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Early newspaper accounts of Norwood homes

Most Norwood homeowners are curious about the history of their home. It isn't always easy to find some information. The following are excerpts from early newspaper accounts of Norwood homes as they were planned, built or first occupied. Correlating this information (names and locations) with other sources (directories, censuses, deeds, etc.) you may be able to determine when your house was built — and perhaps, for whom and by whom!

"Beech street, in East Norwood, has opened up, and two new houses were built on that thoroughfare this summer." November 1, 1887
"Two years ago last summer, the first new house was built in South Norwood."
(See February 16, 1888 statement, below.)
November 1, 1887
"Among the tasteful new houses built at East Norwood during the past summer was one for Mr. Ren Mulford, Jr. of the Times-Star's staff." November 1, 1887
"Norwood is going to have a drug store. L. Dressel, now of North Side, is building one on the Montgomery pike." (Mr. Dressel and family would live above the store.) November 2, 1887
"Mr. Alf. H. Singer, agent of the Baltimore & Ohio Express Company, has purchased a lot on Beech street, East Norwood, and expects to build in the spring." November 4, 1887
"Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Cattell are now numbered among the residents of East Norwood. They moved into their cozy new home on Beech street this week." November 5, 1887
"Mr. C. E. Page's new home at South Norwood is nearing completion. It is a handsome house." November 7, 1887
"Mr. Larkin G. Cusson, of the Corona Oil Works, is moving into a handsome new residence on Forest avenue, South Norwood. It is a beauty." November 10, 1887
"Plans are being drawn up for an elegant residence for Mr. S. S. Kingery, of the Kingery Manufacturing Company, on Floral avenue, South Norwood." November 10, 1887
"Mr. John B. Hart has purchased five lots on Forest avenue, South Norwood, and will build a house in the spring that will cost him about $8,300." November 11, 1887
"A double house is in course of construction on Forest avenue in South Norwood. It is being built by Mr. J. W. Sanger at a cost of $4,500." November 11, 1887
"Plans for a very pretty house on Monroe street, South Norwood, are being drawn up by Bofinger & Hopkins for Mr. H. T. Moulinier." November 11, 1887
"The Huffmans have moved into their handsome new home on Norwood avenue." December 1, 1887
"Mr. Jacob Burkhardt takes possession of his new house to-day. Messr. Lieman & Son, of Ivanhoe, are to be complimented for the prompt execution of their work in this matter." December 1, 1887
"Mr. Brown, the builder, has broken ground for his new residence in Moessinger & Fritch's subdivision." December 28, 1887
"There will be considerable building in all the Norwoods next spring. Mr. C. H. Rowe expects to put up a house at the corner of Jefferson and Ashland avenues in South Norwood." January 10, 1888
"The Highland avenue syndicate will construct four houses in their addition to East Norwood. The plans are out for two brick and two frme buildings." February 7, 1888
"Plenty of new buildings will be erected in West Norwood during the coming spring and summer." February 8, 1888
Mr. Wm. Kincaid will erect a fine residence on Norwood avenue when the building season opens." February 11, 1888
"There will be at least thirty more houses constructed in South Norwood this season." February 14, 1888
"Mr. Robert Leslie is the pioneer of Floral avenue. He will soon have plenty of company, however, as many lot owners will build on that avenue in the near future." February 15, 1888
Mrs. Bowles was the first person to build in South Norwood, much against the advice of friends. She has a good many neighbors now." February 16, 1888
"When East Norwood property was first put on the market it was a race between Mr. Henry Staggeman and Isaac Morgan as to who would be the first resident of the town. Staggeman won by a week. Mr. Morgan is now dead and Mr. Staggeman has sold his place and moved away." February 16, 1888
"A $6,000 residence is being built in Jackson Slane's subdivision in South Norwood." February 21, 1888
"The Drake property in Norwood that was purchased lately by Messrs. Bofinger & Hopkins has been subdivided. Two substantial brick houses are now in process of construction. About fifteen acres of this new addition lies wihtin the territory that is to be incorporated." March 3, 1888
"Wm. Addams, of the Adams Express Company, has contracted for a $2,500 residence in South Norwood." March 3, 1888
"Mrs. Trivet, of Ben Pittman's School. has contracted for a dwelling of original design on Monroe avenue in South Norwood, the cost of which will be about $2,700." March 3, 1888
"Messrs. Morten Bros, of New Richmond, have broken ground for a residence on Floral avenue." March 5, 1888
"Dr. N. I. Schott is erecting a neat office in South Norwood." March 5, 1888
"Two new houses are going up on the pike south of Hopkins avenue and the Northern road. Henry Sanders and Mr. Overmole are building them. They are to have pressed brick fronts and will be quite an addition to South Norwood." March 16, 1888
"Mr. G. S. Stevens, of A. E. Burkhart & Co., has taken possession of his new home in Ivanhoe and will be prepared to entertain his friends in the near future." March 20, 1888
"Mr. John Woolley wil erect a row of six-room houses on his property on Harris avenue this spring." March 21, 1888
"Mr. A. H. Singer will build in the spring on Beech street East Norwood." March 23, 1888
"Ground has been broken for a half dozen new houses in South Norwood." March 23, 1888
"Mr. Henry Brader will build upon his lot on the highlands overlooking East Norwood, just as soon as he disposes of his house on Norwood avenue. It isn't often that such desirable improved property as his is on the market." March 23, 1888
"Ivanhoe is also booming. The foundation and cellar for Mr. Ayer's residence on Williams avenue is about completed. There is a cellar being dug on Baker street, between Hopkins and Williams avenue, for a house for Mr. Rulison. Mr. Fred Tieman, of Mentor street, is the contractor, and he will soon have it under roof. March 24, 1888
"Plans and specifications are out for Dr. N. I. Scott's residence in South Norwood." March 29, 1888
"Ivanhoe is still on the boom. Plans are out for a residence for Mrs. Peale on the corner of Franklin street and Hopkins avenue." March 29, 1888
"A handsome residence is under course of construction on Wesleyan avenue, Ivanhoe, in C. W. Baker's subdivision, for Mr. Adam Guyssiner and sons, of Mt. Auburn. They will occupy it as soon as possible." March 29, 1888

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