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Surnames: JONES
Decedent: Sarah Jones
Date listed: Friday, January 12, 1906

Mrs. Sarah Jones, daughter of David and Ann Hughes, was born in York township, Van Wert county, in 1852. She departed this life January 3, 1906 aged fifty-four years. Besides her husband, she is survived by three daughters, one brother and one sister. Funeral seivices were held at the Venedocia church, Friday at one p. m., conducted by her pastor, Rev. E. Roberts, ably assisted by Rev. D. M. Jones. Interment at Horeb cemetery. She gave her heart early to her Maker and became a member of Salem church and her life was an example of trust and confidence in the promises of the Gospel of Jesus, the Mediator between God and man. She bore her many years of suffering with patience and fortitude and faded away as a flower of the field. Mother will be missed, but your lose is her gain,

Surnames: KEHLER
Decedent: Mary Kehler
Date listed: Tuesday, January 16, 1906

The remains of Mrs. Mary Kehler, who died Wednesday, evening at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Charles Mahon, of Scott, were brought to this town Friday evening and taken to Dunkirk Saturday morning, where the funeral services were held.

Surnames: KALER
Decedent: Mrs. Kaler
Date listed: Friday, January 19, 1906

Mrs. Kaler, mother of Mrs. Mahon, of this place. died Thursday evening, after a lingering illness. Her remains were taken to Dunkirk for burial. (Scott)

Surnames: KENWELL
Decedent: Infant Kenwell
Date listed: Tuesday, February 27, 1906

An infant of Mr. and Mrs. Kenwell, who reside seven miles North-west of the city, died yesterday, aged one year. The funeral will be held Tuesday morning at ten o'clock at the home. Burial at the Taylor cemetery.

Surnames: JONES
Decedent: Thomas J. Jones
Date listed: Friday, May 18, 1906

Thomas J. Jones received a massage this morning, announcing the death of his uncle, Thomas S. Jones. at his home in Oak Hill. Mr. Jones was sixty-five years old and was a veteran of the Civil war. The funeral services will be held Tuesday morning at his late home.

Surnames: JONES
Decedent: Thomas S. Jones
Date listed: Friday, May 18, 1906

Mrs. Rev. R. F. Edwards went to Jackson county, on Monday to attend the funeral service of her uncle, Thomas S. Jones, of Moriah. She was accompanied by Orus Morgan, the oldest son of T. S. Morgan.

Surnames: RASHNER
Decedent: Lena Rashner
Date listed: Friday, July 13, 1906

Mrs. Lena Rashner died of paralysis, Monday, at the home of her son, Henry Kashner, four miles North of the city. She was seventy-three years of age and has only resided in this county about two months, having come here from Shelby county to reside with her son. The funeral services were held at the North Union church, Wednesday morning at ten o'clock. Burial at Woodland.

Decedent: J. P. Kavanaugh
Date listed: Friday, August 3, 1906

J.P. Kavanaugh, of Cavette, died Wednesday at Colorado Springs, Colorado, of quick consumption, where he had gone the twelfth of last month for the benefit of his failing health. Mr. Kavanaugh was twenty-nine years of age and had been agent of the Cincinnati Northern railroad at Cavette for seven years at the time of his departure for the West He leaves a wife, who was formerly Hattie Mohr, a daughter of Gottleib Mohr of Hoaglin township. The remains have been shipped for this county and are expected to arrive this evening, the uncertainty of the arrival making it impossible to make definite funeral arrangements at this time.

Surnames: JONES
Decedent: child Jones
Date listed: Wednesday, August 8, 1906

A two year old child of Mr. and Mrs. Jim Jones, South of here, died of cholera infantum, and was buried last Friday, at the Venedocia cemetery.

Surnames: JONES
Decedent: daughter Jones
Date listed: Friday, August 31, 1906

The little two year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. H. Jones died of congestion of the brain. Funeral ser- vice was conducted by Dr. D.M. Jones. Interment at Venedocia cemetery.

Surnames: KEAR
Decedent: Ernestine Kear
Date listed: Tuesday, September 4, 1906

Ernestine, the seven month old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Kear, of Akron, formerly of this cty, died at their home Thursday evening. The funeral services were held Saturday afternoon at three o'clock. Mrs. Leon Blake went to Akron to attend the services.

