Montgomery Road 1896- Norwood Historical Society Streets Page
[Montgomery Road]


A "no listing" could indicate either there was no building,
a building was under construction, a building was not occupied,
or the original directory was in error. The division into "areas"
is not official, but made here just to give a general sense of the locations.

The 1896 Directory was not a complete listing of every person who lived on
Montgomery Road in 1896. It is obvious that the residences are missing
spouses and children. The directory apparently only listed business owners
and workers, even if they were not living there. The listed names and
businesses are in bold. Names of family members who were very
likely to be living at the residence have been added.
Data is from census records and other contemporary sources.

From south corporation limits to Williams Avenue
East Side West Side
Main & C.P.&V. R.R.
(Not sure which side of road. If on south side of tracks, it wasn't in Norwood.)
  • Lang, Wm. L. - dealer in Anthracite and Bituminous Coal. Gas and Crushed Coke, Flour and Feed. Idlewild, Cincinnati, O.
  • se c Main & Lexington
  • Edwin McMillan Grocery
    The owner, Edwin McMillan, resided next door on the south side of Lexington at the first house east of Main Avenue.
    Edwin McMillen (sic) was one of the incorporators of the Elsmere Building and Loan Company (located a short distance north and on the opposite side of Main) in July 1890.
  • No buildings listed on west side, until Mentor Avenue.
    ne c Main & Hudson
  • Elsmere Building & Loan Co.
      Some of the officers and founders were:
    • Mr. David Davis, President
    • Mr. W. C. Baker, Vice-President
    • Mr. Frank G. Leiman, Vice-President
    • Mr. Eri Jewett Morten, Vice-President
    • Mr. Ferdinand Fromlet, Secretary
    • Mr. William E. Bundy, Attorney
    • Mr. G. A. (George?) Willard, Finance Committe
    • Mr. H. P. Hathaway, Finance Committe
    • Mr. Wm. Kerentz, Board of Directors
    • Mr. A. A. Brown
    • Mr. William F. Collins
    • Mr. George F. Cook
    • Mr. A. W. Eastman
    • Mr. H. (Horton?) Ensign
    • Mr. A. Malleboe
    • Mr. Edwin McMillen (sic)
    • Mr. William Thorburn
  • e s Main, 1st h n Hudson
  • Schutte, C. - carpenter for F. G. Leiman Mills
  • e s Main between Hudson & Wayland
  • F. G. Leiman Co. - contractor, mfg. & builder
    (Mr. Leiman was a founder and Vice-President of the Elsmere Building & Loan Company, located a short distance to the south)
    The products of this business were "sash, door, blinds and general mill work." The building was located opposite Ivanhoe Avenue.
  • Heidkamp, W. - machine hand for F. G. Leiman
  • Copeland, Ben - machine hand for F. G. Leiman
    The owner, Frank G. Leiman, 37, had his residence on the south side of Mentor, at the second house west of Ivanhoe Avenue. Living with him were his wife of 10 years, Hanna Davis (Anna?), 37, son Howard, 8, and daughter Neva, 5.
  • ne c Main & Wayland - residence (3906 Main ?)
  • Cordes, Louis - feed (later, brewers grain) dealer, 58, German-born
    In 1902, he served as 1st Ward Councilman.
  • Cordes, Louise - wife of Louis, 57, German-born
  • Cordes, Clara
  • Cordes, Edward - clerk
  • Cordes, Emil - harness mfr, 20, son of Louis and Louise
  • Cordes, Fred - feed dealer
  • Cordes, Clifford - son of Louis and Louise, 18
  • Cordes, Edward - son of Louis and Louise, 17
  • Cordes, Lulu (Louise?) - daughter of Louis and Louise, 16
  • Cordes, Margy (Margaret?) - daughter of Louis and Louise, 13
  • Littell, Joseph W.* - son-in-law, 26
  • Littell, Clara S.* - wife of Joseph, daughter of Louis and Louise, 22
    *Not sure if they were married at this time.
  • e s Main, 2nd h n Wayland - residence
  • Kolb, Louis - agt. for Lithia Mineral Water
  • e s Main opposite Mentor (Invahoe, Ohio) - stores and residence
  • Edw. H. Greiwe Co. - tin store, cornice work & roofing
  • E. S. Trout Grocery - grocery
  • Greiwe, E. H. - residence
  • Trout, E. S. - residence
    The following were probably boarders
  • Malden, Ed. - plumber
    Edward J. and William G. Malden operated the Malden Brothers, plumbing and gas fitting business, from two locations-one downtown and the other on Montgomery Road, just north of the Hopkins Avenue Depot, Norwood.
  • Welp, Ben. - clerk at E. H. Greiwe
  • Beckman, Annie
  • Beckman, Frank - tinner
  • Lacey, Geo. - laborer
  • Lacey, Richard - hostler
  • Levi, Earnst - teamster
  • Levi, John - laborer
  • Chance, Grant - clerk at G. S. Trout grocery
  • sw c Main & Mentor - residence
  • Lawrence, E. M. - Supt. at Jeptha Miller Carriage Factory
  • Lawrence, H. F. - clerk
  • Lawrence, Anna E.
  • Lawrence, Hattie
  •   w s Main, 2nd h s Williams - residence
  • Franklin, John - ass't supt. at Gas Co.
    This 40 year-old man was born in England, immigrating in 1870.
  • Franklin, Jesse E. - wife of John, born in N.Y. of English parents, age 38
  • Franklin, Florence A. (nee Randall) - daughter of John and Jesse, 20
  • Franklin, Henry G. - son of John and Jesse, 18
  • Franklin, Edith J. - daughter of John and Jesse, 14
  • e s Main, 1st h s Williams - Ivanhoe Exchange & residence
  • Theobald, And. - prop. Ivanhoe Exchange
  • Feldman, John - bartender at Ivanhoe Exchange
  • Speck, Conrad - tinner (boards)
  • Wilson, William - cement work finisher (boards)
  • w s Main, 1st h s Williams
  • No listing
  • e s Main, se c Williams ? (may be same as previous address above)
  • Ivanhoe Exchange - saloon
    Old sour mash whiskey a specialty; also, choice cigars.
  • sw c Main & Williams - residence
    This land is now part of the UDF factory.
