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Here are the queries that have been posted by other researchers.

Carlisle Bowling, Thu Jan 1, 1998, 15:58:35
WILSON, HARISE, KING, SNYDER--My wife's gg grandfather Joseph Lorenzo WILSON, born about 1813, d. aft 1880. He married Sarah HARISE b. 1818, d. aft 1880. Their Childred: Nancy, b. 1841; Julia, b. abt 1843, Mahala, b. abt 1845; James, b. abt 1847; Adaline, b. abt 1849; David Clark, b. abt 1851; twins Martha and Mary b. abt 1856: Sarah E., b. abt 1862; and their son, Aaron William WILSON was born Nov. 2, 1861, Noble County, OH, died Feb. 17, 1918 in Harrison County, WV, married Ruth Ann KING, born Apr. 28, 1865, Noble County, OH, died Dec. 11, 1936 Harrison County, WV. Their children were: Julia Grace WILSON, born Oct. 7, 1885, Noble County, OH (as was all of their children) d. Dec. 8, 1968, Harrison Co, WV; Frank Deriah WILSON, Otto Donald WILSON, Ava Gay WILSON, Eva May WILSON, Elvin Ray WILSON, Joie Olivia Mabel WILSON, and Gale Howard WILSON. Ruth Ann KING was the daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth (SNYDER) KING of Noble County. Julia Grace WILSON married Benjamin Frank FOWLER on Feb. 25, 1905 in Harrison County, WV. I have info on Julia's descendants and have made substantial progress on several others since my May 31, 1997 query. Still need any and all information on these people and their families! I need dates and burial place for most all of these people. Will gladly share nformation. Carlisle Bowling, P. O. Box 1177, Flagler Beach, FL 32136-1177. Email: Zarvon@aol.com WILSON, HARISE, KING, SNYDER

Janet C. Varnon, Thu Jan 1, 1998, 13:05:38
JULIA BERRY married WILLIAM STOTLER on October 10, 1861. Julia was the daughter of JOHN AND CLOAN BERRY and was born in Batesville July 17, 1841. Julia and William moved to Missouri in 1866. The marriage was performed by Squire Joseph of Batesville. Love more info on Julia and her family.

avid Kasminsky, Thu Jan 1, 1998, 15:50:42
Received several queries,my e-mail dumped them (technical error) whoever sent queries to me regarding Noble County relatives and or Nathan Trenner please re-send thanks

avid Kasminsky, Thu Jan 1, 1998, 15:50:59
Received several queries,my e-mail dumped them (technical error) whoever sent queries to me regarding Noble County relatives and or Nathan Trenner please re-send thanks

Michael R. Higgins, Thu Jan 1, 1998, 20:03:00
BRYAN, CORNELIUS. Born 1760, Charles Co. Maryland, died Fall 1830 Noble County, Ohio. I am search for others working on this line. Have been out to the cemetary and uncovered his tombstone, verifying his dates. Have extensive records on his known descendants, but there are still a few elusive ones. Also, am still searching for the identity of his first with, believe possibly to be Phoebe Gardner, from whom all his children are descended.

Shirley Neiswonger, Thu Jan 1, 1998, 12:10:39
Researching the surname of NEISWONGER for the past thirty years. Settled in Noble County, Ohio from Waynesburg, PA. All e-mail answered.

Steven Jarvis, Thu Jan 1, 1998, 22:14:52
I am beginning to research my family history and I've hit a wall with my great grandfather, William S. JARVIS. Supposedly, he came to Jackson Co., Arkansas from Noble Co., Ohio sometime around 1900 (certainly prior to 1906). In fact, my grandfather's first name is Noble, and his name came from the county. I've found several JARVIS families in Noble Co. (then Guernsey and Washington Cos.) in the 1850 and 1860 Census records, but I haven't yet gained access to later census records. Can anyone help me with a connection between my great grandfather and the JARVIS families of Philip, William, Lyman, or James JARVIS mentioned in the 1850 or 1860 Census records. William S. JARVIS died in Jackson Co., Arkansas 2-24-29. He was married to Dollie ? JARVIS, who died in Jackson Co., Arkansas in 1971. They had three children: Gene ? JARVIS (b. 19??), Grace Fortune JARVIS (b. 1906), and Noble ? JARVIS (b.1912).

