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"Border Clans" Homer Dixon --- in Virginia State Library, Richmond, Va
"Dickson" is the usual form of spelling the name in Scotland but in England, where the spelling
of the names does not denote a "Clan" or common origin, but where all derive their surname
from the sons of various "Dicks", it is written "Dixon."
This Clan are descended from Mr. Keith's, Earls Marshall, son of the most powerful families in
Scotland where, with the sole exception of the Royal Family, the title of Earl was the highest in
the kingdom, and who had so many possessions that it was formerly said that they could journey
from the north to the south of Scotland and sleep every night in one of their own castles.
This descent is proved by no less than three entries in the Records of the Lyon office between
the years 1672-1694. It was first registered in 1672 after an act ordered all the nobility and
gentry to register their armorial bearings (some did this but some considered it not necessary
because they were all so well known), "Mr. (Advocate) Robert Dickson, Advocate, descended
of ye familie of ye Earl Marschall bears..."
Nisbet, in his Heraldry of Edinburgn, says the Dicksons are descended from one Richard
Keith, son of the family of Keith's --- Earl Marshall of Scotland, and in proof carry in their
arms the Chief of Keigh Marischal; Richard, called "Dick" and his sons carry this prefix in the
family name Richard, son of the Great Marsnal Harvey de Keth, who died in 1249, by his wife
Margaret, daughter of William, 3rd Lord Douglas. The paternal and maternal arms of these
families have been combined to form the arms of the Dickson Clan. "Dicksons" of Buchtrig bore
the chief of the Keiths with the Douglas Mullets in base, a perfect specimen of composed arms.
((p. 118) Thomas Dickson, Laird of Symonston and Heslesede County Lanark, and Castellane
of Douglas, son of Dick de Keth, was born 1247 A.D. and if grandson of the afore said Henry
de Keth, was then also second cousin of Williams, 7th Lord Douglas, father of the good Sir James,
8th. Lord Douglas, to both of whom Dickson was certainly rusty friend.)
The name Dickson was used as early as are the first dates. 1380 but the houses of Buchtrig
and Belchester are the first dates.
Buchtrig - Arma Astire 3 mullets or on a chief or, as many pallets gn.
Crest A dexter hand holding a sword in bond ppr.
Motte Fortes fortuna juvet.
Robert Dickson in Bouchtrig, County Berwick, was one of the gentlemen who fell on the fatal
field of Flodden in 1513; (Acta Dominorum Coneillii vel. XXXIV feld. 136. (March 1523 -
not published) (pp-137 Border Clans). He married Isebel Murray and had, with other issue, a son
John who succeeded him. In 1557 A.D. a descendant Robert Dickson in (or of) Bouchtrig, and
Elisabeth McDowell, his wife, had a charter from the King and Queen, of the lands of Bouchtrig and
lands in Lethane (?) Dec. 27, 1565 and on July 8, 1566 the same were confirmed to Robert Dickson,
eldest son and heir of Robert Dickson of Bouchtrig. The Charter recognized his claims to previous
ownership of lands and is similar to the meaning of the German "Von".
INVERESK - John Dickson of Glasgow temp. Jac. iv (1567-1625) purchased of Sir Mathew Steward
of Minte the lands of Busby, County Lanard. He claimed descent from the Buchtrig family and was
the father of the celebrated Rev. Dr. David Dickson, Irl-ofessor of Divinity in the University of
Edinburgh, and Moderator of the General Assembly when it was broken up by order of
Cromwell in 1653. Dr. Dickson was born in 1583 and died in 1663. His son John of Busby, M.P.
was appointed Col. or Com. of Horse and Foot in 1649. His grandson, Sir Robert Dickson, was created a
Baronet in 1695. He was one of the Founders of the bank Of Sctland, also one of thirty seven Barons
who approved the Union.
INVEREST - Arms -- Ar. 3 Mullets gu. on a chief of the second--as many pallets or. - Crest
Crest - A hart couchant and quadrant ppr. attired or, within 2 branches or laurel closed or 11 ways.
Motte - Cube sed cure.
A Crest - or arms - for one Robert Dickson of Buchtrig 1646, descended of ye familie of ye
Earle Marschall Bears asure 3 mullets argent on a chief or else many pallets gules on one helmet
befitting his degree with a mantle gules double argent and torse of the Colleurs is set for his crest a
dexter hand grasping a sword in bend proper. The motto in one sercel - "Ferten fertuma juvat."
PERSILANDO - Mary Dickson of Kilbucho, County Peebles, born 1709, married in 1733
Muirbead of Persilands, County Lanark, who dies leaving that estate to her. She died in
1782 s.p. leaving it to her nephew, Rev. David Dickson of Edinburgh ob 1820, one of whose
grandsons emigrated to U.S.A. and settled in Indiana.
"Commemoration of Biographical Records of Washington Co. Penna. published 1893,
J. H. Boers & Co., Chicago, in Historical Association Library, Philadelphia, Pa. (read 6/3133 LSM)
traces descent of one James Glenn Dickson, M.D. (father of Jeannette Dickson) resident of
Cannonsburg, Pa. in direct line for over 300 years.
John Dickson (1) Merchant of Glasgow, Scotland, was a religious character and was possessor
of considerable wealth, (ref. Inveresk - John Dickson, Busby, Co. Lanark).
His son, Rev. David Dickson, (2) was born 1583 or 1591. He was educated at the University of
Glasgow - where he was Professor until 1641. He transferred to the University of Edinburgh
where he remained until 1651, he was appointed Minister of I ine. He was said to be the greates
of the three Ministers. Dr. David Dickson repudiated the five articles of Perth as issued by the
General Assembly of the Church of Scotland in 1618. He won for this much persecution as well as
great honor. "Dr. Dickson was preeminent as a great scholar, preacher, "worthy Scotchman" as his
biograph and writings show.: Seven of his works - issued by a Committee of the General Assembly
of the Free Church of Scotland are in the possession of Rev. David Craig Stewart of Hoboken,
N. Y. Dr. David Dickson died in 1663.
Alexander Dickson (3), his son, wrot the dedication in 1664 to the English preface (translated from
the Latin) "Treatise on the subject of Conscience." John Dickson (3) another son, became a Merchant
in Edinburgh, Scotland. This John established his two sons, David and George, (4) in a Mercantile
business in Armagh, Ireland, as a branch of the Edinburgh House.
George's (4) three sons, Andrew, Alexander and Archibald came to America and also the family of
Andrew (5) consisting of six children. Andrew married a "Seceder" girl in Armagh - record preserved in
old family Bible (this Bible is in the possession of the Rev. David French Dickson of Palestine, Ohio,
nephew of Dr. James Dickson) Andrew (5) was the great grandfather of James (M.4D.).
George (6) son of Andrew, was born in Ireland Dec. 7, 1735 and died 1817. He married Rachel McKee,
daughter of James McKee of Chambersburg, Pa. in 1770. They are buried 12 miles from Noblestown, Pa.
In the summer of 1772, George came to Black Lick Creek, Indiana County, with John (6) his brother,
he bought 400 acres of land which they cleared. He went to Chambersburgh for the winter.
In 1773 he cleared more land. In 1774 he moved his family to the farm from Chambersburg.
He lost everything in 1778 when he, with his family, wife and children I as (7) Andrew (7)
and Agnes (7) had to flee on two saddle horses to Chambersburg.
George Dickson's record in Revolutionary War found page 670 vol. 11, page 37,
41, 347, 348, 576, 583, vol. vi, Penna. Archives, Fifth series. Ist. enlistment 1778,
Fifer on roll of the Major's Company, Ist. Penna Regiment, 1778, Continental Line.
Later enlistment in Cumberland County Militia until 1782. They then moved to what
is now Pittsburgh, and purchased 440 acres on the north branch of Miller's Run,
this land was purchased from Thomas Reed who held the patent grant., George's family
comprised eight children as follows:
(7th gen.)
    James born 1772 Married Miss Frazee (Frazer) died in Cuyahoga Co. 0.
    Andrew born 1775 Married Sarah Frazee (sister of James wife).
    Agnes born 1777 Died at 19 years of age. Mary born 1780 Married Joseph Burnside.
    Rachel born 1782 Married Solomon Irons.
    Hannah born 1785 Married Andrew Henderson. Elizabeth bornl789 Married James Steward. William born 1791 Married Margaret Glenn. Married Margaret Astin.
    Andrew (7) married the sister of James wife. He died near DeKalb Crawford Co., Ohio
    and was the father of a large family. (end of exerp from Washington Co. Records.)
    Andrew Dickson (7) married Sarah Frazee in 1797, move to Ohio in 1831.
    They had thirteen children as follows:

