Obituaries for February 1872 thru April 1882

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Surnames: BLACK
Decedent: Matthias Black
Date listed: Tuesday, February 23, 1872

Death of a Pioneer
Mr. Matthias Black, one of the early settlers of this county, and a highly respectable citizen died at his residence in Union township, on the 12th inst.
Mr. Black was born in Adams county, Pa., Feb 4th 1817. His afflicted family will have the sympathies of a large circle of friends.

Surnames: FOWLER
Decedent: Robert M. Fowler
Date listed: Tuesday, October 26, 1877

Death of Robert M. Fowler
Mr. Robert M. Fowler, who moved here from Fairfield county, Ohio about 25 years ago (1857) and first settled in town, where T. Geppert
now lives and afterwards on the farm owned by Mr. John M. Clark, a mile west of town, died at Convoy last monday, after a protracted illness,
aged something over 78 years. Mr. Fowler was an honest, upright man, one who always tried to do according to his best judgement what was right
between his fellow men. At one time he was a minister of the Gospel, but of late years to feeble to preach from the pulpit as formerly. It will be remembered
that he received severe injuries from being thrown from a wagon over a year ago by a locomotive, when crossing the railroad
near the residence of Mr. H.P. Holmes. From these injuries he never fully recovered. On last Wednesday his body was interrred in the P.M. Dix Cemetery.
Submitted by Sandra Brun,

Decedent: M.J.Laufferty
Date listed: Tuesday, April 8, 1881

Mr. M. J. LAUFFERTY, of Fort Wayne, was chosen pall bearer for one of his friends on Tuesday of last week, and requested his wife to prepare an early dinner, as his
duties would take him at 2 p. m. During its preparation she missed him and on examination found him dying in the water-closet. The physician pronounced
the cause of death paralysis of the heart. Mr. Laufferty was the father of our former clothing merchant, Mr. S. L. Laufferty, the son-in-law of Gen. A. Jacobs.

Surnames: KRIDER
Decedent: John Krider
Date listed: Tuesday, July 22, 1881

Sudden Death of an Old Citizen. On last Tuesday Mr. John KRIDER, who resided in the south part of Pleasant township, died suddenly of sunstroke.
Mr. K. was a large fleshy man and about 60 years old at the time of his death. We are informed that Mr. Krider came to Van Wert county about
twenty years ago and purchased a good farm. Last summer he built a large frame house and was nicely fixed to enjoy serene old age.

Surnames: KISER
Decedent: Mrs. Emma Kiser
Date listed: Tuesday, August 5, 1881

Mrs. Emma KISER nee Crumrine died Saturday at 2 p.m. and was buried in Woodland Cemetery Sunday afternoon.

Surnames: KEAR
Decedent: Robert Kear
Date listed: Friday, October 11, 1881

Death of Robert Kear. Sunday evening, Nov. 6th, Mr. Robert KEAR died of Bright's disease, after a long and tedious illness, aged 33 years. He was born
in this town and had always lived here. He leaves a wife and five children.
Mr. Kear was not a member of any church, but while on his death-bed, made a profession of conversion. He was for a number of years and up to his death
an efficient member of the fire company and having been one of the first persons born in this county, was well known. His funeral was held at the Methodist Church,
Tuesday afternoon at two, Rev. Fish officiating. The burial took place at the old cemetery.

Surnames: JONES
Decedent: Isaiah Jones
Date listed: Tuesday, October 14, 1881

Sudden Death of a Respected Citizen Friday night, Oct. 7th, Mr. Isaiah JONES died after a few hour's illness, aged 56 years. He was born in Clermont county, 0.,
Nov. 27th, 1825,and lived until there until '5I, when he moved to York township, Van Wert county, and married Miss Roxana Smith, of Clermont county, 0.,
who survives him. He lived in this town from '61 until the time of his death, leaving a wife and young boy to mourn his sudden death. Mr. Jones, or "Ike," as he was
familiarly called, was from his social qualities, one of the most popular of our citizens. On all pleasurable occasions, his presence was in demand and no picnic or
excursion was complete without him. Aside from these desirable qualities, be was a useful man; doing good in many ways quietly and without ostentation. He was
extremely generous; no deserving unfortunate was ever turned from his door cold or hungry. These combined traits have made his death a sincere regret
and a loss to the community.