Richard W. Horrum, Thu Jan 1, 1998, 14:01:24
I would like to find the name of the church that CHRISTOPHER BARNHOUSE attended in Noble County. They lived near Germano, OH I believe. His son, GEORGE BARNHOUSE, may have also attended this church. They both died in 1833. Richard W. Horrum

marc macenko, Tue Jan 6, 1998, 14:46:50

Cindy , Tue Jan 6, 1998, 16:17:37
MANTLE, NKA MONTLE Searching for information on the MANTLE family of Noble County. Joseph MANTLE & wife had at least five children: Joseph, Henry, Lena, Magdalena, another daughter. Henry, Lena, & Magdalena moved to Athens County. Henry married Mary Smith and had one son, John Isadore MONTLE. I have heard several members of this family were buried in the cemetery in Fulda. Would appreciate any information of any kind. Thanks.

James H. JESSOP, Tue Jan 6, 1998, 16:47:32
Seek marriage record of Pierson MOORE and Elizabeth B. MARTIN and place of burial. They were in Noble Co. OH census in 18690,1870 and 1880. They had children Annie MOORE b. ca 1844, James Polk MOORE b. 1847, Lewis Wetzel MOORE b. 1848, Rachel MOORE b. 1850, Henry MOORE b. 1853, John MOORE, b. ca 1859 and Jane MOORE. Who were Pierson MOORE'S parents?

Edye Edgin, Tue Jan 6, 1998, 17:18:55
I am researching the JARVIS family. My grandfather was Noble JARVIS. He was born in Sharp County, Battleax, Arkansas. His father was William JARVIS, a school teacher from Noble County, Ohio. He has many brothers and sisters, but we do not know any of there names. My great grandfather was born in 1871, and died in 1929 (he is burried in Arkansas).

Kenneth O. Johnson, Thu Jan 8, 1998, 08:04:20
seeking informatiion on GRACE ADELAD. DILLEY of Caldwell, OH. (NOBLE Co.). She was my father's,( Jack Odell Rose) mother.

Connie Chancellor, Fri Jan 9, 1998, 18:35:21
Is anyone researching the BROWN family who came to Morgan (now Noble) County from Providence, Rhode Island? Dexter BROWN was married to Mahala HICKS and they migrated with Dexter's two sisters, Mary and Amy who never maried. I would like to find out more about Dexter and Mahala's children and their descendants and would be happy to share my information.

Susan Kellar Ratcliffe, Sat Jan 10, 1998, 17:57:04
I believe that on December 28, 1997, I was sent information concerning the HATTON families of Noble and Morgan counties, and today (January 3), before the data or address was copied, the information was deleted---lost and gone forever. If you were that sender, I apologize, and I would hope that your message is still available and can be sent out again. I am very much interested in what you know of the families. Thank you. Sincerely, Susan at skrat@midohio.net

Howard W. BURDETT, Sun Jan 11, 1998, 13:18:02
Does anyone feel comfortable that they have sorted out the ENOCHS line from Enoch EHOCHS, Sr. to Enoch ENOCHS, Jr. and forward? I descend from Sarah Elizabeth ENOCHS, wife of Henry Adam LEE, who is in that line and am struggling with a great deal of conflicting info regarding Sarah's ancestors. Would be very grateful for any help that anyone might be able to provide and I would be willing to share data.

Suzanne (Boggs) Andrews, Tue Jan 13, 1998, 11:49:18
BARNES, McCUNE Moses BARNES b. 7/31/1795, d. unknown. md. Elizabeth ? William B. BARNES b. 11/11/1825 in Ohio, d. 3/1/1900 in Ohio George BARNES b. 7/20/1856 in Noble Co., OH, d. 1/12/1924 in Zanesville, OH. md. Alwilda McCUNE (father James McCUNE). If any one has any information or is researching any of these BARNES or McCUNES, I would like to hear from you. Suzanne (Boggs) Andrews

Nancy Rothrock, Thu Jan 15, 1998, 16:17:28
Seek info on Elizabeth GREGG,listed in Noble Co. Death index May 10, 1914. My grandfather James B. Gregg married and his wife died before 1917 when he married my grandmother. Does anyone know Elizabeth's history. Did she marry a Gregg? Maiden name etc.? Her parents names?

