Obituaries for May 1857 thru December 1871

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Surnames: DEAL
Decedent: Jacob Deal
Date listed: Wednesday, May 21, 1857

Died at his residence in Van Wert, Jacob Deal, on Wednesday, May 21st, 1857. Aged 77 years.

Surnames: HUDSPETH
Decedent: Elizabeth Hudspeth
Date listed: Friday, November 3, 1857

Died at her residence, in Tully township, Van Wert county,Ohio on the 3rd day of November, '57; Mrs. Elizabeth Hudspeth, in the 57th year of her age.
Mrs. Hudspeth, has been a resident of this county for upwards of twenty years. Mrs. Hudspeth and husband Thomas Hudspeth emigrated to this county from
old Philadelphia in the year 1837. Mrs. Hudspeth has lived a widow, for the last five years and upwards; during which time,she has lived with her son George
Belonged to the Methodist Episcopal church until five years ago and then was received and baptised into the fellowship of the Harrison Baptist Church.

Surnames: SLANE
Decedent: Alexander Slane
Date listed: Tuesday, January 18, 1867

Died, at his own residence, in Ridge township, Van Wert county, Ohio, Mr. Alexander Slane, in the 49th of his age, leaving a large family and numerous
friends to mourn his death. The esteem entertained for him was shown by the unusually large attendance at his funeral, when the writer preached to a crowded
house. Mr. Slane was an amiable, quiet, peaceable citizen, and honest man, a christian, and a worthy member of the Evangelical Lutheran Church, in which at the
time of his death he held the office of elder. The death of this man is a great loss to his family, to the church, and to the community, but what is loss to us is
infinite gain to him.

Surnames: DEPUY
Decedent: Perrin DePuy
Date listed: Tuesday, February 10, 1871

Bar Meeting

There were present, C. P. Edson, J. M. Barr, I. D. Clark, J. Darnell, I. P. Shissler, I. N. Alexander, J. J. Moon, J. L. Price, W. J. Beers, H. C. Glenn, and G. M. Saltzgaber,
attorneys, and A. McGavren, Probate Judge, A. B. Gleason, Sheriff, and J. E. Morrison, Clerk of Court. C. P. Edson was made Chairman, and G. M. Saltzgaber, Secretary.
On motion, a Committee of three was appointed to draft resolutions expressive of the sense of the meeting, and said Committee reported after due deliberation, and the
following preamble and resolutions were adopted, after feeling and earnest remarks had been made by C. P. Edson, I. N. Alexander, W.J. J. Beers, and others who had
been intimately associated with the deceased;
Whereas, It has pleased an all-wise God, in the dispensations of Providence, to remove from among us our brother and friend, Perrin DePuy, one of our oldest citizens
and one of the pioneers of the Bar of Van Wert county, therefore
Resolved, That as a friend he was true in his intercourse with his professional brethren he was gentlemanly and courteous, and when in practice the interests of his
clients he made his own, working with a single devotion to accomplish the desired end.
Resolved, That the success in life of our brother is attributable to his stern financial integrity, energy and strict devotion to his business, and these traits of his character
are worthy of imitation.
Resolved, That in the sudden and unexpected death of our brother, who for twenty-five years has been a leading citizen and member of the Bar of Van Wert, we recognize
"that in the midst of life we are in death;" and we accept this as an admonition to us to be well prepared, and have our briefs fully completed, so that when our cases
are called in that high Court, in which we must all appear, we may not
be taken by surprise.
Resolved, That, while bowing to the Inscrutable ways of Providence, we feel that our loss is great, and that the place among us, once occupied by our brother, will not
soon be filled.
Resolved, That we deeply sympathize with the widow and relations of the deceased brother in this, their sudden and sore bereavement, and we tender to her and them
our heartfelt condolence in their affliction.
Resolved, That we, as a body, will attend the funeral of our deceased brother, and that the Chairman of this meeting be and is instructed to appoint pall-bearers from among
the members of the bar and members of the Court.
Resolved, That the Chairman of the meeting be requested to deliver a copy of these resolutions to the widow of our deceased brother, and that he will also be and is hereby
instructed to present these resolutions to the Court of Common Pleas of Van Wert county, at its next term, and request that they be entered on the journal of said Court.
Resolved, That a copy of these resolutions be published in both the newspapers of Van Wert.
W. J. Beers,)
I. D. CLARK, - Committee
J. M. Barr )

Surnames: GOSS
Decedent: G. G. Goss
Date listed: Tuesday, March 31, 1871

DEATH OF AN OLD CITIZEN.--Mr. G. G. Goss, an old citizen of this county, died on the 17th inst., of Inflammation of the Lungs, aged 64 years. Mr. Goss removed
from Fairfield county to Van Wert, in 1855.

Decedent: Noah Frisinger
Date listed: Tuesday, October 13, 1871

KILLED BY A RUNAWAY TEAM-Mr. Noah Frisinger of Mercer county, was run over by a team and killed, on Saturday last, when returning home from this town.
The accident took place some three miles South of town on the Shanesville road. Mr. Frisinger was an early settler and highly respectable citizen.

Surnames: GLEASON
Decedent: Mrs. Stephen Gleason
Date listed: Tuesday, October 13, 1871

DEATH OF A FORMER RESIDENT OF VAN WERT COUNTY. -- Mrs. Stephen Gleason died in Whitley county, Ind., on Friday morning last, at an advanced Aged (sic).
Mrs. Gleason was one of the pioneers of this county, where she resided until within a few years past. The remains were brought to Van Wert and interred in the old grave-yard.

Decedent: Mary J. Griffiths
Date listed: Tuesday, December 1, 1871

GRIFFITHS-- At her uncle William Patrick's in Allen county, O., after a short illness of four days, Mary J. Griffiths aged 22 years, 6 months and 29 days.

Decedent: Robert Gilchrist
Date listed: Thursday, December 13, 1871

DEATH OF REV. ROBERT GILCHRIST--It is our sad duty to announce the death of the Rev. Robert Gilchrist, Pastor of the Presbyterian Church of this place,
which occurred yesterday (Wednesday) morning at 5 o'clock, aged 25 years, 7 months and 17 days. A sorrowing community weeping over the death of one whom they had learned
to love is an eloquent tribute to his memory, before which the pen is powerless. The remains were taken to Lebanon, the home of his parents, for interment.

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