  • Winterbottom, William - Supt., Cincinnati Transfer Co., 42 years old
  • Winterbottom, Mary G. - wife of William (17 years), 37 years old
  • Winterbottom, Mable R. - daughter of Williams and Mable, 15
  • Winterbottom, Fannie B. - daughter of Williams and Mable, 12
  • Winterbottom, Helen T. - daughter of Williams and Mable, 7
  • Flinn, Nora - boarder

  • From Williams Avenue to Ashland Avenue
    "SOUTH NORWOOD" area
    East Side West Side
      nw c Main & Williams - residence
  • Franklin, Mrs. Caroline - widow
    Possibly the widow of Henry, and the mother of John Franklin, who lived a couple of houses to the south.
  • Pitchell, Mrs. L. B. - widow
  • e s Main, 1st h n Williams - residence
  • Overmole, Henry - city salesman, tailor trimmings
  • Overmole, Sophia - wife of Henry
  • Overmole, D. F. - traveling salesman
  • Overmole, Ferd. (Ferdinand?) - clerk; son of Henry and Sophia
  • Overmole, Agnes - daughter of Henry and Sophia
  • w s Main, 1st h n Williams
  • No listing
  •   w s Main, 2nd h n Williams - residence
  • Bowman, Mrs. John
  • Chapple, Mrs. Carrie - dressmaker
  • w s Main, 2nd h s Waverly - residence (4031 Main Avenue)
  • Locke, W. D. (sic) - grocer
    The name is probably William R. Locke, 38.
    Director of Norwood Improved Building and Loan, since 1888.
  • Locke, Emma Amanda - wife of 11 years, 36 years old; born in Norwood, April 30, 1860
    They later moved to 4244 Floral Avenue, possibly around 1926.
  • w s Main, 1st h s Waverly
  • No listing
  • sw c Main & Waverly - opposite Knights of Pythias Hall
  • W. D. Locke Grocery - grocery
  • Steinkamp, Albert - clerk (boards, possibly at the Locke residence)
  • nw c Main & Waverly - Cowan Hall
    This building still stands, although its front has been greatly modified.
  • J. S. Tompkins Pharmacy - drug store ("TOMPKIN'S NORWOOD PHARMACY") at 1st floor of Cowan Hall
    The following fraternal organization met at Cowan Hall, 2nd floor
  • Knights of Pythias, Cowan Lodge No. 304
  • K. A. E. O., Mt. Sinai Senate No. 2
  • Masonic Norwood Lodge No. 576, F. & A. M.
  • National Union, Norwood Council No. 480
  • Royal Arcanum, Norwood Council No 1,331
  • se c Main & Slane - residence
  • Sander, Henry - owner of clothing store at 933 Main st., opposite Court House, Cincinnati
    Successor to Schomaker and Sander, Merchant Tailor and Dealer in Ready Made Clothing.
  • Sander, Celia
  • Sander, Ed. - clerk
  • Sander, Robt. - clothing trimmer
  • Kampsmith, Annie - boarder?
  • w s Main, 5th h s Hopkins - residence
  • Carter, Scott - laborer
  •   Main, 4th h s Hopkins
  • W. S. Tredway - livery, boarding and sale stable
    Tredway was only 23 and a newlywed (Mary S.) in 1896.
    Branch Office: Estep and Meyer, Undertakers.
  • Wiley, W. M. - hostler, Treadway Livery Stable
    William Wiley, 60, may have been the brother of Mary Tredway, and lived with them on Williams Avenue.
  • ne c Main & Cameron - residence
  • Marling, J. B. - bkkpr. at Herring, Hall & Marvin Safe and Lock Co.
  • Bowersox, Mrs. A. C. - mother-in-law?
  • McCourt, Kate - servant?
  • w s Main, 3rd h s Hopkins
  • Edgerly, H. C. - agent for a feed store
    (also, see H. C. Edgerly at a boarding house on the east side of Main, 1st house north of Ashland)
  •   w s Main, below Hopkins
    3rd h s Hopkins ?

  • Estep & Meyer Undertakers and Practical Embalmers
    Thomas B. Estep, 63, residence at n.w. cor Marion & Norwood Ave., East Norwood, with wife Margret E. and daughter Bertha L.
    G. B. Meyer, residence at Woodburn Ave, Walnut Hills.
    Main Office: s.w. cor. John & Everett Sts., Cincinnati
    Branch Offices, Pleasant Ridge, Norwood
  • w s Main, 2nd h s Hopkins - boarding house
  • Baxter, Sarah - boarding house operator
    The following are boarders:
  • Bird, George - teamster
  • Bassett, Jos. - carpenter
  • Brown, Isaac - teamster
  • Carr, Jas. - contractor
  • Carter, Issac - teamster
  • Carter, Jos. - teamster
  • Ellis, Scott - teamster
  • Haley, Julia
  • Harrison, Jerry - laborer
  • Jamison, Isaac - laborer
  • Johnson, John - laborer
  • Jones, Wm. - laborer
  • Jones, Susan
  • Roberts, Jessie - washerwoman
  • Scott, Elizabeth - widow
  • Weaver, Chas. - teamster
  • Webb, Miles - teamster
  • w s Main, 1st h s Hopkins
  • Reeves & Lowry - Norwood Express, main office
    also listed as Main, 2nd house south Hopkins avenue, and Cavagna's Grocery, Cincinnati
  • sw c Main & Hopkins - residence
  • Misses Berting - dressmakers
  • Berting, Kate - dressmaker
  • Berting, Lizzie
  • Berting, Mary - dressmaker
  • Hock, Mrs. C. - saloon
  • Hock, Anthony - shoemaker
  • Hock, Martin - tinner
  • Hock, Wm. - laborer
  • Scott, W. L. -boarder
  • Main opposite Hopkins
    s.e.c. Main & Ashland
    C.L.&N.RR at Main & Ashland

  • South Norwood Station Cincinnati, Lebanon & Northern Railroad (a.k.a. Hopkins Avenue Depot)
    Built in 1888 by subscription of local residents and business, it was also used for various businesses and community functions. As South Norwood increased its population, the need for a passenger depot between the Ivanhoe and Smith Road stations was becoming critical.
