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Historical events in Summit include:

John Brown, the person who lead the attack on Harpers Ferry that helped start the Civil War. His father was also an abolitionist whom was believed to be a conductor on the underground railroad, and housed many runaway slaves in his home.

Thomas Edison's father in law Lewis Miller, also lived in Summit County. as well as General Simon Perkins, who founded Akron, and fought in the war of 1812. His son Col. George Perkins who fought in many battles in the Civil War, and was president of the B. F. Goodrich Company. The mansion of another son, Col. Simon Perkins was constructed near historic Portage Path in Akron.

Columbus Barber who founded Barberton in 1892, ran the Barber Match Company, which then became Diamond Match Company. Also took over Diamond Rubber Company which eventually became B.F. Goodrich.

"Summit county is the center of a region that for a radius of about forty miles differs from any other in the State in the existence of a number of natural lakes, such as Silver, Congress, Myers, Springfield, Long, Summit, Turkey Foot, Chippewa, etc. The origin of these lakes was glacial, and they were formed during the same era that produced the varied natural formations peculiar to the region in the vicinity of Cuyahoga Falls. This region is one of great interest to geologists, and furnishes opportunity for study and research as to the forces producing the external formation of the State. "1

1. Historical Collections of Ohio by Henry Howe 1888, Page 626

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