1899 Mar 06	M	81y      	Vinton Tp.          	
0650a	2-G2	Gregory, Jessie H.   	1897 Sep 07	S	7m       	Clinton Tp.         	
0664a	2-G2	Gregory, Samantha    	1899 Mar 28	W	76y      	Vinton Co., O.      	
0662a	2-G2	Gregory, Samuel      	1898 Jul 04	M	31y      	Vinton Tp.          	
0629a	2-G1	Gregory, Viola       	1892 Aug 25	S	20y5m3d  	Vinton Tp.          	
0595a	2-G1	Grippen, Isaac       	1887 Jun 12	M	95y19d   	New Plymouth        	
0595b	2-G1	Grippen, Isaac       	COMMENT: parents- no father listed and Mary Adams
0596a	2-G1	Groves,              	1887 Sep 13	-	3d       	Eagle Tp.           	
0596b	2-G1	Groves,              	COMMENT: parents- James Groves and Minnie Flack
0604a	2-G1	Groves, Jas. E.      	1889 Feb 15	S	3y       	Eagle Tp.           	
0615a	2-G1	Grubb, Cassius W.    	1891 Feb 14	S	3m17d    	Elk Tp.             	
0605a	2-G1	Grubb, Thomas        	1888 Sep 30	M	44y6m14d 	Eagle Tp.           	
0931a	2-X1	Gunning, Ella        	1899 Jul 21	S	32y11m10d	Dundas              	
0932a	2-X1	Haburn, Christina    	1900 Feb 13	W	73y4m13d 	Hamden Jct.         	
0690a	2-H1	Haburn, Rachel S.    	1888 May 11	S	19y6m5d  	Hamden Jct.         	
0690b	2-H1	Haburn, Rachel S.    	COMMENT: parents- Wm. J. Haburn and Margt. Harper?
0706a	2-H1	Haffhill, Willie     	1891 Jan 04	S	2y       	Swan Tp.            	
0976a	2-X2	Hagerty, Mary        	1899 Jul 20	M	79y      	Elk Tp.             	
0802a	2-H4	Haggerty, Andrew     	1899 Jan 24	M	50y      	Vinton Tp.          	
1067a	2-X6	Haggerty, Mary       	1899 Aug 30	W	72y15d   	Vinton Tp.          	
0787a	2-H4	Hale, Earnest C.     	1897 May 25	S	1y3m20d  	Clinton Tp.         	
0787b	2-H4	Hale, Earnest C.     	COMMENT: the surname might be Hall, hard to distinguish
0790a	2-H4	Hall, Adam           	1897 Aug 14	S	11y18d   	Elk Tp.             	
0731a	2-H2	Hall, Electina       	1893 Dec 04	S	2m17d    	Clinton Tp.         	
0731b	2-H2	Hall, Electina       	COMMENT: parents- Geo. Hall and Hannah Cox
1094a	2-X7	Hall, Ella           	1899 Nov 12	M	29y12d   	Hawk                	
0776a	2-H3	Hall, Ester A.       	1897 Sep 25	S	22y8m28d 	Elk Tp.             	
0775a	2-H3	Hall, Mary           	1897 Oct 23	M	75y      	Elko                	
0794a	2-H4	Hall, Morris         	1898 Nov 03	S	1m10d    	Elko                	
0692a	2-H1	Hall, Susan          	1889 Jan 31	M	76y9m3d  	Dundas              	
0692b	2-H1	Hall, Susan          	COMMENT: parents- W. L. Ireland and Dide Shakelee
0674a	2-H1	Halterman, Nancy     	1888 Feb 22	M	41y      	Vinton Tp.          	
1026a	2-X4	Hamilton, John       	1899 Apr 14	W	88y10m   	Zaleski             	
0717a	2-H2	Haning?, Isaac       	1892 Jan 17	M	69y10m17d	Knox Tp.            	
0697a	2-H1	Harden, Bessie G.    	1890 Jan 27	S	3y5m1d   	Jackson Tp.         	
0755a	2-H3	Hardin, Effie M.     	1896 Jan 20	S	13y1m8d  	Jackson Tp.         	
0728a	2-H2	Harkins, Ellen       	1893 Jul 06	S	44y2m8d  	Knox Tp.            	
0728b	2-H2	Harkins, Ellen       	COMMENT: parents- Wm. Harkins and no mother listed
0726a	2-H2	Harkins, Floyd B.    	1893 Aug 14	-	1y2m3d   	Knox Tp.            	
0726b	2-H2	Harkins, Floyd B.    	COMMENT: parents- F. B. Harkins and Elizabeth Robinett
0702a	2-H1	Harkins, William     	1890 May 21	M	65y3m20d 	Knox Tp.            	
0730a	2-H2	Harkless, Aaron      	1894 Jan 05	M	54y11m13d	Richland Tp.        	
0680a	2-H1	Harkless, Annie      	1889 Mar 13	W	83y10m15d	Richland Tp.        	
0680b	2-H1	Harkless, Annie      	COMMENT: parents- Robt. Miller and Jane Kidwell
0933a	2-X1	Harper, John H.      	1899 Aug 14	M	87y6m15d 	Hamden Jct.         	
0693a	2-H1	Harris, Eli          	1889 Jan 21	W	65y8m12d 	New Plymouth        	
0700a	2-H1	Harris, Homer        	1890 Jun 21	S	3m       	Elk Tp.             	
