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Curators Corner of the Norwood Historical Society


The Norwood Historical Society Curators have two items of which they have questions. Your help would be appreciated. Click on either image for more information.

Bottled By THE HIRES BOTTLING CO. NORWOOD OHIO The first is a Hires Root Beer Bottle from Norwood, Ohio. But where in Norwood was the bottling plant?
We found it!
But, we could use a photo of the building, ca. 1949-52! Do you have one?

Rev. Johannas Glaesser The second is a post card marked Rev. Johannas Glaesser, Norwood, Ohio. But where in Norwood is the church ... and what is its name?

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The Curators have acquired a curious item. This postcard appears to be of an unidentified Norwood church. Can you name this church and its location?

The particulars of the card are:
  • The image is that of a man and child in front of a church.
  • The text on the bottom front is ...
    "Rev. Johannes Glaesser, NORWOOD, OHIO."
  • The back is stamped ...
    "NORWOOD, OHIO, DEC10, 1908, 6-30P."
  • Addressed to Mrs Joe Picek, Neffs, Ohio.
  • Message is to John Picek.
  • From Rev. J. Glaesser.
  • The text is in German.
Rev. Johannas Glaesser

Research shows that there was a Rev. John P. Glaesser residing at 5153 Montgomery Pike (Norwood City Directory, 1909-10). He may be the same man. However, his church affiliation is not given.
   Note: A closer review of the directory has the following listing for Rev. Glaesser:
Glaesser John P. (Evangelical Protestant) 5153 Mont-
    gomery Pike

One of the following churches may be his:
  • Lutheran Church of Our Savior (3959 Elsmere Avenue) was started in 1906 (a.k.a. as The Norwood Lutheran Church and The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Our Savior.
  • Salem Evangelical & Reformed (2057 Courtland Avenue)
  • St. John's Evangelical German Protestant (Montgomery Road) was first organized on March 27, 1892, and the church was dedicated in 1893. This may be the United Brethern Church on Montgomery Road, near Lawn Avenue.
    United Brethren Church, Montgomery Road near Lawn Avenue
    Probably not - the steeple is set back on the church in the postcard, while this United Brethren Church's steeple is set out at the front. Besides, the postcard church is one story, while the U.B.C. is two stories.

    However, the number and style of windows on the second floor do have similar shapes and number to the postcard church. If this is it, then the building was raised with a floor and basement placed below it and a new steeple was constructed. This reconstruction would have had to take place after 1908, the date of the postcard.
  • Zion Evangelical & Reformed (2332 Sherwood Lane) had its first services at Norwood Town Hall in October, 1891, with the dedication of a new church at Sherman & Walter Avenues in the fall of 1892.
    German Reform Church at Sherman & Walters, ca. 1904 Zion Reformed German Church, Sherman & Walter Avenues Probably not - the steeple is offset on this two-story Zion Reform German Church at Sherman & Walter Avenues.

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    Steve T. guesses that the location could be at the parking lot behind Mound Cafe.
    L. Elliot sent the following e-mail:
    "I'm almost certain the church on the post card is the building that now belongs to The American Legion post 123. It was formerly used by "the Odd Fellows" organization. Its about the 6th or 7th building on the left past White Castle going north on montgomery road before you get to Sorrentos Pizza. When the structure was built in 1892 (corner stone marking) It was a German church. The Norwood Library has a book with a picture of the church before the tall copper steeple was removed years later. Hope this helps."