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Revolutionary War Pensioners
Gene Stark's Index of Names for all GenWeb Sites
Genealogist's Index to the
World Wide Web
Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites
on the Internet
Palatine, Pennsylvania-Dutch
and German Genealogy
Ohio Historical Society
Roots Surname List,
Interactive Search
Soundex Converter
Get surname Soundex code Online
RAND Genealogy Club
Roots Location List Name Finder
NACo/HPI County InfoSystem
Counties in Ohio
Ancestry's Social Security Death Index (SSDI) Online Search
The Ohio Genealogical Society
Home Page
The Ohio Genealogical Society Chapter Addresses and Links
"DeTeMedien" German Phonebook
(English Menus)
Ohio Online Death Certificate Index
(1913 to 1927 and 1933 to 1937)
Black Forest Genealogy
African-Americans in Southeastern Ohio
Bureau of Land Management
Eastern States, General Land Office
Alta Vista "FREE" Translation Service
Census Online Census Online-OH

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