0669a	2-H1	Harris, Margaret E.  	1887 Aug 26	M	50y7m22d 	New Plymouth        	
0669b	2-H1	Harris, Margaret E.  	COMMENT: parents- no father listed and Margaret E. Sain
0791a	2-H4	Harshbarger, Abram C.	1898 Mar 24	M	78y      	Infirmary           	
0711a	2-H2	Harshbarger, Ohmer M.	1891 May 23	S	2m6d     	Jackson Tp.         	
0782a	2-H3	Hartley?, Nancy      	1898 Mar 20	M	86y      	Vinton              	
0673a	2-H1	Hartman, Oscar W.    	1887 Jul 26	S	4m17d    	Richland Tp.        	
0673b	2-H1	Hartman, Oscar W.    	COMMENT: parents- John C. Hartman and Mary L. Tigeret
0725a	2-H2	Harvey,              	1892 Jul 25	S	1d       	Vinton Tp.          	
0725b	2-H2	Harvey,              	COMMENT: parents- no father listed and Mary Harvey
0743a	2-H2	Harvey, Charles      	1894 Apr 24	S	1y5m     	Vinton Tp.          	
0747a	2-H3	Harvey, Emma D.      	1894 Apr 23	S	6y5m9d   	Point Rock, O.      	
0804a	2-H4	Harvey, Emma J.      	1899 Mar 14	M	37y      	Vinton Tp.          	
0801a	2-H4	Harvey, John         	1899 Mar 20	S	1d       	Madison Tp.         	
0742a	2-H2	Harvey, John Emery   	1894 May 03	S	12y2m    	Vinton Tp.          	
0713a	2-H2	Harvey, Lester       	1891 Aug 02	S	1y3m     	Vinton Tp.          	
0798a	2-H4	Hashbarger, Elmer? E.	1898 Jul 06	S	4m       	Jackson Tp.         	
0732a	2-H2	Hasp?, John          	1894 Jan 13	M	74y      	Elk Tp.             	
0732b	2-H2	Hasp?, John          	COMMENT: the surname might be Harp?, hard to read
0708a	2-H1	Hass, Jesse          	1890 Jul 31	M	63y8m    	Swan Tp.            	
0715a	2-H2	Hawk,                	1891 Dec 31	W	81y9m1d  	Wilkesville Tp.     	
0738a	2-H2	Hawk, Catherine      	1893 Sep 17	W	59y11m9d 	(died in Royal)     	
0699a	2-H1	Hawk, David          	1890 Nov 05	M	61y11m13d	Elk Tp.             	
0957a	2-X2	Hawk, Ernest Ray     	1899 Jun 18	S	1y9m     	Eagle Tp.           	
0739a	2-H2	Hawk, James          	1893 Sep 15	M	74y1m8d  	Eagle Tp.           	
0792a	2-H4	Hawk, Joseph F.      	1897 Aug 15	S	76y10m18d	Elk Tp.             	
0733a	2-H2	Hawk, Malissa A.     	1893 Aug 20	S	59y9m15d 	Wilkesville, O.     	
0781a	2-H3	Hawk, Margaret       	1897 Sep 13	M	76y1m23d 	Wilkesville         	
0778a	2-H3	Hawk, Rebecca        	1898 Jan 18	S	73y      	Elk Tp.             	
0719a	2-H2	Hayborn,             	1892 Nov 02	S	stillborn	Clinton Tp.         	
0719b	2-H2	Hayborn,             	COMMENT: parents- Richard Haborn and Elizabeth Hayborn
0675a	2-H1	Hayburn, Lovinda     	1887 Apr 26	S	25y11m26d	(died Clinton Tp.)  	
0675b	2-H1	Hayburn, Lovinda     	COMMENT: parents- Wm. Haburn and no mother listed
0703a	2-H1	Hayes,               	1890 May 01	S	stillborn	Madison Tp.         	
0703b	2-H1	Hayes,               	COMMENT: parents- Michael Hayes and Maggie Diveny
0703c	2-H1	Hayes,               	COMMENT: Male is noted beside the name
0670a	2-H1	Hayes, Annie         	1887 May 01	S	5m22d    	Zaleski             	
0670b	2-H1	Hayes, Annie         	COMMENT: parents- Mike Hayes, Sr. and Margt. Diviney
0681a	2-H1	Hayes, Clarence      	1888 Aug 12	S	1m19d    	Zaleski             	
0666a	2-H1	Hayes, Willard       	1887 Jul 02	-	1y2d     	Elk Tp.             	
0777a	2-H3	Haynes, Ann          	1898 Mar 14	W	69y      	Elk Tp.             	
0683a	2-H1	Haynes, Sam'l H.     	1888 Oct 01	M	52y4d    	Eagle Tp.           	
0748a	2-H3	Haynes, Sarah James  	1894 Nov 20	W	55y5m5d  	Eagle Tp.           	
0756a	2-H3	Hearl, William       	1896 Mar 11	M	69y20d   	(died in Hue)       	
0740a	2-H2	Heinlene, Redden     	1895 Feb 09	M	81y      	Swan Tp.            	
0722a	2-H2	Henderson, George    	1892 Jun 15	M	41y2m11d 	Richland Tp.        	
0721a	2-H2	Hennessey, William   	1893 Mar 12	W	85y      	Madison Tp.         	