Surnames: KANNEL
Decedent: Mrs. Henry Kannel
Date listed: Friday, December 7, 1906

Mrs. Henry Kannel died of typhoid fever at an early hour Tuesday morning, at her home five miles Southwest of town. She was aged about fifty-four years and is survived by her husband and one daughter, Mrs. Alferd Drake. The funeral service was held at the Pleasant Grove church at ten o'clock, sun time, Thursday morning. Burial at Woodland cemetery.

Surnames: KANNEL
Decedent: Lucy A. Kannel
Date listed: Tuesday, December 11, 1906

Mrs. Lucy A. Kannel was born January 6, 1853, died December 4, 1906 aged fifty-three years, ten months and twenty-eight days. Short illness of typhoid fever. Was married to Henry Kannel 1877, came to Van Wert county in 1881. She leaves a husband, a daughter and a host of friends to mourn her loss. The events of each day of our lives furnish new proof that the pale and shadowy-robed reaper, whose name is death, still wanders: through life's harvest fields, reaping as he goes. Sometimes he reaps the grain fully ripe, of sear leaf, and ears full and grown. Again, he takes the tender shooting blade and transplants it to the fields of heaven while oftentimes he gathers the strong, the fresh and verdant. With noiseless but unwelcome step he hath entered a home where never before his shadowy form had sat. He staid not long; for ah, he went not as he came, alone; for there went one with him, who it seemed was the light and joy and pride of the household. With what fondiness and assiduity did loving hands administer to her wants, how eagerly were their efforts to win her back tQ life and health. Yet all was in vain. The fiat bad gone forth and human efforts could avail but little, she was walked through the dark valley. But she assured the loving one who lingered fonily round her bedside she wduld not walk alone, her Savior would support her there and that she had a hundred joys for every pain. We have consigned her body to its mother earth, but we hope she has reached the better shore of the spirit land, and now walks in spotless robes among the myriads of the redeemed.
Beautiful toiler, thy work is done,
Beautifal soul into glory gone;
Beautiful life with its crown now won,
God giveth thee rest.
Rest from all sorrow and awakening and fears,
Rest from all possible sighing and tears;
Rest through God endleas wonderful years
At home with the blest.
Writing of her Sunday School scholar.
Elmira Lee

Surnames: JONES
Decedent: Maurice Jones
Date listed: Tuesday, December 18, 1906

Services over the remains of Maurice Jones were held Friday afternoon, at Venedocia. Mr. Jones was stricken of typhoid fever, while working in the oil fields at Independence, Iowa. Mr. Jones was aged thirty-four years.

Surnames: ASKINS
Decedent: William Askins
Date listed: Sunday, July 14, 1907

William Askins, well known citizen of Middlepoint, is dead from heart trouble at the age of 55 years. He leaves the following children: an attorney of Toledo; Charles, Donald, and Mrs. Mary Foster, all of Middlepoint.
Mr. Askins was a man highly respected. He was elected and served for a time as mayor of the village where he for many year was engaged in the dry goods business. The funeral will be held today from the home at 10 o'clock. The body will then he taken to Elida where another funeral service will be held at 2 o'clock in the Lutheran church. Rev. H. C. Ter Vehn will conduct both services.

Surnames: ATHEY
Decedent: Ray Athey
Date listed: Sunday, July 21, 1907

Mrs. L. C. Blake, of Fulton street, received a message from James Athey, of Decatur, Mich., stating that their son. Ray Athey aged 17 years, had drowned in a lake near their home while in bathing. The Athey boy was a fair swimmer and it is supposed that he was attacked with cramps which made it impossible for him to escape drowning. Mrs. Blake is an aunt to the unfortunate boy, and with Mrs. W. M. Kear, Mr. and Mrs. 0. M. Kear, went to the Athey home yesterday to attend the funeral which will be held in Decatur, Mich., today at 2 o'clock. The Athey family were residents of this city about ten years ago. Mr. Athey being a car repairer in the C. N. shops.