  • Leslie & White - real estate & Insurance
    A business started by Robert Leslie, who lived on Floral Avenue, and and his son-in-law, William A. White. A second office was at 56 Pike Building downtown. The company sold homes and lots in Norwood, Pleasant Ridge, Evanston, Hyde Park and Wlanut Hills.
  • Norwood Improved Building & Loan Co. - bank
    • Page, Charles E. - President
    • Van Ausdol, L. E. - Vice-President, Director
    • Zoller, D. G. (Dennis?) - Vice-President
    • Zimmerman, F. A. - Secretary
    • Carey, Walter J. - Assistant Secretary, Director
    • Hagemeyer, August P. - Treasurer
    • Locke, William R. - Director
    • Trimble, Theodore - Director
    • Knauft, Hugo E. - Director
    • Hollis, A. R. - Director
    • McFarlan, T. J. - Director
    • Williams, W. G. - Director
    Norwood Post Office Station H. - post office
    Just two years previous, there were only two post offices in Norwood - Norwood Station, probably at Harris and Main, and Idlewild Station.
  • Main & Hopkins
  • A. E. Best - contractor & builder - office
    Albert Edward & Mary Louise Best's residence at 4112 Ivanhoe Avenue, at Delaware Avenue, Norwood, Ohio.
  • Norwood Electric Exchange - saloon
  • Norwood Express - office & stables
    City Office at B. Cavagna' Grocery, East Fifth St.
    Norwood Offices: Slanes' Hardware Store, Baumgartner's Grocery, Niehause's Grocery.
    Idlewild: Noppenberger's Grocery.
    Office & Stables: Main and Hopkins Ave., Norwood, O.
  •   w s Main, 1st h n Hopkins - residence (4311 Montgomery Road)
  • Mills, Edward, 59 - farmer; Treasurer, Norwood Building and Loan Co.; grandson of an original Sharpsburg pioneer, Abner Mills.
  • Mills, Henrietta, 54 - wife of Edward
  • Mills, Geo. E., 26 - son of Edward & Henrietta; attorney, office in Cincinnati; sewage commission, Village of Norwood; later, Mayor of Norwood from April 1, 1901 to December 31, 1905 ... as the last mayor of the village and the first mayor of the city.
  • Mills, Alice M. - daughter of Edward & Henrietta
  • Mills, Clara L. - daughter of Edward & Henrietta
  • Wilburn, Cora - boarder?
  • Durrell, Elizabeth M. - boarder; widow of Justus Durrell, daughter of David (Edward Mills' uncle) and Betsy Mills, born in Sharpsburg, 1826; cousin of Edward Mills
  • Durrell, Gordon W., 45 - boarder; real estate agent for Durrell Subdivision; son of Justus and Elizabeth Mills Durrell, born in Sharpsburg, 1851
  • Durrell, Loma, 47 - boarder; daughter of Justus and Elizabeth Mills Durrell, born in Sharpsburg, 1849

  • From Ashland Avenue to Sherman Avenue
    "WEST NORWOOD" area
    East Side West Side
    ne c Main & Ashland - residence
  • Talifaro, Hattie
    e s Main, 1st h n Ashland
  • Edgerly, H. C. - boarding house
    (This may have been a boarding house, but no other names were listed. Also, see H. C. Edgerly on the west side of Main at the 3rd house south of Hopkins.)
  • w s Main, 1st h n Ashland
  • No listing (Note: If Dr. Cadwallader's address below was incorrect and should have been listed on the east side of the street, then there was no building at this location. This also means that there was no structure on the west side of Main, from Ashland to almost Mills Avenue.)
  • e s Main, 2nd h n Ashland
  • No listing (However, Dr. Cadwallader's office which may have been here was listed as being on the other side of the street.)
  • w s Main, 2nd h n Ashland - office
    (This may have been on the EAST side of Main, since the listing for that location was missing, and the 1902 address was on the east side.)
  • Dr. J. C. Cadwallader - physician
    Village of Norwood's Board of Health, health officer
    Dr. J. Clifford, age 30, and wife, Alice M., 24, lived on Lafayette Avenue in 1900, although a 1902 source gave his office and residence as 4320-22 Main av., and by 1909, their residence was 2054 Courtland Avenue, their last home. Alice's parents were Edward & Henrietta Flynn Mills, who lived nearby.
  • e s Main, 3rd h n Ashland - residence
  • Carroll, Dennis - brickmaker
  • Carroll, Lizzie
  • Carroll, Olander - plumber
  • Carroll, Robt. - plumber & gasfitter (Cincinnati & Norwood)
  • Carroll, Jas. - conductor
    e s Main, 4th h n Ashland
  • Bauer, John - butcher & meat store
    dealer in all kinds of fresh and salt meats.
  • Westerkamp. H. - butcher for J. Bauer (boarder)
  • Heidkamp, Aug. - plumber
  • e s Main, 5th h n Ashland - store and residence (4336 Main, opposite the Library)
    Note: May also be 4th h s Monroe at the time.
  • L. Dressel - drug store
    Leo Dressel came from North Side to build what was probably the first drug store in Norwood, on Montgomery Road, in late 1887. The store opened in January 1888.
  • Dressel, L. (Leopold), 39 - residence
  • Dressel, Marie, 30? - wife of Leo. (married 13 years; nee Happersberger)
  • Dressel, Linda, 12 - daughter of Leo. and Marie
  • Dressel, Ella, 10 - daughter of Leo. and Marie
  • Dressel, Helen, 8 - daughter of Leo. and Marie (a.k.a. "Nonnie")
  • Weber, Louis - residing at L. Dressel's
  • e s Main, 3rd h s Monroe - residence (and store?)
    Note: According to 1891 Sanborn map, this building was constructed in 1891.
  • Kimmick, Martin - preserve maker
  • Welage, B. - boots & shoes
  • e s Main, 2nd d s Monroe businesses and residence
    Note: There is enough room between this building and the one on the corner for two more building.
  • Baumgartner & Co. - grocers, Geo. Baumgartner & Geo. Zimmer
  • Baumgartner, Geo. (residence)
  • Zimmer, Geo. - Baumgartner & Co. (boarder)
  • Hammel & Ferguson - painters
    J.M Ferguson, Norwood Heights and Geo. Hammel, Monroe Ave, South Norwood.
