Newspapers Published in Noble County

Many newspapers have been published in Noble County.

Journal (Republican) published by Frank M. Martin.
Noble County Democrat (Democratic) published by C. W. Evans.
Noble County Republican (Republican) published by W. H. Cooley.
Press (Democratic) published by L. W. Finley & Son.

The following is a link to newspapers in Ohio. Many of these newspapers are for sale. There are some early newspapers. If the newspaper you are seeking is not for sale then you should consider renting the films through interlibrary loan.

Ohio Newspapers

Newspapers for sale:
Caldwell Citizen's Press/Weekly - Sep 1880-Apr 1884 (2 rolls)
Caldwell Journal & Noble Co., Leader/Weekly - Jul 1977-Dec 1989 (15 rolls)
Caldwell Journal & Noble Co., Leader/Weekly - Dec 1933-Jun 1977 (34 rolls)
Caldwell Journal (Bicentennial Edn), July 3, 1975 (1 roll)
Caldwell Journal series/weekly/damaged), May 1884-Apr 1933 (22 rolls)
Caldwell Journal/Weekly, Aug 1897-Jul 1898 (1 roll)
Caldwell Noble County Leader.Weekly, Jan 1947-Aug 1961 (7 rolls)
Caldwell Noble County Leader/Weekly, sw,w, May 1899-Apr 1915, Apr 1917-1946 (18 rolls)
Caldwell Noble County Republican/weekly, Sep 1880-Apr 1887 (3 rolls)
Caldwell Press.Weekly, Feb 1914-Dec 1931 (8 rolls)
Caldwell Press/Weekly (May 1884-Feb 1914 (16 rolls)