0714a	2-H2	Henshaw, Mary        	1891 Oct 30	W	79y7m8d  	Cox                 	
1068a	2-X6	Hensler, Jacob       	1899 Sep 14	S	9y24d    	Vinton Tp.          	
0772a	2-H3	Hensler, Johny       	1897 Jan 11	-	7m5d     	Radcliff, O.        	
0765a	2-H3	Hensler, Mable       	1897 Mar 27	S	5d       	Radcliff            	
0784a	2-H3	Hensler, Mable       	1897 Apr 27	S	5d       	Radcliff            	
0709a	2-H1	Hensler, Mamie?      	1890 May 01	S	9m       	Vinton Tp.          	
0759a	2-H3	Hensler, Phebe       	1895 May 19	M	72y2m5d  	Vinton Tp.          	
0684a	2-H1	Herrold, Henry       	1889 Feb 26	W	73y      	Elk Tp.             	
0795a	2-H4	Herrold, John        	1899 Feb 26	M	61y1m21d 	Elk Tp.             	
0757a	2-H3	Herrold, Mary Elizab+	1895 Nov 02	M	43y8m15d 	McArthur            	
0698a	2-H1	Herrold, Sarah M.    	1890 Sep 09	S	4y       	Elk Tp.             	
0735a	2-H2	Heskett, Perry       	1893 Dec 26	S	21y10m8d 	Harrison Tp.        	
0735b	2-H2	Heskett, Perry       	COMMENT: parents- John Heskett and J. Ackley
0770a	2-H3	Hewitt, Alfred       	1896 Oct 26	S	22y7m6d  	Hope Fur.           	
0769a	2-H3	Hewitt, Elza         	1896 Sep 03	S	26y7d    	Hope Fur.           	
0768a	2-H3	Hewitt, Harrison     	1896 Jul 15	-	58y16d   	Hope Fur.           	
0762a	2-H3	Hicks, Ella May      	1896 May 04	M	22y11m20d	Eagle Tp.           	
0754a	2-H3	Hicks, George Washin+	1895 Dec 12	M	50y1m21d 	Eagle Mills         	
0749a	2-H3	Hill,                	1894 Nov 14	S	5m4d     	Swan Tp.            	
0749b	2-H3	Hill,                	COMMENT: parents- M. J. Hill and A. J. Thomas
0752a	2-H3	Hill, Adam           	1895 Dec 26	W	85y      	Zaleski, O.         	
0672a	2-H1	Hill, Ambrose        	1887 Dec - 	S	12d      	Zaleski             	
0672b	2-H1	Hill, Ambrose        	COMMENT: parents- Sam'l Hill and Elsie Smith
0701a	2-H1	Hill, Elva           	1890 Dec 08	S	9m11d    	Jackson Tp.         	
0705a	2-H1	Hill, Maggie         	1890 Oct 03	S	1y2m     	Swan Tp.            	
0718a	2-H2	Hill, Phoeba Jane    	1892 Jan 18	M	65y1m4d  	Harrison Tp.        	
0779a	2-H3	Hindman, Sarah       	1897 May 15	W	79y3m    	South Richland      	
0691a	2-H1	Hoffhine, Henry      	1889 Jan 07	S	42y4m    	Dundas              	
0691b	2-H1	Hoffhine, Henry      	COMMENT: parents- Henry Hoffhine and Elizabeth Cassell
0771a	2-H3	Hoffhines, Henry Sen.	1897 Jan 05	W	83y10m   	Dundas, O.          	
0796a	2-H4	Hoffhines, Margaret  	1899 Feb 25	M	67y      	(died Elk Tp.)      	
0763a	2-H3	Hoffhines, Ona       	1896 Apr 26	S	11y2m9d  	McArthur            	
0744a	2-H2	Hogan, Andrew        	1894 Nov 14	W	84y6m9d  	Hamden, O.          	
0800a	2-H4	Holcomb, Elinore     	1899 Jan 14	S	6y       	Minerton            	
0799a	2-H4	Holcomb, Reuben      	1899 Jan 07	M	74y      	Wilkesville         	
0761a	2-H3	Holdren, Anna Clara? 	1897 Feb 20	S	10d      	Eagle Tp.           	
0695a	2-H1	Holdren, Martha      	1889 Oct 26	S	17y4m11d 	Harrison Tp.        	
0682a	2-H1	Holdren, Vilotte J.  	1888 Aug 10	W	46y      	Knox Tp.            	
0736a	2-H2	Holdron, Hampden     	1893 Sep 26	M	69y4m24d 	Madison Tp.         	
0753a	2-H3	Hollareter, Mary     	1895 Sep 15	W	64y      	Madison Tp.         	
0671a	2-H1	Hoofman, Annie       	1887 Aug 08	S	2y1m8d   	Zaleski             	
0671b	2-H1	Hoofman, Annie       	COMMENT: parents- Nick Hoffman and Margt. Gaskill
0667a	2-H1	Hook, Elizabeth      	1887 Sep 09	W	76y3m5d  	McArthur            	
0678a	2-H1	Hookes, E. S.        	1888 May 10	S	stillborn	Richland Tp.        	
0678b	2-H1	Hookes, E. S.        	COMMENT: parents- Sherman Hooks and Annie Claywell
0783a	2-H3	Hoover, Clara A.     	1897 Dec 15	M	59y5m9d  	Vinton              	
0793a	2-H4	Hopkins, Clarence    	1898 Jun 28	S	10m1d    	Elko                	
0785a	2-H3	Hopkins, Ida Florence	1897 Jun 14	M	21y1m14d 	Swan Tp.            	