  • Hammel, Geo. L. - painter with Hammel & Ferguson
  • A. Braun - tin shop, contracting tin & slate roofing
    A tinner, Adolph Braun, 32, his wife Mary Braun, and their four children (Charles, Adolph, Amelia and Anthony) lived in a 2-family residence on Sherman Avenue in 1900, and perhaps in 1896.
  • Colter, Mrs. A. J. - dressmaking; widow (residence)
  • Anderson, T. H. - book-keeper at Van Horn's Coal office (boarder)
  • se c Main & Monroe - residence (and saloon?)
  • Friedel, F. A. - saloon
  • Friedel, Edw. - tinner
  • Friedel, Lena
  • Miller, Frank - laborer
  • Braun, A. (see Adolph Braun, next door)
  • ne c Main & Monroe (4400 & 4402 Main Ave.)
    Note: Today, this is the sw c Surrey Square.
  • W. J. Behymer & Son - undertaker & livery stable, also rents wagons
    W. J. Behymer was an undertaker and proprietor of livery stables at Madisonville and Norwood. His only son, Frank A. Behymer was in partnership with his father and had charge of the Norwood stables. They not only did business as undertakers and operated a livery and boarding stable, but also supplied wagons for picnics and light hauling and carriages for weddings.
    Frank, 29, was to marry Carrie, 27, the next year, and move to 2224 Monroe Avenue.
  •   w s Main, 2nd h s Mills - residence and store
  • M. Gaeb's - bakery, restaurant, and confectionery also listed as 3rd door below Mills Avenue; also sold wines, liquors and cigars.
  • Gaeb, M. - baker (residence)
  • Gaeb, Dora - saleslady (residence)
  • Gaeb, M., Jr. - baker (residence)
  • DePugh, Bart. - laborer (residence)
  • DePugh, Mrs. Mary - boarder? at M. Gaeb's
  • Hughes, Wm. - laborer (boarder)
  • Meyer, Emma - boarder? at M. Gaeb's
  • Moor, Henry - bakery wagon driver (boarder)
  • Kreb, Peter - Gaeb's bakery wagon driver (residence in Idlewild)
  • Born, Helmuth - baker (boarder)
  • King, David - driver for W. J. Behymer (boarder)
  • e s Main, 1st h s Mills - residence
  • Koller, Henry - contractor cisterns, grading and sewers
  • w s Main, 1st h s Mills - residence
  • Heyob, Geo. - barber
  • Leidenfrost, Emil - clerk at F. Olshinsky (clothing & gents furnishings)
  • Olshinsky, Fred. - clothing & gents furnishing
  • e s Main between Madison & Sherman - residence (part of today's Surrey Square)
  • Smith, B. F. (Benjamin Franklin "Frank" ?, 62) - farmer; son of Hiram and Elizabeth ?; most of what became South Norwood was sold by him to Bofinger & Hopkins
  • Smith, Mrs. Elizabeth - widow; 84 year-old mother of B. F. ?
  • Smith, Margaret M. - 36 year-old wife (since 1891) of B. F. Smith
  • Heffelmeyer, Annie - at B. F. Smith (boarder?)
  • nw c Main & Mills - residence (previously the home of L. C. Hopkins, today it is Victory Park)
  • Mehmert, F. H. (Frederick, 46) - salesman? for E. L. O'Conner, improved extension shoe
    Was a member of Council, Village of Norwood, for its 1st and 2nd terms
  • Mehmert, Mary W., 43 - wife of Fred. Mehmert (since 1877)
  • Spreen, Miss Minnie, 35 - Mary Mehmert's sister?
  • Spreen, Harry, 13 - son of Minnie Spreen
  • Huffman, Fred. - gardener
  • w s Main, 1st h n Mills
  • No listing
  • w s Main, 2nd h n Mills - residence
  • Anderson, Mrs. Machie
  • Shotwell, Thos. C. - Times-Star
  • w s Main, 1st h n Laurence
  • Dwyer, H. H. - physician
  • w s Main, 2nd h s Sherman
  • James A. Gibson - plumber, gas and steam fitter; this was the branch office, the main being on New Street, Cin'ti. He put in the first branch tap in Norwood at the Dr. Springer home on May 22, 1894. He had been a plumber for 22 years.
  • H. A. Schulte - merchant tailor
  • w s Main, 1st h s Sherman
  • Gibson, James A. - plumber
  • sw c Sherman & Main - residence
  • Demaris, Arthur - huckster
  • Schlae, Casper - dry goods
  • Schlae, John - salesman (residence)
  • Schlae, Wm. - laster shoe factory (residence)
  • Swope, George - huckster (boarder)
  • Thompson, Marley - tank wagon driver for W. H. Behymer & Son (boarder?)

  • From Sherman Avenue to B.&O.S.W. R.R tracks
    East Side West Side
    e s Main, 1st h n Sherman - residence
  • Henninger, John - stonemason
  • McCullough, Tim - cement finisher
  • Mills, Jno. R. - slater
  • O'Leary, Harry - teamster (boarder)
  • O'Maley, John - teamster (boarder)
  • Ott, Wm. - teamster (boarder)
  • nw c Main & Sherman
    Later, assigned addresses of 4601 Montgomery Road and 2093 Sherman Avenue.
  • Enterprise Printing and Publishing Co. - book and job printer
    also published the weekly Norwood Enterprise, which was published every Saturday, subscription $1.00 per year. Fred B. Moore, Manager.
  • Levi & Shockley Grocery - grocers
    a.ka. Enterprise Grocery and Daily Market
    proprietors: F. Levi & C. Shockley.
  • Watson, J. B. - clerk (boarder)
  • e s Main, 2nd h n Sherman - residence & office
  • Hayden, E. - plaster contractor, Hennessey & Hayden
  • w s Main, 2nd h n Sherman
  • Hock & Hopkins - plumbers F. C. Hock of Hock & Hopkins Plumbers, lived on the west side of Section at the first house north of Elm.
  • Levi, F. M. (Frank?)- Levi & Shockley, resident ?
