Malabar Middle School (fka:  Malabar High School), Mansfield, Ohio

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Malabar Middle School

fka:  Malabar High School


Submitted by Amy E. Armstrong


Malabar Middle School (fka:  Malabar High School) - 205 West Cook Road, Mansfield, Ohio

Operated as one of two high schools in the Mansfield City School system from September, 1963 to June, 1989.  The school mascot was the falcon, and the school colors were brown and orange.  Beginning with the 1989-1990 school year, the building began operating as one of the middle schools for the district.

The south end of the school housed the cafeteria, gymnasium, swimming pool, choir and orchestra rooms, and auditorium.  The north end of the building housed the majority of the school's classrooms, with a partial basement at the west end of this section having a few additional classrooms.  A planetarium was also housed in the north end of the building.  The center section of the building was mainly for the school office, library, nurse's office, etc.

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Sculpture on school property

This sculpture was originally erected in front of Appleseed Middle School on Cline Ave. in Mansfield.  It was dedicated during the 1982-1983 school year.  Students at Appleseed competed in various programs, including a design contest, essay contests, etc., revolving around the design and meaning of the sculpture.  The winning design was engineered by a Mansfield company and erected in front of the school.  A large celebration took place the evening of the unveiling.  The sculpture remained there for many years, being moved to the Malabar property after Appleseed was demolished during the Summer of 2004.

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