Carolyn Shearer, Sat Jan 17, 1998, 16:37:23
Looking for ancestors and descendents of Jacob and Joseph SPRINGER, twin sons of Jacob SPRINGER (Senior) and Mary RISHER, born 1818 in Harrison County, moved to what is now Noble County about 1845. Jacob married Mary FLORY and Joseph married Jemima CROGHAN. Have list of several hundred descendents of the twins, plus those of their eight brothers and sisters - would like more. Would also like ancestors of Jacob (Senior) born c1772, probably in PA. Mary RISHER was the daugher of Daniel RISHER and Suzanne ROUSH. Any clues appreciated. Will share what I have found so far.

Dale Evans, Tue Jan 20, 1998, 11:13:00
Looking for information on William Wiley 1810-1886

Ronald STOTTLEMIRE, Wed Jan 21, 1998, 18:09:01
I'm searching my family on my mothers side and am looking for links of Noble Co. MORRISON'S to Berkeley Co. Va now Wv. and Pocahontas, Co. Wv MORRISON'S if you have a link please email me at rstottle@toolcity.net thank you

Kitty Visnich, Wed Jan 21, 1998, 21:02:42
Need info on Katherine BOISE died between 1850 and 1860. Husband name was John Francis BOISE. Other spellings maybe BOISE BOYCE BOICE BICE

Don Mc Laughlin, Sat Jan 24, 1998, 16:51:18
I am searching for information on Marinda TODD, born 4 Dec 1823 in New York state, died: 12 May 1898 at Summerfield, Noble County, Ohio. She was married to Thomas HORTON, who was the son of Mose and Dorinda HORTON. The union produced seven children; Thomas, John (My G Grandfather), dorothy a., Weatha M., Cenioretta, O'Neill and Margaret. I am looking for Marinda's parents and/or brothers and or sisters.

Ron Darrah - NON WORKING ADDRESS, Sun Jan 25, 1998, 09:51:02
WILSON, GILLESPIE; Looking for wills and administrations for Michael A. WILSON, died 10 Nov 1886, Summerfield, and his wife Elizabeth GILLESPIE WILSON, died 10 Nov 1888; both buried Summerfield.

Charles F. Spence, Jr., Wed Jan 28, 1998, 15:02:55
I was raised on Elk Fork, Summerfield Rt and graduated from Summerfield High School in 1954. I want to list the SPENCE name on your list of surnames. I would also like to have the Mt Tabor cemetery listed

Gary Bond, Sat Jan 31, 1998, 14:36:18
BOND, Jeremiah born near caldwell Monroe (now Nobel)County I'm seeking my Great Grandfather Jeremiah Bond parents names. Mr Bond was born May 27,1842-He left home at the age of seventeen (1859) He died Jan 14, 1914. Thanks for any Help.

Clarence L. Bergmann, Sat Jan 31, 1998, 15:02:56
I have a copy of an obituary for Julia A. Hare who died at Summerfield, Ohio on Sep. 24, 1891. She was the wife of the Rev. John Hare, a Methodist Episcopal minister. I am doing research for her great granddaughter, Lorna Jane Milner Schakel. Her grandmother was Jane Hare Milner, who migrated to Knoxville, Marion County, Iowa with her husband, Dr. Asa Milner. In the obituary we have on Julia Hare, it indicates that she had several children. We know of Jane and another son, Beldon, buried in a grave next to Jane Hare Milner and Dr. Asa Milner at Lincoln Cemetary, west of Knoxville, Iowa. We would like to know the names of the other children of the Rev. John Hare and Julia Hayes Hare. Any and all help would be appreciated.

Clarence L. Bergmann, Sat Jan 31, 1998, 15:11:19
Asa Milner was born October 21, 1831 in Summerfield, OH, the son of Joseph and Susan McNabb Milner. We believe he was the 11th child in a family of twelve. The 12th child was Ruth Ann Hellebride, an adopted child. Dr. Asa Milner, a medical doctor, migrated to Knoxville, Marion County, Iowa. We know very little about his family in Ohio except a list of the brothers and sisters and their birth dates. Any and all information about this family would be appreciated.