  •   w s Main, 3rd h n Sherman - residence
  • Hopkins, Langdon P. - Hock & Hopkins
    He was probably the 23 year-old only son of Dr. W. H. and Elizabeth Punshon Hopkins. His wife was either Alice M., 22, or Anna Margaret (nee Maas?), 24 (according to different sources).
  • Hopkins, W. H. - physician, 47
    William H. Hopkins was also Captain of the Norwood Volunteer Fire Company's Hose Company.
    His wife of 24 years was "Lizzie," 46, and their son was Langdon P.
  • e s Main between Washington & Elm
  • Albers & Kahle's Subdivision
    Geo. F. Albers & F.W. Kahle, props.
    Mills avenue or 411 Central avenue, Cin'ti
  • Main between Sherman & Elm
  • Hennessey & Hayden - contract plasterers, cement workers
    John Hennessy, Cincinnati; Ed Hayden, Norwood
  • e s Main, 3rd h s Elm - residence
  • Shockley, C. - grocer, Levi & Shockley grocers
  • Main, south of Elm, adjacent to Town Hall
    Nothing listed here, but later, the the Main Fire Station was built here at 4639 Montgomery Road. The Police Department was located here for awhile, also, until moving to the new City Hall.
    e s Main, 2nd h s Elm - residence
    also listed as "corner Main & Elm"
  • Schlaeppe, Harry - jeweler
  • Schlaeppe, Otto - jeweler
  • Schlaeppe, Julius - watchmaker
  • se c Main & Elm - residence and businesses
  • Ismael, Mrs. A. F. - confectionary (store)
  • Ismael, Geo. - stock dealer
  • Ismael, Eva - saleslady
  • Kolling, Fred. - baker (store)
  • Noonan, Edw. H. J. - dealer, oil and gasoline (business)
  • O'Hara, Edw. - laborer (boarder)
  • sw c of Main & Elm
    Later, assigned address of 4639 Montgomery Road.
  • Norwood Town Hall
    Later, replaced by City Hall.
  • ne c Main & Elm
  • Central School � "Grades from A to H"

    NOTE: Just a few years previous, a 25-foot wide "School Lane" was replaced by a 50' width extension of Elm Street from Main to Smith. Later, the assigned address was 4710 Montgomery Road. Today, LaRosa Restaurant is on this site.
  • nw c Main & Elm
    Later, assigned the address 4705 Montgomery Road. It was previously the Durrell homestead. The house, although facing Montgomery Road, was set quite a distance back from the street.
  • Tidball, Chas. W. - physician
    This 30 year-old doctor was the son of Norwood pioneers, V. C. and Isabelle Tidball, brother to assistant chief of Norwood Volunteer Fire Department and Dexter Lumber Company's John W. and brother-in-law of one of Norwood's first historian's Werter C. Betty. His wife of 14 years was Emma (nee Leonard), 35, and their children were L. Leonard, 12, Robert C., 10, and Carl W., 7.
  • w s Main, 2nd h s Maple - residence
  • Smith, H. P.
    Although their were two H. P. Smith's in Norwood, this man was probably the proprietor of the H. P. Smith & Son Dry Goods Store at the southwest corner of Main and Maple.
  • w s Main, 1st h s Maple
  • No listing
  • sw c Main & Maple - store and residence
  • Smith H. P. & Son - dry goods store
  • Pearson, Laura J. - saleslady
  • Smith, B. Harry - dry goods, H. P. Smith & Son (residence)
  • Main north of Elm
  • Sanker's Garden - beer garden, dance hall, bowling alley
    Note: At this time Maple Avenue had not been extended to Smith Road.
    The building was flush with Smith Road, but it hasn't been determined if this was the front or back. Later, the address on the Main Avenue side was 4722 Montgomery Road.
  • nw c Main & Maple - El Ramo building; pharmacy and residence
    Later, this building was assigned the address 4721-4723 Montgomery Road.
  • Vines' Drug Store, aka El Ramo Pharmacy
    Prescription department open all night.
  • Vine, John L. - drug store (residence)
    This 25 year-old man was also in charge of the Norwood Station of the U. S. Post Office, a Director of the Norwood Building and Loan Company, the first bank in Norwood.
    Living here were his wife of three years, Helen R., their daughter Helen L., who was born September of this year, and his sister, Lily G., 24, a music teacher.
  • Cates, Jas. - private police (resident?)
  • Cox, Rev. C. C. - resident?
    Pastor of the Harmon Memorial Baptist Chrurch of Norwood, replacing the late Rev. B. F. Harmon.
  • Cox, Lawrence - insurance agt. (resident?)
  • Slane, Annie - resident?
  • w s Main, 2nd h n Maple
  • Lawrence, John - carpenter (rooms)
    Note: This may not be correct, since, he was also listed as boarding at Sanker House, on the e s Main, 2nd h n Elm.
  • Main, 3rd h n Maple
  • William Schueler - shoe store
    William Schueler was 28 years old.
  • Lage, Harry - butcher with P. S. Weitzel
  • e s Main, 2nd h n Elm
    Later, the addresses assigned to this building(s) was 4732, 4734 and 4736 Montgomery Road.
  • Sanker House - saloon, hotel, restaurant
    The tavern and its triangular shaped two-acres was purchased in 1868 by John H. Sanker from Arthur and Ellen McDonald for $4,000.
  • Donelty, Chas. - porter at Sanker House
  • Ross, Kate - cook at Sanker House
  • Lawrence, John - carpenter (boards at Sanker house)
  • w s Main, 4th h n Maple
  • Weitzel, P. S. - meat store
  • Weitzel, J. C. - butcher at P. S. Weitzel
  • w s Main, 5th h n Maple
  • Electric Car House
    Note: Although this wasn't listed in 1896 directory, it was shown on the 1891 Sanborn map as "being built." It was later assigned the address 4735 Montgomery Road. It was identified as the Street Car Barn, Cincinnati Traction Company, No.35.
  • w s Main, 4th h s B.&O.S.W. R.R.
    Later, this building was assigned the address 4739 Montgomery Road.
  • W. O. Locke - saloon
    a.k.a. Locke's Sample Room, at the "end of electric road."
  • Seitz, Harvey - bartender at W. O. Locke's
  • Meyer, Annie - cook at W. O. Lockes'
  • Meyer, Calla - cook at W. O. Lockes'
  • Palmer, Lafayette - bartender at W. O. Locke's
  • Young, John - porter at W. O. Locke's
  • e s Main, 3rd h s Smith - residence (4748 Montgomery Road?)
