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1st Supermarket

  • In 1933, the 1st grocery store in Ohio and perhaps the world to use the name "Super Market" was opened in Norwood at Montgomery Road and Madison Avenue by a former Kroger Grocery & Baking Company president. What was the name of the store? An extra point if you know the businessman's name.

  • 1st Imminent Domain to U.S. Supreme Court

  • The U. S. Supreme Court ruled against Norwood regarding the use of imminent domain. What is the "when, where and who" of this decision?

  • 1st World Series Manager

  • The former manager of the Providence Grays—the unofficial winner of the "first World Series" in 1884, lived in Norwood while he was the business manager of the Cincinnati Reds for 30 years and its interim manager in the summer of 1902. He holds the record for the most teams managed—7. What is this Spencer Avenue resident's name?

  • Future Aviator

  • Thirteen-year-old Clyde Groce Corrigan lived in Norwood, on Kenilworth Avenue, with his father and brother for a short time in 1920. Later, he was a mechanic on Charles Lindberg's Spirit of St. Louis. Corrigan also flew solo across the Atlantic, however he claimed he was going from New York to California. He ended up in Ireland! After that famous flight, what was his nickname?

  • 1st Drug Store

  • What was the first drug store to open in Norwood ... and when?

  • What? You know this?!!

  • Who was the doorman of the Plaza Theater in 1913?

  • Ohio Governor and U.S. Senator

  • This Sharpsburg School Trustee was later elected Governor of Ohio twice and was also a U. S. Senator. Two streets in Norwood were named after him, although only one still exists. What is this man's name?

  • Grocery Stores Everywhere

    In 1930, the number of grocery stores in Norwood was at its peak. It almost seemed like there was one on every corner. Of the 89 stores listed in that year's directory, how many were Kroger's?

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