Norwood's Confectioneries and Ice Cream Businesses

The dates given are years for which a source document can be verified.
However, the actual years of the businesses' operations may be longer.
Business are retail unless otherwise noted.

  • Lulu Apffel - 5303-1/2 Carthage Avenue (1937)
  • B. & B. Ice Cream Co. - 3828 Montgomery Road (1937, 1939, 1942)
  • George J. Back - 4405 Allison (1937)
  • Elmer A. Barber - 5133 Hunter Avenue (1937)
  • Fred W. Becksmith (wholesale) - 4312 Beech (1937)
  • Aristotle Chakiris - 1925 Sherman Avenue (1937)
  • Thomas B. Clevenger - 5140 Globe Avenue (1937)
  • Mrs. Louis C. Graeter - 4409 Montgomery Road (1937)
  • Griffith & Benninger - 4400 Forest Avenue (1937)
  • Margaret Hanrahan - 1804 Mills Avenue (1937)
  • P. J. Harritos & Sons - 4566 Montgomery Road (1937)
  • Waite Jones - 4522 Forest Avenue (1937)
  • Mrs. Rezsin Liebisch - Lindner Bros. (1937)
  • Lindner Bros. Ice Cream Co. - 4421 Montgomery Road (1937, 1939, 1940, 1942, 1944)
  • Sarah W. Newmark - 4504 Carter (1937)
  • Ohio Ice Cream Company -2520 Leslie Avenue (1939, 1942)
  • Helen Schoenberger - 1828 Mills Avenue (1937)
  • Marie Stricker - 4131 Bell (1937)
  • Sunbeam Food Shop, Inc. - 4634 Montgomery Road (1937)
  • Anna Trischler - 5015 Wesley Avenue (1937)\
  • United Dairy Farmers - 3953, 5026 Montgomery Road (1940-54)

The 1930-31 Williams Norwood Directory, the only ice cream manufacturer recorded was the Norwood Ice Cream Company, 2119 Madison Avenue.

In the 1932-33 edition, Lindner Bros. Ice Cream, 3740 Montgomery (at the northeast corner of Lexington and Montgomery in the 2-story building in the front of William Cressler's bowling alley—today's Stones Lanes), was the sole business listed under "ICE CREAM DEALERS—RETAIL AND WHOLESALE." The proprietors were listed as John Schmauz and Andrew C. Grimm. The 1939, 1940 and 1942 directories listed John Schmauz as the president and treasurer; Philip H. Trautman, vice-president and Herbert Werner, secretary. Later, ca. 1942-1944, with a possible change of ownership, the officers were William C. Klein, pres.; Stanley Klein, treas. and Herbert Werner, sec. The store locations were at 3740, 3744 and 4421 Montgomery Road.

Starting around 1936, there were Lindner Brothers ice cream stores in Cincinnati. It appears that the Cincinnati and Norwood stores were owned by different people. The business names were slightly different, too. "Lindner Brothers Ice Cream Company" in Norwood and "Lindner Brothers" in Cincinnati. The Norwood business' officers were John Schmauz, pres.; Philip H. Trautman, v.p. and Herbert Werner, sec. It has not been determined what, if any, relationship there was with the Norwood, Cincinnati and Indiana (see below) Linder ice cream businesses.

Carl H. Sr. was about 18 years old in 1901, when he began working in the milk business in Dayton, Ohio. At one time, he and his younger brother David operated the Lindner Brothers Dairy in Dayton. From 1915, or earlier, until 1922, or later, they operated The Lindner Bros. Sanitary Milk Company at 719-23 May Street, Dayton. Around 1929, he and brother David moved their families to Indianapolis. In 1930 or 1931, Carl Sr. and family moved to Silverton and then around 1940 or 1941, to Norwood. David continued operating Lindner Brothers Ice Cream in Indiana.

In 1940, Carl Sr., it has been written, had sold his business (possibly the Beechwood Farms Dairy, Silverton, and Lindner Quality Milk, Mariemont) and started the United Dairy Farmers at 3955 Montgomery Road in Norwood with his sons, Carl H. Jr, Robert D. and Richard E. Lindner, and his daughter, Dorthy Kreuzman. A recent newspaper article (Enquirer, Jan. 24, 2007) states that Carl Sr., with the help of his three boys, Carl, Jr., Robert and Richard, operated the Quality Milk Company from the Reshaven Barn in Mariemont. The article stated that this small business grew into U.D.F.

Starting ca. 1940, the Lindners lived at 3909 Floral Avenue. At the Montgomery Road location, the Lindner family processed and sold milk, ice cream and other dairy products for a little less than delivery men were charging. In 1952, Carl Sr. died, leaving the operation of the business to his three sons and one daughter. At that time there were 11 UDF stores in Greater Cincinnati.

Today the company's main plant is located on Montgomery Road, on the block bounded by Montgomery Road, Williams, Mentor and Ivanhoe Avenues. Ice cream and milk are processed there. Several of the UDF retail stores are located in Norwood.

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