0786a	2-H3	Hopkins, Stella Marie	1897 Apr 24	S	8m14d    	Swan Tp.            	
0685a	2-H1	Horton, Areta        	1888 Oct 22	W	67y7m20d 	McArthur            	
0668a	2-H1	Horton, Dan A.       	1888 Mar 11	S	15y1m26d 	McArthur            	
0688a	2-H1	Horton, George H.    	1889 Mar 17	S	24y3m    	McArthur            	
0746a	2-H2	Horton, Henry W.     	1894 Apr 01	M	47y8m8d  	McArthur, O.        	
0689a	2-H1	Horton, John Augusti+	1888 Aug 18	S	10d      	McArthur            	
0766a	2-H3	Howe, Stella Flora   	1897 Jan 14	-	15y10m20d	Radcliff            	
0727a	2-H2	Hoyd, Wm. Earl       	1893 Jan 20	-	1d       	Knox Tp.            	
0727b	2-H2	Hoyd, Wm. Earl       	COMMENT: parents- Wm. M. Hoyd and Katy Martin
0686a	2-H1	Hudson, James A.     	1888 Apr 06	S	4y5m     	McArthur            	
0712a	2-H2	Hudson, William S.   	1891 Sep 16	M	39y4m    	McArthur, O.        	
0734a	2-H2	Huff, Sarah Ann      	1893 May 23	M	66y4m5d  	Harrison Tp.        	
0734b	2-H2	Huff, Sarah Ann      	COMMENT: parents- John Dozier and no mother listed
0737a	2-H2	Huffman, Anna G.     	1893 May 29	W	75y5m23d 	Zaleski, O.         	
0780a	2-H3	Huffman, Susan       	1897 Nov 01	M	82y6m23d 	Vinton              	
0724a	2-H2	Hugg,                	1892 Dec 27	S	stillborn	Wilkesville Tp.     	
0724b	2-H2	Hugg,                	COMMENT: parents- John W. Hugg and Nellie S. Hugg
0694a	2-H1	Huggins, John        	1890 Jan 24	M	39y10m6d 	Vinton Station      	
0707a	2-H1	Hughes, Robert L.    	1890 Jul 29	M	37y9m12d 	Swan Tp.            	
0677a	2-H1	Hughes, Susan P.     	1888 Jul 08	W	67y7m    	New Plymouth        	
0760a	2-H3	Huhn, Abram F.       	1895 Dec 06	M	49y1m9d  	Richland Tp.        	
0758a	2-H3	Huhn, Hannah Maria   	1896 Mar 18	W	84y3m27d 	McArthur            	
0978a	2-X2	Huhn, Henry          	1899 Oct 30	M	66y10m14d	Elk Tp.             	
0750a	2-H3	Hull,                	1894 Nov 05	S	stillborn	(died Richland Tp.) 	
0750b	2-H3	Hull,                	COMMENT: parents- A. W. Hull and Mary E. Jonston
0788a	2-H4	Hull, Samuel D.      	1898 Jan 22	M	65y10m8d 	Eagle Tp.           	
0789a	2-H4	Hunter, Alexander    	1898 Mar 08	S	43y      	McArthur            	
0977a	2-X2	Hunter, Hattie       	1899 Nov 29	M	27y6m2d  	McArthur            	
0797a	2-H4	Hunter, Sarah R.     	1898 Aug 25	W	81y      	(died McArthur)     	
0716a	2-H2	Hurd, Robert J.      	1891 Aug 10	M	49y11m10d	Wilkesville, O.     	
0687a	2-H1	Husband, Charlotte   	1889 Mar 16	M	54y3m    	Infirmary           	
0741a	2-H2	Huston, Alfred       	1895 Feb 14	S	3m5d     	(died Knox Tp.)     	
0803a	2-H4	Huston, John         	1899 Feb 28	M	78y      	Vinton Tp.          	
0676a	2-H1	Huston, Samuel       	1888 Jun 18	M	71y20d   	Vinton Tp.          	
1066a	2-X6	Huston, Varnie?      	1899 Sep 25	S	7y8m17d  	Vinton Tp.          	
0696a	2-H1	Hutchins, Samuel     	1889 Aug 13	S	6m21d    	Zaleski, O.         	
0764a	2-H3	Hutchinson, Bertha   	1897 Feb 06	S	1y8m6d   	(died Richland Tp.) 	
0745a	2-H2	Hutchinson, Eliza    	1894 Jul 20	-	90y      	Infirmary           	
1018a	2-X4	Hutchinson, Jno. O.  	1900 Mar 25	M	72y10m15d	Knox Tp.            	
0773a	2-H3	Hutchison,           	1896 Jul 18	S	stillborn	Vinton Co.          	
0773b	2-H3	Hutchison,           	COMMENT: parents- Albert Hutchinson and Malinda Doles
0767a	2-H3	Hutchison, Caroline E	1896 Oct 23	S	9y3m24d  	Knox                	
0774a	2-H3	Hutchison, Mag.      	1898 Feb 28	M	36y3m14d 	Brown Tp.           	
0774b	2-H3	Hutchison, Mag.      	COMMENT: parents- G. H. Bell and Hanah Ferrel
0710a	2-H2	Hutchison, Patrick   	1890 Nov 19	S	4y1m25d  	Wilkesville Tp.     	