Jan Cox, Sat Jan 31, 1998, 17:28:13
Looking for any information on my g/great grandfather Eli FULLER who married Hannah Tribby on Dec. 26, 1862 in Noble County Ohio. Any information on the Fuller's who lived in Noble County would be appreciated.

Carol M. Dennis-non working address, Sun Feb 1, 1998, 11:55:54
The 1900 Census of Nobel County, Elk Township listed a HOMER DENNIS, age 12, living with his grandmother, Nancy Yonally; Homer's brother, JAMES DENNIS, was listed as living with his uncle, Thomas Yonally. These children were the children of Perry Dennis & Tabitha Yonally Dennis. Tabitha died and apparently the children were living with or raised by her family. Can anyone give me information on HOMER DENNIS and JAMES DENNIS from 1900 onward? Thanks very much.

Kathy Daily, Tue Feb 3, 1998, 12:36:25
Septamus LEMASTER was born July 15, 1824 in what is now Monongalia County WV. His wife, Mary (THOMPSON) LEMASTER was born July 21, 1828 in Ohio. They lived in Noble County, Ohio before moving to northern Jackson Co. in 1875. Anyone have anything on this family or relatives?

Grosz, O.L., Fri Feb 6, 1998, 07:14:36
I am looking for descendants of Josephine ZIMMERMAN of Noble County who married Jacob GROSZ, JR. of Washington County. Josephine was the daughter of Yost and Anna PITZER ZIMMERMAN of Noble County. Brothers were Thomas, Albert, George, Louis, Karl and a sister Louisa. Thank you. O. Grosz E-Mail ogrosz@bellsouth.net

Clarence Bergmann, Fri Feb 6, 1998, 21:47:40
Want to identify the names of children of Julia HAYNES HARE, who was born near Jacobsburgh, Ohio on Feb. 16, 1816 and died at Summerfield, Noble County, Ohio on Sept. 24, 1891. Her husband was a Methodist Episcopal minister who died in 1855 and left Julia with a sizeable family to raise. Two of those children migrated to Knoxville, Marion County, Iowa and were Beldon Hare, 1849-1922 and Jane Hare MILNER (10/18/1838-5/6/1915), wife of Dr. Asa Milner, born in Belmont County, Ohio 10/23/1831. Married 9/1/1857 in Summerfield, Ohio. Any and all information on the family would be welcomed.

Sharon Martincic, Sat Feb 7, 1998, 14:30:22
Looking for NEEL,Robert and wife, Nancy J. Although born in Gue. Co., he was a traveler. Can anyone tell me if he is in Noble Co. 1870 census?

Gary Bond, Mon Feb 9, 1998, 18:45:30
Searching for the parents of my Great Grandfather Jeremiah BOND, born 27/May/1842 near Caldwell, Nobel Co. He left the family farm when he was seventeen. (1859), I've searched the US Census for the year's of 1850 and 1860 without success.Any help would be greatly appreciated

Janet Stevens, Tue Feb 10, 1998, 14:47:21
Looking for any info onELIZABETH ANN YOUNG HYETT born in Noble Co. She married Phillip Hyett on Jan.8, 1863.Her parents were Samuel Young and Sarah Rogers. She was born July1.1842. She and Phillip came to Iowa in 1908.Both passed away in Iowa and were buried at Wesley Chapel, near Quaker City, Ohio. I need info on these two along with any on parents and siblings. Will share.

Edgar Brady, Tue Feb 10, 1998, 17:09:36
DANIEL BRADY, b. 1827 in PA. Moved to Ohio in the 1830’s. His family may have lived in Belmont, Noble, Monroe or Morgan Co’s. Married Mary Rutter, 15 Feb. 1851 and divorced Feb, 1865. 1860 census for Monroe Co., lists his household: Mary age 66, John, age 8; Sarah, age 6; William, age 4; and Margaret, age 6/12. The Mary listed could have been an error to the age or his mother. It is the name of his father that is needed and the names of his eight siblings, which may included an older brother, Ebenezer.

Jeffrey Whealdon Bryant, Thu Feb 12, 1998, 21:45:41
WHEALDON I am researching the WHEALDON family of Noble and Harrison Co., Ohio. With the help of many relatives we now have about 1500 descendants of Nathan and Isaac WHEALDON identified. If you are related, I would appreciate hearing from you so I can add your information and share what I have.

