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Fire Alarm Boxes in Norwood, Ohio.
and their locations

12 Montgomery and Smith
13 Montgomery and Lawn
14 Hudson and Forest
15 Harper and Marion
16 Carthage and Feldman
17 Lawn and Rolston
18 Globe and Clermont*
19 Ross and Globe*
21 Norwood and Beech
22 Glenside and Pemberton*
23 Harris and Forest
24 Floral and Adams
25 Tilden and Franklin
26 Forest and Kenilworth
27 Grove and Melrose
28 Buxton and Turrill*
29 Harris and Poplar*
31 Lafayete and Monroe
32 Floral and Williams
33 Elm and Ridgeway*
     (renamed Robertson)
34 Elsmere and Hudson
35 Lafayette and Smith
36 Shanmoor and S. Madison
37 Cleneay and Regent
38 Sherman and Baker*
39 Dacey*
41 Montgomery and Hudson
     Montgomery and Cleneay*
42 Williams, west of Carter
43 Hopkins and Allison
     Montgomery, opp. Hopkins***
44 Mentor and Ivanhoe*
45 Lexington, west of Montgomery
46 Hopkins and Dudley
47 Montgomery and Madison*
48 Park and Beech*
49 Elsmere and Cameron**
51 Mills, east of Carter
     Mills and Carter*
52 Maple and Franklin
53 Sherman and Station
     Montgomery and Sherman*
54 Crown and Myrtle
55 Cincinnati Rubber Mfg. Co. Bldg.*
     (n.w.c. Crown and Franklin)
56 Ida and Linden*
57 Hopkins and Bell*
58 Allis-Chalmer Mfg. Co. Bldg.*
     (Forest, btw. B.&O.R.R. and Park)
61 Sherman and McNeill
62 Carter and Weyer
63 Williams and Regent
64 Montgomery and Highland
65 Franklin and Mills*
66 Allison and Courtland**
67 Hyde Park Lumber Co.**
     (Burch, near N.&W.R.R)
69 Quatman, opp. Moeller***

NOTE: Locations given were usually at one of the corners of the intersection of the two streets. Some locations were changed or added over the years. The basic list is based on 1917-1919 records with the following changes: * indicates a ca. 1922 addition or change, ** indicates ca. 1924 and *** ca. 1926. The year of actual installation may have been earlier than these years.

One blow of the alarm indicated that the fire was out. The system was provided by Gamewell Electric Fire Alarm System.

Fire Houses in Norwood, Ohio.
and their locations

Fire Company No. 1—west side of Montgomery Road, between Sherman and Elm Avenues
(originally a volunteer company at Smith and Montgomery Roads, later this larger station was built next to Town Hall, but was demolished and the space is now a "pocket park"; the replacement fire station was built at the current location north of Elm Avenue)
Fire Company No. 2—junction of Montgomery and Ivanhoe Avenue
(currently, it is not being used as a fire house)
Fire Company No. 3—south side of Harris Avenue, opposite Lloyd Avenue
(demolished; it was in front of Shea Stadium; a local story is that John Uri Lloyd moved from Norwood when this fire house was built across from his home.)

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