0710b	2-H2	Hutchison, Patrick   	COMMENT: the 'colored' column is checked
0751a	2-H3	Hutt, Albert M.      	1895 Nov 24	S	21y      	Harrison            	
0704a	2-H1	Hutt, Charles        	1891 Jan 04	M	74y3m12d 	Richland Tp.        	
0679a	2-H1	Hutt, Edgar O.       	1888 Nov 20	S	17y6m24d 	Allensville         	
0679b	2-H1	Hutt, Edgar O.       	COMMENT: parents- Jas. Hutt and Polly Cozad
0729a	2-H2	Hutt, Mary M.        	1894 Mar 10	M	33y10m8d 	Richland Tp.        	
0723a	2-H2	Hutt, William        	1893 Jan 02	W	92y8m24d 	Richland Tp.        	
0720a	2-H2	Hyson, Eliza         	1892 Nov 11	W	74y9m11d 	Madison Tp.         	
0805a	2-I1	Ingles, George W.    	1897 Jun 11	S	74y9m23d 	Madison Tp.         	
1069a	2-X6	Irvin, Edwin         	1899 Aug 27	S	5m7d     	Vinton Tp.          	
0819a	2-J1	Jackman, Andrew      	1892 Nov 12	M	69y2m26d 	Richland Tp.        	
0823a	2-J1	James, A. W.         	1895 Feb 01	M	68y7d    	Zaleski, O.         	
0827a	2-J1	James, Eliza Jane    	1896 Feb 21	W	75y3m7d  	Brown Tp.           	
0820a	2-J1	JayJohn, Eddie       	1893 Jan 02	S	1y1m1d   	Vinton Tp.          	
0822a	2-J1	Jewell, Leonard Gast+	1895 Feb 15	S	2m27d    	Zaleski, O.         	
0832a	2-J1	Jinkins, Rhoda       	1898 Aug 01	S	1y3m1d   	Elko                	
0816a	2-J1	Jinks, William M.    	1893 Jan 31	M	33y      	Madison Tp.         	
0824a	2-J1	Johnson,             	1894 Nov 20	S	1d       	Elk Tp.             	
0824b	2-J1	Johnson,             	COMMENT: parents- Daniel P. Johnson and Sarah Delong
0817a	2-J1	Johnson, Adeline     	1892 Apr 16	W	78y11m   	Madison Tp.         	
0814a	2-J1	Johnson, Annie       	1890 Jun 28	S	3m18d    	Madison Tp.         	
0828a	2-J1	Johnson, Daniel      	1896 Nov 07	W	93y3m28d 	Jackson Tp.         	
0818a	2-J1	Johnson, David       	1892 Apr 02	M	59y      	Madison Tp.         	
0821a	2-J1	Johnson, George W.   	1892 May 13	M	69y      	Swan Tp.            	
0829a	2-J1	Johnson, Henry       	1897 Jan 08	M	79y9m17d 	Zaleski             	
0829b	2-J1	Johnson, Henry       	COMMENT: parents- John Johnson and no mother listed
0808a	2-J1	Johnson, Henry D.    	1887 May 01	S	5m3d     	Zaleski             	
0808b	2-J1	Johnson, Henry D.    	COMMENT: parents- David Johnson and Julia Chandley
0830a	2-J1	Johnson, Ida         	1896 Jun 28	S	16y1m4d  	Alice, Gallia Co.   	
0834a	2-J1	Johnson, Jonas       	1898 Sep 22	M	63y      	Richland Tp.        	
0806a	2-J1	Johnson, L. D.       	1887 Aug 18	M	19y2m3d  	Elk Tp.             	
0831a	2-J1	Johnson, Margaret    	1898 Mar 29	W	80y11m12d	New Plymouth        	
0815a	2-J1	Johnson, Mary E.     	1892 Jan 21	W	65y9m28d 	Knox Tp.            	
0811a	2-J1	Jolley, Maggie       	1889 Dec 16	S	27y8m22d 	Richland Tp.        	
0811b	2-J1	Jolley, Maggie       	COMMENT: parents- James Jolley and Catherine Crow?
0813a	2-J1	Jones,               	1890 Oct 24	S	stillborn	Eagle Tp.           	
0813b	2-J1	Jones,               	COMMENT: parents- Charles Jones and Sarah Flack
0813c	2-J1	Jones,               	COMMENT: Male is noted beside the name
0826a	2-J1	Jones, Anderson      	1895 Nov 24	W	73y      	Hawk                	
0833a	2-J1	Jones, Emma          	1898 Oct 09	S	7y       	Vinton Tp.          	
0934a	2-X1	Jones, Henderson     	1900 Feb 19	M	77y6m    	Hamden Jct.         	
0825a	2-J1	Jones, Henry         	1896 Mar 17	W	61y      	Minerton            	
0825b	2-J1	Jones, Henry         	COMMENT: the 'colored' column is checked
0810a	2-J1	Jones, John S.       	1888 Aug 07	W	70y      	Eagle Tp.           	
0807a	2-J1	Jones, Margaret Ann  	1888 Mar 08	S	-        	(died Eagle Tp.)    	
0812a	2-J1	Jones, Susan         	1889 Jun 26	M	65y      	Wilkesville Tp.     	
1047a	2-X5	Jordan, Joshua       	1899 Sep 29	M	59y3m11d 	Jackson Co.         	
