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Index for
A History- The Archers, An Old Virginia Family,
Including the Allied Families from George Archer
to Elizbeth Archer Fowler 1836-1989

by Donald D. Fowler,
3307 Alabama Ave,
Alexandria, VA, Oct 1989,
printed by Dark Horse Copy and Printing
LC 89-086024

Indexed by George W. Archer
P.O. Box 6233
Reston, VA, 22106 - Sept 2000

The Indexed work contains a chapter on the author's paternal line that migrated to Morgan and Noble Cos., OH from Massachusetts and Maine. Donald Darwin Fowler, son of Lemuel and Nancy (JORDAN) FOWER. Lemuel was son of Lemuel and Sarah (SWEATT) Fowler. The HUTCHINS family of Morgan Co. is also discussed below. [Please go here for the INDEX] Please download it from there and don't ask me for a copy. The Library of Congress has the book. See above for call number. It is copyrighted so L.C. will not film it for you. The Fowler material in the book is covered by pp. 128-140 and the Hutchins information is pp. 134-135. There are photos of Deobrah Hutchins, wife of Lemuel Fowler (b. 1815) and Lemuel Fowler (b. 1848) and wife, Nancy Jordan and later generations of Fowlers.

If anyone is interested in the following contact me and I can provide the pages involved. The Archer family in the title is NOT related to the the Archers in the SE Ohio area, of which I am a descendant. More information on these Archers is available from me as well, but you must provide details (names,dates,places and in-law relationships with same data) for me to do an adqueate search and to put you in touch with others doing research on the line.

I have run an ARCHER surname clearinghouse for the last 25 years.

The Archer Association - an ARCHER Surname Clearinghouse
George Archer Internet: [email protected]
PO Box 6233 CompuServe: 72530,1645
McLean, VA 22106



Lemuel FOWLER b. 1776, son of Lemuel 4 Sep 1736- 7 Nov 1827 and Mary Bolter/Boulter. Lemuel b. 1796, son of Samuel 3 Dec 1703 - 1783 md Abigail Morgaridege. All of these were of Newberry and Newport, MA. About 1794, Lemuel (b. 1736) moved to Boscawen, NH.

Lemuel FOWLER 18 Oct 1776 - 12 Mar 1850
md Sarah Sweatt on 29 Jul 1776
Moved from Boscawen, NH in 1818.
Lemuel, wife and Lemuel's brother, Cherry Valley plus other Fowler family members are buried in Halley's Ridge Cem, Noble Twp, Noble Co., OH (then Morgan Co.)


1. Royal 23 Jun 1798 - 1887
md Rebecca Severence on 21Jan 182
2. Samuel 20 May 1801- c. 1880
md Hannah
3. Benjamin 16 Jul1805-185?
md Margaret (?)
4. Milbury (Wm) b. 15 Oct 1807
md Mary Hutchins
5. Olive (Olly) b. 13 Oct 1809
md Eli Gorby (?) on 22 Feb 1829
6. Cherry Valley 2 Feb 1812 - 25 May 1899
md Elizabeth Bond 13 Aug 1833
7. Lemuel 24 Jan 1815 - 23 Aug 1861
md Deborah Hutchins on 2 Oct 1834
8. Maria 31 Jul 1816 - 5 Jul 1906
md Richard Bond 2 Oct 1834


Lemuel Fowler 24 Jan 1815 - 23 Aug 1861, Morgan Co., OH
md Deborah Hutchins on 2 Oct 1834; she d. 1895, age 92, in Menlo, IA

The Hutchins family is also discussed in the book. Deborah was b. in Pownalborough, ME. She descended from a John Hutchins an immigrant from England to Ipswich, MA c. 1625, one of 91 orignial proprietors of Newbury, MA. A 5th generation descendant, Hollis Hutchins b. Harvard, MA moved to Maine in the 1760's, served in the Rev. and in 1812 or 1813, Hollis and wife Elizabeth moved with five sons and their families to Morgan Co, OH. Deborah is the daughter of Daniel Hutchins, 4th son of Hollis, and Patience Tebbets.


1. Margaret 26 Feb 1836- 1861
md Curtis Willey on 30 Mar 1860
2. Olive (Olly) 6 Jan 1838 - 1906
md Marshall Willey 12 Jul 1860
3. Philetus 26 May 1840 - 24 Jul 1921
md Eliza Willey 24 Nov 1857
4. Phydelia 27 Dec 1842 - 1921
md Enos Glover on 1 Jan 1861
5. Martha Caroline 3 Jun 1845 - 26 Jul 1926
md John Hoopes on 19 Sep 1867
6. Lemuel Matthew 9 Jan 1848, Noble Twp, Morgan Co., OH - 9 Feb 1929
md Nancy Oatherine JORDAN 6 Nov 1869 near Monteith, Iowa. She d.
27 Sep 1927. In 1867 Lemueal Matthew and brother, Philetus,
FOWLER moved from Noble Co., OH to Guthrie Center, IA. They had 9
children, Clarence b. 28 Jun 1888, Hawarden, Sioux Co, IA. He
md. Sophia Louisa Fuester being the author's parents. He moved
to Elk Point, SD to join his brother, Bert.

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