Surnames: ATHEY
Decedent: Ray Athey
Date listed: Sunday, July 28, 1907

The following clipping from the Decatur, Michigan, Republican, gives the details of the drowning of Ray Athey, son of James and Elsie Athey, former residents of this city:
  "Ray Athey was drowned In the old swimming hole last Friday evening and the Lake of the Woods has claimed another of Decatur's best young men.
  "Ray did the delivering for Evans' grocery that day and when he put out the horse at 6 o'clock he and Floyd Mullinex and Dalton Brown went to the lake. At the swimming place the water grows deeper gradually to about five feet and then there is a pitch off to eight or ten feet. Ray waded out too far and went over the pitch off. He could not swim and called frantically for help. Floyd Mullinex did his best to save him but was not large enough and strong enough to do so. Walter Brown's boy is still smaller and was powerless to help. The boys ran to the village for assistance and a crowd quickly gathered at the lake but it was not until 11 o'clock that the body was recovered."

Decedent: Sesanna Agler
Date listed: Thursday, August 1, 1907

Sesanna AGLER, nee NIFORD, was born in Stark county. Ohio, June 18, 1825; departed this life July 26, 1907, aged 72 years, 1 month and 8 days. She moved with her parents to Van Wert county in 1818, and was united in marriage to Jos. Agler October 17, 1856. To this union was born four sons and two daughters. She leaves a husband, three sons and one daughter, two sisters, one brother, twenty-nine grandchildren and nine great grand-children to mourn their loss.

Surnames: AGLER
Decedent: Mrs. Joseph Agler
Date listed: Tuesday, August 13, 1907

Mrs. Joseph Agler died Friday night at 2 o'clock. Burial at Greenbriar, Sunday, at 2 o'clock.

Surnames: ALLBAUGH
Decedent: Eliza Allbaugh
Date listed: Wednesday, August 21, 1907

Mrs. Eliza Allbaugh, a highly respected lady, aged 79 years, died at her home in Ohio City, yesterday evening after a short illness. The deceased leaves two daughters, Mrs. John Koch and Mrs. Frank Allen. Both of Ohio City. The funeral over the remains will be held at the home in that town Thursday afternoon at 2 o'clock, after which the body will be placed in the vault at Woodland cemetery, this city. Interment will not be made until later

Surnames: FOSS
Decedent: Samuel B. Foss
Date listed: Wednesday, August 21, 1907

Bridge Man Fell From Structure
and Was Killed.
Samuel B. Foss, who belonged to the bridge gang on the Erie railroad, and whose home is at Hamden, Ind., fell from a structure on which he was working and was instantly killed by the fall. When picked up it was found that his neck was broken. The accident occurred near Ohio City.
nbsp;  Funeral services over his remains will be held at Ohio City tomorrow. Undertaken Webb, of this city, was called last night to care for the remains.

Surnames: FOSS
Decedent: Samuel Foss
Date listed: Thursday, August 22, 1907

The funeral of Samuel Foss, who was killed at Hamden, Ind., Wednesday by falling from a bridge, will be held at Ohio City tomorrow (Friday) at 10 o'clock. Mr. Foss was a resident of Ohio City.

Surnames: FAGAN
Decedent: Larena Zenith Fagan
Date listed: Friday, August 23, 1907

Larena Zenith Fagan, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Fagan, died at 11 o'clock Wednesday night at their home on Harrison street, aged five months. Funeral services at 2 o'clock today at the home in charge of Rev. Worman.

Surnames: FOSS
Decedent: Samuel Foss
Date listed: Saturday, August 24, 1907

The funeral services over the remains of Samuel Foss, of Ohio City, who was killed by falling from a building in Hamden, Ind., and breaking his neck, was held from the Church of God in Ohio City yesterday at 10 o'clock.
nbsp;  The only child, a daughter, Mrs. Joseph Johnson, of Robinson, Ill., who could not be notified of her father's sudden death excepting by registered letter, arrived home yesterday morning. This was all due to the impossibility of telegraphing to her on account of the big telegraphers strike. Telephonic communications could not be made and a last resort a registered letter was sent.
Mr. Foss had been a member of a carpenters gang on the Erie railroad for nine years and was aged about 50 years. He was at work on an old building which was being torn down preparatory to the erection of a storage for the railroad company. He was using a bar of iron with which be was prying rafters from their fastenings. The rafters were seemingly firmly fastened and had been requiring considerable leverage and force to remove them. He had been noticed to place his bar of iron and with the usual force began to pry off the rafter. The rafter was not so securely nailed and coming loose with a jerk he lost his balance and falling backwards to the ground, a distance of nineteen feet, broke his neck and died instantly.
Christopher Hoffman, of Ohio City, also a member of the gang, witnessed the accident and brought the dead man back to his home. The deceased leaves a wife, the daughter mentioned, and one sister, Mrs. Wert, wife of John Wert, well known gardener of Liberty township. The body was buried in the Ohio City cemetery.