0841a	2-K1	Kale, Francis        	1889 Mar 01	W	76y9m16d 	Zaleski             	
0841a	2-K1	Karns, Sarah         	1891 Feb 14	S	87y5m28d 	Swan Tp.            	
0843a	2-K1	Karns, Thomas H.     	1895 Dec 21	w	28y10m6d 	McArthur            	
1095a	2-X7	Karr, John           	1900 Jan 23	S	82y7d    	Minerton            	
0849a	2-K2	Karr, William        	1898 Aug 02	S	25y      	Eagle Tp.           	
0848a	2-K2	Kaufman, Bertha L.   	1898 May 27	M	27y      	Alice, O.           	
0842a	2-K1	Kavanaugh, Mary      	1889 Feb 16	M	31y      	Zaleski             	
0849a	2-K1	Keepers, John Mills  	1896 May 08	W	83y3m9d  	Paint Rock          	
0842a	2-K2	Keeton, Bertha       	1898 Mar 22	S	5y22d    	Brown Tp.           	
0842b	2-K2	Keeton, Bertha       	COMMENT: parents- Murt Keeton and Jane Esterling
0842a	2-K1	Keeton, Flora Geneva 	1895 Jul 24	W	31y9m5d  	Brown Tp.           	
0847a	2-K1	Keeton, Mary B.      	1891 Jan 16	S	2y10m2d  	Brown Tp.           	
0842a	2-K1	Keeton, Nathan B.    	1891 Dec 27	M	36y10m16d	Brown Tp.           	
0848a	2-K1	Kelber, George       	1890 Jul 13	M	54y4m20d 	Madison Tp.         	
0840a	2-K1	Keller, Mary A.      	1888 Aug 05	S	4y7m29d  	Madison Tp.         	
0850a	2-K2	Kelley, Jane         	1898 May 27	W	84y      	Lone Star, O.       	
0840a	2-K1	Kelley, Patrick      	1895 Dec 03	M	86y      	Lone Star, O.       	
0836a	2-K1	Kelly, John M.       	1887 Apr 20	M	42y2m21d 	Vinton Tp.          	
0849a	2-K1	Kennedy, Allen       	1890 Jun 23	S	6m       	Madison Tp.         	
0844a	2-K1	Kennedy, Arthur      	1889 Dec 28	S	17d      	Madison Tp.         	
0848a	2-K1	Kennedy, John R.     	1893 Nov 07	M	60y4m20d 	(died at Royal)     	
0843a	2-K1	Kennedy, Lydia G.    	1890 Feb 27	S	5y4m10d  	Jackson Tp.         	
0845a	2-K1	Kennedy, Margarette +	1889 Dec 11	M	38y3m1d  	Madison Tp.         	
0847a	2-K1	Kennedy, Sarah E.?   	1897 Jan 02	S	34y11m10d	Jackson Tp.         	
0847b	2-K1	Kennedy, Sarah E.?   	COMMENT: middle initial might be "C."
0840a	2-K1	Kenney, Thomas       	1890 Nov 04	M	68y10m22d	Madison Tp.         	
0846a	2-K2	Kern, Henry          	1897 May 13	M	70y9m27d 	Swan Tp.            	
0849a	2-K1	Kille, Thomas        	1895 Mar 26	M	82y2d    	(died Madison Tp.)  	
0844a	2-K1	Kimbal, Stella       	1895 Jun 17	M	25y      	McArthur            	
0845a	2-K1	Kimmey, John C.      	1892 Jun 23	M	75y1m18d 	Madison Tp.         	
0837a	2-K1	Kincaid, Chelinsee?  	1887 May 11	W	52y      	Vinton Tp.          	
0840a	2-K1	King, John H.        	1896 Jun 17	M	69y4m27d 	McArthur, O.        	
0838a	2-K1	Kinkade, Myrtie      	1887 May 17	-	7y6m7d   	Wilkesville         	
0838b	2-K1	Kinkade, Myrtie      	COMMENT: parents- Frank P. Kinkade and Addeline Alexander
0843a	2-K1	Kinkead, Dennie?     	1891 Jul 29	S	16y5m18d 	Wilkesville, O.     	
0844a	2-K2	Kinney, Francis      	1897 Jan 08	S	79y      	(died Elk Tp.)      	
0847a	2-K2	Kinnison, Chas. A.   	1899 Feb 07	S	2m20d    	Alice, O.           	
0835a	2-K1	Kinsel, Martin       	1887 Jul 05	W	78y2m5d  	Richland Tp.        	
0883a	2-L1	Kirkendall,          	1891 Oct 04	-	-        	Clinton Tp.         	
0883b	2-L1	Kirkendall,          	COMMENT: parents- Hiram Kirkendall and Margaret Kirkendall
0883c	2-L1	Kirkendall,          	COMMENT: this death was recorded in the "L" section
0846a	2-K1	Kirkendall, Donna Gr+	1889 Oct 01	-	1y7m20d  	Creola              	
0851a	2-K2	Kirkendall, Mary E.  	1898 May 17	M	46y      	Clinton Tp.         	
0841a	2-K2	Kirkendall, Merl R.  	1897 Nov 21	S	6y6m27d  	(died Creola)       	
0841a	2-K1	Kness, Susan Louisa  	1896 Jan 14	M	36y5m20d 	(died Pike Run)     	
0848a	2-K1	Knowlton, Emily      	1897 Mar 25	M	49y3d    	Knox                	
0845a	2-K1	Knox, Goldie Marie   	1895 Oct 05	S	3y3m10d  	Byre                	
0845a	2-K2	Knox, Homer E.       	1898 Mar 16	S	15y9m26d 	Clinton Tp.         	
