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"Norwood, Her Homes and Her People"

by Ren Mulford, Jr., and Werter G. Betty,
Norwood's first official historians


- pages 55-88 and inside back cover -

    The whole book could be considered an advertisment for Norwood and the businesses of its citizens. In the back of the book are what can be considered true advertisments. As the editors said, "... there were many contributors who have interesting stories of their own to tell in the closing pages of the book ... those whose names are emblazoned on the advertising pages have emphasized their interest in Norwood, her homes and her people."
    Not all of the companies were located in Norwood, but when they were not, they often had a Norwood citizen of note in their company. Here is a list of the advertisers, by page:

  • Page 55.
    • R. P. BELLSMITH. Photographer.
      • Thirty-two photographs of Norwood children were included in his collage.
        1. Henrietta Riley
        2. Annie Lloyd
        3. Hazel Moessinger
        4. Nelson Littell
        5. Ratliff Twins, Elouise & Annatte
        6. Hazel Devoe
        7. George Alfred & Rettig Singer
        8. Carroll & Virginia Gertrude Figge
        9. Winona B. Poage
        10. Robert Wittrock
        11. Eliza Scott
        12. Alice Davis
        13. George Crowthers
        14. Alfred Springer
        15. Georgina Bellsmith
        16. The Jewells, John Davis, Jessie & Edwin
        1. Isabella Kate Betty
        2. Mary Alice Kemper
        3. Norma Winkleman
        4. Helen Wichgar
        5. Edwin S. Robinson
        6. Georgina & Ormsby Bellsmith
        7. Hal Meader
        8. Ida Windhorst
        9. Herbert Harrington
        10. Emery Holt
        11. Helen C. & Esther Bryant Slane
        12. Ariel Byington Mulford
        13. Flora Cattell
        14. Helen Littell
        15. E. Morley Westlake
        16. Albert Zimmerman
  • Page 56.
      Manufacturer of Pressed Bricks.
      • This is a detailed story of the manufacture and use of these Norwood bricks.
      • The manufacturing facilities were located just above Duck Creek at the junction with the B. & O. S.W. railroad tracks. The 1896 Norwood Directory gave the address as Duck Creek Road and Park Avenue (indicating that it was behind today's U. S. Playing Card Company facility.
      • The offices were at the Fosdick Building on West Fourth Street, downtown Cincinnati.
      • The owners, the Barker family, lived at the northeast corner of Forest and Park Avenues, Norwood.
  • Page 57.
      Contractor for many Norwood Subdivisions.
      • A list of citizens who had homes built by this company.
  • Page 58.
    • DES JARDINS & HAYWARD. Architects
      – 216 Main Street, Rooms 75 & 76 of the Blymyer Building, Cincinnati.
      Architects of the following buildings in Norwood:
      • Presbyterian Church, C. L. and N. Depot; residences of Jackson Slane, C. E. Page, C. L. Seaman, E. Mills, C. C. Robinson, A. A. King, J. R. Lindsay and L. M. Brown.
    • THE BANDLE ARMS CO. Sporting Goods
      – 267 Main Street, Cincinnati.
      • Seller of guns, rifles, revolvers, ammunition, fishing tackle, base ball and athletic goods, and general sporting goods.
      • G. Morris Crawford, Pres. and Treas.; Henry Goodman, Vice-president and Manager.
    • G. C. RIORDAN & CO. Stained Glass.
      – 30 & 32 East Fifth Street, Cincinnati.
    • FECHHEIMER'S CLOTHING. Men & Boys Clothing.
    • HUNSTMAN & HARDESTY. Florists & Cut Flower Dealers.
      – 27 & 39 West Fourth Street, Cincinnati.
    • HENRY LASANCE. Tailor.
      – 159 Main Street, Cincinnati.
      • Residence on Ivanhoe Avenue, Norwood.
    • THE DUHME COMPANY. Goldsmiths and Silversmiths.