Surnames: ALDRICH
Decedent: Theodore Aldrich
Date listed: Wednesday, September 4, 1907

Theodore Aldrich, formerly of Hoaglin township, but who for several years has resided at Cavett, died Monday night, September 2nd. The deceased was a soldier in the Civil war and has for some time been in poor health and so badly crippled that he was unable to work. Last Sunday morning he started out for a walk on the C. N. railroad, which passes near his late home. Some person walking the track a few hours later saw Mr. Aldrich's body lying at a culvert from which he had fallen. It is atated that the deceased was subject to sinking spells, and it is supposed he was overcome with one of these and fell where he was found. He was removed to his home where he died as above stated.
Mr. Aldrich was aged 72 years and was a member of Company E, 79th 0.V.I. Funeral services will be held at ten o'clock Thursday morning at North Union M. E. church. Interment at Taylor cemetery.

Surnames: ACKLEY
Decedent: John Ackley
Date listed: Sunday, September 15, 1907

John ACKLEY, aged 71 years, and a pioneer of Van Wert county, died at his home in Union township as a result of a stroke of paralysis yesterday morning. Funeral services will be held Monday mornning at 9:30 o'clock. Burial will be made at \Woodland cemetery. John Ackley, who fell and broke his hip a few weeks ago, died last Saturday, aged 74 years. He was buried in the Woodland cemetery Monday. He leaves seven children to mourn their loss.

Decedent: Fred W. Finkhouse
Date listed: Friday, September 27, 1907

Fred W. Finkhouse, of South Shannon street. is dead at Stanton, Mich., after a short illness of diabetes. Only a few days ago he returned to that place from this city to, gather crops preparatory to returning here to spend the winter. He and his wife have been there during the summer attending to his farm work. He was 33 years of age and was a carpenter by trade. This evening, at 8: 25, his body will be brought to this city over the C. N. railroad and will be taken to the home of L. W. Balyeat, of South Shannon street, from which place the funeral will he held Saturday. Rev. R. A. Powell, of the U. B. church, will conduct the funeral services and the Baptist choir will sing. Burial will be made in Woodland cemetery.

Surnames: FAIR
Decedent: Bertha Fair
Date listed: Saturday, September 28, 1907

Miss Bertha Fair, aged 19 years, daughter of Silas Fair, formerly a resident of Van Wert, died at the home of her parents, in Lima, on Thursday, September 26th, as a result or inflammation or the bowels. Her remains will be brought to Van Wert and funeral services held today at 10:30 at the Presbyterian church. Rev. Gordon will conduct the services. Burial at Ridge cemetery.

Decedent: Mrs. William Armstrong
Date listed: Wednesday, October 2, 1907

Mrs. William Armstrong, aged 93 years, living with her daughter, Mrs. John Miller, west of the city, died at 1 o'clock yesterday morning, after a general breaking down of her health, due to old age. She leaves a son, Uriah Armstrong, of this county, and another son in Cincinnati. The funeral will he held today at 2 p. m. by Rev. J. A. Gordon. Burial will be made in Woodland cemetery.

Surnames: FACKLER
Decedent: Henry Fackler
Date listed: Tuesday, October 8, 1907

Henry Fackler, aged 85 years, and living with his daughter, Mrs. John Kitzenberger, of Woodland avenue, died yesterday morning. He had been sick for some time. The funeral will be held from the home Thursday. The hour has not yet been named.

Surnames: FACKLER
Decedent: Henry Fackler
Date listed: Wednesday, October 9, 1907

The funeral services over the remanis (sic) of Henry Fackler will be held from the home of his daughter, Mrs. Homer Kitzenberger today at 10 a. m. Burial will be made in Hoaglin township.

Surnames: FLEMMING
Decedent: R. H. Flemming
Date listed: Wednesday, October 9, 1907

Dr. R. C Flemming was called to Ludlow Falls, Ky., yesterday by the death of his father, R. H. Flemming, a prominent business man, of that place. Mr. Flemming was eighty years of age and all his life had been an active business man. Dr. Flemming went to Ludlow on the noon train on the C. N railroad.

