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Questions and Answers - Part III

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1. What was the name of Thomas & Nicholas Aglamesis Norwood ice cream store when they sold it during the Great Depression?
A) Aglamesis Confectioney
B) T & N's Ice Cream Parlor
C) The Metropolitan
D) Graeter's

2. Which of these Norwood mayors died in office?
A) John C. Weyer
B) George Edward Mills
C) R. Edward Tepe
D) Allen Roudenbush

3. What Norwood-born jockey won the 1908 Kentucky Derby as the youngest jockey to win that race at the time?
A) Steve Cauthen
B) Arthur Cauthen
C) Arthur Pickens
D) "Slim" Pickens

4. Which former Norwood residents became Mayor of Cincinnati?
A) George Puchta
B) Jerry Springer
C) Thomas A. Luken
D) Willis D. Gradison

5. Which of these notable people lived on Floral Avenue?
A) Carl Lindner, Sr. (ice cream)
B) Edward Tepe (politics)
C) Robert Leslie (real estate)
D) All of the above

6. For a long period, Norwood had three indoor movie theaters. What were their names?
A) Norwood, Plaza and Ohio
B) Norwood, Pike and Ohio
C) Minnette, Pike and Ohio
D) Plaza, Pike and Sanker

7. According to the 1950 census survey, what was the approximate median value of a single family dwelling in Norwood?
A) $2,500
B) $5,000
C) $10,000
D) $20,000

8. According to the 1950 census survey, how many of the dwelling units in Norwood were owner-occupied?
A) 1 out of 4
B) almost half
C) little more then 75%
D) all

9. In May 1960, Norwood City Council approved an ordinance to increase the number of fire fighter to ...?
A) 40
B) 51
C) 62
D) 73

10. According to the 1950 census survey, what was the average rent (rounded to the nearest dollar) of all rental property in Norwood?
A) $15
B) $39
C) $51
D) $123

11. In 1960, Norwood put seven new garbage trucks in operation. What was unique about the design of these trucks?
A) The garbage was loaded from the side and forced out the rear.
B) They were smaller than normal garbage trucks, so they could navigate some of Norwood's narrow streets.
C) Garbage was loaded with remote-controlled arms, thereby reducing manpower requirements.
D) To save fuel costs, the trucks were powered by processed garbage.

12. In 1961, Flood's restaurant on Duck Creek Road at Smith Road was offering an all-you-can-eat fish dinner every Friday for what special price?
A) 50 cents
B) 65 cents
C) $1.00
D) $1.75

13. Why was early Norwood called Sharpsburg?
A) To memorialize a Civil War Battle.
B) To honor a local resident.
C) To recognize the sharp intersection at Carthage and Montgomery Roads
D) To note the many sharp arrow heads found in the area.

14. In what year was the Columbia Baptist Church's log cabin overlooking Duck Creek completed?
A) 1790
B) 1801
C) 1803
D) 1808

15. The Duck Creek Baptist Church replaced its log cabin with a brick church in what year?
A) 1803
B) 1835
C) 1876
D) 1890

16. What year did David Mills and wife lease land between the "Pike" and Smith Road for a school building (which was later called Central School)?
A) 1808
B) 1828
C) 1846
D) 1868

17. Soon after Norwood was incorporated as a village, the 160-acres Cavagna farm south of Williams Avenue was platted as Elsmere Subdivision. When did the Elsmere Syndicate buy and start developing the land?
A) 1869
B) 1879
C) 1889
D) 1899

18. In 1885, a famous artist moved in with his sister and brother-in-law on Harper Avenue. What is the artist's name?
A) J. Augustus Knapp
B) Louis T. Rebisso
C) Henry Farny
D) None of the above

19. In 1881, businessman George Hafer donated land for the Norwood Town Hall (the current location of City Hall). Later, he was the last mayor of what nearby town when it was annexed by Cincinnati?
A) Avondale
B) Hyde Park
C) Oakley
D) Pleasant Ridge

20. When the Village of Norwood was incorporated in 1888, it encompassed ...?
A) all of Columbia Township
B) parts of Columbia & Millcreek Townships
C) Section 34 of Columbia Township
D) all of Norwood Township