      – Fourth & Walnut Streets, Cincinnati.
    • GEO. P. DAVIS, JR. Real Estate and Loan Broker.
      – 52 Johnston Building at 5th & Walnut, Cincinnati.
      • Residence on Williams Avenue, west of Ivanhoe Avenue, Norwood.
  • Page 59.
    • BROWNING, KINGS & CO. Men & Boys Clothing.
      – Race & 5th Streets, Cincinnati.
    • KELLEY KOAL KOKE. Supplier of Coal and Coke.
      – Maple Avenue, Norwood.
      • C. H. Kelley.
      Cement Walk Contractor.
      – 15 N. St. Clair Street, Dayton, Ohio.
      Upholsterer and Mattress Manufacturer.
      – 126 & 128 Sycamore Street, Cincinnati.
      • J. P., J. P., Jr. and F. E. Zimmerman.
      • Manufacturers of hair and spring mattresses, restorers of antique and fine furniture, and packer, shipper and storer of household effects.
  • Page 60.
      Developer/Realtor for Durrell's Subdivision of Ivanhoe.
      – Esplande Building, Cincinnati?
    • THE UNION CENTRAL LIFE INSURANCE CO. of Cincinnati Insurance.
      • J. M. Pattison, Pres.; E. P. Marshall, Sec't; E. W. Jewell, General Agent.
    • THE RUDOLPH WURLITZER CO. Manufacturer/Distributor of Pianos and Other Musical Instruments.
      – 23 West Fourth Street.
  • Page 61.
    • THE MABLEY & CAREW CO. Clothing and furnishing goods.
      —Opposite Fountain, Cincinnati.
      Manufacturer of "The Falcon" bicycle.
      —Toledo, Ohio.
    • SCHIELY & POAGE Ticket Brokers.
      —Carew Building at 193 Vine Street and 107 Central Avenue, near the Grand Central Depot.
  • Page 62.
    • C. E. BROCKMANN. Dealer in Home Furnishing Goods.
      —110 & 112 Main Street, on east side between 3rd and 4th Streets, Cincinnati.
    • C. & A. KREIMER CO. Furniture.
      —373 & 381 Main Street, Cincinnati, with factories at Richmond and Carr Streets, Cincinnati.
    • POTTER'S. Shoe Store.
      —114 & 116 West Fifth Street, between Race & Vine Streets, Cincinnati.
    • D. H. BALDWIN & CO. Pianos.
      —158 West Fourth Street, near Elm Street, Cincinnati.
  • Page 63.
    • J. M. MCCULLOUGH'S SONS. Seed Supplier.
  • Page 64.
  • Page 65.
    • Traxel & Maas Art Store. Art Store and Fine Arts Gallery.
      —172 West Fourth Street, Cincinnati.
    • Hohnstedt & Windhorst. A Dry Goods and Notions Store with Daily Delivery to Norwood.
      —northwest corner of Main & Twelve Streets, Cincinnati.
    • Moessinger, Fritsch & Hugle.
      Auctioneers, Real Estate and Loan Brokers.
      —No. 1 West Fourth Street, Cincinnati.
  • Page 66.
    • Norwood Park.
      A Subdivision with A. Y. Reid as Trustee and a Resident.
      • Photo A. Y. Reid Residence at Park & Floral; Norwood Electric Roadway, B.&O.S.W.R.R., C.,L.&N.R.R. Floral Avenue, Park Avenue, and Montgomery Road are mentioned.
  • Page 67.
    • JOHN L. VINE. Prescription Druggist.
      —Montgomery Avenue, opp. Central School.
      • Post-office, telephone and telegraph stations.
      • Open day & night.
    • FRANK GERDE. Practical Horse Shoer.
      —Main Avenue, Norwood.
    • FRANK GRABUTH. Hardware Store
      • Tin and Slate Roofing
      • Galvanized Cornice Work
      • Dealer in Hardware and Tinware.
