Lincoln Funeral Honor Guard

President Abraham Lincoln Funeral

Honor Guard

by Dr. Wayne Wesolowski, former chemistry professor at Benedictine University in Lisle, Illinois


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An Honor Guard accompanied Lincoln's coffin to Springfield, Illinoirs.  This is a list of the Veterans Reserve Corps members. These men were the only ones allowed to move the coffin from place to place during the long funeral journey. All were sergeants except as noted otherwise.

Veteran Reserve Corps (Invalid Corps)

The Invalid Corps, which was the forerunner of the Veteran Reserve Corps, was organized under authority of General Order No. 105, War Department, dated 28 Apr 1863. The title Veteran Reserve Corps was substituted for that of Invalid Corps by General Order No. 111, dated 18 Mar 1864. It was abolished in 1866.

John P. Barry, Co. A, 24th VRC (formerly 118th Penn. Vol. Inf.)
Luther E. Bulock, Co. E 9th VRC (formerly 97th N.Y. Vol. Inf.)
Patrick Callaghan, Co. H 9th VRC (formerly 69th N.Y. Vol. Inf.)
Frank Carey, Co. E, 12th VRC (formerly 51st Ohio Inf.)
Samuel Carpenter, Co. K, 7th VRC (formerly 35th Mo. Inf.)
Augustus E. Carr, Co. D, 12th VRC (formerly 140th N.Y. Vol. Inf.)
James Collins, Co. D, 12th VRC (formerly 12th Mass. Vol. Inf.)
Addison Cornwell, Co. I, 7th VRC (formerly 134th N.Y. Vol. Inf.)
William F. Daly, Co. A, 10th VRC
William W. Durgin, Co. F, 10th VRC (formerly 1st & 9th Maine Vol. Inf.)
Joseph H. Durkee, Co. E, 7th VRC, 1st Lt. (formerly 146th N.Y. Vol. Inf.)
John R. Edwards, Co. E, 7th VRC (formerly 21st Wisc. Vol. Inf.)
Lloyd D. Forehand, Co. I, 18th VRC (formerly 5th N.H. Vol. Inf.)
George E. Goodrich, Co. A, 12th VRC (formerly 124th Ohio Vol. Inf.)
John Hanna, Co. B, 14th VRC (formerly 40th N.Y. Vol. Inf.; 2nd U.S. Cavalry)
Edward Hoppy, Co. C, 12th VRC, 2nd. Lt. (formerly 44th & 9th U.S. Inf.; 2nd U.S. Art.)
John Karr, Co. D., 14th VRC (formerly 1st Mich. Vol. Inf.)
Rufus W. Lewis, Co. E, 18th VRC (formerly 15th Conn. Vol. Inf.)
A. Judson Marshall, Co. K, 9th VRC (formerly 94th N.Y. Vol. Inf.)
James M. McCamly, Co. A, 9th VRC, Capt. (formerly 70th N.Y. Vol. Inf.)
Edward Murphy, Co. B, 10th VRC, 2nd. Lt. (formerly 148th Penn. Vol.)
Jacob F. Nelson, Co. A, 9th VRC (formerly 150th Penn. Vol. Inf.)
William H. Noble, Co. G, 12th VRC (formerly 21st Wisc. Vol. Inf.)
James M. Pardun, Co. K, 24th VRC (formerly 93rd Ind. Vol. Inf.)
Irvin M. Sedgwick, Co. H., 18th VRC (formerly 8th Mass. & 93rd N.Y. Vol. Inf.)
Frank T. Smith, Co. C, 10th VRC (formerly 5th Wisc. Vol. Inf.)
John P. Smith, Co. I, 14th VRC (formerly 119th Ill. Vol. Inf.)
Chester Swinehart, Co. D, 7th VRC, 1st Sgt. (formerly 14th Ohio Vol. Inf.)
William H. Wiseman, Co. E, 24th VRC (formerly 139th Penn. Vol. Inf.)