Township history for Noble Co, OH

A BriefTownship History

Noble was formed in 1851 from parts of Monroe, Morgan, Guernsey and Washington Co (All the information comes from the History of Noble Co by Watkins)

The twps that came from Morgan were: Brookfield, Noble, Sharon, Olive,
and 12 sections of Centre/Center twp
Twps from Guernsey were Beaver, Wayne, Seneca and Buffalo
Twps from Monroe were nearly all of Elk, 15 1/2 sections of Center and 7 northern sections of Jefferson
Twps from Washington include 4 sections sections of Elk and that part of Jefferson twp belonging to congressional twp no 5 range 8
Now for each twp.
Beaver-established in 1816 from part of Seneca and Oxford twps Guernsey, reorganized in the 1851 establishment of Noble Co.

Brookfield was formed from part of Brookfield twp, Morgan Co.

Buffalo established in Guernsey Co in 1810, part removed in 1819 to form a portion of Morgan Co., divided in 1851 to leave a part in Guernsey rest in Noble

Center twp came from Noble twp Morgan Co and Union twp Monroe Co. (Union formed parts of Center, Marion, Stock and Enoch)

Elk twp was first mentioned in 1822 in Monroe Co. Additionally the present Elk contains 2 northern sections that were part of Franklin twp and the 4 southern ones that were part of Washington Co,[no twp name given here] In 1854 sec 25 and 31 were transferred to Stock

Enoch organized 1822 in Monroe. It contained portions of the now twps of Enoch, Stock and Jefferson. In 1855 a few sections of Center twp became part of Enoch and Enoch lost part of sect 31 to be attached to Center twp.

Jackson twp was the formed from Olive Green twp of Morgan Co. It's name was changed to Jackson before the split took place.

Jefferson - The northern portion of Jefferson twp belonged to Enoch twp Monroe, the southern portion to Aurelius twp Washington Co.

Marion twp was formed for parts of Union and Seneca twps Monroe Co. The 12 eastern sections came from Seneca and the 12 western ones from Union.

Noble twp was organized in 1819 as a twp in Morgan Co. Its boundaries were reorganized at the time of formation of Noble Co in 1851. A row of sections from the original Brookfield, Morgan became part of Noble.

Olive twp was organized from Olive twp Morgan Co when the County of Noble was formed in 1851. Olive twp Morgan county was formed from Olive twp Guernsey Co in 1819 and it in turn came from part of Buffalo twp Guernsey Co in 1816.

Seneca twp was formed from part of Seneca twp Guernsey co and part of Richland twp Guernsey Co. Seneca was an original twp of Guernsey but was not in existance a few years.

Sharon before Morgan was formed in 1819 southern half belonged to Washington Co, northern half to Guernsey (Buffalo twp). In 1819 Manchester and Olive twp were erected in Morgan Co. Parts of these twps were used to form Sharon

Stock was formed from part of Franklin twp Monroe Co, part of Enoch twp Monroe co and part of Union twp Monroe Co

Wayne was included in twps of Richland, Beaver and Wright twp of Guernsey Co. It contains 4 sections belonging to the US Military District which is all of the military district lands in Noble Co. In 1852 six 1/2 sections were taken from Wayne and added to Beaver

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