      • Dealer in Stove Casting.
    • F. Grieme. Druggist and Apothecary.
      —N.W. Corner of Carter and Hopkins Avenues.
    • John Niehaus. Grocery Store.
      —Main Road.
    • Wm. Schueler. Dealer in Boots, Shoes and Rubbers.
      —Montgomery Boulevard.
    • Herman Schuerman House Painter.
      —Montgomery Pike, north of Highland Avenue.
    • F. Shafer & Co. Livery and Boarding Stable.
      —Main Avenue, at the end of Electric Road.
    • H. P. Smith & Son. Dry Goods & Notions Store.
      —Main Avenue, opposite School House.
    • Phil. Voelker Barber Shop.
      —Montgomery Road, near the B.&O.S.W. Bridge.
    • John L. Vine. Agent for "La Duchesse" Cigars.
  • Page 68.
    • Elsmere. A Subdivision with John G. Brotherton & Co. as Agent
      • Photo of Residence at Hudson & Floral; Mt. Adams & Eden Park Electric Cars, C.,P.&V.R.R., Floral Avenue, Williams Avenue, Duck Creek Road, Lexington Avenue, Regent Avenue, Cleneay Avenue, Hudson Avenue, Montgomery Road and Elsmere Station are mentioned.
  • Page 69.
    • Cleveland Rubber Works. Manufacturer of Seamless Tube Rubber Hose.
      —W. G. Brown, manager.
    • The Rucker Stone Company. Gravel, Crushed Stone, etc. Supplier.
    • Baltimore and Ohio Southwestern Railway. Provider of suburban service to Norwood.
      —Mentions the booklet "Suburban Homes and Suburban Trains," and a one-year free train ticket for anyone building a home for $1,000 or more.
  • Page 70.
    • David Davis. Attorney at Law.
    • Cobb & Howard. Attorneys and Counselors at Law.
      —Orris P. Cobb, Norwood, and Edwin J. Howard, Price Hill.
    • William G. Williams. Attorney at Law.
      —Residence on Carthage Avenue in Norwood Heights.
    • Aaron McNeill. Counselor and Attorney at Law.
    • Charles E. Prior. Attorney at Law.
    • Wm. E. Bundy. Attorney at Law and Notary Public.
      —Residence at the N.W. cor. Ivanhoe & Wayland Aves.
    • Edward Moulinier. Attorney at Law and Notary Public.
      —Residence on Monroe Ave., bet. Forest & Floral Aves.
    • Dr. R. C. Wintermute. Medical Doctor.
      —Mentor Avenue, three doors west of Pike.
    • James A. Gibson. Plumber, Gas and Steam Fitter.
      —Branch Shop at Montgomery Road and Sherman Ave.; mentions Dr. Springer receiving the first water branch tap on May 22, 1894.
  • Page 71.
    • F. G. Leimann. Manufacturer and Builder of Sash, Doors, Blinds, and General Mill Work.
    • Wm. Lawson & Bro. Sanitary Plumbers.
    • Empsons. Fine Confections.
      —Proprietor, E. H. Van Zant.
    • Roosa & Ratliff Chemical Co. Manufacturer of The R.&R. Syrup for Coughs and Colds.
    • The Thomson & Blackman Company Stationers, Engravers and Printers.
    • The Geo. F. Otte Company Carpets, Curtains and Draperies.
      —Geo. F. Otte, Pres., F. L. Ratterman, Vice-Pres., C. E. Spielman, Sec't and Treas., and Jno. D. Sayers, Gen. Supt.
    • Frank Herschede Importing Jeweler.
  • Page 72.
    • Queen City Supply Company Industrial Equipment Supplier.
      Puchta, Pund & Co., Proprietors.
  • Page 73.
    • Cleneay & Van Antwerp. Owners of the Cleneay Subdivison in Norwood and Van Antwerp Subdivision of Avondale.
    • The Chas, Kuhl Artificial Stone Co. Cement Sidewalk Contractor.