  • Sanker, Mrs. Frederica - 55 year-old wife (widow?) of John H. Sanker
  • Sanker, Sophia
  • Wiehe, Mrs. Elizabeth - widow
  • Part of The Dexter Lumber Company (previously named McFarlan Lumber Co.) property was across Main.
      w s Main, 3rd h s B.&O.S.W. R.R. - residence
  • McFarlan, T. J. (Thomas Jesse)- manager at Dexter Lumber Company
    T. J. McFarlan, 39, was in the second group of village councilmen elected in April 1889. He was the President of the Norwood Volunteer Fire Company. Living with him were his wife of 12 years, Laura Bell (nee Fisher), 33, and daughter, Hazel B., 11.
  • e s Main, 2nd h s Smith - business and residence
  • Norwood Hair Dressing and Shaving Parlor - barber shop
  • Voelker, Philip - proprietor, Norwood Hair Dressing and Shaving Parlor
    He was the Chief of the Norwood Vounteer Fire Company. In 1896, he was made Treasurer, also. Living here with him were his wife of 8 years, Jesse, and two children at the time, Phillip, Jr., 13, and Lorien E., 1.
  • Seery, Ed. - barber at Phil. Voelker's
    (res. Telfors ave., w Main ave. in Idlewild)
  • w s Main, 2nd h s B.&O.S.W. R.R.
  • No listing, but probably a small office building for Dexter Lumber
  • se c Main & Smith - residence and business
    also listed as e s Main, 1st h s Smith
  • Vatter, Mrs. Anna (S.?)- grocery, confectionery and ice cream
  • Shinkle, Harry - clerk at Vatter's grocery
  • Kollar, Mrs. Mary - widow
  • Meyer, Minnie - saleslady at Vatter's Grocery
  • ne c of Smith & Main
  • Norwood Volunteer Fire Company No. 1
    The building was at the northern part of Smith Road before it connects with Montgomery Road. It was 30' high, except for a bell tower at its western side (towards Montgomery Road), which was 50' tall.
    The company was to be moved to se c of Smith & Main at some time
  • sw c Main & B.&O.S.W. R.R.
    also listed as w s Main, 1st h s B.&O.S.W. R.R.
    Later, the assigned addresses may have been 4765-4767 Montgomery Road.
  • Dexter Lumber Co. - lumber dealer, planing mill
    Before this, the business was the McFarlan Lumber Co.
  • McFarlan, T. J. (Thomas Jesse) - manager at Dexter Lumber Co.
  • McFarlan, F. B. - manager, Dexter Lumber Co. (res. Beech Ave., Price Hill)
  • Hofman, L. R. - bookkeeper at Dexter Lumber Co. (res. 513 York St, city)
  • Rodgers, Lizzie - stenographer, Dexter Lumber Co. (res. Holloway ave., Walnut Hills)

  • From B.&O.S.W. R.R tracks to northern corporation limits
    East Side West Side
    se c Main & Harris
    Later, this building was assigned the address of 4768 Montgomery Road and 2201 Harris Avenue, and may have been used by a saloon.
  • H. Mohl - harness maker
  • J. Wielenberg - harness maker
  • w s Main opposite Harris - (office)
  • Dr. J. P. Hastings - physician
    Dr. Hastings was 26 years old and Secretary of the Norwood Volunteer Fire Company, No.1. His residence was on the west side of Ivanhoe at the 1st house north of Williams Avenue. Also, living here were his father, J. P. Hastings, Sr., 59, who was a carpenter, mother, Sarah Jane Kirker Hastings, 54, and two boarders, who may have been his brother-in-laws—Edward Frohliger, 32, bookkeeper, and William Evans Kreidler, 32, secretary for the John Shillto Company. Their wives, Jennie Frohliger, 32, and Mary "Mamie" Hastings Kreideler, 28, and at least one child, Evan D. Kreideler, 3, almost certainly lived there, too.
  • ne c Main & Harris - office bldg.
    Later, this building was assigned the address of 4900 Montgomery Road and 2200 Harris Avenue, and was the location of the Norwood Gazette Printing Company.
  • Stanley M. & W. M. Langdon Printing Co. - job and tract printing
    The print shop was probably located in the warehouse in the back on the first floor. The W. M. Langdon may have been William Langdon, 66, or his son of the same name, age 37. The elder Langdon was likely the W. M. Langdon who operated a general store and post office, in 1874. There was a post office in the front part of this building, but it may not be the one mentioned in 1874. In 1894, W. M. Langdon was described as Chairman of the Norwood Board of Health, Trustee of the Berean Baptist Church and Treasurer of the Norwood Volunteer Fire Company. In 1896, he was said to be th Vice-President of the Norwood Building & Loan Co. His was also a petitioner, in 1868, for the establishment of the Sharpsburg School District, and, in 1888, a for the incorporation of the Village of Norwood.
  • Norwood Building & Loan Co. - bank
    This company was the first building association in Norwood, having been organized on November 14, 1882. Its first president was Colonel P. P. Lane. In 1896, the officers were:
    • J. C. Masker - President
    • W. M. Langdon - Vice-President
    • Edward Mills - Treasurer
    • W. S. Johns - Secretary
    • F. C. Hock - Assistant Secretary
    • H. W. Kahle - Director
    • John L. Vine - Director
    • J. H. Brachmann - Director
    • A. N. Siebern - Director
    • J. F. Metz - Director
    • T. H. Ringgold - Director
  • W. H. Everhart, Jr. - Justice of the Peace - office
    Mr. Everhart's office was probably on the second floor, fronting Main Avenue, over the Post Office. In 1896, the residence of Mr. Everhart and his family (which probably included a wife, at least 2 daughters, Ruth and Flora, a son, Harry, and father W. H. Everhart, Sr.) was on the north side of Harris Avenue, at the first house east of Forest Avenue. (Note: the land containing both the office building and this residence was removed by the construction of the Norwood Lateral.)
  • Carpenters' and Joiners' Union No. 705 - meeting place
    The officers in 1896 were: John P. Hastings, Sr., President, James F. Mount, Recording Secretary,and Albert Edward Best, Financial Secretary.
