Norwood's First Election

Norwood's First Election

On May 9, 1888, Section 33 of Columbia Township, Hamilton County, Ohio, was incorporated as the Village of Norwood, by vote of the County Commissioners. By law, the citizens had to wait two months before they could vote for their village representatives. If was almost three months before the actual election took place.

The following clippings from the Cincinnati Times-Star tell of the days of the election.

August 6, 1888:


    "This is the greatest day Norwood ever knew. The town is engaged in electing its first officers. Bright and early the polls were opened. Messrs. V. C. Tidball, H. H. Brader and Wm. Weghorst acting as Judges and Will. Card and Mr. Watson as clerks. The Citizens' ticket ran a 'bus to convey weary voters pollwards and several other vehicles were on the road to pick up the foot sore."

"Before 7 o'clock sixty votes had been polled— over one-third of the expected total."

August 7, 1888:


    "The smoke of the battle has cleared away and the Regulars have won the day. Only four of the Citizens' ticket are numbered among the victors, and three of them were adopted sons of the Regulars as well. A close race was expected but the results was a Waterloo unexpected and surprising."

"At 9 o'clock the result was known and the vote was announced ..."
The winners were: Dr. John Weyer, Mayor; John G. Masker, Treasurer; Edward G. Bolles, Clerk; J. P. Zimmerman, Sr., Fred H. Mehmert, Edward Mills, William Leser, Daniel Whitehead and Andy Weiand, Council; and Gerald Kehoe, Marshal.

"The "Mayor of Norwood," in response to cheers, made a few remarks appropriate to the occasion, and after His Honor had finished, there were loud calls for Kehoe. The Marshall was led to the front, and then, on behalf of numerous friends and admirers, the newly fledged official was adorned with an elegant badge, two feet square, and a ribbon-bedecked club long enough and heavy enough to chase the flies off any adventurous live stock that may hereafter roam at large within Norwood's precincts. Mr. Betty made the presentation speech in a happy manner, and after three cheers had been given, the Marshal returned thanks. Arrayed afterward in full regimentals, military coat and cap, he was the observed of all observers."

"Mayor Weyer was then sworn in by Casper H. Rowe, who, with V. C. Tidball, had been an active agent of incorporation. The new Council and other officials will take the oath of office to-night at Norwood Hall. Later in the evening bonfires were lighted on Norwood avenue in East Norwood and South Norwood, while several guns were fired. It was a great day for Norwood."

August 8, 1888:


    "At Norwood Hall last evening the new officers and Councilmen were sworn in by Mayor Weyer. Messrs. Whitehead and Mehmert were appointed a committee to look after suitable official quarters. They will also see if the taxes can not be transferred to Norwood's account at once. Mr. Zimmerman will act with Clerk Bolles in securing suitable books for carrying on the village business. Council did not appoint its standing committees."

"The McFarlan Lumber Co. has tendered the Mayor and Council the use of its office until they can secure permanent quarters."

"There are at least eight or nine people in Norwood who know more about politics now than they ever did in their lives before. Some of them think one lesson enough and they've quit the class."

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