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Route 67?

Route 67? - Edwards Road Branch

��� According to the 1898 book Cincinnati & Vicinity, the "Edwards Road Route" was "a double-track spur, running north from Erie Avenue to the Oakley Race Course, and passengers are transferred to and from it by the Madison Avenue route." This race track, also known as the Queen City Driving Club, had meets in the Spring and Fall and was accessible by "electric cars from Fountain Square and via the B. & O. S-w Railway."

��� Curiously, there was no mention of a connection to the Oakley Route (Route 70), which ran on Madison Road through the Madison Road-Edwards Road intersection at the Norwood-Oakley boundary line. The route mentioned, the Madison Avenue Route, didn't go to the Edwards-Madison Road intersection, but, instead turned off Madison Road at Erie and continuing to Hyde Park, where the two routes may have met at Erie and Edwards.

��� The Oakley Race Track was listed by the book as a Cincinnati "point of interest." Obviously, there was enough ridership to require the need of this connecting route. Being a double track, the return track probably ran on the Norwood side of Edwards Road.

��� Besides providing access to the race track, the Edwards Road car was probably convenient for other passengers who didn't want to walk from that part of Norwood or Oakley to catch the Oakley Route car at Madison and Edwards Roads to Cincinnati. The return connecting trip was probably even more useful, especially for those who were carrying bags of goods purchased during a shopping trip to downtown Cincinnati.

��� The 1925 Cincinnati Ordinance number 322-1925, described the route as from Edwards-Markbriet to Edwards-Erie and back.

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