1894 Book - Norwood's early social organizations.
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"Norwood, Her Homes and Her People"

by Ren Mulford, Jr., and Werter G. Betty,
Norwood's first official historians


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J. A. Knapp's illustrated 'O'

NCE upon a time Norwood was heard from at least once a year, and that was when the Lowell Literary Society annually celebrated the birthday of the Father of his country. "The Lowell" had passed away and its library was willed to the school. The social life of Norwood plays no inconsiderable part in its history. The Chautauquans have had a successful career. There are several reading, euchre and whist clubs, while assemblies at the hall have been features of the winter programme. The Sorosis Club is composed solely of young ladies, and is officered so: Miss Etta Hill, president; Miss Ida Bosse, vice-president; Miss Carolyn Tidball, secretary, and Miss Grace Reynolds, treasurer. The Physical Culture Club, instructed by Miss Carrie Goldsmith, is one of the latest organizations, with Mrs. J. A. Knapp, president; Mrs. J. U. Lloyd, vice-president; Mrs. Ren Mulford, Jr., secretary, and Mrs. H. C. Meader, treasurer. The Entre Nous Literary Society is made up of young folks who recently essayed amateur theatricals. The officers are W. G. Bertoli, president; Miss Josie Davison, vice-president; D. E. Woolley, secretary; Miss Daisy Ross, treasurer; Harry R. Frick, censor, and Miss Lottie Failor, editor of the Budget. The younger devotees of Terpsichore pay court to the goddess of the dance at the "semi-occasionals" of the Comus Club, which claims as its members, W. G. Bertoli, president; Fred McQueety, vice-president; George A. Sawyer, secretary and treasurer; John Barker, Joe Barker, James Berry, Bush Parker, Walter Stewart and Harry King.
    Tennis is one of the most popular pastimes of the summer. The Ideal Park Club has its courts on Forest avenue, and the Norwood Club's grounds are on Beech street, in East Norwood. There are several private courts where the knights and ladies of the racquet love to congregate. Fred McQueety is president of the Ideal Park Club; Charles Chesley, vice-president; George A. Sawyer, secretary; Harry R. Frick, treasurer, and Will G. Bertoli, superior. The Norwood Tennis Club's officers are President, Harry C. Hey; Vice-President, O. P. Cobb; Secretary, Miss Minnie McGechin; Treasurer, George H. Singer; executive Board, A. W. Hoffman, W. G. Betty, E. C. Poage, A. H. Singer and Ren Mulford, Jr. The Ivanhoe Tennis Club, with courts on Carter street, is the latest in the field. A. L. Brown is President and Supervisor; Elmore Bosse, Secretary, and Rudolph Butz, Jr., Treasurer.

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Banks SECTION Norwood's People


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