Surnames: FACKLER
Decedent: Henry H. Fackler
Date listed: Wednesday, November 6, 1907

Henry H. Fackler was born near Harrisburg, Pa., June 23, 1823, died October 7, 1907, aged 84 years, 3 months and 14 days. When 17 years old he accompanied his parents to Richland county, 0. He was united in marriage to Nancy Beer, September 7, 1843, which tie remained unbroken for a period of fifty-three years. His wife preceded him to the better land about twelve years ago. To them were born eight children. Two boys and one girl died in childhood. One son, Emanuel, and Sarah A. Fry and Alice L. Young, preceded him to the great beyond. He had two married children. all of whom he assisted in securing homes. Deceased had been quite feeble for past eight years, but he daily read his Bible being able to do so without the aid of glasses. He was of sterling character, honest and upright in all his dealings with his fellow men. He has passed to that reward that is promised to them who trust in Him who doeth all things well. He leaves one son, one daughter, eighteen grandchildren and twenty-two great grandchildren. His funeral services, conducted by Rev. Mounts, took place at the home of his daughter on Woodland avenue, this city, and he was buried beside his wife in Hoaglin township German Baptist cemetery.

Surnames: ADAMS
Decedent: daughter Adams
Date listed: Thursday, November 21, 1907

A horrible accident occurred at the home of Mr. and Mrs. John Adams, six miles south-east of Delphos, when their three-year-old daughter was almostly instantly killed by the wheel of a wagon passing over its head and crushing it. Mr. Adams was engaged in hauling his winter's supply of wood to the house, and at noon as he was approaching the house, his three-year old daughter came to meet him. Unbeknown to the father, the child attempted tb climb onto the wagon and in so doing fell, and one of the wheels passed over its head crushing it and causing death In a short time. The parents are almost prostrated with grief and have the sympathy of everyone in this sad affair.

Surnames: FISCHER
Decedent: Elizabeth Fischer
Date listed: Tuesday, December 24, 1907

Mrs. Matthias Fischer died suddenly at her home two and one-half miles southwest of Delphos Sunday morning at 8:45 o'clock. She has been afflicted with heart trouble for some time but arose Sunday morning feeling as well as usual. She spent some time about the house and then went to her room to lie down. She was stricken with an attack of heart trouble immediately upon reaching her room and passed away before assistance could be rendered. Mrs. Fischer, whose maiden name was Elizabeth Wegesin, was born in June, 1851, on the farm on which her death occurred, and was 56 years, 3 months and 21 days old at the time of her death. In 1871 she was married to Matthias Fischer, in Delphos.

Surnames: WELCH
Decedent: Mrs. Jos. Welch
Date listed: Thursday, August 6, 1908

After many months of patient suffering, Mrs. Jos. Welch passed from life to death at her home at 409 West Third street, Delphos, Tuesday evening, at 7:10 o'clock. Twenty-three months ago Mrs. Welch suffered a stroke of paralysis, which affected her entire right side, and she has since been in a helpless condition requiring constant attention. During the past few months she has had several light strokes, and one week ago Monday she suffered another severe stroke, which rendered her unconscious, and she remained in that condition until death came. Every possible care was given her and medical aid rendered, but all to no avail, and she slept away at the time stated above. Three sons, Thomas, Samuel and Prine Welch, of Delphos, and two daughters, Miss Anna Welch, of Delphos, and Mrs. T. Trusx, of New London, survive. Nine grandchildren and four great grandchildren also survive.

Obituary submitted by: Elise (Sullivan) Mannion,

Surnames: FOX
Decedent: Otho Fox
Date listed: Tuesday, June 14, 1910

Submitted by: Sandra Brum
Otho FOX 1824--1910
Otho Fox, aged eighty-six years who died Sunday evening in The Toledo Hospital was brought to this city, Monday evening. His body was immediately taken to the family home in Hoaglin Township. The deceased was a Civil War veteran and is survived by a wife, three daughters and two sons. One daughter resides in Findlay, another in Montana and Mrs Rhinesmith on south wayne street, this city. The two sons are John, of Hoaglin township and Benjamin, of Fort Wayne, Funeral services from the U.B. church Hoagllin township, Wednesday morning at ten O'clock. Burial at Woodland cemetery. Lulu Fowler who was here from Cleveland to attend the funeral of her grandfather Otho Fox of Hoaglin township has gone to her home.

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