0839a	2-K1	Kolby, Annie         	1887 Oct 17	M	82y3m6d  	Hamden Jct.         	
0843a	2-K2	Kontner, William A.  	1897 Nov 19	M	71y      	McArthur            	
0847a	2-K1	Kroiskamp, John      	1892 Oct 31	M	70y      	Wilkesville Tp.     	
0846a	2-K1	Kroiskamp, John E.   	1892 Apr 05	S	1y4m21d  	Wilkesville Tp.     	
0846a	2-K1	Kruger, Andra        	1896 Dec 05	S	3m       	Richland Tp.        	
0844a	2-K1	Kyser, John          	1892 Sep 12	M	60y5m21d 	McArthur            	
0901a	2-L2	Lady, Sarah          	1896 Feb 21	W	77y21d   	Pike Run            	
0898a	2-L2	Lafolette, Delbert   	1894 Sep 30	S	24y2m8d  	Harrison Tp.        	
0853a	2-L1	Lafollett, Eliza     	1888 Feb 19	W	75y10m   	Elk Tp.             	
0873a	2-L1	Lafollett, Ethel Bla+	1890 Jul - 	S	7m23d    	Harrison Tp.        	
0868a	2-L1	Lagore, Ida (bastard)	1889 Apr 22	-	1y9m     	infirmary           	
0918a	2-L2	Lair, Earl B.        	1899 Aug 16	S	6m       	Richland Tp.        	
0913a	2-L2	Lair, Hattie         	1898 Mar 14	M	24y2m4d  	Clinton Tp.         	
0871a	2-L1	Lake, Francis        	1889 Jun 21	M	78y1m17d 	Knox Tp.            	
0886a	2-L1	Lake, Margaret       	1892 Jan 20	W	75y7m19d 	Knox Tp.            	
0865a	2-L1	Lanager, Catherine   	1889 Jan 03	-	3m2d     	Madison Tp.         	
0908m	2-L2	Lanan,               	COMMENT: also see Lauan as a possible interpretation
0908a	2-L2	Lanan, Edward J.     	1897 Oct 10	S	5y3m15d  	Clinton Tp.         	
0907a	2-L2	Lanane?, Thomas      	1897 Apr 29	M	38y28d   	Clinton Tp.         	
0887a	2-L1	Landis, James E.     	1891 May 02	S	1d       	Knox Tp.            	
0872a	2-L1	Lantz, Aaron R.      	1890 Jun 29	M	38y7m15d 	Elk Tp.             	
0896a	2-L2	Lapage, Vashti       	1894 Apr 23	S	6y5m9d   	Radcliff, O.        	
0876a	2-L1	Large, Christina     	1890 Jul 15	W	84y4m    	Swan Tp.            	
0863a	2-L1	Large, William       	1888 Nov 27	M	99y9m4d  	Swan Tp.            	
0917a	2-L2	Largent, Jane        	1898 Aug 30	W	81y      	Brown Tp.           	
0875a	2-L1	Larrick, Casper      	1891 Feb 05	W	81y7m16d 	Swan Tp.            	
0881a	2-L1	Lash, Mary           	1891 Jul 19	W	90y16d   	(died Brown Tp.)    	
0912a	2-L2	Lash, Purthenia      	1897 Jul 26	S	15y10m8d 	Brown Tp.           	
0856a	2-L1	Lauan?, Bridget      	1888 Feb 25	M	67y3m10d 	Dundas              	
0856b	2-L1	Lauan?, Bridget      	COMMENT: surname might be Lanan?, hard to distinguish
0857a	2-L1	Lauan?, Mary         	1887 Oct 04	S	13d      	Dundas              	
0857b	2-L1	Lauan?, Mary         	COMMENT: surname might be Lanan?, hard to distinguish
0857c	2-L1	Lauan?, Mary         	COMMENT: parents- Jno. F. Lauan? and no mother listed
0854a	2-L1	Laudman, Wm.         	1887 Jul 01	M	95y1m22d 	Eagle Tp.           	
0914a	2-L2	Lavelle, Thomas      	1898 Sep 14	W	72y      	(died McArthur)     	
0859a	2-L1	Lawler, Daniel       	1888 Dec 29	M	74y4m3d  	Wilkesville Tp.     	
0916a	2-L2	Lawler, Edward       	1898 Jul 27	S	3m6d     	Minerton            	
0870a	2-L1	Lawler, Ellen        	1889 Sep 26	W	72y      	Wilkesville Tp.     	
0911a	2-L2	Lawler, Fidelia      	1898 Mar 27	-	1m21d    	Vinton              	
0897a	2-L2	Lawler, John R.      	1895 Jan 06	-	21d      	Minerton, O.        	
0902a	2-L2	Lawry, Anna          	1895 Dec 02	S	21y6m14d 	McArthur            	
0906a	2-L2	Leach, Elsy          	1896 Dec 04	W	82y5m20d 	Richland Tp.        	
0862a	2-L1	Lee, Dennis W.       	1888 Jul 04	-	1y6m     	Creola              	
0985a	2-X3	Lee, Emmanuel        	1900 Mar 24	W	90y      	Infirmary           	
0889a	2-L1	Lee, Florinda M.     	1893 Jan 02	M	62y      	Swan Tp.            	