       George born 1801 Married Agnes Frazee.
      Jonathon born 1-26-1802 Married 1) Mary Johnston 2) Mary Ralston
      Mary born 1803 Married John Frazee
      James born 1803 Married Nancy Morrow.
      Rachel born 1807 Married David Anderson (wealthy liberal Democrat, Huntington, Pa. Rachel his 2nd. wife intelligent, dignifie refined, loved, loved and revered)
      Lench born 1809 Married John Jameson
      Andrew born 1811 Married 1) Mary Cummins died 1834. 2) Mary Clements in 1841.
      (one of prominent men of Crawford Co. and one of eldest of County families)
      Sarah born 1813 Married Mathias Tutison.
      William born 1814 Married Maria Tutison (1828)
      Hannah born 1816 Married John Quigg.
      John born 1818 Married Margaret Robinson.
      Elizabeth born 1820 Married William Mathews.
      Margaret born 1822 Married William Robinson.

        Andrew Dickson and wife Sarah are buried in the Dickson Cemetery
        near Tiro, Ohio. Andrew died in 1898. Sarah died in 1850.
        George Dickson- Son of Andrew Dickson and Sarah Frazee
        had nine children as follows;
        Andrew 1825-1893 Married Margaret Hanna
        Emeline 1829-1923 Married William McManis
        Hueb Married Hurd
        George Married Ambroser
        David Married Payne
        Margaret Married Walters
        William 1844 -1919 Married Augsta Doll {Emerson {Grace
        Martha Ann
        Andrew 1825-1893 Married Margaret Hanna, had five children as follows;
        Sarah Jane 1853- 1858
        William Presley !857-1900 Married Dell, had two children Roy
        {Wilma and Florence {Bernice Frank 1860-1937 Married Rosetta Sutter,
        had two children; (1) Hazel {John and Milton; (2) Mary {Dorotha, Betty and Kenneth. Bell 1863-1950 Married William Messimer

Received the papers from Charles Frazee in the 1980's.
This information came from the McKay (Mc Kee) book located in
Allen County Library, Indiana.

The above Dickson information was contributed courtesy of Phyllis Frazee.

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