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Police Patrol Boxes in Norwood, Ohio.
and their locations

12 Montgomery and Cypress
13 Montgomery and Mound
14 Montgomery and Harris
15 Marion and Buxton
21 Ash and Norwood
22 Linden and Harper
23 Lloyd and Harris
24 Norwood and Poplar
31 Lawn and Hunter
32 Crown and Section
33 Maple and Ridgeway
     (renamed Robertson)
34 Cleveland and Carter
41 Allison and Sherman
42 Montgomery and Mills
43 Montgomery and Hopkins
52 Courtland and Ivanhoe
121 Hopkins and Webster
122 Smith and Kenilworth
123 Forest and Park
124 Smith and Melrose
131 Jefferson and Floral
132 Hudson and Hazel
133 Grove and Shanmoor
134 Forest and Morton
142 Adams and Lafayette
143 Williams and Floral
212 Regent and Wayland
213 Regent and Lexington
214 Montgomery and Cleneay
321 Montgomery and Williams
342 Williams and Huston

NOTE: Locations given were at one of the corners of the intersection of the two streets. The list is based on 1917-1919 records. Although the last record of this list was found for 1919, the Patrol Boxes were probably in operation for years afterwards. In 1953, Police Call Boxes were installed for the use of the public to call police in case of emergency or trouble. Soon after the first box was installed on August 18, at the B.& O. Bridge on Montgomery Road, a citizen used it to report being in an automobile accident. Note that these telephone boxes were not the same as the Patrol Boxes, which were for use by the police only. Information and list of the Patrol Boxes.

Police Stations in Norwood, Ohio.
and their locations

The Police Headquarters was at City Hall, although originally, before Norwood Town Hall was replaced, the HQ may have been at the Fire Station next door.

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