  • Other organizations may have met here, possibly including the first Village of Norwood Council and other officials.
  • e s Main opposite Carthage
    NOTE: There may be several buildings; starting at Cross Street, the later assigned addresses were 4920-4936 Montgomery Road.
  • Frank Gerde, Horseshoer
    Later Norwood Directories give the addresses as 4920 Main Avenue, for the horseshoe business.
  • Gerde, Frank, 35 - horseshoer (residence)
    Later Norwood Directories give the addresses as 4926 Main Avenue, for the residence.
  • Berde, Minnie, 34 - Frank's wife of 12 years
  • "Mamie" (May), 11 - Frank and Minnie's daughter
  • "Charley" (Charles H.), 9 - Frank and Minnie's eldest son
  • Arthur F., 4 - Frank and Minnie's youngest son
  • Abell, Robt. - horse-shoer (boards)
    The 1900 Census, records a Robert Able (sic), who would have been 17 in 1896, boarding with the Frank Gerde family on Main Avenue.
  • Schafer, Fred. - Schafer & Thase Livery Stable (boards)
    The 1896 Directory includes an advertisement for F. Shafer & Company, livery and boarding stable. Either this was Fred Shafer, 26, son of dairyman Charles Shafer, 61, or it was the father. The 1900 Census lists Frank C. (Charles?) Shafer as operating a livery business, and having been married only two years, which would indicate the son.
  • Schafer, Matilda - residence
    The younger Fred had a sister named Matilda, 21.
  • Schafer, Sophia - residence
    Another of Fred's sisters was Sophia, 30.
  • Schafer & Co. - livery stable
  • Thase, L. - Shafer & Thase (residence)
  • nw c Main & Carthage
    The address assigned later may have been 4937 Montgomery Road.
  • Sudler, Wm. - clerk (boarder)
  • w s Main, 1st h n Carthage - residence
  • Mitchell, Jas. - grocer in Milford, O.
    May be 58 year-old James Mitchell.
  • w s Main, 2nd h n Carthage - residence
  • Benham, Edgar - retail grocer in Milford, O.
  • Scott, David - plasterer (boarder)
  • w s Main, 3rd h n Carthage - residence
  • Gasselbracht, Mrs. Johanna - widow
  • w s Main, 4th h n Carthage - residence
  • Stratemyer, R. (Rudolph?), 53 - proprietor of Norwood Exchange
    Randolph (Rudolph?) Stratemeyer (sic) was a 53 year-old blacksmith, with three sons named Eddie, 16, Fred, 19, and George, 23, which matches the names listed below. He also had a wife, Minnie, 2 daughters — Delia, 25, and Carry, 21, and 2 more sons, Henry, 27, and Harvey, 26. Although some of them may have been living here, acouple of younger children, Ida and Laura, were surely living with them at this time. In 1900, a 62-old retiree, Henry Maschmann boarded here.
  • Stratemyer, Ed. (Edward P.?), 16 - timekeeper
  • Stratemyer, Fred., 19 - bartender
  • Stratemyer, George, 23 - bartender
  • Stratemeyer (sic), Minnie, 50 - wife of Rudolph
  • Stratemeyer (sic), Ida L., 12 - daughter of Rudolph & Minnie
  • Stratemeyer (sic), Laura R., 10 - daughter of Rudolph & Minnie
  • Maschman, H. (Maschmann, Henry?, 59)- Norwood Exchange
  • Carpenter, Nath. - laborer (boards at Norwood Exchange)
  • Hoover, And. - bricklayer (name may be Huber, Andrew)
  • e s Main, 5th h n Harris, opposite Carthage Ave - grocery
  • John Niehaus Grocery - grocery and daily market
  • Niehaus, John, 47 - grocer
  • Niehaus, Marie, 43 - wife of 19 years to John
  • Niehaus, Ella - clerk at J. Niehaus Grocery (residence)
    Ella was probably the 16 year-old daughter of John Niehaus
  • Wessel, Lizzie - boards? and possibly works at J. Niehaus's grocery
  • w s Main, 5th (?) h n Carthage
  • Norwood Exchange - saloon
    "Fine liquors and cigars. Genuine Saratoga Water.In block-tin lined barrels direct from the celebrated Excelsior Springs, Saratoga Springs, N.Y.
  • ne c Main & Highland - residence
  • Jones, Hattie, 40 - residence (later records show her as a renter)
  • Cadman, W. S. (William), 39 - boarder; principal of Ludlow Grove school; prior and later, he was superintendent of Norwood Schools; 1902 Directory also records him as principal and professor at the Norwood High School. English born.
  • Cady, H. M. L. - boarder; prescription clerk at J. L. Vine
  • Garrison, H. H. - boarder; bookkeeper
  • w s Main opposite Highland
  • Hess & Co. - carriage & wagon mfrs. and repairers
    Probably owned by John J. Hess, 44, who may have moved his Cincinnati business to this location sometime between 1894 and 1896. He was a member of Norwood Council from 1891 to at least 1897. He lived at n.e.c. Carthage and Feldman Avenues, and later at 5003 Stewart Avenue, at which time he owned the carriage business and a saloon.
  • e s Main, 1st h n Highland
  • No listing
  • w s Main, 4th h s Lawn - residence
  • Schuerman, H. (Herman), 35 - painter (German born, immigrated to U.S.A. in 1877)
  • Schuerman, Delia L., 24 - wife of Herman for last 3 years (born in Indiana)
  • Schuerman, Mabel M., 2 - daughter of Herman and Delia
  • Schuerman, Rudolph, newborn or 1 ? - son of Herman and Delia (born in September, 1895 or 1896)
  • e s Main, 2nd h n Highland - residence
  • Fisher, Geo. - supt. of Norwood water works
  • Reece, Jas. Ganwood - carpenter (boarder)
  • w s Main, 3rd h s Lawn - residence
  • Sanker, C. H. - stock dealer; probably Henry C., 54, German-born farmer
  • Sanker, Mary, 46 - wife of Henry C. for 30 years, German-born
  • Sanker, John - clerk; probably John H., 19 year-old son of Henry C. and Mary
  • Sanker, Matilda - probably 17 year-old daughter of Henry C. and Mary
  • Sanker, Minnie
  • Sanker, Eda - 14 year-old daughter of Henry C. and Mary
  • Sanker, Florence - 12 year-old daughter of Henry C. and Mary
  • Sanker, William - 1 year-old son of Henry C. and Mary
  • Gillespie, Wm. - painter
  • Motzinger, C. W. - contractor
  • Main, 3rd h n Highland - residence
  • Powell, Ed. J. - bookkeeper
  • Powell, Jos. R., 68 - preacher; he may have been the last of 13 pastors of the Duck Creek Baptist Church during its 1st 100 years.