    • The College of Music of Cincinnati.
      —Peter Rudolph Neff, President.
    • Nolan & Armleder. Plumbers specializing in Hot Water Heating, Steam Fitting and Gas Fitting.
  • Page 74.
    • H. W. Weisbrodt. Photo-engraving and Wood-engraving.
    • J. E. Poorman. Bicycles and Supplies Store.
    • The John Shillito Company.
    • Dodd, Werner & Co. Supplier of Gas and Electric Fixtures.
  • Page 75.
    • Fleischmann Co. Compressed Yeast Manufacturer.
    • Robert Leslie. Real Estate Agent for Norwood, North Evanston, Idlewild and Pleasant Ridge.
      —Office at Hopkins Avenue Station
    • "Big Four." The Cincinnati, Cleveland, Chicago and St. Louis. Railroad Company.
      —M. E. Ingalls, President, E. O. McCormick, Passenger Traffic Manager, D. B. Martin, General Passenger and Ticket Agent.
  • Page 76.
    • The Union Paving Co. Vitrified Paving Block and Sewer Brick Manufacturer.
      • J. E. McCracken, President, Ed. S. Grant, General Manager, T. F. McClure, Secreatary and Treasurer.
      • Works at New Cumberland, W. Va.; and Middleport, Ironton, and Portsmouth, Ohio.
    • Smith & Weisenborn Supplier of Pianos.
      —Tuning orders at Smith's residence, Mills Avenue and Carter Street.
    • The Model Laundry Co. Laundry Company with Three Day per Week Norwood Delivery.
      —Jno. Anderson, President, W. W. Riley, Secretary and Treasurer.
  • Page 77.
    • Hock & Hopkins. Plumbers and Gasfitters.
      —Corner of Montgomery Pike and Sherman Avenue.
    • David Folz & Sons. aka Kirchner & Folz - General Contractors.
      —"Some of the principal avenues of Norwood were built by this firm."
    • Chas. Hanauer & Bros. Bicycles and Athletic Goods.
    • The Victor Safe and Lock Co. Safe Manufacturer.
  • Page 78.
    • The Gail Borden Eagle Brand. Condensed Milk Manufacturer.
    • Liverpool and London and Globe Insurance Co.
    • David Folz & Sons. aka Kirchner & Folz - General Contractors.
      —J. M. DeCamp, General Agent; W. R. Johnson, Resident Agent in Norwood & Vicinity.
    • The United States Playing Card Company.
  • Page 79.
    • S. J. Osborn, Jr., & Co. Sidewalk and Curb Contractor.
      —with handwritten letter of endorsement from J. M. Harper, Civil Engineer.
  • Page 80.
    • Highland Route.—C., L. & N. Railway.
      —Suburban trains to Ivanhoe, Hopkins Avenue, Norwood Park, East Norwood and other stations outside of Norwood.
    • Geo. Hafer. Agent for the Subdivision in the Heart of Norwood. (Note: Originally, this subdivision may have been known as "Hedger's Addition to Norwood," and later as "Old Norwood.")
      • "The Subdivisions made by Hedger and others, located West of the Montgomery Road, opposite the Main School Building."
      • "Lots all fifty feet front, located on Montgomery Road, Maple and Elm Avenues."
  • Page 81.
    • The Brunswick-Balke-Collender Co. Billard Table Manufacturer.
    • A. O. Elzner, Architect
      —"The largest residence in Norwood, commonly known as the "Capitol" of Norwood, belonging to Dr. A. Springer, was built from designs by A. O. Elzner.
    • The Yale & Towne Manufacturing Company. Lock Manufacturer.
    • W. J. Behymer & Son. Undertaker; Livery and Boarding Stable.
    • W. H. Stewart's Sons Contractors.
      —W. H. Stewart, Jr., G. S. Stewart, and H. H. Stewart.
  • Page 82.