Surnames: LAUDICK
Decedent: Conrad Laudick
Date listed: Tuesday, November 18, 1881

DIED.- On the afternoon of November 14th, Mr. Conrad LAUDICK, aged 69 years. The deceased was one of the first settlers of Delphos, having arrived here
in the fall of 1842, with T. Wrocklage, F. Bredeick and several others, who have all been identified in the material rise and prosperity of the now thriving town of Delphos.
The funeral took place from John's Catholic Church.

Surnames: KEEVER
Decedent: Infant Keever
Date listed: Tuesday, December 30, 1881

Jacob KEEVER and wife and infant. It died Saturday at 2 p. m. and was buried in Woodland Cemetery Sunday afternoon. (Dixon)

Surnames: LESLIE
Decedent: Albert J. Leslie
Date listed: Monday, April 8, 1882

Died at his father's residence at the county Infirmary
on the morning of the 28th ult., Dr. Albert J. LESLIE. Dr. Leslie was born in Hancock county, Ohio, on the 17th day of June 1846, and consequently was in
the 35th year of his earthly pilgrimage. He read medicine with his father and brother, and graduated from the Cleveland Medical College in the Spring of 1872,
and in the following Summer was married to Miss Belle Robinson and settled in Convoy where he practiced medicine until that insidious but successful foe of
human life, Asthmatical Consumption, compelled him to retire from practice last Fall and seek relief in a different climate, and for that purpose he moved
with his family to Sacramento, California; but not obtaining the anticipated relief he returned to Convoy, arriving here on the 25th day of February, attended
by his brother, Dr. B.F., who had gone to California to bring him home. He remained here a few days and then went to visit his father's family at the infirmary,
from which place he was returned a corpse on the 29th ult, and on the following day his funeral was attended by a large concourse of his old friends and neighbors.
He was buried in accordance with the rules and regulations of I.O.O.F., of which Order he was an eminent and devoted member. The Convoy Cornet Band
also aided in the ceremony. The funeral services were conducted by the Rev. Elcock, of Van Wert, assisted by Rev. Knodle, of Convoy.  The Doctor contracted
his fatal disease during the summer of l877 at which time he litterally (sic) rode days and nights, attending his many patients, and, as he informed us, he did not
take the harness from on his ponies for four consecutive days.  He leaves a devoted wife and three children, one of whom seems to have inherited its father's disease.
It does not seem possible that he is gone; he, the most enterprising in business, the most zealous in any cause that had claims upon him. As a citizen, he was peaceable,
genteel and manly; as a public officer he labored for the advancement of any cause for public good; as a politician, he worked conscientiously, industriously
and intelligently for the party of his choice; as an Odd Fellow, his fellows testify that he was careful of its welfare, and labored diligently for its good, his name
heading the list of chartered members. By his death Convoy and vicinity loses a much respected citizen, Odd Fellowship, a devoted member, the medical fraternity
an able brother, his father's family an affectionate son and brother, his wife and children, a devoted husband and father. W. M. F.

Surnames: FOWLER
Decedent: John D. Fowler
Date listed: Friday, June 20, 1882

Submitted by Sandra Brum,
June 18th, 1882, Mr. John D. Fowler, aged 43 years, 2 months and 18 days. He was born in Fairfield County, Ohio and moved with his parents to Van Wert
county, in 1854, where he has resided ever since. He was married to Miss Mary E Fox, in 1869, and was a kind and attentive husband and father. He leaves
a wife and four children to mourn their loss. He died believing in the Saviour.

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