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Page 57 - B&H
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"Norwood, Her Homes and Her People"

by Ren Mulford, Jr., and Werter G. Betty,
Norwood's first official historians


Page 57 of the book "NORWOOD, HER HOMES AND HER PEOPLE" was an advertisement for the Bofinger & Hopkins company. Augustus G. Bofinger and Lewis G. Hopkins were the principals of the company. They listed the names of many people whose homes were built by B&H in one of the several B&H subdivisions in Norwood. In the ad, it is said that the total value of these properties was $1,174,629.25 or over $6,000 each; today, their value would be ten to forty times that. The following is that page, reformatted for this site to simulate the layout of the original.

* * *       Look at the Dwellings
              Built by——————
For the following Persons           
—————in Norwood.   * * *

William W. Addams.
Charles G. B. Aydelott.
Frederick Arnsmaier.
E. G. Bolles.
William Beckett.
W. E. Bassett.
G. M. Beckner.
Charles T. Brunsman.
*Helen J. Bowler.
A. F. Bagge.
William Brandhorst.
A. M. Berens.
Ann E. Barton.
E. M. Brown.
O. E. Bell.
J. H. Bosse.
Charles Brinkmeyer.
Henry Beggs.
J. M. Baker.
*Ralph P. Bellsmith.
W. G. Brown.
V. A. Bassett.
W. E. Buckton.
Robert Brock.
Herbert Bristow.
W. F. Bonner.
A. C. Cattell.
Samuel S. Cooper.
Sidney J. Charlesworth.
Harrison A. Crosby.
W. J. Carey.
E. P. Crotty.
S. A. Corkhil.
*Orris P. Cobb.
*Harry Coates.
*Charles W. Evans.
E. R. Edwards.
G. P. Evans.
Richard Evans.
H. M. Edmondson.
W. H. Everhart.
Gomer P. Davis.
*Leopold Dressel.
Matthew DeBruine.
Margaret P. Bertoli.
George Failor.
Victoria Fricke.
Herman Ferdleman.
Fred. C. Fisher.
William Ferris
Gus A. Flamm.
John Fussner.
William Geiger.
G. W. Gale.
Parker Gale.
J. K. Graybill.
L. B. Green.
F. J. Grossheim.
Charles F. Gage.
A. C. Gale.
Lydia P. Graves.
C. F. Hesser.
C. M. Hattersley.
*John B. Hart, Forest ave.
John B. Hart,         "
John B. Hart,         "
John B. Hart,         "
John B. Hart,   Floral ave.
John B. Hart,         "
John B. Hart,         "
John B. Hart,         "
A. F. Hollis.
*J. M. Harper.
E. W. Holt.
J. E. Horstman.
Herbert L. Harrington.
Aug. Hindersman.
A. Hartman.
Jonathan Hattersley.
A. P. Hagemeyer.
*Harry C. Hey.
M. E. Handy.
Charles T. Hughes.
F. C. Hock.
John Howie.
James Humble.
Richard Hemple.
Geo. T. Hipple.
C. G. Hallam.
P. C. Hill.
W. B. Brown.
B. P. Hopkins.
Frank L. Hund.
Fred E. Hukill.
O. F. Jones.
Jos Jones.
*E. W. Jewell.
A. R. Kuse.
*S. S. Kingery.
Charles Kerner.
I. B. Karr.
H. W. Kent.
Alfred Korte.
Ed. Kluk.
E. A. King.
Gaines Keenan.
Peter Keifer.
W. B. Kinkead.
*J. A. Knapp.
E. L. Kirk.
*Robt. Leslie.
T. R. Lloyd.
G. W. Lamb.
W. B. McGroarty.
Ren Mulford, Jr.
C. G. Moulinier.
J. S. Miller.
Alex Miller.
Philip Moessinger.
David K. Mason.
Henry Merkle.
John Moorwood.
J. B. Maas.
J. W. McQueety.
K. A. McAllister.
S. E Morgan.
Isaac Morgan.
S. B. Markland.
Fred J. Myers.
W. B. Norton.
Thomas Newbiggen.
J. E. Nieske.
Francis S. Neal.
John Orth.
Otto Otten.
A. H. Pape.
H. J. Pfister.
Chas. B. Patton.
Edward Pape.
F. Riddell.
C. W. Rowe.
Theo. C. Ruzicka.
*Clinton C. Robinson.
S. F. Ross.
Henry Rheude.
Frank Rust.
C. A. Reinhart.
H. J. Reedy.
W. W. Riley.
Fred Richter.
D. J. Stump.
H. C. Stokes.
F. H. Steinkamp.
Mary Stagge.
M. A. Sheen.
A. H. Singer.
John Schrink.
J. W. Sanger.
M. A. Sackett.
J. M. Thomssen.
M. Trivett.
H. I. Tuttle.
Theo. Trimble.
R. E. Taylor.
J. S. Thompson.
R. W. Wickersham.
W. E. Wichgar.
Andrew Weiand.
J. E. Whittaker.
H. C. Williams.
Daniel Whitehead.
C. A. Watson.
Caroline Weichrad.
M. M. Williamson.
Geo. Webb.
Chas. Woertz.
Abe Wald.
John Weyer.
W. E. Zoller.
J. P. Zimmerman.

Houses marked with (*) star, see picture in this book.
THE above property represents a total value of $1,174,629.25. We are the proprietors of the 1st, 2d and 3rd, Subdivisions of South Norwood, Bofinger & Hopkins Subdivision of East Norwood, and Bofinger & Hopkins 1st and 2d Subdivisions of the Drake Track, Norwood. We will build for purchasers of lots, on small cash payment. Prospective purchasers can have the benefit of the 350 different plans of modern dwellings on file at our office, or we will prepare plans and specifications, after their own ideas, for purchasers of lots, without cost.
236 Main Street,                     
Telephone 1475. CINCINNATI, OHIO.

Reformated from page 57 of the book
"Norwood, Her Homes and Her People",
copyright 1894 by Ren Mulford, Jr. and Wertner G. Betty.

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