    • J. Wilder & Co. Dealer in Garden Supplies.
      —J. Freiedeborn, Manager.
    • White Star Laundry Co. Laundry Company with Twice a Week Norwood Delivery.
    • E. W. White & Co. Fine Bakery Goods and Luncheon.
    • Wm. L. Theis & Co. Hatter.
  • Page 83.
    • Cincinnati Society of Decorative Art. Embroidery Materials and Novelties.
      —Miss Curry, formerly of Woman's Exchange is in charge.
    • Bissinger's Fine French Confections.
    • The Poundsford Stationery Co. Stationery and Engraving.
    • Feldman's Norwood Heights Subdivision. Proprieter of this Subdivision.
    • Kock & Braunstein. China and Glassware.
    • Malden Bros. Plumbers and Gas Fitters.
      —E. J. Malden & Wm. G. Malden, at Montgomery Road, north of Hopkins Avenue Depot.
    • Mollenkamp & Binne. Manufacturers of the Champion Washing Machine.
      —Fred Mollenkamp, residence on Sheraman Avenue, and Henry Binne.
    • M. A. McGuire. Trunk, Valise and Satchel Manufacturer.
    • Oliver Schlemmer. Steam and Hot Water Heating Engineer.
      —Equipped Ashley Lloyd's residence with a Spence heater.
  • Page 84.
    • The Ault Wiborg Co. Manufacturer of Letter Press and Lithographic Printing Inks.
      —Supplied the ink used to print "Norwood, Her Homes and Her People."
  • Page 85.
    • Hess & Co. Builders of Fine Carriages and Wagons.
      —Main and Highland Avenues, Norwood.
    • James M. Harper. Surveyor and Civil Engineer.
      —Residence on Crown Avenue, Norwood.
    • John Grossius' Sons. Manufacturers of furnaces for heating and ventilating.
    • Richter & Wessling. Architects & Superintendents.
      —Architects for three Norwood school buildings.
    • Chas. J. Dauner. Insurance Agent with H. C. Schell & Son Insurance Co.
      —Insurer for the West Norwood Volunteer Fire Brigade when their engine house burned down on March 6th, 1894.
    • Drucker & Co. Manufacturer of Trunks, Valises, Satchels, and Leather Goods.
    • John W. Hall. Building Contractor.
      —Builder of brickwork for the Norwood Pumping Station. Residence on Ivanhoe Avenue, Norwood.
  • Page 86.
    • The A. L. Due Fire Works Co. Manufacturer of Fireworks.
      —Made the fire works for the Norwood Water Works dedication.
    • The Dexter Lumber Co. Norwood Dealer and Manufacturer of Mill Work and Lumber.
    • Hiram S. Mathers. Real Estate Broker.
    • The Stacey Manufacturing Co. Manufacturer of Iron and Steel Tanks for Gas, Water or Oil.
      • Henry Ranshaw, President & Manager.
      • W. Stacey, Vice-President.
      • Thos. H. Birch, Assistant Manager.
      • R. J. Tarvin, Secretary and Treasurer.
  • Page 87.
    • The John Church Company Distributor? of The Everett Piano.
    • Knight & Co. Printer, Binders, Designers and Engravers.
      —Did the typographical and presswork on "Norwood, Her Homes and Her People."
  • Page 88.
    • The Laidlaw-Dunn-Gordon Company. Manufacturer of Steam Pumping Machinery.
      —Built the Pumping Engine for the Norwood Water Works.
    • Bourbon Copper & Brass Works. Manufacturer of Fire Hydrants, Stop Valves, and Copper & Brass Goods.
      —Manufactured the fire hydrants and stop valves for the Norwood Water System.
  • Inside Back Cover.
    • The Christian-Moerlin Brewing Company.
      Ohio's Largest Brewery; Brewers and Bottlers of The Finest Quality of LAGER BEERS; Highest Awards at the Chicago World's Fair and all Cincinnati Expositions.

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