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I'm searching for information on the family name Cummings and Redman. Emanuel and Mary Cummings lived in Liberty township in the early 1850's.
  Mary, maiden name Redman, died in 1855.  Brent Cummings  Submitted March 2015

I am attempting to help my wife locate her actual parents. She was adopted in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, born June 5, 1967.
The only information that was made available to her and I by her adopting parents was that her mother was from Van Wert, Ohio.  I did have at one time a birth date for her actual mother but cannot locate it right now. I believe the birth year was roughly 1948. I previously contacted the Van Wert Records and spoke with a nice lady who provided me with the only name on a girl born on the date we had for her mother's D.O.B. but were unable to locate this person. We also know her mom was approximately 18 years old when she gave birth, French background, and her father was approximately 21 years old, of German background, 6'2.  We unfortunately do not have any other information. We also just had her DNA registered with and it came back with a possible hit of a second cousin match with a Roberta Bunker (Boyle) who at one point lived in Toledo, Ohio. I was also able to locate a Jon Boyle age 51 who was also from Van Wert but do not know if this is a relative of hers. We are simply seeking to find her family medical so that we can provide this to our own daughter. We are not seeking to find her actual family for any other reason. I appreciate it if there is any way to post this on the Van Wert genealogy page in the event anyone would know of who her mother might possibly be. We are assuming because her mother/father were unmarried, she was sent to Florida to give birth. This is simply an assumption on our part.  Mary, maiden name Redman, died in 1855.  Jim Moon  Submitted August 2015
                James E. Moon, Esquire Quintairos, Prieto, Wood & Boyer, P.A.
                13350 Metro Parkway, Ste. 304, Fort Myers, Florida 33966
                Telephone: (239) 690-5065, Facsimile: (239) 690-5066

Any information on when Jacob and his parents came to Ohio would be great. Thank you!   Kristina Socha  Submitted October 2016

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