0891a	2-L1	Lee, John            	1893 Dec 21	-	74y      	Elk Tp.             	
0893a	2-L2	Lee, Nelson          	1894 Sep 06	M	70y      	infirmary           	
0869a	2-L1	Levering, Willie     	1889 Aug 21	-	30d      	Zaleski, O.         	
0909a	2-L2	Lewellyn, Orvill B.  	1898 Mar 07	-	9m       	Knox                	
0909b	2-L2	Lewellyn, Orvill B.  	COMMENT: parents- Oscar Lewellyn and Mary Dunn
0861a	2-L1	Lewis,               	1888 Sep 13	-	2m9d     	Creola              	
0861b	2-L1	Lewis,               	COMMENT: parents- E. A. Lewis and Lydia A. Specht
0888a	2-L1	Lewis, George H.     	1892 Nov 02	S	19y      	Clinton Tp.         	
1088a	2-X6	Lewis, Mary          	1900 Feb 12	M	31y11m14d	Wilkesville Tp.     	
0885a	2-L1	Lindzy, Temperance   	1891 Apr 30	M	36y      	Swan Tp.            	
0884a	2-L1	Linn, Matilda        	1891 Dec 26	W	66y3m26d 	Swan Tp.            	
0903a	2-L2	Little, Jonathan     	1897 Feb 14	M	68y7d    	Bee, O.             	
0920a	2-L2	Littlejohn, Geo. W.  	1898 Dec 28	S	23y      	Hamden Jct.         	
0866a	2-L1	Lively, Nellie A.    	1888 Dec 14	-	7m       	Knox Tp.            	
0919a	2-L2	Livingston, Alexander	1898 Aug 06	M	72y      	Hamden Jct.         	
0874a	2-L1	Livingston, David D. 	1890 Dec 24	M	58y1m2d  	Richland Tp.        	
0864a	2-L1	Livingston, John     	1888 May 05	W	90y8m5d  	Richland Tp.        	
0864b	2-L1	Livingston, John     	COMMENT: parents- Alex Livingston and no mother listed
0905a	2-L2	Livingston, Nancy E. 	1896 Sep 12	W	52y5m5d  	Richland Tp.        	
0878a	2-L1	Long, Belle          	1890 Jun 11	S	18y3m19d 	Wilkesville Tp.     	
0994a	2-X3	Long, Eliza          	1899 Nov 27	S	76y2m6d  	McArthur            	
0892a	2-L2	Long, Emmet          	1893 May 04	S	17y3m17d 	Wilkesville Tp.     	
0867a	2-L1	Long, George         	1888 Nov 11	W	87y9m    	Elk Tp.             	
0915a	2-L2	Long, Isaac          	1899 Mar 20	M	70y28m?  	(died Elk Tp.)      	
0915b	2-L2	Long, Isaac          	COMMENT: perhaps the 28 in the months column should be 28d?
0877a	2-L1	Long, Robert William 	1890 Sep 27	S	16y4m16d 	Wilkesville Tp.     	
0882a	2-L1	Long, Stephen H.     	1891 May 12	M	50y2m6d  	Clinton Tp.         	
0895a	2-L2	Longdon, Deborah     	1894 Jul 27	M	73y5m2d  	(died Madison Tp.)  	
0900a	2-L2	Longdon, Joseph      	1895 Nov 16	W	79y      	Zaleski, O.         	
1070a	2-X6	Lonther?, Jesse      	1899 Nov 07	W	77y10m12d	Vinton Tp.          	
1070b	2-X6	Lonther?, Jesse      	COMMENT: surname could be Louther?, hard to distinguish
0858a	2-L1	Loper, Ernest        	1889 Mar 13	-	4m3d     	Hope Fce            	
0858b	2-L1	Loper, Ernest        	COMMENT: parents- Alex Loper and Viola Jones
0852a	2-L1	Lowry, Elizabeth     	1887 Oct 22	W	75y6m7d  	McArthur            	
0860a	2-L1	Lucas, George        	1888 Jul 18	W	31y2m25d 	Wilkesville Tp.     	
0880a	2-L1	Lucas, Hannah        	1890 Apr 17	S	17y6m26d 	Wilkesville Tp.     	
0879a	2-L1	Lucas, Jane          	1890 May 08	S	22y11m16d	Wilkesville Tp.     	
0855a	2-L1	Lundy, Wm.           	1887 Oct 30	M	78y      	Minerton            	
0904a	2-L2	Lyle, Earl McKinley  	1896 Nov 15	S	2m       	Richland Tp.        	
0899a	2-L2	Lyle, John F.        	1895 Jan 18	-	-        	Allensville, O.     	
1002a	2-X3	Lyle, Robert Henry   	1900 Jan 14	M	35y20d   	Harrison Tp.        	
0890a	2-L1	Lyons, Katy          	1893 Dec 10	W	79y1m5d  	Arbaugh, P.O.       	
0890b	2-L1	Lyons, Katy          	COMMENT: parents- Jacob Allman and Eliz. Mark
0894a	2-L2	Lyons, Robert A.     	1895 Feb 20	M	38y8m27d 	McArthur, O.        	
0910a	2-L2	Lyons, William       	1898 Jan 04	M	79y      	(died Elk Tp.)      	

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