Sharon Martincic, Sun Feb 15, 1998, 08:42:10
Looking for evidence of birth of Morgan Zimmerman born 23 April 1851 in Noble Co. Oh. It was listed on his death Certificate. Any help on Zimmerman line (Greene Co.PA & OH) appreciated.

David A. Pickenpaugh, Wed Feb 18, 1998, 10:11:08
I am looking for the grave site of my ggg-grandfather, JACOB PICKINPAUGH (or PICKENPAUGH or PICKINGPAUGH or BECKENBACH), b. 11/21/1775, Frederick County, MD, d. 1835-1840, Sharon Twp., Noble County, OH. Also the grave site for his 2nd. wife, LUCRETIA (BARMOUR OR BAREMORE) Widow of RICE. b. 5/24/1825, d. 3/21/1901, Noble County, OH. Would like to exchange information with all persons regarding theses families. We have a nine generation Pickenpaugh Family page at:

Janis Young Aguilar, Fri Feb 20, 1998, 17:59:29
Looking for any information on Margaret CARPENTER, b. 1807, married Henry MORGAN, b. ca. 1804, in February, 1827. Henry and Margaret were both from Noble County. Margaret was the daughter of John CARPENTER and unknown wife. Looking for parents of both and any other relatives.

Wayne SMITH, Sun Feb 22, 1998, 10:14:16
C. C. ROE was a preacher and a farmer in Elk Township, Noble County, Ohio. He was regularly written up in the newspaper around the 1920's. Does anyone know the identity of this C. C. ROE travelling preacher. Thank you.

Shirley Neiswonger, Mon Feb 23, 1998, 05:22:11
Researching information pertaining to the surname of NEISWONGER. Mainly Abraham and son Wilson B. NEISWONGER.

Dale Evans, Mon Feb 23, 1998, 08:46:46
I am looking for information on William Wiley 1810-1886, would like to find his gravesite and information on his ancestors and descendants. William married Leanne Hutton 1817-1899.

David A. Pickenpaugh, Tue Feb 24, 1998, 20:46:16
There is a Roger Pickenpaugh in the Noble County area that has a lot of records concerning the Pickenpaughs of the area, would sure like to make contact with him.

Dave Pickenpaugh, Sun Mar 1, 1998, 22:05:05
HOSKINSVILLE CEM., NOBLE COUNTY, OH. Is there another name for this cemetery as I can not find it listed? I would appreciate the names of the cemeterys in the areas worked or closed off for a time by Central Ohio Coal Co., I know about Windy Hill and Knox, but there are others I would like to research.

David A. Pickenpaugh, Sun Mar 1, 1998, 22:10:57
JACOB PICKINPAUGH, died around 1840, in Sharon Twp., NOBLE county, OH. Does anyone know where he is buried? He is the father of George Washington Picknipaugh and the grandfather of John Merriman Pickenpaugh. Both of these are buried at the cemetery at Hoskinsville, Noble county, OH.

Jim Cruth, Sun Mar 1, 1998, 03:57:57
Looking for information on the YOUNG family in Noble Co.. About the only thing I have is Owen Barnes married Catherine YOUNG of Noble County, October 18, 1843. Any information on her ancestors would be appreciated!!

Ceil Meierdiercks, Tue Mar 10, 1998, 10 14:12:02
Sarah Elizabeth PHILLIPS> She was born 12-12-1847 and died 3-15-1936 all in Noble County. She is buried in Glady Cem. She married John MARTIN around 1867 probably in Noble Cty. She is daughter of Louis PHILLIPS and Margaret KAISER from Noble co.and Monroe Co. respectively. He is son of John Steven(?) MARTIN and Hallie ALTOP.

Jeff Hayes, Sun Mar 15, 1998, 19:48:16
If any one knows the location of the Old BATES Cemetery along Wills Creek, please e-mail me the directions to this cemetery. Also, I have come across references to BATES Hill Cemetery. I don't know if this is just another name for the Old BATES Cemetery. If this is in fact another cemetery, I would appreciate directions to this cemetery as well.