  • w s ? Main, 2nd h s Lawn
  • Langster, Wm. W. S. ?
  • e s Main, 4th h n Highland - resident
  • Mount, J. F. (James), 34 - carpenter
  • Mount, Minerva E., 35 - wife of James F. for 13 years
  • Mount, William, 12 - son of James and Minerva
  • Mount, George, 7 - son of James and Minerva
  • Mount, Grace, 2 - daughter of James and Minerva
  • Prichard, F. S. - engineer
  • w s Main, below Lawn
  • Jargstoff, John - pastor, German Protestant Church
    (Is this w s Main, 1st h s Lawn ?)
  • German Protestant St. John's Church
    (listed as Main Ave., near Lawn Ave.)
  • e s Main, 5th h n Highland
  • No listing
    e s Main, 6th h n Highland - residence
  • Saunders, W. A. - inventor & pattern maker
  • nw c Main & Lawn - residence
  • Brachmann, J. H. (John, 40) - foreman, engraving dept. at U.S. Printing Co.; possibly a widower (later moved to Feldman Avenue)
  • Brachmann, Ella, 43 - single sister of John
  • e s Main, 7th h n Highland
  • Snyder, John (John K., 36) - contractor (later moved to Highland Avenue)
  • Snyder, Elizabeth, 40 - wife of John K. for 11 years
  • Snyder, John K., Jr., 7 - son of John K. & Eliz.
  • Pohipple, Wm. - boarder
  • w s Main, 1st h n Lawn
    No listing
    Main, 2nd h n Lawn - resident
  • Anderson, Chas. - barber at Phil Voelker�s
  • w s Main, 2nd h n Lawn - residence
  • Derwester, Chas. - laborer
  • Derwester, Edw. - laborer
  • Howard, Jos. - waiter
  •   w s Main, 3rd h n Lawn - residence
  • Weghorst, Geo. W., 29 - carpenter (later boarded at Henry C. Sanker's)
  • Weghorst, Elizabeth, 24 - wife of George for 9 years
  •   w s Main, 2nd h s Feldman - residence
  • Gillespie, Chas. - painter
  • Gillespie, John - painter
  • Hess, H. - carriage maker (possibly related to carriage maker John J. Hess)
  • se c Main & Mound - residence
  • Springer, Dr. A. (Alfred, 42) - Alex. Fries & Bro., chemist
  • Springer, Mrs. Antonia, 66 - widow; mother? of Dr. Alfred Springer; German-born
  • Springer, Eda E., 40 - wife of Alfred for 16 years
  • Springer, Elsie, 14 - daughter of Alfred and Eda
  • Springer, Alfred, Jr., 7 - son of Alfred and Eda
  • Fertig, Eliza - "at Dr. Springer's"
  • Geiger, Tresa - "at Dr. A. Springer's"
  • Voss, Bertha - "at Dr. Springer's"
  • Kennedy, Jas. - coachman for Dr. A. Springer
  • Fries, Alexander A., 75 - Fries & Bro., chemist; German-born
  • w s Main, 1st h s Feldman - residence
  • Cordes, John D. - painter; in 1900, John D. Cordes (22 in 1896), machinest lived on Lawrence Avenue - he married Dora, 24, in 1896
  • Gosling, Henry
  • Hucksol, John - teamster
  • e s Main, 1st h n Mound - residence
  • Wheatly, Daisy A.
  • Wheatly, F. M. - gardener
  • Wheatly, Leroy - gardener
  • Wheatly, Millard - pressman
  • w s Main, 1st h n Feldman - residence
  • Brodbeck, Mrs. Anna, 72 - widow; Swiss-born
  • Brodbeck, Fred. - bartender (son of Anna?)
  • Brodbeck, Pauline, 29 - daughter of Anna
  • Brodbeck, Stephan - engraver (son of Anna?)
  •   w s Main, 2nd h n Feldman - residence
  • Ferguson, J. M. (James M., 49) - painter, Hammel & Ferguson
    The business, Hammel & Ferguson, is located on Main, 2nd d s Monroe avenue
  • Ferguson, Mellissa, 42 - wife of James M.
  • Ferguson, Bertha J., 15 - daughter of James & Mellissa
  • Ferguson, Frank L., 12 - son of James & Mellissa
  • Fristo, Phoebe - "with J. M. Ferguson"
  • se c Main & Cypress - residence
  • Siebern, Albert - coal merchant in Pleasant Ridge (Albert N., 32 year-old son of Anna E. ?)
  • Siebern, Ella
  • Siebern, Mrs. J. N. (Anna E., 71 ?) - widow
  • Slingman, Emil - gardener at J. N. Siebern's
  • Tietmeyer, Anna - "at J. N. Siebern's"
  • w s Main opposite Cypress - residence
    currently the Norwood location of Vorhis & Ryan Funeral Home
  • Lane, Col. P. P. (Philander Parmele, 75) - owner of Lane & Bodley Co., Cin'ti
  • Lane, Sophia B., 65 - wife of Colonel Lane
  • Lane, H. M. (Henry Marcus, 42) - Lane & Bodley Machine Shop; son of P.P. & Sophia
  • Lane, G. H. T. (George H. T., 25) - draughtsman; son of P. P. & Sophia
  • Lane, Florence B., 22 - daughter of P. P. & Sophia
  • Lane, Lucia M., 39 - daughter of P. P. & Sophia (may have lived here at this time)
  • Williams, Thomas - nurse at Colonel P. P. Lane (who was very ill at this time)
  • Wilson, Charles - coachman at P. P. Lane
  • Duffe, Lizzie - "at P. P. Lane's"

    [Montgomery Road]