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Questions and Answers - Part II

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Carl H. Lindner, Sr. - Part I.

  • What did Carl H. Lindner, Sr. do in 1931 ?

  • Carl H. Lindner, Sr. Part II.

  • What year did Carl H. Lindner, Sr. sell Lindner Brothers Ice Cream Company, before starting UDF?

  • Since 1912, the Sears, Roebuck & Company owned
    the Norwood Sash & Door Company to supply their "kit" home business.

  • When did they sell it?

  • South Norwood's Burwood Park

  • When did Norwood buy the land for Burwood Park?

  • Fiftieth Anniversary Parade

  • On May 6, 1953, a parade celebrating Norwood's 50th anniversary as a city attracted how many spectators?

  • Telephone Changes - Part I

  • At midnight on Sunday, June 28, 1930, Norwood was the first in the Cincinnati & Suburban Bell Telephone area to make a change to this new system. What was the new system ?

  • Telephone Changes - Part II

  • On a Saturday in June, the telephone numbers in Norwood were changed from two letters and four numerals to two letters and five numerals. What year did that happen ?

  • Street Cars and Trolleys Obsolete

  • With street cars and trolley buses replaced by motor buses, the overhead copper cables were no longer needed. When were they removed from Norwood streets ?

  • The Chevy Camaro to be built in Norwood.

  • When did G.M. announce that a new car named Camaro would be built at plants in Norwood, Ohio, and Van Nuys, California ?

  • Camero built in Norwood

  • On what date was the first Chevy Camaro driven out of the Norwood Assembly Plant ?

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