Matt Minton, Tue Mar 17, 1998, 06:58:52
I am looking for the parents of FRANCIS EMALINE HEAD BROWN, she married a DANIEL BROWN August 16,1855. All information would be apreciated.

Jane Huffman, Sat Mar 21, 1998, 17:41:23
Seeking parent of John M WALLACE, resided in Noble Co. Ohio, Sharon Township, died 1880 and buried in Jennings Cemetery, Noble County, Ohio. Married first Barbara JENNINGS, Then second Lucinda JENNINGS, With whom he had children, Ruth Lillian, Samuel Henry, David Allen and Mary Jane. Samuel Henry first married Emma Kate YERRIAN, second married Dorothy Bradley in Jackson Co, MO. Reply to J2Twins@aol.com

JAMES P. KING, Mon Mar 23, 1998, 14:47:38
I'm researching the KING fanily name fron Noble County Ohio. My granfather JAMES CLYDE KING was born in Stock Township, Summerfield. OH NOBLE County in 1889 he married Pearl Florence Shadwell who was born in Sarahsville, Oh NOBLE County. in 1892. My father was born in 1912 in Stock Township, Summerfield,Oh NOBLE County. My grandfather had 12 brothers I'm not sure about sisters. Any info on his father and brothers would be helpfull.

Deborah Lichtner Deal, Mon Mar 23, 1998, 16:32:05
Searching for information on Richard M. DEAL born June 15,1811 and died March 7,1891 in Noble County. He married Mary Ann Harris on October 14, 1847. In the 1880 census for Noble County, Richard DEAL had a brother George DEAL living with him. 5 Childen lived to adulthood. John Thomas, Richard Samuel, Charles Marion, Mary Elizabeth who married George GIBSON, and Margaret Eleanor who married Edward ROE. Any information is appreciated.

Maxine Kuhn, Mon Mar 23, 1998, 19:24:51
We are searching descendants/ancestors of John C. and Sarah E. Jackson REED who were in Noble Co., IN, but born in OH. They had sons Joseph M. REED who married Ellen COUTS, John M. REED who married Eliz. (Jennie) BUCKLES; C. Perry REED; James D. REED and daughters: Phoebe, someone who became Mrs. Forrest PONTIUS; Mrs. Henry GUNDER, Mrs. David MOORE. We know some of the descendants were BURNHEIMER; SCHLOTTERBACK, SMITH, MOORE, GROSVENOR, CALVERT, BAUER, KUHN, etc. They lived in IL, Toledo, OH; Ligonier, IN, Rutherford, NJ, Grand Rapids, MI, Kalamazoo, Ft. Wayne, etc.

Sue Timothy, Tue Mar 24, 1998, 09:21:38
I am looking for information on the following people. I would love to find their parents and/or any other family members. Grahm BRAND d. 8 Oct 1854, burried in Mt. Ephraim Cemetery, Noble Co. OH. Also looking for Mary Elizabeth (Sally) KEMP d. 12 Mar 1845, burried in Mt. Ephraim Cemetery, Noble Co., OH. Their children I have found so far are: Johnson BRAND (m. Margaret A. BALL); Rebecca Jane BRAND (m. John Wesley BALL); William BRAND; Eliza BRAND (m. John BEACHELOR).

Dee Hickman, Wed Mar 25, 1998, 08:25:03
Looking for HICKMAN &VAN DYNE families from Coal Ridge,Belle Valley,Noble county Ohio area,My late husband was the son of Levi Hickman and Sarah V. Ellis Hickman of Belle Valley,All info will be greatly appreciated.My mother in law lives in Caldwell,Hoping to hear from lots of folks,as most every one knows each other in small towns.Thank You,Dee Hickman-Homeworth,Oh

Sally Helm, Fri Mar 27, 1998, 10:02:13
FARLEY I'm looking for information on my great grandmother who was born in Noble Co. Her name is MALISSA FARLEY Parents are ELIAS FARLEY and MALTILDA SWEENEY. Any information would be appreciated.

Cara Plumb Miller, Mon Mar 30, 1998, 14:37:15
If anyone out there has access to the marriages in the Noble Co. area I could use some help. I'm looking for the marriages of WILLIAM GRIMES and Dorcus ? around 1829. and for JONAH GRIMES and? around 1875. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Cara

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